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Top 3 Essay Writing Services In USA: The Best American Writers To Hire Online In 2024

Expert Writing Services: Top American Writers for Hire in 2024


Top 3 Best Essay Writing Services

Often times, coming up with an A+ essay isn’t a task that you can accomplish by yourself. There are multiple factors involved, and let’s be frank, you won’t always know them all. Fortunately, you don’t have to, thanks to top-notch essay writing websites that offer peak essay writing services.

And while you might be tempted to label the act of writing your essays online as a path to plagiarism, be informed that those paper writing services you find online are specifically designed to aid you create the best project without the risk of plagiarism. Imagine this, you can literally tell these websites, “Hey, would you be so kind as to write my essay with me?” and you’ll be given a unique and captivating result in no time.

However, how do these websites work? Are they really efficient? Well, bear in mind that they are only helping you with the essay. It’s not a “do my essay for me” kind of gig. Instead, you’re combining your ideas with high quality AI algorithm to create an essay that should boast a high quality. In essence, these websites only generate essays based on prompts given.

It’s big 2024, college and universities are improving their curricula and the standards are only getting higher, even with essay writing. So, can paper writing services keep up with this upgrade. Time to dive in, shall we?

  1. EssayWriter - the cheapest essay writing service in 2024.

  2. EssayMarket - the most trusted essay writing website in the USA.

  3. ExtraEssay - professional college paper writers to hire online.

Right, on to the main event – a look at the OTP 3 best essay writing services to pick from in the US. When the time comes to hire essay writers through the digital space, where do you run to? What websites should you be looking at to get the best content generated with ease and guaranteed success? Why are these 3 essay writing services listed below deserving of your attention?

This in-depth review aims to highlight the underlying features, prices, and benefits of three paper writing services with a perceived view in the US. Seeing they’ve already been approved by many, it’s important to see if they can sway you into saying, “Alright, I’ll let you write my essay with me”. So, grab your notepads and let’s get cracking.

3 Best Essay Writing Services in 2024

1. EssayWriter

As a certified member of widely-used paper writing services, EssayWriter prides itself as a site that promises reliability and efficiency to all those who don’t want to hire an essay writer. Instead, this website has pooled multiple professional essay writers who have undergone intense screening and training to ensure only the best output for college students.

Not only is the website offering expert writers but also gurus in specific subjects. That means you can get even more intricate and subject-based without a drop in expected results.

Features of Using EssayWriter:

  • Useful tools for tackling all your study needs.

  • Adherence to customer instructions and compliance with the guides given.

  • High-quality writing from experts trained to offer the best essay writing services at all levels.

  • Access to a vast academic database.

  • Free revisions and they offer money back, allowing you hire essay writers safely.

How to Order Using the EssayWriter Platform:

  • Fill out details about the type of work including guides, instructions, and assign a deadline to it.

  • Choose your expert writer from the list of professionals provided.

  • Enter your contact details i.e. email address and phone number.

  • Enter other paper details including specifications.

  • Choose the extra services you want which include plagiarism report and quality check.

  • Proceed to pay and checkout.

What Does It Cost to Use EssayWriter Services?

The final price of your work is dependent on its features and any extra service you choose. But you should expect to spend around $7 per page.

Pros of EssayWriter:

  • Professional Team: To ensure students only get A-grade papers, the platform dedicates itself to hiring only subject-expert professionals. These writers are constantly trained and evaluated to ensure a sustained high level of quality. This gives students the assurance that they’re hiring one of the trusted essay writing services.

  • Full Confidentiality: While it’s important to guarantee quality essays, students should also feel safe using a paper writing platform. Luckily, EssayWriter is known for its trustworthy nature. Every step is safe to use and your messages are encrypted, meaning third-party platforms can’t spy on them. Payments are certified and all orders are screened by the NDA.

  • Upfront Delivery: Time is a crucial factor in essay writing. A good essay will never be a great one if it’s not delivered before the deadline. EssayWriter has raised the bar by not targeting the deadline you set but earlier. This will give you more time to scrutinise your work and submit it when due.

  • Original Content: Remember, your work isn’t some cheap copy off the internet. EssayWriter guarantees that all its works are written from scratch by expert writers. Your guides are duly followed and at the end, top-end tools are used to analyze the work before delivery.

In the end, it’s good to know that your writing orders are safe and the services rendered are reliable. The essay is also tailored to suit your tone and your style will be embodied. And for an essay writing service, it’s quite affordable.

It’s also blessed with good reviews with one in particular saying, “This platform offers clear communication from the time the order is placed until the completed paper is delivered”.

2. EssayMarket

When you look at the features of this essay writing website, you immediately understand the market aspect of the platform. And just like you trust vendors in a standard market, EssayMarket has been attributed that same level of trust and confidence. It prides itself in affordability, efficiency, and a team of expert writers. What makes it even better is its drive to satisfy customers and make them happy with high-quality deliveries.

Features of EssayMarket:

  • Team of Super Writers: The best essay writing services are known for setting the bar high when it comes to choosing their team of writers. With factors like deadlines and quality to consider, you need to be blessed with a team that takes your writing to the next level. With a team of super writers, college students can easily say “do my essay” to a host of professionals.

