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Sleeply Reviews - Sleep Supplement Ingredients, Side Effects, Negative Complaints

Sleeply provides users with a way to sleep better without forcing themselves to sleep with an addictive medication. There’s no recommendation or prescription necessary from a doctor, but the natural support offered is more powerful than many other remedies on the market today.



Sleeply™ is a sleep support supplement consumers take an hour before they go to bed, helping them unwind from the stress and anxiety that typically keeps them up at night. The Sleeply™ formula comes with two bonus guides to further teach consumers how to release stress and improve their waking hours. 

What is Sleeply™? 

The human brain is responsible for every single thing our body voluntarily or involuntarily does. It controls everything from the pace that someone breathes to how much they remember in their corporate presentation. The brain is a powerhouse that runs the whole body, including sleep habits, but some people still struggle to sleep as they should. The stress and anxiety that keeps consumers up at night come from the brain, thanks to their Sleep Dial. 


When the Sleep Dial is turned to the maximum level, there’s no way to relax enough to rest. Luckily, the formula offered by Sleeply™ is enough to overcome these problems. As users take this formula each night, Sleeply can: 

  • Improve nightly relaxation. 

  • Calm the nerves. 

  • Reduce sleeping difficulties. 

  • Regulate the natural sleep cycle. 

  • With this change Sleeply brings, consumers will start waking up in the morning feeling well-rested. The days of waking up as though they’d spent the night inebriated are over. Consumers can finally rest in the way their brain needs for deep restoration, which takes one serving of two Sleeply™ capsules an hour before going to bed every night. 


    What Ingredients Are In Sleeply? 

    The only way to get the mind and body to relax for better sleep is to find the right balance of ingredients. All the Sleeply™ ingredients are completely legal for use in supplements and backed by scientific evidence. 

    The ingredients include: 

    • CBN 

    • Shoden Ashwagandha 

  • Rafuma 

  • L-theanine 

  • Valerian root 

  • Reishi mushroom 

  • Read below to learn how each of these Sleeply ingredients can promote better sleep. 


    CBN is a compound from the hemp plant that is closely related to CBD. This ingredient is primarily used to help with better sleep, which is a natural benefit of the plant. This ingredient is still being researched, but the early results reveal that CBN could potentially work as a treatment for insomnia because the sedative properties are so strong. 

    Research also shows that CBN might be usable as an antibiotic or a solution for deep muscle pain. 

    Shoden Ashwagandha 

    Ashwagandha is an adaptogen whose entire purpose is to help consumers relieve stress. However, this ingredient has a lot more to offer the body as well, while it regulates blood sugar levels, improves strength, and promotes better focus and memory. 


    Rafuma is a staple of traditional Chinese medicine for its role as a stabilizer for the mind. It has been used to treat issues like insomnia and high blood pressure, though it may also work to calm the liver. 


    As a patented ingredient, Rafuma is also known as Venetron, which includes many of the same flavonoids as St. John’s wort. 


    L-theanine is often used as part of nootropic formulas because of the way it supports better mental focus. However, the advantage it offers may be that it improves sleep, giving the brain the time it needs to relax and restore the connections throughout the brain and body. This ingredient can support better cognitive performance, giving the user the refreshing mental state that they need in the morning

    L-theanine has also been linked to improved immunity and reduced blood pressure levels. 


    Valerian Root 

    Valerian root is one of the most traditional remedies that naturally induces better sleep. According to the current research on this root, it helps users to optimize the function of GABA and improve their quality of sleep, rather than just helping them to go to sleep at night. Considering all of the changes that occur throughout the sleep cycle, having ingredients that can nourish the user during sleep are essential. 

    Valerian root may help users reduce OCD symptoms, though it has been used to reduce hyperactivity in supplements for children. It can also ease anxiety and be prepared as tea. 


