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Twicsy Review | Top Choice For Instagram Followers, Likes & Views

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Twicsy Review | Top Choice For Instagram Followers, Likes & Views

There are four important criteria to use when judging any social media service. Twicsy ranks highly on all four, as you’ll see later in this article’s detailed Twicsy review.


Instagram has been a dominant force in social media for years. 

Companies have found Instagram to be a profitable way to boost revenue and an effective tool for building and promoting their brands. Individual “mega-influencers” with large followings can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with IG posts, and many “micro-influencers” with just 1000-10,000 followers make around thousand bucks a month. 

Naturally, that’s created a huge industry of service providers willing to help Insta users grow their presence. They do that by providing IG followers, likes, and video views, collectively referred to as engagements or interactions. Instagram uses those metrics to decide which accounts are popular and deserve increased exposure across the platform. 

Any large industry is going to attract bad actors, though. Some sites that sell Instagram engagements violate the system’s rules by creating “fake” engagements — and they may even cost customers their IG accounts by breaking those rules. Many other vendors simply sell interactions that don’t help. 

A small group of providers, though, delivers followers, likes and views that really do boost their customers’ Instagram exposure and influence. 

And the best of the bunch, when it comes to promoting Instagram growth, is Twicsy. 

What to Look for in an Instagram Growth Provider 

There are four important criteria to use when judging any social media service. Twicsy ranks highly on all four, as you’ll see later in this article’s detailed Twicsy review. 

Real, High-Quality Engagements 

First and foremost, a service that delivers Instagram followers, likes and video views has to be honest and above board. That means providing real engagements from real people with real IG accounts. 

Services that use automated bots to create fake interactions won’t help you grow your Instagram presence. The platform recognizes fake followers, likes and views, and deletes them almost as soon as they show up in your account. Even worse, IG often penalizes your account or deletes it completely if you use them. 

Providers like Twicsy have their own huge networks of Instagram users who are ready to follow your account, and view and like your videos, as soon as you place an order. Those are the interactions that convince the system’s algorithms that your posts deserve greater exposure. 

Any site that delivers fake interactions should be avoided at all costs. 

Reasonable Pricing 

It’s more expensive for a social media service to deliver real, high-quality engagements than it is for them to create fake ones with bots. When you see prices dramatically lower than the market average, that’s usually a tipoff that a site is selling bogus followers, likes and views. 

On the other hand, a provider you can trust won’t charge prices way above those charged by its competitors. Sites with ridiculously high prices are simply trying to milk customers for everything they can. 

A trustworthy Instagram service provider should charge reasonable prices for real Insta interactions. Of course, it’s a plus if their packages cost less than those of legitimate competitors, as Twicsy’s often do. But services that charge prices right around the market average are generally worth considering. 

User Experience and Protection 

Any high-end social media company should provide an easy and straightforward customer experience and should protect their clients’ personal or corporate information. 

The website should be simple and easy to use, so you can quickly order the services you want. Customer service should be responsive and readily available. And your provider should always use a secure server to handle payment information and safeguard your personal information. They should never ask for your IG password, either; it’s not needed to deliver interactions. 


Needless to say, this is the big one. It makes no sense to purchase real followers, likes, and/or video views if they don’t make a huge contribution to your Instagram growth. Twicsy outperforms the competition in this area, as will be described in more detail shortly. 

Judging the effectiveness of a provider’s interactions isn’t easy until you actually place a few orders with them. Most successful Insta influencers and businesses with a thriving IG presence have done just that, evaluating a number of services before settling on a favorite. 

The second-best approach is to carefully research the providers that you’re considering before making a purchase. This review will hopefully serve as a valuable resource. 

Other Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Provider 

There are many other differences between good Instagram service services and the very best ones. These criteria should all factor into your decision when choosing a provider. 

How Many Followers, Likes or Views Can You Buy at a Time? 

Choice is always good. When you’re growing an Instagram account, it’s essential. 

You’ll probably want to buy small packages of engagements when starting with a small follower base and keep increasing the sizes of your purchases as you become more popular. Providers like Twicsy, which have a wide range of available packages, can help you continue to grow throughout your Instagram journey. 

What Options Does a Provider Offer? 

All vendors try to offer special services or products that differentiate them from the competition. Here are some of the “extras” you’ll commonly see when buying followers, likes, and views. 

  • Premium Engagements: They go by different names, but some providers can deliver even higher-quality follows, likes and views from active Instagram users who post regularly. 
  • Delivery Speed: Rapid or immediate delivery of interactions is important to most customers, but some prefer phased delivery that they believe looks even more natural to Instagram. 
  • Freebies: A few services give out a small number of followers or likes as a “sample,” but most of them are low-quality providers. More important “freebies” you may see are free video views when you purchase likes, or the ability to split likes between multiple posts. 

Now that you have a full understanding of what the very best Instagram growth services should provide, it’s time to see why Twicsy is the best of the best. 

What Makes Twicsy the Best Instagram Growth Service 

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of Twicsy’s followers, likes, and video views packages, it makes sense to look at the overall advantages that the service provides to influencers and businesses in search of Instagram growth. 

