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Strongest Diet Pill Over The Counter: Figur Vs Alpilean Vs Exipure [#Comparison Review]

PhenQ is a drug that constantly receives praise for its powerful weight-loss properties. It uses an extremely safe and careful composition for the health, fitness, and well-being of its users.

Best diet pills

Over-the-counter pills do not require a prescription from a doctor. A user can procure the drug without going through a checkup or drawing a prescription.

Some of the best sellers in the industry are Figur, Alpilean, and Exipure, all claiming to budge the scales. Evidently, the most promising of all is PhenQ, which helps you get lighter on your feet most efficiently. Click here to see before and after results

The government has strict policies in place to determine whether a product is OTC or prescription. The OTC pills can help with everything from a common cold to losing weight. However, the industry of the latter is vast, growing, and exceedingly lucrative. 

PhenQ is a drug that constantly receives praise for its powerful weight-loss properties. It uses an extremely safe and careful composition for the health, fitness, and well-being of its users.

Wolfson Berg Ltd. is the manufacturer of PhenQ. It is not hearsay but a scientific fact that the drug is one of the most reliable ways of reducing weight and fat accumulation in the body.

Essentially, it increases the metabolism of the body, subsequently amplifying the effectiveness of the immune system. This makes it safe and healthy for your overall transformational process.

When it comes to over-the-counter pills , it is critical to first read and understand the options on the market. Figur, Alpilean, and Exipure are some of the most repeated names one would come across over the course of their readings regarding the best dietary pills in the market.

What is Figur?

To shed a few pounds here and there, people may try every possible way and get no further. They may lose motivation or rush to a doctor who would write expensive prescription pills for them. Or, in extreme cases, go under the knife through procedures like liposuction.

Figur is an OTC weight loss pill that uses some natural and quality ingredients available in calculated strengths. It supports a sheer weight loss of 10 to 50 pounds in a matter of a few months.

The product may seem magical, but it is not. It uses natural ingredients that trigger a reaction in the body, increasing the rate of metabolism. Its manufacturers utilize seven essential components as ingredients that, over time, galvanize the cutting process within the body.
Though the product is potent and effective, it does require a lot of consistency. Moreover, users should follow a strict diet and keep their cravings at bay to make it work.


The following is a complete list of the ingredients present in the formulation of Figur diet capsules:
    L-Carnitine
    L-Arginine
    Garcinia Cambogia
    L-Theanine
    L-Leucine
    L-Proline
    Cayenne Pepper

Benefits of Figur:

 Even though the acclaim is enough to warrant marketing, it may be sporadic and not as easy to understand for someone new to the path. Some of the benefits of figur are as follows:
•    Held in high esteem by doctors even though it is an OTC
•    Yields extra-ordinary results over the course of 8 weeks or more
•    Fat burning is steady and fast at the same time
•    Extremely potent and easily available for the user


The number of customers that the pills have served is nearing 200,000, and the number is growing. The manufacturers are proud of the adulation that the pills have garnered. The ingredients are natural and safe for people to consume.

What is Alpilean?

Alpilean dietary pills are one of the best weight reduction products available on the market. It has taken the industry by storm in such a short amount of time, thanks to its six all-natural ingredients.

This formula doesn’t pose any short-term or long-term threats to the body, making it such a popular choice. The effects are just as impressive, reducing not only the conspicuous fat but also targeting the root causes of obesity.

Commonly referred to as the "Alpine Ice Hack," it comes from whole foods and fruits, making it potent and effective. Since it does not contain anything from synthetic sources, the risk of causing addiction or side effects is thin.


As per manufacturers, Alpine Ice Hack uses only natural and organic ingredients in clinically-relevant strengths, like:
    African mango seed
    Curcuma Rhizome
    Ginger Rhizome
    Moringa Leaf
    Citrus bioflavonoid extract (from Citrus aurantium fruit)
    Fucoxanthin

Benefits of Alpilean:

 Alpilean ranks among the best of the best when it comes to countering obesity and weight in a quick session. It exacts a grand total of zero negatives on the body. To demonstrate the claims, the following are some of the benefits of the product:

•    Great at calorie burning
•    Naturally galvanizes the body to burn fat deposits
•    Maintains a body temperature at which fat cannot accumulate and survive
•    increases agility in the body
•    Keeps the metabolism at check at the same pace even when asleep
•    Added general health advantages include better heart health and diabetes protection

What is Exipure?

