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Saxenda Dangers – FDA And EU Investigates Ozempic Weight Loss Injection After Suicidal Thoughts Reported

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Saxenda Dangers – FDA And EU Investigates Ozempic Weight Loss Injection After Suicidal Thoughts Reported

Saxenda, also known as Liraglutide, is an injectable prescription-only medicine that is used to treat obesity problems in adults. Saxenda injection 3mg is for weight loss is usually prescribed for adults with excess weight having BMI greater than or equal to 27 who have health issues related to obesity.

FDA And EU Investigates Ozempic Weight Loss Injection After Suicidal Thoughts Reported
FDA And EU Investigates Ozempic Weight Loss Injection After Suicidal Thoughts Reported

Recently, FDA and EU investigate Ozempic, weight-loss drug Saxenda after suicidal thoughts reported. So far two cases of suicidal thoughts in those who used Ozempic, which contains the active ingredient semaglutide, and Saxenda, the regulator said.

Checkout Legal and Safe Saxenda Alternatives for Weight Loss in 2023

Saxenda is one of the most popular diabetes injections that are used for weight loss. However, using it without doctor’s prescription just to shed some pounds is far more dangerous than you can imagine.

Saxenda gained incredible hype due to social media promotions for being termed as miracle cure for stubborn fat. Though, you will find many positive reviews of Saxenda all over the internet, but there are many risks and warnings associated with Saxenda that are hard to ignore.

While medicines like Saxenda, Ozempic, Wegovy and Moujnaro are created as the treatment of diabetes, but they gained much appreciation for weight management.

To some users, it has become very fashionable these days to use them over the counter to shed some kilos without consulting a doctor. However, the latest research has pulled a lot of safety triggers for the use of this kind of weight loss injections.

Read the complete article below to know more details about Saxenda and its safer alternatives.

Saxenda Weight loss

Saxenda, also known as Liraglutide, is an injectable prescription-only medicine that is used to treat obesity problems in adults.

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Saxenda injection 3mg is for weight loss is usually prescribed for adults with excess weight having BMI greater than or equal to 27 who have health issues related to obesity. It is also used to lose weight and keep that off by people having BMI equal to or more than 30 and children aged 12 to 17 years having a body weight above 60 kg.

Saxenda is largely known to offer good results when used with reduced calorie consumption and increased physical activity. Saxenda contains liraglutide as an active ingredient and therefore is not advised to use with other GLP-1 receptor agonist medicines.

How Saxenda Works?

The working mechanism of Saxenda impacts on the hormones of the body that produces to regulate the feelings of hunger. Our body naturally produces a hormone called GLP-1, which aids in regulating our appetite, giving signals to the brain when the body is hungry or not. Saxenda basically works like GLP-1 hormone and regulates your appetite, thus helps in making you eat less calories and losing weight.

Saxenda is a weight loss treatment in injectable form. The user needs to inject the dose under the skin, also known as subcutaneous injection administration, in your abdomen area, thigh area, or upper arm. It is important to be careful and not to inject Saxenda into a vein or muscle.

You can inject Saxenda easily at home by yourself.

Saxenda Weight Loss Injection

Though, Saxenda injection is known as a popular treatment for obesity, but it is not a quick-fix weight loss medication. This medication is specifically designed in helping you lose weight when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. It supports long term weight loss and you can lose at least 4% of your body weight with it after a 4 months course of treatment. For how long your Saxenda injection pen will last will actually depend on your weight loss journey and prescribed dosage.

Saxenda injection comes in a 3ml pre-filled injectable pen. When you are starting with Saxenda, one injection pen can last you for about 17 days. A full pack of 5 Saxenda injections will last for about six weeks. While you are following the Saxenda treatment plan, you have to start with 0.6 mg of dose in week 1.

You can then gradually increase your dose, as advised by your doctor, until you reach the maintenance dose of 3mg per day. With each week, you can increase your dose by 0.6mg and after reaching to 3mg dose, you can continue with it throughout your maintenance period.

Saxenda Side Effects

Saxenda might be one of the most popular and convenient Semaglutide solution for losing weight, especially for obese people. However, it is not an absolutely safe way for overall health. There are many side effects associated with Saxenda injections that simply cannot be ignored.

