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Superdrol Review Dosage, Cycles, Side Effects, Before And After Results

Superdrol is an artificial, anabolic androgenic steroid with the names methasterone and methyldrostanolone in the medical fraternity. The drug was first promoted as a performance-boosting supplement and prohormone to allure the fitness community in particular. This was in contrast to other steroids, which emerged as a therapeutic medicine and with the status of an anabolic.



Anabolic steroids have always been a major contributor to the bodybuilding society that constantly struggles for a larger, stronger frame! These man-made hormones facilitate a series of goals that primarily revolve around muscle building and reducing intramuscular fat. Click here to Buy Superdrol Alternative

One such anabolic steroid is methasterone, which is commonly known as "Superdrol" in the fitness circuits. Superdrol is a potent anabolic that many resort to for muscle hypertrophy and bigger pumps. The bulking substance is orally active, unlike most intravenous drugs that require injections for dosing. Click here to Buy Superdrol Alternative

Owing to a high anabolic index and user-friendly nature, Superdrol has a pretty impressive consumer base in both bodybuilding and athletic groups.

However, this begs the question of whether these qualities really make Superdrol any different from those ‘characteristic harsh’ steroids? That is, is it a safe drug that can ideally complement your bulking cycle? Or similar to other AAS, its worth maintaining a healthy distance from!

What is Superdrol?

Superdrol is an artificial, anabolic androgenic steroid with the names methasterone and methyldrostanolone in the medical fraternity. The drug was first promoted as a performance-boosting supplement and prohormone to allure the fitness community in particular. This was in contrast to other steroids, which emerged as a therapeutic medicine and with the status of an anabolic.

Yes, Superdrol enjoyed the perks of an over-the-counter generally available for the public. The FDA, however, became aware of this false marketing in 2006, leading to an outright ban by 2012.

As per the general belief, Superdrol taps into endless growth of muscle mass and strength. It is an oral medication that has a user-friendly status for those who are afraid of needles and injections!

Basically, the controlled drug has a high bioavailability that makes it a promising deal for mass gainers. However, this illegal drug poses serious risks and dangers to health, specifically to the liver and heart.

What does Superdrol do to your body?

Methyldrostanolone is a modified version of Drostanolone that works as the active steroidal hormone in this compound. As a matter of fact, it further encompasses the methyl group at the 2nd and 17th carbon ranking.

Essentially, these are modifications that multiply its anabolic tendencies and take its rating to 400.

The mechanism it uses to generate Superdrol bodybuilding effects is no different from any anabolic substance like steroids or SARMs. It recreates the properties of testosterone, which is a male sex hormone known for its anabolic effects or stimulating anabolism.

Superdrol binds to the androgen receptors of the muscles and activates androgen signaling, leading to a rise in protein synthesis. The metabolic process supports the making of protein, which then contributes to muscle recuperation and an increase in muscle mass.

Superdrol half-life is short (8-12 hours) and its traces remain in the system for approximately 48 hours.

Superdrol Benefits:

The efficacy of this anabolic compound has been a long-standing issue. This is because the drug is available on the black market, where imitation and dilution of substances are common practices.


Nonetheless, professionals who essentially followed the Superdrol cycle claim that it is an aggressive steroid that encourages some impressive gains. These improvements normally take place in areas like muscular recovery, growth, and athletic performance.

Some surefire Superdrol gains are:

  • Muscle growth:

The steroid has a vital role in the growth and development of muscles that one can record between 15-20 lbs. This goes to its tendency to activate protein synthesis, which makes muscle-building after those grueling workouts easier

  • Hyper strength:

Superdrol works for competitive fire and progressive overload by stepping up the strength levels. This holistic approach is relatable to the properties of testosterone that mainly work for muscular strength and power

  • Faster recovery:

Investing yourself in hardcore training is one way to pack on mass, the other, however, is to encourage post-workout recovery. Superdrol is extremely powerful in inducing muscle recuperation that involves rebuilding and growing muscle fibers after stressful training sessions

  • Bigger pumps:

Chasing the pump is no short of a bodybuilder’s instinct! And Superdrol is particularly good for that puffed up look. The steroid boosts the absorption of glycogen within the muscle cells that largely influences the way muscles inflate or pump

  • Higher vascularity:

The steroid contributes to dry gains and vascularity, which adds to the masculine charm. Unlike most compounds, it does not aromatize, boost progesterone, estrogen or transform into estrogen. So it does not work against muscle definition through increasing water retention at the extracellular level

Superdrol cycle:

A Superdrol dosage strength of 10-20 mg is commonly used to achieve the best results. The pattern mostly lasts for 4 weeks, but some choose to extend it to 5–6 weeks as well.

Likewise, some go for a more aggressive strength such as 30 or even 40 mg at a given time. However, bear in mind that this steroid is extremely hard on the liver and health. So, any change in its concentration or duration can lead to serious harm.

Now, since Superdrol is potent and works in a rapid manner, users can smartly break the daily limit into two. They can consume 10mg of the compound at one point of the day, preferably in the morning, and another 10mg in the evening. By this, they can ensure less harm to their serum testosterone and bring down the risks of side effects.

However, despite the precautions, do not expect Superdrol to be gentle with you in any way or form. Similar to any AAS, it jeopardizes health and demands serious supervision throughout the course. Plus, to lower the added stress on the liver, avoid any prescribed drugs, PEDs, or stacking of other steroids.

