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Top 10 Live Casino Singapore Sites In 2023 | Best Live Casino SG

No matter what features matter most, you can confidently choose from one of the 10 live casinos reviewed. Sign up today to enjoy the thrill of world-class casino gaming! Just remember to gamble responsibly.

Best Live Casino SG

Live casinos in Singapore have exploded in popularity in recent years. Our team completely understands the excitement and the thrill of casino games!

Moreover, live casinos in Singapore are an excellent solution for comfort iGaming. They allow players to enjoy world-class casino gaming in the comfort of their own homes.

But with so many sites, how do you determine the most trustworthy and best overall site?

That's exactly what this comprehensive guide will uncover. Our casino-enthusiast teams have thoroughly tested and reviewed the top 10 live casino Singapore options for online casino Singapore players in 2023. We carefully examined several critical factors like game selection, live dealers in Singapore, bonuses, mobile compatibility, payment options, etc., so that you can have comprehensive information before betting with your real money

10 Best Live Casinos in Singapore

1. BK8 – Popular for Its Wide Selection of Games and generous Bonuses

2. me88 – Great Game Variety and 24/7 Customer Support

3. Maxim88 – Unique Games & Rewarding Promotions

4. 96M – New Site With Top Providers & Support

5. 888Casino – Great For New Players

6. Dafabet – Trusted Brand With Top Providers & Support

7. GemBet – Unique Game Variety & Bonuses

8. W88 – Popular for Games, Support & Banking

9. Betway – Easy Accessibility & Local Favourite

10. 7bet – Rewarding Promotions

BK8 – Top Singapore Live Casino with Generous Bonuses


BK8 is a fan-favourite among many players thanks to its robust selection of games, ranging from leading providers like Evolution Gaming and Ezugi. Players can enjoy popular tables like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Sic Bo with real-time streaming and professional dealers.

Popular Dealers at BK8 Live Casino Singapore

With 300+ games to enjoy, BK8 has assembled a talented team of professional yet personable dealers that players love. Popular BK8 hosts like Alice, Bella, Chloe, Emily, and Grace conduct the action with smooth expertise while engaging players with their charming personalities.

These experienced Singapore live casino dealers help facilitate an enjoyable atmosphere. Their friendly hosting style makes you feel part of the action during blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and exciting game show streams. BK8 dealers are multilingual and happily explain gameplay if you're a newcomer.

Our team has spent many hours playing at BK8 live casinos Singapore tables and always has a blast with their upbeat dealers. Their enthusiastic energy and welcoming vibe make gaming so much more entertaining. BK8 has some of the most talented yet personable dealers in Singapore you'll find at online casinos.

What We Like About BK8

Some of the top advantages of playing at BK8 Live Casino Singapore include:

  • Huge selection of tables from leading game providers
  • Professional and friendly Singapore live dealers
  • Generous welcome and reload bonuses, such as “Have You Welcome” Bonus that grants up to 288% of the bonus rate with just a minimum deposit amount of SGD 50
  • Fast payout speeds for quick access to winnings. This is made possible by paying methods such as crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether), online banking options, and FastPay.

With its vast library of games, talented dealers, and lucrative bonuses, it's easy to see why BK8 is a premier choice for live casino Singapore fans.

me88 - Top Live Game Variety and Friendly Dealers


me88 is one of the most popular live casinos for Singapore players, thanks to its wide selection of dealers. They work closely with reputable game providers like Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play. You can enjoy classic tables and modern variants with real-time streaming and professional dealers.

Popular Dealers at me88 Singapore Live Casino

In addition to over 200 tables, me88 provides some of the most entertaining dealers in Singapore you’ll find at any online casino. Friendly hosts like Amber, Bella, Emily, Hannah, and Jessica preside over the games with charm.

These skilled ladies conduct the games smoothly while ensuring players have an enjoyable time. Their lively personalities add much energy and fun to tables like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and sic bo.

Our team loves the welcoming vibe of me88's Singapore casinos dealer. They go the extra mile to interact with players and ensure you're having a good time. Their enthusiasm and professional dealing skills enhance the gameplay. If you appreciate friendly dealers, me88 is tough to beat.

What We Like About me88

Some of the key advantages of playing live dealer Singapore games at me88 live casino:

  • A variety of live tables from top gaming providers
  • Skilled and welcoming live dealers in Singapore
  • Fast payouts so you can access winnings quickly via cryptocurrency, MasterCard, visa card, online banking payments, and DuitNow.