  • Free and Expert Quality Checks: Every top essay becomes class after a thorough check. EssayMarket has been trusted to ensure customers’ essays are passed through checkers for originality. Hence, they help check for plagiarism and AI content. What makes this feature better is the free nature of these checks, making them available at all times.

  • Unlimited Edits: Remember the team of super writers? Yeah, they also take the liberty of ensuring that your work is edited properly. Basically, no stone is left unturned when it comes to proofreading and formatting your essays. It’s one feature that puts EssayMarket high on the list of paper writing services.

How to Order on EssayMarket:

  • Specify the details of your essay alongside instructions and what you like.

  • Get quotes from different writers and choose who you want.

  • Make a deposit to get the work started. However, this payment is only released after the order is completed.

  • Get notified when your essay has been generated.

What Does it Cost to Order on Essay Market?

The minimum price of paper writing services is about $11 per page on the platform.

Pros of the Platform:

  • 100% Confidentiality: The only detail you’re giving out is your email address while the task details will be used to generate the essay. Your email address is simply for delivery.

  • Timely Delivery: With a minimum deadline of 6 hours, you can expect your essay to be generated on time to be submitted.

  • Full Control of Your Essay: The ability to choose the writer you want using their credentials and reviews lies specifically with you only. It gives you full control over your essay.

  • Payment comes right after the work and not before

With all things considered, it’s safe to say that EssayMarket prides itself in gaining the trust and confidence of their customers. By offering customers full control of their work, they also showcase their flexibility while maintaining high standards of work.

A good example of how EssayMarket has transformed into one of the best essay writing services is this review left by a happy customer who said, “Outstanding writing service. Exceeded all of my expectations with top-notch content and timely delivery. Highly satisfied customer!”

3. ExtraEssay

The third and final entry on this list is the go-to score source when looking for professional college writers to hire online. It’s a service platform dedicated to offering students the choice to find the perfect writer to deliver an A-grade paper in quick time. If you aren’t good with deadlines, ExtraEssay offers a way out with timely delivery being its most advertised feature.

And it’s not all about meeting up with your supervisor’s deadlines, the writers from ExtraEssay are dedicated to sourcing credible information, developing unique essay ideas, and creating a published work that meets up with any academic standard.

Features of ExtraEssay:

  • Original Human-generated Content: After carefully picking the right writer for your essay, the content is then generated from scratch. Only credible sources and useful information are employed in the writing process. At the end, the best tools are used to check for plagiarism and AI-generated content.

  • Multiple Works Offered: There’s a long list of services offered by ExtraEssay. These range from essays to research papers to case study papers and other paper writing services.

  • User Confidentiality: Customers always get a unique ID after every order placed and they’re reassured by the presence of a NDA agreement signed between both parties. Hence, every detail filled out by customers remains confidential.

  • Secured Payments: Payments are processed through renowned gateways ensuring a level of faith in the security of transactions on the platform.

  • Live-chat Features: Customers will always have questions, especially when getting started with the platform. There’s a live support feature that helps solve your problems in real-time.

  • Easy-to-navigate Website: The website is designed to ease customer navigation. It also provides a menu where customers can access all the features, get started on picking a writer, and go through reviews from previous customers.

How to Order on ExtraEssay:

  • Simply fill in the details of the work including instructions and guides

  • Select the type of work i.e. essay or research paper

  • Choose the deadline and number of pages

  • Proceed to pay and complete your order

What Does it Cost to Order on ExtraEssay?

College students have a wide range of prices to choose from, depending on the length of deadline. The minimum price is $10 for a work of two weeks while you can pay as much as $26 per page for a work of 24 hours.

Pros of the Platform:

  • Higher grades and CGPA can be achieved through improved essay and professional writing

  • Less time to worry about deadlines and more free time to yourself

  • Expert writers in all subjects are available at your fingertips

  • Customer-centric services ensuring satisfaction and the best experience possible

  • Free revisions for up to 30 days depending on the work’s length

  • Live support for customer queries all-day, every day

  • Useful discounts and cash backs on every order

There’s little difference between ExtraEssay and the previously reviewed essay writing websites. It ensures safety of customer credentials and guarantees human content and timely delivery. It’s also a den of professional writers, who are screened to help you pick the best option for your work.

Finally, there are encouraging reviews that highlight ExtraEssay as being true to its word with one customer saying, “... they fulfilled all the prerequisites I requested. I will be back for sure”.

10 Most Popular Questions About Essay Writing Websites

After a review of the TOP 3 essay writing services, it’s also important to look at the most pressing questions about essay writing websites. We’ve also taken the liberty of providing all the right answers.

How do essay writing websites work?

The key behind essay writing services is the use of an AI algorithm to carefully examine your ideas and guides, look for the best topic possible in that subject area, pick the right writer out of the pool of professional writers, and combine these elements into creating the perfect essay or proposal for your academic needs.

