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Zompot (ZPOT), Solana (SOL) And Tron (TRX) – Top 3 Crypto’s For King-Sized Gains In July 2022

The three coins are Zompot (ZPOT), Solana (SOL), and Tron (TRX). All three tokens have diverse use cases and can yield potentially huge returns in the future.

 Zompot (ZPOT)
Zompot (ZPOT)

If you’re in the market for a handsome sum through cryptocurrency investments, then read on. We have searched and shortlisted three such tokens. 

The three coins are Zompot (ZPOT), Solana (SOL), and Tron (TRX). All three tokens have diverse use cases and can yield potentially huge returns in the future. These three coins can be added periodically to build up a balanced and high-growth portfolio for the long term. Let’s dive into why these three cryptocurrencies are strong bets for the medium to long term. 

Zompot Will Target VR Interface, Digital Ownership, And Avatars For A Metaverse Solution
The Zompot ecosystem will be powered by a native token known as ZPOT. It will be made available for purchase through an imminent presale. 
The Zompot ecosystem will include support for a metaverse in which users will be able to interact with each other in a virtual setting and also trade by using the ZPOT Token. It will provide multiple benefits such as increased privacy, reduced inflation, and better swaps for its users. Gamers will have access to avatars and NFTs and will be able to monetize content inside the Zompot ecosystem for large potential gains while you sleep. 
The ZPOT Token will incorporate anonymous payment schemes and DAP schemes. A DAP scheme will help a user to pay another user directly and privately, hiding the payment’s origin, destination, and amount. Most cryptocurrencies are pseudo-anonymous while transactions can be tracked with ease. Zompot will, however, enable cutting-edge security features to ensure full-proof security for its users. Yet another major advantage of using the ZPOT Token for transactions is that the token requires a mere 1kb of data and takes under 6ms for completion. 
The total supply of the ZPOT Token is fixed at 500,000,000 and will be launched at an initial price of $0.005. The token will first appear on the Binance Smart chain network known for its high speed and privacy features. Zompot plans on taking the cryptocurrency to a fun, inclusive, and innovative space. 

Brave Expands Support For Solana

The Brave browser has announced further expansion of its support for the Solana ecosystem. The SOL Token serves as the native coin of the Solana network which is known for its cost-effective and high-speed layer 1 solution. The move will allow Brave wallet desktop users to directly connect to Solana based dApps. The SOL Token may witness a short-term rally, as this would allow further adoption of the coin. The SOL Token can be added for the long term as it has a solid use case and is widely adopted by many developers. 

Tron’s TVL Displays A Healthy Rise
The total volume locked (TVL) on the Tron ecosystem has been rising steadily over the past few weeks. It might register a potential healthy price rise for the TRX Token in the not too distant future. The Tron ecosystem was developed for the entertainment industry and utilizes the TRX coin for payment of transaction fees. 

The TRX Token has registered a significant price rise and looks poised for the next rung of the ladder. It has a strong DeFi utility and is widely preferred by people looking to make passive income through staking. 
Always carry out your own research before purchasing in cryptocurrencies as they can be very volatile in the short term. A long-term investment horizon is ideal for cryptocurrency investments. 

The three tokens described above have strong utilities and could potentially help in generating huge profits in the long term provided you can procure high volume at a low price. Follow the news closely as these digital assets tend to react quickly to developing market trends. 
Zompot (ZPOT)