    Reishi Mushroom 

    Reishi mushrooms are the final ingredient of Sleeply™ and were added due to their promoting healthy sleep habits. While many mushrooms help consumers improve their immunity, Reishi mushrooms also improve the user’s quality of sleep, stamina, and strength. It reduces high cholesterol levels, and it can be used to treat UTI symptoms. 

    Anyone who regularly includes Reishi mushrooms in their diet reduces the risk of bacterial infections and soothes painful inflammation, which is especially helpful to anyone with arthritis that accompanies their sleepless nights. 

    Purchasing Sleeply™ 

    If consumers want to purchase Sleeply™, the official website is the only place they can go. The website offers three different packages, and each one comes with exclusive bonuses that are not currently available with any other purchase or on their own. 


    The packages include: 

    • One bottle for $59 

  • Two bottles for $98 (or $49 each) 

  • 5 bottles for $195 (or $39 each) 

  • Both of the Sleeply two and five-bottle packages come with two bonuses and a money-back guarantee, but only orders of two or more will get free shipping. The bonus eBooks are available after payment, and customers receive them via their email addresses: 

    • Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help Your Sleep 

  • Resetting Your Wellness Guide 

  • Bonus Materials 

    With the purchase of Sleeply™, consumers get full access to two guides that will further improve their sleep journey. The first guide, called Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help You Sleep, provides tips that will make sleeping substantially easier. By following these hacks or methods, consumers will perfectly complement the rest that Sleeply™ helps them achieve. 


    The second bonus is a guide called Resetting Your Wellness – A Simple Guide. This guide will help users restore the focus and energy that they lost when they weren’t getting enough sleep at night. This guide offers many tips that users can make in life that will help them stress less and feel better. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sleeply™ 

    Q. Will Sleeply™ help consumers to get restful sleep? 

    A. For most people, Sleeply is highly effective. The formula includes ingredients that have proven sleep effects, helping reduce stress and anxiety to rest better. 

    Q. What are the directions for using Sleeply? 


    A. Users will need two capsules nightly to get sleep benefits. To allow time for digestion, the creators recommend taking the dose about an hour before they plan to go to sleep. 

    Q. How long will users need to take Sleeply? 

    A. The creators recommend sticking with this regimen for about two months to get the full effect. Buying two bottles at once will also give consumers access to an exclusive discount that isn’t offered anywhere else

    Q. Is it safe to use sleeping medications when taking Sleeply? 

    A. Surprisingly, yes. This formula uses natural ingredients, so it shouldn’t adversely affect the user. However, if they have been prescribed a medication like Ambien, they may want to speak with their doctor about making the transition. 


    Q. What is in the Sleeply™ formula that makes it support improved sleep? 

    A. Sleeply™ is formulated using 50mg cannabinol (CBN), 120mg Shoden ashwagandha, 50mg of rafuma, and a proprietary 370mg blend of Gaba, reishi mushrooms, L-theanine, and valerian root. 

    Q. How long will customers have to wait for their order to arrive? 

    A. If the order is placed on a weekday before 12:00 pm PST, the order will go out the next day with USPS. The order will go out the following Monday if it is received after 12:00 pm PST on Friday through Sunday. The tracking information for the order will be emailed to the user. 


    Q. What’s the refund policy for Sleeply? 

    A. If the user finds that Sleeply is not the product they anticipated, they have up to 60 days to request a refund for their order. 

    Q. Are customers still able to get a refund if they use all of the Sleeply™ capsules? 

    A. Yes. The 60-day money-back guarantee is without question. Even if the user has taken every single capsule in the bottle, they can still get their refund within this limited time frame, and be refunded for the price they paid to ship it. 

    To reach the customer service team, call 877-813-3654. 


    Final Thoughts 

    Sleeply provides users with a way to sleep better without forcing themselves to sleep with an addictive medication. There’s no recommendation or prescription necessary from a doctor, but the natural support offered is more powerful than many other remedies on the market today. Along with all of the Sleeply proven ingredients, consumers also get bonus guides that will teach them more about better sleep. 


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