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IND Vs MAS, Asia Cup Hockey 2022: Razie Rahim's Hat-trick Helps Malaysia Hold India To 3-3 Draw - Highlights

Razie Rahim neutralized the goals of Vishnukant Singh, SV Sunil and Nilam Sanjeep as Malaysia and India played out a thrilling 3-3 draw in Jakarta. Get IND vs MAS highlights here.

After the draw against Malaysia, India hold the second spot in Super 4s table of Asia Cup Hockey 202
After the draw against Malaysia, India hold the second spot in Super-4 table of Asia Cup Hockey 2022. Get IND vs MAS match highlights here. Twitter/@TheHockeyIndia

India produced another good performance in the Super 4s of Asia Cup Hockey 2022 to play out a 3-3 draw with Malaysia in Jakarta on Sunday. Malaysia's star performer in the tournament - Razie Rahim - scored a hat-trick while for India Vishnukant Singh, SV Sunil and Nilam Sanjeep found the back of the net. The match started with Malaysia pressing hard and that eventually saw them leading 2-0 at the end of the first-half. But India bounced back beautifully and scored through Vishnukant in the third quarter to make it 1-2. Sunil then scored an equalizer after getting a lovely selfless pass from Pawan Rajbhar in the fourth quarter. Nilam provided India the lead through a beautiful drag flick before Razie could help his side make it 3-3. Get hockey highlights of India vs Malaysia here.

07:07 PM IST: India Slip At Number 2

The draw with Malaysia sees India slip at the second spot in the Super 4s table with four points. South Korea lead the table with as many points but with a better goal difference. 

06:52 PM IST: Full Time - India 3-3 Malaysia

Malaysia reviewed for a penalty corner at the end but they did not get it. The match ends in a 3-3 draw. This is the best result for the game as both the sides played brilliant game of hockey throughout. No doubt, Malaysia looked like a stronger side at the start but India's comeback after the first-half was amazing!

06:44 PM IST: 4th Quarter - India 3-3 Malaysia

It's the final two and a half minutes and Malaysia are pushing really hard. Meanwhile, Maninder Singh has been shown a green card and India will play with 10 men. Big chance for Malaysia to score a goal and win the game.

06:40 PM IST: 4th Quarter - GOAL!!! India 3-3 Malaysia

Razie Rahim scores on a drag flick after Malaysia get a PC. The game is on! This is a superb comeback from Malaysia.

06:31 PM IST: 4th Quarter - GOAL!!! India 3-2 Malaysia

Another goal for India. This is amazing. This is simply sensational. Nilam Sanjeep has provided India the lead on a drag flick after his team got a PC. Wait... The referee has reviewed it to see if the ball was stopped outside the striking circle before the eventual drag flick... The goal stands!!!

06:29 PM IST: 4th Quarter - GOAL!!! India 2-2 Malaysia

India get an equalizer and what a sensational goal it is. Pawan Rajbhar brilliantly played his game at the middle to take the ball in the attacking third and then releasing it to SV Sunil towards his right. The Indian vice-captain then hit powerful shot at the back of the net.  

06:24 PM IST: 4th Quarter - India 1-2 Malaysia

Malaysia goalkeeper Hafizuddin Othman made a good stop on PC and deprived India of an equalizer. SV Sunil injected the ball well but the eventual drag flick was well anticipated by Hafizuddin.

06:21 PM IST: 4th Quarter - India 1-2 Malaysia

India made some good attack to threaten Malaysia for a while but lost the ball possession quite easily in the end to pour cold water on their own effort.... Meanwhile, India have got a penalty corner. Let's see if they can get an equalizer.

06:18 PM IST: 3rd Quarter Ends - India 1-2 Malaysia

India did not concede any goal in the quarter and meanwhile scored one through Vishnukant Singh. They could have scored more but the missed opportunities see them still trailing 2-1 against Malaysia. 15 minutes of game left.

06:13 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - India 1-2 Malaysia

India are losing the ball possession quite easily. They need to be more attentive as this is depriving them of some really good opportunities. On the other hand, their passing has improved.

06:10 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - India 1-2 Malaysia

India get a PC. SV Sunil and Uttam Singh did some brilliant work on the right flank to create a chance... Some good passes on PC but SV Sunil eventually hit the pole and Malaysia survive the scare.

06:07 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - India 1-2 Malaysia

Razie Rahim's drag flick has been saved by Indian goalkeeper Pankaj Rajak. That means the change has worked at least for this time.

06:05 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - India 1-2 Malaysia

India are pushing much harder in this quarter. They are creating more opportunities and it seems like an another goal is round the corner... However, for now, they are Malaysia who get a PC.

06:02 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - GOAL!!! India 1-2 Malaysia

India are back in the game. Vishnukant scored the first goal for India. He first injected on PC before Neelam Sanjeep's drag flick could be saved by the Malaysian keeper. Vishnukant then received the rebound and smartly flicked the ball over the keeper's head into the post.  