It also ensures that the content of your work is generated from scratch thanks to the presence of intelligent tools that help check and eliminate plagiarism from your work. These smart tools also check for AI-generated content – further enhancing the fool-proof nature of your work. In the end, you’re guaranteed a high quality project that’s unique to your style and fit to pass any academic standard.

Are essay writing services ethical?

This is a common debate and quite frankly, there’s no definite answer to it. While it is indeed normal to cite external sources for your assignments and essays, it’s still left for debate the concept of having your work done by someone else. In essence, paying someone else to write your work isn’t exactly the nicest solution to an assigned task.

However, the works are still based on your guidelines and the websites are supposed to embody your tone. In essence, while it feels like you’re the one writing through someone else, question marks will still be raised.

Who are the writers generating the essays?

The writers have been carefully selected from a pool of professionals who are well-versed when it comes to creating new and captivating content from the ground up. They’re trained extensively by the platform owners on the proper ways and techniques to ensure customer satisfaction. They also ensure your essays are complementary to your style of writing.

So you could say that essay writing websites are workshops for expert writers, each with a specific subject where they excel. Their quality, precision, and efficiency ensure that customers can rest easy knowing well that they will be getting the work they asked for in due time.

How do I communicate with the writer assigned to my task?

There are multiple routes through which you can keep in touch with the writers assigned to your work. You have the option of a live chat, messages, call, and emails. These writers are also available at all times to tend to your queries and other issues you may encounter.

In the end, it’s quite easy to keep track of your work’s progress through constant communication with your assigned writer. It also means that essay writing websites are trustworthy and designed to give their customers the best experience.

Is the service confidential?

From the details filled down to the payment system, every aspect of the services rendered by these websites is safe, secured, and reassuring. For instance, paper writing websites never request for more than your email address for delivery purposes. In some cases, your phone number is needed but even that too is encrypted so third parties have no access.

At the same time, there’s a non-disclosure agreement signed by both parties so, essay writing websites are legally obligated to keep your credentials and terms of your work confidential even after your order has been delivered.

How can I make sure that the works are original?

The fun part about this is that you don’t need to check for the originality of essays done by these websites yourself. If you followed through the reviews of each of the essay writing websites, you’d notice that a common feature is the use of human-generated content to deliver unique and creative projects.

In addition, customers are also guaranteed the use of intelligent tools that double check the work for AI content and plagiarism, amongst other issues that could put a dent in your work. Thanks to the high-tech software employed by these websites, your work is fool-proof and void of any unoriginality.

What subjects are covered by essay writing websites?

Essay writing websites are tasked with providing the best essay writing services in several subjects. This is why they carefully handpick and train multiple professionals, each with an expertise in a specific subject or multiple subjects.

In addition, there are over 80 subjects being covered by essay writing websites and these subjects cut across Degree to Masters and PhD levels of education.

What other services do paper writing websites offer?

Paper writing websites do more than just generate new and authentic essays from scratch. They offer a wide range of services that include the following:

  • Essay Writing

  • Essay Outline Writing

  • Thesis Writing

  • Research Paper Writing

  • Personal Statement Writing

  • Dissertation Proposal Writing

  • Dissertation Individual Chapter Writing

  • Dissertation Topic Assistance

  • Mathematical Tasks/Problem Solving

  • IT Coding/Programming CV Writing Applications and Cover Letter Writing

  • Marking and Critiquing Essay Improvements and Polishing Plagiarism Scanning Data Collection

Do essay writing websites need to be referenced in the project?

The option to include paper writing websites in the final reference list for your project is completely up to you. It’s something you can choose to do or not. Essay writing websites won’t hold you liable for any choice you make so feel free to do what you feel best.

However, be sure to keep the guidelines of your project assignment in mind when using essay writing websites. You have to be sure it’s allowed before placing your order.

Will the essay writing websites reuse my work?

Some customers are curious about what happens to their work after their orders have been delivered. Will the website bring it up from the archives when the next customer says “Do my essay for me”? Or will the work be resold to the next person looking for a proposal?

However, this is where trust comes in as it’s completely unethical for essay writing websites to resell your work. Every essay or proposal is written from scratch and with each work comes a new writer skilled in that subject. So be assured that every work remains individually commissioned and is never resold.


Once again, the world keeps evolving and technology keeps delivering new platforms dedicated to assisting everyone, especially students in college. College is no joke and with a plethora of tasks, projects, and assignments to do, it can be a bit overwhelming. This is not even considering the numerous study materials that need to be covered ahead of exams.

In other words, essay writing websites have come up as solutions to the major problems plaguing essay writing – deadlines and quality. They’re not designed to just take some weight off your shoulders. Instead, they’re available for creating A-grade papers that match any academic standard across all levels of education.

These websites combine insightful features like originality and fool-proof quality to provide the best answer to any project problem you provide it with. So, whether you’re in a rush to beat your deadline or searching for a research proposal that’ll get things going, paper writing websites are becoming go-to places.

The three websites that were reviewed are also prime examples of how far we’ve come in terms of using technology for improving task completions. While using online websites to do your homework is still iffy on the ethical side of things, every other feature makes it a thrilling option for future college essay writing demands.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.