With a continually growing library of games from leading studios, professional live dealers who deliver an immersive experience, and great service, it's easy to see why me88 is lauded by live casino Singapore enthusiasts. For exciting real-time play with actual wins at your fingertips, me88 is a top choice.

Maxim88 – Top Live Casino Games in Singapore


Players of live casino Singapore love Maxim88 for its wide selection of live dealer games from leading providers like Evolution Gaming and Ezugi. Enjoy classic tables like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and sic bo with real-time streaming and professional dealers. The dealers here are very friendly, and you can enjoy live casino Singapore games at Maxim88.

Popular Live Casino Singapore Dealers at Maxim88

Maxim88 has assembled a talented team of live dealers Singapore that help create a fun and vibrant atmosphere across their 300+ tables. Popular Maxim88 hosts include Alice, Chloe, Daisy, Grace, and Lily.

These experienced professionals conduct all the games with smooth expertise. Their cheerful personalities give the live casino Singapore tables extra energy. They happily chat with players in between rounds.

Players there always have a blast playing roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and other games, thanks to Maxim88's upbeat hosts. Their friendly demeanour and enthusiasm make the live casino experience so enjoyable. Maxim88 definitely has some of the best live dealers in Singapore you'll find.

What We Like About Maxim88

Some key advantages of playing live casinos Singapore games at Maxim88 include:

  • live dealers are professional and have friendly behaviour
  • Several types of bonuses, including a 100% Welcome Bonus for new bettors on Maxim88 with a minimum first deposit amount of SGD 50.
  • Fast payout speeds via cryptocurrencies, TruePay, and SurePay

With its ever-expanding library of real-time games, friendly and skilled live dealers, and some of the most rewarding bonuses available, Maxim88 hits the jackpot for exciting, rewarding live casino play. It's easy to see why the site has emerged as a premier hub for live gaming enthusiasts in Singapore.

96M - New Site With Top Live Games & Support


96M has quickly become popular with live casinos Singapore fans, thanks to its wide selection of live dealers Singapore games from leading providers like Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and Pragmatic Play. Enjoy classic and modern tables with real-time streaming and professional dealers.

Popular Dealers at 96M Live Casino Singapore

96M offers a more limited but solid lineup of Singapore live casino games. And their team of friendly live dealers in Singapore is undoubtedly one of the highlights. Popular hosts at 96M include Amber, Bella, Fiona, Hannah, and Jessica.

These talented ladies smoothly run the blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and sic bo tables while engaging players with their outgoing personalities. They ensure a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Although a newer brand, 96M's lineup of experienced live dealers in Singapore impressed many players with their warm and lively hosting style that adds to the enjoyment of online casino Malaysia as well. 96M may have fewer options, but it makes up for it with excellent dealers.

What We Like About 96M

Some key advantages of playing games at 96M include:

  • Quality selection of tables from top gaming providers
  • Professional and friendly dealers
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support
  • Fast payout speeds

With its wide game variety, talented dealers, and excellent support, it's easy to see why 96M is becoming a top choice for fans.

Top Tips for Singapore Live Casino Success

Finding success at Singapore live casinos requires strategy and smart play.

Understand the ins and outs of the game

First, take time to understand the rules and betting options for popular live dealer games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. Knowing the odds and payouts for different bets will help inform your wagering decisions.

If you are new to the games, you can look up several online review sites. Many of them provide practical tips on how to play all these casinos. Each game is different, so no one rule fits all.

Choose trusted sites

Only play at licensed, regulated live casinos in Singapore to ensure fair games and secure payments. Reputable sites like BK8 and Maxim88 are ideal picks.

Set a budget

Decide on an affordable budget for each session and stick to it. This prevents overspending beyond your means. Keep in mind that chasing after losses often ends up with more losses. Avoid the urge to go down that path.

Use bonuses wisely

Maximise value from lucrative welcome and reload bonuses, but understand the terms and turnover rate before claiming them.

Practice bankroll management

Spread out bets instead of going all-in, and take a break if on a losing streak to avoid chasing losses.

Learn game rules

Take time to understand the rules and optimal strategies for live games you want to play, like Baccarat and Sic Bo. This will improve results.

Have fun

Live casinos are ultimately for entertainment, so enjoy the experience! But always gamble responsibly within your means.