Check out some of the serious side effects linked with Saxenda:

  1. Pancreatitis: If you experience any severe pain in stomach area that is not settling down, it might be the sign of inflammation of the pancreas. If you abdomen pain is going towards back, with or without vomiting, you are hitting with pancreatitis, which could be because of Saxenda usage. You need to immediately stop using Saxenda and call for medical help.
  2. Gall Bladder Issues: Saxenda may also trigger gall bladder problems, such as gall stones. Some of the gall bladder issues need surgical treatments. It is important to observe your symptoms of pain in upper abdomen, fever, yellowing of skin or eyes, or change in stool color. Immediately reach out for medical help and stop using Saxenda.
  3. Hypoglycemia: The use of Saxenda may cause increased risk of low blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes and children over 12 without type 2 diabetes. If you experience any shakiness, nervousness, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, sweating, faster heart rate, confusion, shivers, hunger, or jittery feels, it might be due to low blood sugar levels. You should always monitor your blood sugar levels before and while you are taking Saxenda.
  4. Increased Heart Rate: Usage of Saxenda can increase your heart beat even at resting position. You should monitor your heart rate and if you feel it racing, immediately reach out for the help of your health care provider.
  5. Kidney Failure: Saxenda may also cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea which can also lead to poor hydration. Dehydration for long time can result in kidney problems, which can go even worse to put you in the need of dialysis. To avoid this completely, you need to properly maintain your hydration by drinking plenty of fluids and water.
  6. Severe Allergic Reactions: Saxenda may also cause serious allergic reactions, which may include swelling on your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, palpitations, difficulty in breathing and swallowing or severe itching and rashes. In any such situation, you need to discontinue Saxenda usage and get your doctor’s help.
  7. Anxiety or Thoughts of Suicide: This is the most dangerous side effect of Saxenda, for which every user may look out for. The continuous use of Saxenda may cause mental changes that may lead to sudden behavioural and mood changes. It can bring suicidal thoughts, depressions, and anxious feelings that could be worse and dangerous for your well-being. You should especially pay attention to your mental health while using Saxenda.

Some of the common side effects listed with Saxenda usage in adults are the following:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhoea
  • Fatigue and Exhaustion
  • Stomach pain
  • Change in Lipase enzyme levels in blood
  • Headache
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Injection site reaction

Saxenda Reviews

There are multiple Saxenda Reviews that can be easily found over the internet. Some users have shared positive reviews, while others have shared some negative experiences with the Saxenda usage.

Many Saxenda reviews have reported positive effects of this medication, mentioning incredible weight loss results. Some users have successfully shed off about 30 lbs in just a few months with Saxenda treatment. Moreover, the users also experienced decrease in appetite, and curbed down cravings for unhealthy foods, which lead to better eating habits in controlled portion size.

On the other hand, some Saxenda reviews are really negative. In spite of the fact that this medication is known effective for weight loss, some users have experienced severe side effects with it, including pancreatitis and gall stones. Rapid loss of pounds by using Saxenda has been associated with the increased risk of gall bladder inflammation and stones.

In addition, the scariest is the reported Saxenda reviews of users having thoughts of self-harm. Users have reportedly experienced depressions and suicidal thoughts, which highlight the risks and warnings associated with Saxenda.

Saxenda Warnings

Saxenda contains liraglutide as an active ingredient and you should not use this medication if you have multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2, which means tumors in the glands. If you have a family history of medullary thyroid cancer, insulin dependent diabetes type 2, diabetic ketoacidosis, or are pregnant, you should better stay away from Saxenda, Ozempic and Wegovy.

Studies have found that Liraglutide can cause thyroid tumors or thyroid cancer. It starts with swelling or lump in your neck, difficulty in swallowing, change in voice, or shortness of breath.

Moreover, few days ago, serious Saxenda warnings have been issues by European Medicines Agency, after they announced to undertake a review into Saxenda. They did this because some patients experienced suicidal and self-harm thoughts by using this medication.

The regulatory body is currently evaluating the risks of suicidal and self-harm thoughts in patients who used Liraglutide medication for weight loss.

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Safe Saxenda Alternatives

With the latest findings and warnings, we can say that Saxenda is not safe to use, as it imposes many dangers and adverse effects on the users. Instead of using Saxenda, the better idea is to use natural diet pills and a safe Saxenda alternatives for weight loss.

Saxenda is a costly prescription-only weight loss drug that is not safe to use for overall well-being. Especially after the incident related to thoughts of self-harm and suicides in the Saxenda users, it is an absolute NO-NO for the users.

Since the incidents of suicidal thoughts and self-injury by Saxenda users got into the news, the medicine has been held for further investigation. It is therefore recommended to try out safe Saxenda alternatives that are safe and natural, yet effective for weight loss.

OTC Saxenda Alternatives for weight loss

When it comes to talk about over the counter Saxenda alternatives for weight loss, most people think that these natural formulas might not be as effective as Saxenda. However, it is a mere misconception. The natural over the counter Saxenda alternatives for weight loss are effective in offering you great weight loss results with no risks of side effects associated.

One of the best OTC Saxenda alternative is PhenQ weight loss supplement.

