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The Best Research Paper Writing Services: 5 Top Term Paper Writing Services

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The Best Research Paper Writing Services: 5 Top Term Paper Writing Services

Finding the best research paper writing service out there is no easy fit. But I pulled all my resources to single out these five services.

Best Research Paper Writing Services
Best Research Paper Writing Services

Essay writing takes up a lot of resources and energy. And even after one year of college, it can feel downright nauseating. As much as I love writing a solid argumentative paper, I can relate to falling apart under the uni workload. And I sure wish there was professional help to deal with some written assignments that never stop piling up.

Luckily, today’s students have a wonderful opportunity to get such help. Whether it’s research papers or reflection essays, professional writers are up to the task. After seconds of Google search, I can find dozens of writing services promising to help with my papers. But how to pick the best one?

Puzzled by this very question, I decided to look into it. And as it turns out, there is more than one research paper service fit for the task. In fact, there are a total of five essay-writing companies that stand out. So, I can be sure to go with any of them and have my A+ paper done on time.

The following assessment is based on my extensive research. To find the best research paper writing help I looked into reviews of services, official ratings, and support team efficiency. And these five remain on the top of the game in the essay writing business.



Why Best?




Best Writers Team




Best And Most Efficient Support Team




Best Prices and Discount Systems




Best on Multiple Free Features




Best Confidentiality Policy


EssayPro - Best Research Paper Writing Service Overall


Looking for writers of all traits? EssayPro has got you covered. They pride themselves on their writers for a reason. They employ arguably the best professionals to deal with a tight deadline on a research paper so far.

With 1,5 million customers, EssayPro has the highest ranking due to their research paper writers. Focused on coming up with excellently written papers of any kind, they always deliver what's asked for.

Plus, they offer an affordable price on every order starting from $10.8 And that is quite a bargain for the outstanding quality provided. Mind that it’s also a price for a page of writing from scratch. So, it’s a full and proper original essay.


  • Timely delivery always

  • Working on the most urgent deadlines like 2 hours

  • Free originality report and revision to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Friendly support specialists

  • User-friendly website


  • With so many professionals, finding the perfect match for the specific order might take time

  • Revisions might be required but they are free and quickly done

But despite the very few cons, this service maintains its outstanding reputation. Not to mention the numerous satisfied customers. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, EssayPro ranks as number 1 among similar education sites.

Overall, EssayPro will be my first choice for the best research paper writing services out there. Never fails to deliver quality essays even if it takes some time.

EssayService - Best Research Paper Writing Company With Excellent Customer Service


If I’m looking for support specialists to have my back, I order from EssayService. Always helpful and quick to respond, they can answer any of my questions and solve all the issues with the order.

Trustworthy and reliable, EssayService is a solid company to work with. With tons of satisfied customers, they make sure to cater to my needs. Their support team practices a personalized approach to every customer, striving to help with anything related to my order.

And they offer a pretty good pricing per page of 275 words starting from $11.5. That is a reasonable price for all the research papers considering the cost of similar services across the web.


  • Pole and lightspeed communication

  • Picking a writer based on their profile

  • Option to attach samples for a writer to mimic customer’s style

  • Solid refund policy

  • Protected confidentiality


  • As great as their support team is, there is no possibility to call

  • No opportunity to place an order with extremely short deadlines

In addition to outweighing pros, Essays services ranks third in the research paper writing services list. So, it has built a real and substantial trust that has been proven by clients coming back to place their orders.

All in all, EssayService is great for a personal touch on your paper and an outstanding support team. Perfect for your first-time collaboration with a research paper writer.

PaperWriter - Best Website to Write My Research Paper


If I want a bargain on academic writing services, I’ll turn to PaperWriter. The best deals and a full refund policy say it all. Created to ease student's lives, PaperWriter strives to help with any kind of paper out there.

A friendly and helpful support team will always assist you with anything related to your order. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular customer, you can expect a polite and helpful specialist to come to your rescue.

