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Phenq Reviews July 2023 Updated: My Personal PhenQ Results Before And After 120 Days

PhenQ is a natural fat burner that has the latest scientifically approved types of ingredients in a single serving.


About Me

I am Hannah Martin and this Phenq review is about my personal PhenQ Results. For those who may know about this diet pill, it’s an over-the-counter phentermine natural alternative! Click Here to Buy PhenQ

Do not be alarmed because it has no phentermine in it. I am going to explain everything about how PhenQ can be helpful for your weight loss journey, it took me months to do my research about this, and finally, I have something to share!

In most parts of my life, I acted out as a chubby and thick girl and it was sexy for some men, but it all got changed after my boyfriend knocked me up and now I am happily married to him with a baby. Pregnancy takes a heavy toll on your body that’s for sure, but it even severely affects the overall body mass index as my doctor told me.

Before a year I was 187 pounds, used a diet pill which shall remain nameless for about 3 months, and only got a few pounds reduced. To be honest, I wasn’t really into diet pills but they are still better than being on dieting and workout alone. After a few months, I decided to dig into the best over-the-counter diet pills and saw PhenQ on the top.

This is where I started to learn what PhenQ fat burner really is and what are its offerings!

About PhenQ Fat Burner

PhenQ is a natural fat burner that has the latest scientifically approved types of ingredients in a single serving. What really amazed me about PhenQ is the diet pill follows no single but 5 different approaches to burning fat in males and females.

I have been looking for supplements for weight loss for females, but every single time I stumbled across counterfeit diet pills.

There is a strict need for reducing our body weight because if not, we can be disabled in a few years. Obesity is closely linked to diabetes and many heart problems which are wretched and leave you with no social encounters or self-confidence.

In my search for weight loss pills that work, I came across to some very fancy names with single or multiple ingredients. Been trying Garcinia Cambogia diet pills for over 4 months and I’m still not impressed!

Once I found out PhenQ fat burner my skeptics were tingling, and I couldn’t stop myself to investigate this diet pill. Click Here to Visit Official PhenQ Website As an advanced formula for rapid belly fat burn, PhenQ has only natural ingredients and does not contain caffeine which is the last thing I needed. Stimulants in fat burners keep you awake at night, and therefore you shall take them in daytime only.

Phenq Pros and Cons

If it takes natural and over the counter diet pills to achieve weight loss goals, using prescription-based phentermine is only dangerous for the health.

Following the PhenQ formula, here is the pros and cons list that I personally analyzed for this product.


  • PhenQ is made up of 100% natural ingredients with no exception
  • By far the most authentic diet pill over the counter (no prescription required)
  • Similar efficacy when used by a man
  • Customer reviews about PhenQ depict the satisfactory response
  • Encourage fat breakdown and high energy levels simultaneously
  • Reduce anxiety and brain fog
  • Endorsed by weight watchers and diet pills forums
  • PhenQ OTC has 60 days money back guarantee offer
  • Offers worldwide shipping


  • It may not be the right choice for pregnant females
  • PhenQ diet pills are only purchased from the official website
  • I tried to look for PhenQ at Amazon, GNC, and Walmart- didn’t find it though

With PhenQ, my experience was devoid of the stimulant effects and only good things came by.

My PhenQ Results – A Journey from 187 pounds to 119

There is no perfect way to assess diet pills' results except for dividing them into 30 days time. I purchased PhenQ from their official website and they gave me 3 months supply with an additional 2 months for free. Clearly, I was supposed to take it for 150 or 5 months time, instead I got the best results from PhenQ within 120 days.

Here is my unbiased review of PhenQ results as it may have a little bit of humor in it.

  • PhenQ Results after 30 Days

I’ve never been so dedicated in my entire life as I was with the first month of PhenQ use. As I stated, before I started losing weight I weighed around 187 pounds, in the first attempt I took 2 capsules of PhenQ as recommended on the label.

It takes like 2 weeks for the fat burner to finally strike its stance, PhenQ suppressed unwanted cravings in me and it raised energy levels, unlike the diet pills I used before. Regular workouts should be your ally with PhenQ because if you provide your body with maximum output, you are likely to burn more weight than normal.

At the end of 30 days, I was staring at 176 pounds which felt great at first but I had more to lose.

  • PhenQ Before and After Results 60 Days

I recognized PhenQ as the best diet pill over the counter as soon as the 2nd month was about to end. I was drifting through my wardrobe and found some old clothes, I tried them and found they were somehow fit – this was after 45 days of using the PhenQ fat burner formula.

