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Which Are The Most Popular Cricket Tournaments In The World?

Get to know insider details and salient features about the most popular cricket tournaments in the world today

Most Popular Cricket Tournaments in the World

Cricket is a very popular sport in many countries across the globe. It is commonly watched in the UK and Asian countries. The birth of cricket was primarily seen in England, UK and since then it has practically become a religion in many countries where it is popular. Some of the countries where cricket is extremely popular and loved include India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand etc. In fact, Australia and New Zealand are some of the very successful international cricket teams in the world today.

Cricket includes a number of interesting tournaments that are followed by millions of fans in the world today. This is the primary reason why cricket is also a popular sport when it comes to online sports betting. In the following sections, we bring to you some of the most popular tournaments in cricket that have given rise to a strong fan following of the sport as a whole. The best bookmakers take the benefit of these tournaments as well. The sport has many variations like 50 over ODI tournaments, T20 tournaments and test cricket series. The rules and regulations of each tournament may differ as per the cricket board.

1. ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

The ICC Men’s cricket world cup is considered to be the most prestigious tournament in cricket today. It is held once every 4 years. The first edition of this tournament was launched in 1975 in England and since then it has seen some excellent cricket by masters and experts. Although a number of cricket variations have been introduced in cricket since then; however, this tournament has managed to hold its significance for the international cricket teams and the millions of fans.

2. ICC Champions Trophy

This trophy was founded in 1998 and some major changes have been introduced in it since then. The format of this trophy is ODI where 50 overs are given to each team in each innings to play. This trophy is also held every 4 years. This tournament is all set to return in 2025 since it was discontinued in 2017. The importance of this trophy was also realised, which has helped people argue for its reinstatement in 2021.

3. T20 World Cup

The T20 World cup was founded in 2007 and is also considered to be an important tournament for the international cricket teams. The popularity of the T20 format has risen multifold since its inception. Some of the best cricketers love to be a part of this tournament. This tournament is held every two years. The format of this tournament is 20-20 over matches where the two teams are required to make the maximum number of runs in 20 overs before the other team is able to chase the same. The matches are very exciting. The birth of this format also happened in England when the need for quick turnaround of matches was realised. In 2024, the T20 World Cup will see participation from 20 teams.

4. Ashes Series

The Ashes is recorded to be one of the oldest competitions of cricket in the world. It occurs once in every two years and includes a series of test matches between England and Australian international cricket teams. There are five test matches in this tournament and the team that wins the most is awarded the trophy. The hosting is done turn by turn by each of the two countries. Every test match takes five days and so the Ashes Series lasts for at least a month.

In terms of quality, the Ashes Series is considered to be one of the best tournaments to look forward to. England and Australia are viewed as the two best teams in international cricket today. That is why this tournament is given a high amount of significance as it is treated with immense respect. The interest of bookmakers is also very high in this series.

5. Champions League Twenty20

The Champions League Twenty20 was held every year between 2008 and 2014. There were typically 12 teams that were a strong part of the league. It was a knock style tournament in which every team was given 20 overs to compete against the other. The tournament was shut down in 2014 as the viewership and interest of the public in this tournament was very less. It led to the organisers giving more importance to other tournaments or launching improved versions of the others.

6. Indian Premier League (IPL)

The IPL is one of the most popular tournaments in the world today. It was launched in 2008 and since then it has seen a lot of drama and excellent cricket. Team franchises are formed with some of the best players known to the industry. It is premiered and followed by cricket fans in every corner of the world. It has an audience of over 400 million people. There are 10 franchise teams in this tournament who compete to get the trophy and the prize money. Mumbai Indians are considered to be one of the most successful IPL teams today.

The IPL is annually held in India. Although there are other countries who have their own premier leagues like BBL, CPL etc. But these tournaments have not gained the kind of popularity that IPL has achieved. The format of the cricket tournament is 20-20 overs in which attempts are made to make the maximum points and reach the top of the table. The qualifications to semi-finals are decided based on the points gained.

Cricket is treated as a festival in many countries where fans cannot contain their excitement and enthusiasm. A lot of people cheer for the best teams in the world and pave the way for some exceptional cricket by seasoned players. Although cricket is not very popular in the US and some other countries, it has definitely achieved a strong fan following. In countries like Africa and West Indies, the fan following also exists but it is not highlighted to the extent as that of Asia, UK, Australia etc. Other countries have also produced some of the best cricket players that the world has ever seen.

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