If not, superdrol will trigger hepatotoxicity, which may or may not take a reverse gear.

Superdrol Side Effects:

In general, professionals discourage the use of Superdrol for beginners because of their low tolerance for its highly toxic nature. As per the members of the UCLA Olympic Lab, it is an extremely hazardous compound with some serious aftermaths for users. Keeping its potency aside, the level of damage and toxicity it generates is stronger and faster than other AAS.

Some anabolic complications of Superdrol are:

  • An imbalance of HDL and LDL due to hepatic lipase enzyme activation
  • Constriction of blood vessels leads to an intense rise in blood circulation
  • Jaundice and liver toxicity caused by the repeated breakdown of the compound (C-17 alpha-alkylated and methylated)

The fact that Superdrol does not transform into estrogen adds to the positive aspect of the drug. But since estrogen regulates cholesterol, this negatively influences the balance of HDL and LDL in the body. Moreover, it carries an androgenic rating of 20. Yet, it is surprising how the steroid generates a greater degree of androgenic side effects as well

Some androgenic complications of Superdrol are:

  • Pattern alopecia
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Virilization in women
  • Hypogonadism that requires a PCT
  • Depression by low endogenous testosterone

Superdrol Reviews:

On the whole, Superdrol has a high efficacy rate. However, people on Superdrol doses claim that it majorly affects their health, which points towards its intense side effect profile.

For example, a user from Australia states that his overall experience with Superdrol was tremendous. Unlike some steroids he has used in the past, the anabolic turned out to be more powerful than he thought.

He followed the standard 4-week cycle and adhered to the set 20mg/day limit. But despite the course being concise compared to other steroids, there was an obvious visual impact on his muscularity. He further observed a striking difference in his strength.

By the end of 30 days, his physique had beefed up by an additional 20 pounds!

But on the other hand, the 32-year-old, otherwise healthy gym-goer claims to experience side effects. He noticed an abnormality in his natural testosterone as well as an increase in his blood pressure to unhealthy levels. He further claims to have experienced the symptoms of jaundice that demanded a treatment course for the restoration of health.


Superdrol Before and After:

Cycling Superdrol has been simpler as compared to anabolic steroids for mass gainers. This is because it was easily available as a bodybuilding supplement or prohormone and not a steroid to the public.

Now, there is countless feedback and the majority of these are for bulking cycles. Like, a user took 30mg/day for 7 days, later switching to a stronger 40mg/day for 28 days in a row. This put a 5-week course on a slightly higher strength in contrast to its standard limit and duration. During the period, he was on a high-calorie diet and was lifting crazily..

By the end, his muscles had reached a record 22 lbs. of growth with a low increase in fat ratio. This is a drastic transformation involving muscle hypertrophy, which is its specialty to produce a larger, stronger frame.

Interestingly, a user also followed the course for a 4-week span to cut fat while on a calorie deficit diet. His results have also been noteworthy, as there were visible expansion and toning on his back by the 3rd-4th week. While there was a 10 lb boost in muscle gains, experts credited it to 15, keeping the 5 lb lost fat margin in mind.

All things considered, Superdrol is a very toxic steroid in any given concentration. While it impressively brings you closer to your goals, it provokes side effects for everyone including the pros!

Legal steroid Alternative to Superdrol:

The notion of a legal steroid alternative is a smarter move for fitness enthusiasts that equally prioritize health. These are natural substances that do not impact your health to promote the desired physique enhancement or other fitness effects.


One that can efficiently replace the use of Superdrol is D-Bal by CrazyBulk.

D-Bal is a comprehensive approach to pumping up muscle growth and strength in a very legal and safe fashion. The natural formula packs an almighty punch of Ashwagandha, Tribulus terrestris, MSM, and Suma root in clinically relevant strengths. The synergistic combination of these substances promotes a higher growth of testosterone and protein synthesis.

With D-Bal in action, you experience accelerated muscle recovery, expansion of size, and the ability to smash through your workouts with a Hulk-like rage!


What kind of steroid is Superdrol?

Unlike the general perception that has been intentionally created by some high-level marketers, Superdrol is an androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS). It is not some dietary supplement, performance-enhancing formula, or prohormone.

It is a synthetic compound that binds to androgen receptors in muscles and, similar to any other AAS, builds mass.

The derivative of testosterone also increases strength and the capacity to recover faster after training. However, as we look into the steroid-induced complications, we will find Superdrol no exception. It also leads to full-blown health complications and is hepatotoxic.

How fast does Superdrol work?

Expect the improvements in strength after three days of dosing, whereas the growth of fat-free mass will take 3 weeks.

Is Superdrol toxic?

Yes, it generates mild-to-serious liver toxicity depending upon the strength and longevity of use.

What is Superdrol half life?

The steroid has a short half-life that experts outline somewhere around 8-12 hours.

How often should I take Superdrol?

For better Superdrol results, you should take 10mg in the morning and 10mg in the evening. A standard cycle should end at 4 weeks. However, some choose to go a bit further by 5-6 weeks at the cost of their health.

Is superdrol legal?

The orally active AAS is a Schedule III drug. So, buying, selling, and using Superdrol is illegal for physique enhancement or higher athletic performance.

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