05:58 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - India 0-2 Malaysia

Change in goalkeeping. Pankaj Rajak has come in replacing Suraj Karkera. India will hope for a change in fortunes with that. 

05:51 PM IST: It's Half-time - India 0-2 Malaysia

The second quarter saw a better performance from the Indian team as they showed some attacking intent but they lacked good passes in the attacking third, especially in the D and that saw them remaining goalless. On the other hand, Razie Rahim got another goal, courtesy an another drag flick for him. 

05:43 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - India 0-2 Malaysia

The Malaysians have been really good with their passes today. They have also been good on the defensive front and that has made things further tough for India.

05:39 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - India 0-2 Malaysia

Chance Missed! Faizal Sarri has missed a golden opportunity in the D. Muhammad Hassan ran with the ball but released it just when he reached the D but Faizal failed to find the back of the net.

05:36 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - GOAL!!! India 0-2 Malaysia

Razie Rahim scores again! Firhan Ashari injected the ball and Razie scored his 11th goal of the tournament. India are completely on the back foot now.

05:33 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - India 0-1 Malaysia

Another threat for India as Malaysia get a PC, their third in this game.

05:32 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - India 0-1 Malaysia

India have played well since the start of the second quarter. They have shown a lot of intent to score. They also created one chance when Maninder gave a cross at the centre from the right flank in the attacking third but Malaysia were good with their defence.  

05:30 PM IST: 1st Quarter Ends - India 0-1 Malaysia

It was a dominating performance from Malaysia in the first quarter. They also got a goal as a reward. India need to attack well if they wish to stand a chance as only better defending won't help.

05:26 PM IST: 1st Quarter - India 0-1 Malaysia

Manjeet has been shown a green card. He will stay out for two minutes. Can Malaysia take advantage of 10-man India? Let's see.

05:23 PM IST: 1st Quarter - GOAL!!! India 0-1 Malaysia

Razie Rahim has scored through the drag flick. This was always coming considering the way Malaysia were attacking. Meanwhile, it's the 10th goal for Razie and his 8th via penalty corner in the tournament.

05:22 PM IST: 1st Quarter - India 0-0 Malaysia

Malaysia get a penalty corner as the ball has hit the leg of Majeet who tried to block the pass of Razie Rahim.

05:20 PM IST: 1st Quarter - India 0-0 Malaysia

It was a close chance as the Malaysian player from the left flank passed the ball inside the D but nobody managed to reach there in time to tap the ball into the post.

05:15 PM IST: 1st Quarter - India 0-0 Malaysia

Malaysia get a PC. It was a reverse hit that was negated well by Suraj Karkera... On PC, Faizal Saari played the drag flick but Suraj made a good save before India avoided rebound. 

05:11 PM IST: 1st Quarter - India 0-0 Malaysia

Penalty corner for Malaysia! India review it... The TV umpire says it's a no danger and thus India will retain the review and Malaysia get no PC. Sigh of relief for Indian fans.

05:04 PM IST: It's Game Time

Both the teams walk into the ground for the match. They will start with Malaysia's national anthem and that of India will follow.

05:00 PM IST: India's Starting XI

04:55 PM IST: Matches In Super 4s So Far

It started with a 2-2 draw between Malaysia and South Korea before India beat Japan 2-1. In the third game, South Korea beat Japan 3-1, while India and Malaysia play in the fourth match.

04:41 PM IST: Japan Out Of Final Race

South Korea have defeated Japan 3-1. This means Japan will not qualify for the final as they have lost both their opening games. Meanwhile, South Korea take the top spot in Super 4s with four points to their credit and India slip at number 2.

04:35 PM IST: Road To Super 4s

Malaysia started their Asia Cup Hockey campaign with a 7-0 win over Oman. They then inched South Korea 5-4 before overwhelming Bangladesh 8-1. They entered the Super 4s with 9 points. On the other hand, India started with a 1-1 draw against Pakistan before losing the next match 5-2 to Japan. The side needed to beat Indonesia by at least a 15-goal margin to advance to the next stage and they actually beat the side 16-0. 

04:24 PM IST: India's Young Blood

India have found some exciting players in this tournament. Since India will be hosting the FIH World Cup 2023 in Odisha, Hockey India has given opportunity to fresh players. Dipsan Tirkey has scored five goals while Pawan Rajbhar has been impressive with four. Suraj Karkera is also emerging as a solid goalkeeper.

04:14 PM IST: Gritty Malaysia

Malaysia are the only unbeaten team in the Asia Cup hockey 2022. They won all their three matches in Group B and emerged on top of the table scoring 20 goals and conceding five. On Saturday, the Malaysians drew 2-2 with South Korea. It was a resilient show by the Malaysians, who were down 2-1. India have to mark Malaysia's experienced Razia Rahim well. Razia has scored nine goals so far.

03:55 PM IST: Welcome To India vs Malaysia Match Live Blog

An elated Indian team full of youngsters faces unbeaten Mayasia today in the Super 4s of Asia Cup hockey 2022. You will get the match and score updates here. Stay connected!   


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