And their most attractive side is their pricing. Arguably, the best deal for an academic paper from scratch and other services like rewriting or editing. Even though $11 per page is quite a standard rate, Paperwrites have the best discounts and offers to sweeten the deal.


  • A generous discount for the first order

  • User-friendly interface

  • Helpful support team

  • Notifications upon paper’s readiness

  • Covering all topics and subjects


  • Finding the writer quickly might be a challenge. Especially for rare topics.

  • No phone support or live chat

Notably, PaperWriter does not have many reviews yet. But all of the existing ones are positive. So, I’d still go for them to save some money without losing quality.

In the end, PaperWriter might be less well-known but worthy of trying to get a bargain on the first order and beyond.

DoMyEssay - The Most Professional Among Best Term Paper Writing Services


There’s much talk about pricing for research paper writing services. But DoMyEssay makes sure that you get tons of features for free like originality reports and unlimited revisions. Established to help students succeed academically, DoMyEssay is a company chosen by many for their integrity and professionalism.

A 24/7 support team is ready to take your order or answer your question at any time. So, you can be sure that you won’t be left to read. Notably, the first orders might take a bit longer to process. But they are never ignored.

In addition, this service provides a solid affordable pricing rate of only $11.4 per page. A standard offer for a writing service overall. But it also includes plenty of additional free features like editing, free plagiarism report, and as many revisions as needed.


  • Working on a pretty tight deadline (4 hours minimum)

  • Multiple free features

  • Great cost per quality ratio

  • Around the clock support

  • Easy to navigate website


  • The first order takes a while to process by the support team

  • A few payment options

Yet, despite some cons, DoMyEssay still makes the top 10 among the term paper writing service lists. Making it worthy of checking out and enjoying all the variety of their services.

Overall, it is a solid choice for enjoying all the free features of quality paper from legit research paper writing service.

WritePaper - Best for Direct Communication With a Research Paper Writer


Worried about personal data safety? With WritePaper I wouldn’t be. They make sure to use encrypted servers to guarantee your safety. WritePaper’s mission is simple yet effective. They help out to make time for everything in a student’s life and provide quality writing services.

Eager to help, the support team is ready to reply to you within five minutes. And usually, it takes even less. On top of that, they are pretty patient and ready to answer as many questions about the order as needed.

The price rate is decent, being a usual $11 per page. The end price will vary depending on the deadline, complexity, and academic level. Thus, it’s better to order early to save some pretty penny.


  • Solid confidentiality policies and personal data protection

  • Support team has a 24/7 live chat

  • Different types of academic writing services

  • A customer can pick the writer themselves

  • Pleasant and user-friendly web design


  • Smaller team of writers than in similar services

  • No free drafts

Even though it's not the highest-rating writing service, it still makes the top 40 of the best paper writing companies. That makes them at least worthy of checking out and being pleasantly surprised with the quality for the price given.

So, a safe and legit company, WritePaper is a great choice for getting the best paper quality for an affordable price.


How to choose from all the term paper writing services?

The first thing I’d look for is credibility. Read up on the service of choice online. Do not stop just at the reviews on the website. All of the five writing services have excellent reviews on the web, good ratings, and customer feedback. They are also strong on publicity as all of them have company blogs.

Is it legal to use a research paper writing service?

Everything that paper writing services do is 100% legal. The companies provide academic assistance and do not engage in any illegal activities or infringements. There’s nothing fishy in turning for assistance in essay writing. Most of it is to serve as an example of a perfect paper.

Can the best research paper writing service be cheap?

Quality comes with a price. This is also true for academically written papers. Yet, paying for research paper services should not empty your wallet. So, even though well-written papers don’t come cheap, they should be affordable. And these writing paper services offer just that.

Is getting research paper writing help safe?

There is nothing to worry about when ordering from the best research paper writing services. All of them are using encrypted servers to protect all of the customer's personal data. Everything from name to credit card information is completely safe from any malicious intent. Plus, there is a pretty strict confidentiality policy.

Will my paper be plagiarism free and AI-free?