Considering our modern lifestyles, it wouldn’t require a genius to realize that we are more prone to curses like obesity. Obesity is not just a health issue; it brings with it a lot of other negatives for overall health. These include cardiovascular health decline and diabetes.

Exipure has been formulated, emphasizing all the above factors and fitness needs to help these people. Using eight scientifically backed ingredients in their formula to counter weight and obesity, it has been adapted by health-conscious individuals and fitness freaks alike to counter fat.

It specializes in efficacy and potency, affecting the body almost instantly. And the effects do not require a weighing scale as they are really conspicuous.
In addition to that, it does not possess any synthetic elements that can cause harm in the long-run. As they are also over-the-counter pills, they do not require a medical prescription to get started. The dosage is strict, though. Furthermore, the manufacturers recommend not taking more than one pill per day to avoid complications. 


The product uses eight natural elements for its composition, which are the following:
    Perilla
    Amur bark cork
    White Korean ginseng
    Holy basil
    Oleuropein
    Propolis
    Kudzu
    Quercetin 

Benefits of Exipure:

 The benefits of Exipure are objective and practical, for the sake of the writing medium, they are as follows:
•    Improved digestion and immunity
•    Regulates blood pressure
•    Reduction of bad cholesterol in the body
•    Great for the arterial health of the body

Google Weight Loss Reviews

The reviews on Google are plentiful and extremely useful. To organize these, they are as follows:


Figur Google Reviews

There was an initial buzz about Figur being a scam, highly priced, and ineffective. The reviews have been the opposite of that initial narrative, being overall positive and encouraging for the product.

One of the reviews states that over the course of two months, they lost an excess of 21 pounds. Not only that, but the product allowed them to develop habits that eradicated the weight-accumulating habits within them.

By consuming figur, the users had developed an understanding of its natural ingredients, their sources in whole foods, and the adoption of these ingredients and components in their diet.

The reviews praised the manufacturers for producing something that works efficiently for a price that is competitive. Even after all the hype the product has received, the focus of the organization, the quality of the product and the price remain unchanged.

Taking all of these reviews into account, it would be safe to say that Figur enjoys a positive reputation. It encompasses an overwhelmingly dedicated fan base, especially amongst users who are reaping the rewards.

Alpilean Google Reviews

Just like every other OTC pill, Alpilean began with skepticism and, after a while, started to garner value for itself. The Alpine Ice Hack has been among the favorites of the users. The reviews state that in the world of shortened attention spans and memories, the hack lives up to its reputation and leave a lasting impression.

The product's greatest strength is its positive word of mouth. It makes it a brilliant marketing tool that the company may not have intended in the first place. 
The reviews, as a general rule of thumb, touched upon three aspects: efficacy, price, and availability. The OTC is expected to be widely available in order to maximize sales.


According to the reviews, since the product is relatively new, they are creating new logistics to increase their availability. The reviews suggested that the supply chain system may not be the best to go around. But it is gaining strength each day, which is a positive. According to users, the prices are budget-friendly, whereas the efficacy is something that the users are in awe of.

Exipure Google Reviews

For a product that prides itself on its organic and all-natural ingredients and a potency that has very few rivals, it is no surprise that the reviews for this product are encouraging. 

One of the many reviews states that the user lost more than 30 pounds of fat over three months. Such staggering numbers are hard to come by for products competing with other, bigger OTCs. 

The range that Exipure possesses was spoken about at great length. It includes a rapid metabolism rate, agility rates on the upward trend, and most importantly, the weight loss. 