My dietary intake was limited to lean protein, fewer carbs, and only healthy fats i.e. MCT OIL which I kept for around 60 months straight. I lost 30 pounds at the end of 60 days with PhenQ and this was a huge achievement for me.

PhenQ ignites the process of thermogenesis in the body which forces the fat tissues to supply energy by scarifying themselves. Usually, heat signature enhancement is called thermogenesis which is a crucial mechanism of PhenQ fat burner.

  • PhenQ Results after 90 Days of Use

Ever heard of “Pushing the Limits”? PhenQ over the counter phentermine is all about it! You work out and control your minor dietary habits and you can lose over half of the body weight – that’s what I learned from legit fat burners such as PhenQ.

Forceful dietary modifications and physical workouts make you feel more active and energetic. There are some important vitamins and minerals in the PhenQ formula that are essential for weight loss and coping with sundry deficiencies.


At the end of 90 days, I weighed myself and found 137 digits appearing on the scale. The moment was magical, but I predicted it because you see yourself in the mirror every day.

  • PhenQ Before and After Results 120 Days

Diet pills that actually work sometimes change your entire perception of weight loss. Finding FDA-approved diet pills is easy and doctors around the world prescribe them to only those who are in dire need to lose weight. I had no medical conditions except weight gain which troubled me in many aspects of life. After 120 days of PhenQ use, I found myself weighing only 119 pounds which is around 53-54 kgs.

It was a wholesome achievement, the toxic waste in my body in a form of obscene fat tissues was gone for good but that doesn’t mean you will get 6 pack abs after using diet pills. Once again, PhenQ results are visible for those who’ve managed to exercise an hour daily and control eating junk food.

How Do Diet Pills Help Weight Loss?

Diet pills are helpful for weight loss if only you combine them with a rigid diet and exercise routine.

You must understand magic weight loss pills do not exist and that they only work 50% from their side. Fortunately, I knew this all along, so I straightened up my priorities.

Diet pills work with appetite suppression, metabolism speed enhancement, lipolysis, thermogenesis, and increasing energy levels. All these factors work together if you are on PhenQ diet pills, and they still work like you have taken Phentermine.


PhenQ Benefits

High-tech fat burners like PhenQ not just let users lose staggering amounts of weight but it’s packed with other health benefits.

Mood Enhancement – Say Bye-Bye to Mood Swings

Today, weight loss is considered an anxiety-bringing and depressing phase of your life and this fact has been changed into something people want! PhenQ mood elating formula works on your brain and takes out the good parts of your personality. You wouldn’t be feeling scarifying your binge-eating habit over a trimmer physique.

Energy Improvements – Lets you Be Physically Active

Nearly every ingredient in PhenQ (as I experienced) contributes to raising energy bars somehow. When you stick to the gym regularly, only then you can feel this result, PhenQ energy boost is way superior to what you get from eating food with dense macro-nutrients. In a much-advanced way, PhenQ supplies both macro and micro-nutrients to your body which keeps the mood delighted and energy levels up.

Cognitive Benefits – Makes you Witty and Peaceful

You don’t get mental advantages from diet pills if you don’t lose weight within the first 30 days. When I began losing weight following PhenQ 30-day trial, I was overly surprised and this feeling embossed confidence, motivation, and a general personality spark in me. This was important for me because unless I feel good about the product, it's folly to use it anyway.

How Does PhenQ Diet Pills Work?

Eating in excess is a big problem for females which they can control hardly. PhenQ supplement's primary work is to suppress appetite which limits the large portion of food intake. Instead, you will notice very minimal cravings for food; PhenQ has ingredients that also take an active part in the stimulation of thermogenesis. This way the body breakdown stored fat in the belly and other sensitive parts.


Before PhenQ results, I recorded my body posture and the size of my arms, thighs, and waist. I noticed a substantial decrease in my belly size because of regular workouts + phenQ by my side.

Natural compounds in PhenQ encourage the energy boost and make you free of fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety which many females go through while losing weight.

Explaining PhenQ Diet Pills Ingredients

You can’t argue with any compound’s efficacy which is backed by scientific studies and research. Luckily, every ingredient they put inside PhenQ diet pills are natural and follows a particular weight loss pathway.

These are something you don’t get from the normal diet; needless to say, I didn’t have to plan to add special types of diet since PhenQ formula has most of them.

Some of the best and most authentic extracts available in PhenQ are:

a-Lacys Reset

Research says grouping Alpha Lipoic Acid Magnesium, and Cysteine gets you the main active ingredient of PhenQ i.e a-lacys reset. The main purpose of this ingredient is to eliminate the free radicals and their mechanisms from the body which are responsible for unhealthy food intake and binge eating. Each PhenQ diet pill contains 25mg alpha Lacys reset which prevents bundling up the calories in the belly and lets them keep flowing until they pass out. I was also thrilled to see some research about a-lacy reset pointing out the blood sugar levels regulation in participants.