The best way to do that is to revisit some of the criteria listed in this article’s previous section. (Effectiveness, package sizes, and options will be explored in more depth in discussions of Twicsy’s specific services.) 

Real, High-Quality Engagements 

You can’t find better followers, likes and views than the ones provided by Twicsy. They are cumulatively called “real” engagements in the industry — meaning they come from real Instagram users with real accounts. 

That’s vitally important because “fake” interactions supplied by disreputable services violate the platform’s terms and conditions. Instagram immediately deletes fake followers, likes and views, so they never help IG users boost their exposure on the platform and could cost those users their accounts. 

Twicsy’s real, high-quality engagements never put customers’ accounts in jeopardy, and they work extremely well to increase those customers’ visibility, popularity, authority, and influence on Instagram. 

More details on their effectiveness shortly. 

Reasonable Pricing 

Specific details on pricing will follow as well. But broadly speaking, Twicsy’s prices are extremely fair. They are always right around industry average levels, and some packages are less expensive than those available from most other high-end Instagram providers. 

User Experience and Protection 

Many of those other high-end providers could learn lessons from Twicsy’s website and ordering interface. They’re easy to navigate and it’s easy to find available packages and pricing. The ordering process is just as simple to navigate; it generally takes less than a minute to place an order from start to finish. 

Twicsy’s customer support is exceptional. The company’s experienced support team is available 24 hours a day to answer questions about packages, orders, or fulfillment. They are also able to put together custom packages of followers, likes, and/or views, or arrange for delivery of packages larger than Twicsy’s standard offerings. 

Finally, Twicsy places a premium on customer safety and security. The real interactions protect clients’ accounts, as mentioned above, but all business is conducted on a secure server that makes personal and financial details safe from hackers or other outsiders. And Twicsy never asks for customers’ IG passwords, so access to their accounts is fully safeguarded. 

Delivery Speed 

It’s fast. In fact, it’s among the fastest you’ll see from any Instagram provider. 

Twicsy’s engagements begin arriving within minutes of ordering. (And video views often start showing up within seconds of placing an order.) The service also offers a delayed delivery option for video likes and views upon request. 

Those strong attributes apply to all interactions purchased from Twicsy. Now, here are more specifics for each of the provider’s products.  

What Makes Twicsy the Best Source of Instagram Followers 

When you combine Twicsy’s large selection of IG follower packages with the options that are available and the results they provide, no other service comes very close. 

What Twicsy Offers 

You can choose from eight different packages of real, high-quality followers when you use Twicsy as your service provider. 

Customers just beginning their Instagram journey would do best with smaller packages of 100, 250, or 500 authentic followers. Those who have begun seeing real growth can opt for 1,000, 2,500, or 5,000 real followers. And people well on their way to influencer status can choose packages of 10,000 or 20,000 Twicsy followers. 

Prices are very reasonable for all of those packages. For example, 100 followers cost just $2.97, 1,000 real followers are only $13.09, and the monster 20,000-follower package costs less than $100. All of those prices are at or below the average level charged by reputable Instagram providers. 

That’s not all, though. Twicsy also sells packages of “active” followers who post to their Instagram accounts regularly, with only a small extra fee for the higher-quality interactions. Many customers say adding active followers (packages are available from 500-10,000) provides even stronger account growth. 

How Twicsy’s Followers Perform 

Most IG influencers agree that Twicsy’s followers deliver more impressive results than those from competing services. They report that new, organic Insta followers begin arriving in their accounts within a few days of their purchased followers being delivered. Some say they even start seeing their Instagram growth take off within 24 hours. 

The majority of Twicsy customers find that the account growth spurred by their purchase continues for 1-2 weeks, sometimes longer. And they say their average increases in metrics like reach, impressions, and follower growth are generally between 50% and 200% after buying a follower package from Twicsy. Some using active followers say the growth is even stronger. 

Why do Twicsy’s followers work so well? It’s impossible to say since the company’s methods are proprietary and not available to the general public (or reviewers). But whatever they do — it works, and it works exceptionally well compared to the followers services provided by other providers. 

Quite a few Instagram influencers credit Twicsy for their Instagram success. That says it all. 

What Makes Twicsy the Best Source of Instagram Likes 

Twicsy’s likes are the best you can buy for the same reasons their followers are exceptionally good: the variety of packages you can choose from and the options and “extras” the service provides. 

What Twicsy Offers 

There are eight Twicsy real likes packages to choose from. Smaller ones (50, 100, 250, 500) are more effective for users with smaller audiences; bigger ones (1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000) are more suitable for those whose content already attracts a large audience. Prices are very affordable, starting at only $1.97 and ranging up to a reasonable $88.99 for 10,000 likes. 

You can also buy 50-10,000 higher-quality likes, which Twicsy calls “premium” likes. Just as with their active followers, these premium interactions come from users who are active Instagram users and may give your videos an extra boost for an added fee. 

There’s more, too. Twicsy allows you to “split” its likes packages, meaning you can break up a package to assign the likes to multiple posts. It’s a great way to get the most bang for your buck. Additionally, Twicsy gives a bonus to all customers: free video views accompany all likes packages. 