Users state that the weight loss occured at such a tremendous pace that they didn’t really use a weighing scale as much as they anticipated since the results could be clearly visible on the mirror. The product is heaping praises for its reasonable pricing, mass availability, and great efficacy.

Amazon Weight Loss Reviews:

Most of the procurement for these products has been made possible by Amazon and its mass appeal. 

The reviews for these products on that platform are as follows:

Figur Amazon reviews

Before creating an image to follow regarding how Figur has performed on Amazon, it is important to note that the product has made staggering sales on Amazon. Because of this high number, the reviews, even though mostly positive, have some negative reviews as well. 


This may be due to Amazon’s inefficiency or the product itself, but the overall response is positive. Most of the reviews revolve around the information provided by the manufacturer regarding the product since it is an OTC and doesn’t require a doctor. 

The information provided was very useful to the users. This is because it covers topics such as dosage, how to use it, and what to do if things go wrong. All of these after-sales services and care are receiving much appreciation by the customers, who enjoy swift weight loss and overall better general health thanks to the product.

Alpilean Amazon Reviews

Alpilean receives great admiration from Amazon users, but there were some negative reviews that spread sporadically throughout the platform. The reviews suggest that the product was overpriced, and the delivered product was not what was marketed. 

Apart from those queries, the users enjoyed the course of the product and, more importantly, lost a lot of weight. According to some of the users, losing about 20 pounds over the course of two months was very normal. These products have created a niche for themselves on the market and may quickly overtake the synthetic prescription pills that are designed for the same purpose.

Exipure Amazon Reviews

Following suit with the prior review systems, Exipure enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive response. This may be because the product is newer than other 2 options, which may have managed the users' expectations slightly.

They may not have expected a lot of weight loss as the product contains a lot of Chinese medications. And may have been regarded as a product that is more grandma’s remedies than medication. The users were pleasantly surprised and were proven wrong. The product was a best in their experience making them lose weight in a snap and at a reasonable price.

The negative reviews didn’t complain about prices or inauthentic products, but about speed. Since these products may be more potent in some bodies than others, the speed of the process may vary. Generally, it is very swift and effective for people who struggle with obesity and/or distinct allergies.

TrustPilot Customer Reviews

On a platform that is dedicated to reviews, the following is how the distinctive products performed:

Figur Trustpilot Reviews

The reviews of Figur on this platform were more mixed than anything else. The negative reviews were from people who expected the product to be far more effective than it actually was. 

They seemed to be disappointed by the fact that the product, though very safe, is deemed ineffective. The positive reviews pointed out that the people who didn’t enjoy weight loss significantly were just not patient enough.

It can be drawn as a conclusion that the people who gave Figur their due time were not disappointed by the product and had experiences that exceeded expectations.

Alpilean Trustpilot Reviews
 Unfortunately, the product has received very few reviews on the platform. This may be due to the fact that it is creating a market for itself. Maybe most of its customer base values the reviews of actual users. Or, maybe they are purchasing the product because of a personal experience. 

Experiences like a success story and word of mouth go a very long way in an industry such as this. Though Alpilean reviews were extremely positive on other platforms, it can be generally expected that had there been any reviews for the product, they would have been just as positive.

Exipure Trustpilot Reviews

Among the 3, Exipure enjoyed the most number of reviews for themselves. The reviews lean more towards the mixed side, where the positive reviews follow a trend of being overwhelmingly positive stories. 

And on the other hand, there are not so positive ones. I believe this is because when people read these positive stories about the product, they share that they lost 30 lbs within 3 months, it causes the buyers to have very high expectations at the start. 

They may not put in as much work as required, follow the diet as closely, and expect the product to take charge and miraculously reduce the users' weight. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t work like that. 

All in all, the reviews suggest stories that praise the product for its speed and efficacy. But the same aspects face criticism by people for whom it didn’t work as well.


It is imperative for the would-be user or someone who is in between courses to understand that these OTC pills are very safe, but they are not magic. All the reviews that have been presented have clashed with preconceived expectations. If it was in accordance with those expectations, the review was positive. And if it wasn't, then the review was cynical.

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