PhenQ – Introduction

PhenQ is a natural weight management dietary supplement especially designed to improve metabolic health by taking care of all the aspects of weight loss. Click Here to Buy Phenq online

PhenQ weight loss formula is a perfect blend of potent ingredients that are absolutely natural, yet powerful enough to support weight loss efforts without any need for a prescription.

It focuses on the five key areas of weight loss process, which helps in effective fat loss results with controlled appetite and boosted energy levels.

Each diet pill of PhenQ dietary formula contains alpha-lipoic acid, chromium picolinate, caffeine, and several other natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve weight loss while offering multiple health benefits. PhenQ is a power-house product that offers fat loss, improved metabolic activity, and suppressed appetite, thus allowing your body to burn fatter for energy. Due to the powerful fat-burning properties of PhenQ, it has already helped millions of users to shred off excess fat.

PhenQ dietary supplements stand out in the market due to its selective line of natural ingredients that are well-researched and potent. The formula contains combination of appetite suppressing and metabolism-boosting elements that support to boost thermogenic abilities of the body to enhance natural fat burning process.

Besides offering a range of health benefits, PhenQ weight loss formula comes with a whopping 60 day money back guarantee, which makes it a total win-win purchase for the users. With PhenQ you can get a great support during your weight loss journey for shedding excess body fat and achieving a lean and slimmer physique.

PhenQ Working Mechanism

PhenQ is one of the most popular over-the-counter weight loss supplements that offers a unique working mechanism to weight loss and management. Unlike many other supplements, PhenQ dietary supplement focuses on body’s own metabolic rate to target all the aspects that contributes in weight loss.

One of the most remarkable working mechanisms of PhenQ is to control your appetite and curb your cravings. PhenQ is known as the best appetite suppressant formula in the market, which gives you a feeling of fullness so that you won’t get hooked with your cravings of unhealthy food.

By reducing appetite, it would be easier for you to maintain a calorie deficit diet routine, which plays a significant part in losing weight. It decreases the amount of ghrelin released into your stomach, which is the hunger hormone responsible for indicating brain it’s time to eat. The natural ingredients of PhenQ counteract with this hormone’s effects, thus gives you a feeling of satiety, reducing the urge of snacking and unhealthy food intake.

Moreover, PhenQ works as a powerful thermogenic fat burner to naturally elevate your body heat and make it a fat-burning furnace. This will help your calorie burn greater and faster throughout the day and target stubborn fat deposits that cannot be dealt with the diet alone. With the heightened metabolism, it will keep your metabolic activities improved, thus resulting in effective pounds shed. It helps you burn calories even while at rest, making your weight loss goals easier to achieve.

PhenQ also work towards improving your body energy levels so that you can push yourself beyond limits in the gym while exercising. The premium ingredients of PhenQ formula will provide the right energy and motivation to be active and productive all day long. In addition, the amino acids and natural ingredients of PhenQ provides great cognitive and mental support that improves your mood and enhance your mental focus to achieve your goals in a stable mood.

PhenQ Where to Buy?

You can easily buy PhenQ weight loss supplement from the official website of the manufacturer. Click Here to Visit Phenq official website

Unlike Saxenda, you don’t need any prescription from doctor to buy PhenQ. Also, you cannot get it from pharmacies or any local stores. To get the authentic PhenQ dietary supplement, the best place to buy PhenQ is its official website. On the site, you can check different pricing packages of PhenQ from which you can choose the right one that fits into your budget and weight loss goals.

Each bottle of PhenQ is consists of 60 pills, which makes it perfect for a month supply, with a dose of two pills per day.

Check out the pricing packages with discounts below:

Basic Package: You can get 1 bottle of PhenQ for 1 month, at the price of $ 69.99 with free worldwide shipping.

Popular Package: You can get 3 bottles of PhenQ for 3 months, at the price of $ 139.99 with free worldwide shipping.

Best Value Package: You can buy 5 bottles of PhenQ for 5 months, at the price of $ 209.99 with free shipping worldwide.

You can save a great deal of money by purchasing the best value package. Also, it will be an ideal choice if your weight loss target is higher.

Concluding Thoughts – Alternative to Saxenda

Injectable drugs for weight loss and management have been trending from the past few years. However, keeping in view the current warnings issued on Saxenda and Ozempic, it is not an ideal step to choose them for achieving your weight loss goals.

Instead of putting your mental health at risk, you should try out the best over-the-counter Saxenda alternative that is all-natural formula with no side effects. PhenQ is undoubtedly ruling the market and weight loss industry due to its potent blend of natural ingredients that are highly effective in bringing on the incredible fat loss results.

Besides the safe weight loss mechanism, PhenQ weight loss supplement is also a perfect choice for obese people for being cost-effective as compared to Saxenda. So, with PhenQ you can save money and your health, while enjoying all the weight loss benefits without worrying about the side effects.



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