Other Tips:

  • Withdraw winnings regularly to lock in profits
  • Engage dealers, but don't disrupt games
  • Use mobile apps to play on the go conveniently
  • Compare sites to find the ideal game and bonus selection

Following these tips will lead to Singapore's most entertaining, rewarding, and responsible live casino.

Top Live Dealers in Singapore

Live dealers are a huge part of the entertainment and engagement at Singapore live casinos. They often have outgoing personalities that help create a fun and lively atmosphere during games. Live dealers in Singapore are known for their friendliness and ability to engage players.

There is extensive training needed to become a live dealer in Singapore. Dealers learn game rules thoroughly and memorise all bet types, payouts, and procedures.

Being an attractive and presentable host is part of a live dealer's job. Most casinos want dealers who add glamour and excitement to the live gaming experience.

Here are some of the most popular and talented live hosts, along with their specialty games:


  • Amber (Maxim88) - Amber is beloved for her friendly personality and ability to keep blackjack games lively. Her enthusiastic hosting style makes players feel part of the action.
  • Bella (me88) - Bella is a professional blackjack dealer praised for her clear instructions and efficient game pace. She ensures new players understand the gameplay.


  • Chloe (BK8) - Chloe is known for spreading positive energy and fun with her charismatic style. She entertains roulette players with her upbeat hosting.
  • Daisy (96M) - Daisy's friendly approach immediately helps new roulette players feel at ease. She excels at explaining the rules to newcomers.


  • Emily (BK8) - Emily deals baccarat with grace and precision. Her professional demeanour provides an air of sophistication at the tables.
  • Fiona (me88) - Fiona engages baccarat players with her outgoing personality. She keeps the mood light and ensures everyone has a good time.

Sic Bo

  • Grace (Maxim88) - Grace leads sic bo rounds with clear instructions in a refined manner. Her approachability takes the intimidation out of this fast-paced dice game.
  • Hannah (96M) - Hannah entertains sic bo players with her bubbly energy. Her warm hosting style makes everyone feel part of the action.

Trying games with Singapore's top live dealers is sure to enhance the entertainment and experience. Be sure to take their tables for the most engaging sessions.

Comparing Traditional and Live Casinos in Singapore

Feel that rush when the crowds cheer for the shooter's hot streak at the craps tables? Do you love the clamour of slots and flashy lights overwhelming your senses? Traditional casinos deliver an electric, immersive experience you can't replicate online. But live casinos in Singapore bring the convenience of playing anywhere, more game variety, and way better bonuses.

Our team has developed some of the comparison points:

Game Selection

Traditional casinos offer a comprehensive range, with hundreds of table games, machines, poker rooms, and more on an actual floor. However, what you have at traditional casinos is available, too, on online live casinos. Although the atmosphere might differ, the game options and selections remain the same. What can be done physically can be done, too, on your screen, including games such as Black Jack, Sic Bo, Roulette, and more.


An actual casino floor's exciting energy and crowds are hard to replicate digitally. But live casinos come close through interactive features like chat and friendly live dealers. Besides, BK8, me88, Maxim88, and 96M have all implemented advance technologies to make the experience of playing live casino games in Singapore more immersive than ever.


The most significant advantage of live casinos is the ability to play from anywhere without travelling. Traditional casinos require physically going there and have limited hours.

Betting Limits

Live casino sites cater to all budgets with low minimum bets. But traditional casinos generally have higher minimums and focus more on high rollers.


Live casinos offer 24/7 customer support through chat, phone and email. Traditional casinos have limited operating hours, so support is not always accessible.

While live casinos lack the ambience of a real casino, they excel in critical areas like convenience and betting flexibility. The live casino players can enjoy the best of both worlds by playing at reputable live sites.

Ultimately, traditional casinos indulge the senses while live casinos in Singapore satisfy convenience and more games in one spot. It depends on what matters most to you.


This extensive guide clarifies the top live casino options for players in 2023. Each recommended site passed our stringent criteria for game variety, bonuses, streaming quality, dealers, and overall functionality.

Which one you ultimately select comes down to your personal preferences. You may want substantial welcome bonuses, VIP rewards, or a stellar mobile experience.

No matter what features matter most, you can confidently choose from one of the 10 live casinos reviewed. Sign up today to enjoy the thrill of world-class casino gaming! Just remember to gamble responsibly.

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