How Twicsy’s Likes Perform 

Influencers love them. 

They say likes packages from Twicsy definitely increase their videos’ exposure and their organic follower counts, even though Instagram normally rewards those who purchase followers more than those who buy likes. 

The real praise comes for Twicsy’s effect on individual posts. Many IG influencers say they see a dramatic increase in their engagement rates after adding Twicsy likes (particularly the premium ones), with exposure, views and organic likes all likely to soar. That’s important because engagement rate is a crucial metric Instagram uses when choosing videos to feature. 

The prevailing opinion is that adding IG likes — from any source — helps attract viewers, who are more likely to watch videos with high likes counts. But Twicsy’s likes do much more than that, making a major contribution to organic Instagram growth. 

What Makes Twicsy the Best Source of Instagram Video Views 

Twicsy also offers a large selection of high-quality video views at reasonable prices, which can be purchased separately from the ones included free-of-charge with likes packages. 

What Twicsy Offers 

Views are an inexpensive way to signal Instagram that a specific video is already attracting lots of eyeballs and deserves a lot more. They’re also a low-cost method of enticing new viewers, since a high view content provides what’s called “social proof” that lots of other people thought that watching the video was worth their time. 

How inexpensive are they? Twicsy’s packages start at 500 video views for only $1.99. You can also order 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, or the monster package of 50,000 video views for only $74.99. Delivery is even faster than for Twicsy’s followers and likes, with views starting to arrive in just 60 seconds. (You can choose slower delivery if you prefer.) 

How Twicsy’s Video Views Perform 

Regular Twicsy customers say the company’s video views work extremely well to boost their posts’ exposure. Instagram influencers have stronger praise than that; they say Twicsy’s views often help their videos go viral. 

Once again, we can’t provide any details on why Twicsy’s views do more to accelerate the popularity of videos — but according to numerous influencers, they do. Their views also make a major contribution to users’ engagement rates, meaning even greater exposure for the content those users post. 

The influencers say they don’t use video views (or likes) as a substitute for Twicsy’s followers, which they rely on for powerful Instagram growth. However, they say adding views to help them go viral is the “cherry on top” of the popularity and influence “sundae” that Twicsy serves up. 

Instagram Influencers on Twicsy — In Their Own Words 

Summarizing comments from IG influencers doesn’t say as much as quoting them. Here are just a few of the responses that influencers offered when asked about Twicsy’s services. 

“Twicsy is the best, and I’ve tried a ton of Insta providers. Their followers reliably increase my organic fan base by more than double the size of the package I buy, and my follower growth rate usually jumps by 150% or so in the week afterward. Can’t say enough good things about them.” 

“I add Twicsy active followers once a month, and if you looked at my growth on a graph it would be a straight line heading north. (Provider name hidden) and (provider name hidden) didn’t do much for me at all. Once I tried Twicsy, I knew I’d found the golden ticket!” 

“Been using followers from Twicsy for two years and they’re great. But their likes and views are even better — they’re what I use to power my videos into viral popularity. One of my videos topped a million views after I bought 50,000 of them from Twicsy, and since my sponsors pay me for exposure, I call that a great return on investment.” 

“Twicsy turned me into an IG influencer. (Yep, having great content was important too lol) My account was stuck around 250 followers for months. Then I bought a small follower package and I almost immediately added 300 new organic followers. I kept going, buying bigger and bigger packages…and now I have more than 500,000 followers!” 

“I wouldn’t have enough fans to attract sponsors without them. Twicsy’s s—t works!” 

What Other Providers Are Worth Considering? 

Readers might be wondering why they would want to use another Instagram service provider if Twicsy is so good. 

That’s a legitimate question, but the truth is that many IG influencers like to mix up their sources of followers, likes and video views. They say they’ve found that adding interactions from other services’ networks from time to time helps their overall popularity and authority — probably because those additional users come from networks other than Twicsy’s. 

They still primarily buy engagements from Twicsy, but these are the two alternatives that influencers suggest. Unsurprisingly, these services are very similar to Twicsy; they just supply followers, likes and views from different users. 


The engagements provided by Buzzoid are all real and high-quality, with active followers and premium likes also available for an extra cost. The sizes of their packages and their prices are essentially the same as Twicsy’s, and even their options and extras are quite similar. The customer experience, support, and privacy are all good, too. 

Buzzoid’s delivery times are slower than Twicsy’s, and more importantly, their interactions’ effects aren’t as impressive. They still work pretty well, however, making them a good second choice for those who occasionally want to vary their service providers. 


The best “third choice,” according to influencers, delivers results much like Buzzoid’s — but they’re a smaller operation that can only supply a maximum of 5,000 real followers at a time. Prices are reasonable, and all of the engagements are real and high-quality. There’s one other drawback to Rushmax; you don’t get free video views when you buy a likes package. 

The real payoff when you purchase IG interactions, though, should be strong Instagram growth.  

And influencers agree: Twicsy is far and away the best Instagram growth provider you can find. 


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