My aunt told me that dietary fiber is very much useful if I'm looking to lose some weight. The same thing is available in PhenQ in a form of Nopal Cactus extract. It gives out both soluble and non-soluble dietary fiber which deters the thoughts of eating out and it's also loaded with some remarkable minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Dietary fibers are like taking something which supports the feeling of fullness in your gut. When this happens, you eat less and the control of your blood sugar gets flexible, so you don’t feel drowsy, faint-hearted, or fell.

Capsimax Powder

You see, PhenQ utilizes not just one ingredient but a combination of various nutrients in a single ingredient. Similarly, Capsimax Powder gives you powerful fat-burning compounds like Piperine, caffeine, vitamin B3 and of course Capsaicin which is the key to thermogenesis. All of these are thermogenic fat burners that encourage the outflow of calories in highly obese users. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in bell-pepper which triggers the faster metabolism for intensive lipolysis (fat breakdown).

Chromium Picolinate

Most females have this issue because they have a body that cannot digest the macronutrients faster which are afterward stored as fat. PhenQ one of the fundamental ingredients is to support the basal metabolic rate in females with a slower metabolism. Chromium is an essential trace mineral that reduces high sugar levels and cholesterol, but it suppresses appetite more effectively. In US-based studies, chromium mineral was concluded as the drastic insulin resistance reducer which is helpful for PCOS and Diabetes.

PhenQ Dosage

To attain PhenQ's best results, simply take 1 capsule with morning breakfast and one with lunch.

PhenQ has a negligible amount of caffeine which works to improve focus only, the formula is crucially recommended to those who have weight gain issues with lethargy-like problems.

You cannot take PhenQ at night because the energy booster in it may cause a slight sleep disturbance which is the last thing any dieter would want.

PhenQ Side Effects

The first thing I looked for in PhenQ is if the supplement has any side effects. You can count on PhenQ for a flat belly, a trimmer physique, and a sharper mind. But if you are looking for negative or unwanted side effects which no one shall, PhenQ would be slightly disappointing.

That’s because the PhenQ formula has no side effects and that’s true because I used it for 120 days and besides nausea at first, I didn’t observe any form of side effects.

Summary - My PhenQ Reviews Before and After Results 2023 Updated

As ground-breaking as it may sound, PhenQ diet pills are the original over the counter phentermine alternative which guarantees effective, sustainable, and harmless weight loss. Before looking anywhere for the phentermine-like pills over the counter, make sure your gaze has gone through the original PhenQ formula.

In my opinion, diet pills on the counter are way safer than prescription diet pills, although they both share the same rate of efficacy if combined with a regular diet and exercise plan. Within 120 days, I lost over 60 lbs and that was simpler than losing weight with diet and exercise alone.

Women do feel conscious about their weight and the body fat will keep on getting bigger if you don’t do anything about it. Start jogging today or take a brisk walk and eat a healthy diet with maximum organic foods.

In case you find weight loss difficult, do merge them with OTC diet pills where PhenQ is currently ranked the best.

PhenQ FAQ’s

Will PhenQ work for me?

Phen Q's unique formula uses a powerful blend of proven ingredients designed to help you lose weight by burning fat, controlling your appetite, and increasing your energy levels. By targeting your weight loss from multiple angles, you have a much better chance of success with PhenQ than you would use a product designed to help you in just one way.

How long will one bottle last me?

Each bottle of PhenQ contains sixty pills, which will last you for one full month. Most weight loss products will only give you thirty pills per bottle and sell it to you as a one-month supply. But because you must usually take two tablets each day, one of their bottles will only last you two weeks. PhenQ gives you double the pills of most products, meaning you get a full thirty-day, one-month supply in every bottle. We recommend you choose our two-bottle package, which includes one bottle free. This will provide you with a full three-month supply of PhenQ for the price of only two months, which is why it is the package most of our customers choose.

Where does PhenQ company ship to?

PhenQ delivers worldwide, the company offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world on ALL orders. We ship from our warehouses based in the US, UK, and Germany and your order will be dispatched from the warehouse closest to you to ensure you receive it as quickly as possible. All orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours and they’ll be delivered to you in discreet packaging.

How do I purchase PhenQ?

You can currently only purchase PhenQ from the official website phenq.com. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Skrill payments. Please do not attempt to purchase PhenQ from any other websites such as Amazon or eBay in the hope of saving on the purchase price. These products are cheap, counterfeit solutions and are NOT PhenQ.

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