Absolutely. The best research paper help is always 100% original. No copy-pasting, no ChatGPT, or the likes of it. It’s all written by human writers with legit degrees and extensive experience in academic writing. So, I always get what I pay for and face no trouble for even accidental plagiarism.

Will my research papers be written by a qualified writer?

I cannot go wrong with any of these five writing services in terms of professionals. The only writer who ends up working there is a qualified one. So, all research papers are done by aces in their field. That’s how I end up with a perfect paper every time.

Get help from research paper writing services without going broke

There is no doubt about the benefits of professional writing help. But the prices for some of the services might stray anyone away. Luckily, there’s no reason to go broke for a term paper. When I buy research papers online from these services, I’m sure of getting a deal every time. Quality work is not going to cost pennies. But it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.

Catering a product to students, the writing services are aware of the limited budgets. So, the best ones care to find the perfect middle point in pricing their services. Whenever I turn to them, I know what I’m paying for. Plus, I do not have to blow my budget as they do not charge over $11 per page.

Besides, there are discount systems that help out immensely. Especially if I’m a regular customer. The best writing services offer quite generous loyalty discounts for long-term customers. Thus, there’s one more benefit to working with them.

Choose plagiarism-free best term paper writing service

The major concern for working with essay writers is the paper's originality. Of course, I’m taking a risk when ordering a paper from the research paper writing service for the first time. But not with these five companies. Here, the issue of plagiarism is taken with the proper severity for such matters.

The writers are obliged to write a 100% original essay regardless of deadlines or the complexity of the topic. And they follow this rule to a T. And that includes AI-written texts. When ordering from these services, I get human-written and well-done paper every time. Not to mention free of any type of plagiarism.

Moreover, besides upholding their writer to this standard, these paper writing services monitor every essay with a plagiarism checker. Thus, they are caring about eliminating even accidental plagiarism in every single order. And I can confidently submit this essay and not worry about any troubles with my professors or universities.

Get professional help to free your schedule

College is not only about endless essay writing and classes. It’s supposed to be a time of personal discoveries, networking, and new experiences. I, for once, did not want to be stuck with only academic responsibilities. So, I’d rather turn to a research paper helper to free up my schedule to not waste my college years.

Whether it’s volunteering, picking up a new hobby, or simply socializing, the free time is quite limited. Fortunately, there is no need to sacrifice any of your activities with professional essay writing help. It’s important to set the right priorities. For example, I’d rather concentrate on a bigger term paper and trust a few smaller assignments to professionals.

And by doing so, I get more time to catch up with my friends and get involved with activities that I’m passionate about. Plus, ordering an essay from these writing services is a piece of cake. All I need to do is fill in the order details and wait for a swift response from the support team to confirm the order.

Stay in touch with support team 24/7

Any company is as good as its support team. And these five paper writing services have the best support specialists with the fastest messaging speed. They never leave me hanging regardless of when I write them. And they always make sure to contact my research paper writer to speed up any clarifications or editing needed.

I can rest assured that any of my requests will be resolved as quickly as possible. Support teams here work around the clock. Plus, they're always helpful and eager to come up with solutions for any issue. So, the support specialists in these five essay writing services represent them as well as their professional writers do.

Starting from my first order and for further collaborations, they are always there to explain, clarify and help out. No matter how tight the deadline is, their work is always efficient. Thus, it never feels awkward to ask them a question about my order even at 3 am in the morning.

Try professional research writers services and never look back

Professional academic help is there for a reason. There are tons of situations when I could need a hand with my writing assignments. It has nothing to do with being lazy or irresponsible. On the contrary, a research paper writing service is there to help keep my priorities in check.

It’s comforting to know that a professional always has my back. Especially, when the exam season hits. And to save myself a mental breakdown, I’d rather trust some of the smaller and less significant papers to the essay writing service. So, I’ll have all the time in the world and a strong nervous system straight up to graduation.

Besides, I can always count on my data being safe. Each of these five writing services offers full confidentiality and personal data protection. So, there’s no need to worry about leaks or fraud. They take my anonymity seriously and follow strict policies regarding confidentiality guidelines.


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