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Role Of Mercury In Different House

Mercury rules over a person's intelligence, mentality, analytical skills, reaction, learning, grasping power, central nervous system, body language, impression, etc. It rules two signs: Gemini and Virgo, and gives a strong desire to explore and gain knowledge.

Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

The planet Mercury is considered a neutral and normally a benefic planet in Astrology. Mercury is the prince planet after Sun and Moon. Just understand a person needs power, authority (Sun), mind and physiological balance (Moon) and Wisdom (Buddhi) to use both these basic traits to be successful.  Mercury is the most important planet after Moon for a person's inner strengths/weaknesses. Mercury is also known as Budh (Buddhi), or your wisdom. If Moon is your mind and emotions, Mercury makes you use it.

Mercury rules over a person's intelligence, mentality, analytical skills, reaction, learning, grasping power, central nervous system, body language, impression, etc. It rules two signs: Gemini and Virgo, and gives a strong desire to explore and gain knowledge. Mercury makes the native communicative and gives excellent social skills. Mercury also signifies finance, publication, writing, trade, and business. However, if afflicted may cause problems in speech and intellect. Now read a bit about role of planet mercury in our life, role of Mercury in different houses, and the importance/role of Mercury in astrology/birth chart. 

Role of planet mercury in our life

Role of Mercury in our life starts from a very early age. It governs the most important aspects of a person's life: speech, nature, logic, grasping power, relationships, and is the most important planet (after Moon) in the overall personality of a person. Mercury is a planet that finally supplements the benefits of Jupiter in the later part of a person's life. 

Forget about the astrologers say or what planets say. Just check if you or any of your nears and dears have the following traits:
1.    One faces arguments in all relationships: be it personal life or professional.
2.    One has a conflicting nature always.
3.    Your speech is enough to spoil everything. 
4.    Nature to argue in all personal and professional relationships. 
5.    Decision-making power is weak. 
6.    Sentiments are different from logical thinking. 
7.    The tendency of job hopping or tendency to work from home. 
8.    Instability in Career for a long time.  
9.    The person has excellent trading skills but with a tendency to cheat/get into malpractices.
10.    Facing disturbances in foreign education. 
11.    Sense of fear or emotional drive.
12.    Faulty human and social values.
13.    Does the person gets attracted to the opposite gender?
14.    Illicit relationships with females.
15.    Multi-tasking nature with perfection in none of the single work.
16.    Speech issue with child. 
17.    The child is multitalented and 
18.    Many such characteristics to count.  
These are some of the traits indicating role of Mercury in our life. All these characteristics emerge from the placement of Mercury in different houses in a birth chart. So, now let us briefly explain Mercury's role in different houses. 

Role of Mercury in astrology

The role of Mercury in astrology is different at the different ages of a person. Because the importance of the signification of Mercury, as explained above, keeps changing with the age.
To understand role of Mercury in astrology, one has to understand importance/role of Mercury in different houses in a birth chart. 

Mercury in the 1st house
The first house represents the person himself. It signifies the inner traits like nature and mindset and also outer personality, i.e., physical attributes of the native. 
1.    Mercury in the first house makes the person extremely intelligent and witty. He longs to learn and explore more. 
2.    Mercury in the first house, if placed in its own or exalted sign, forms a Bhadra raj yoga which bestows excellent trade and mathematical skills to the native.
3.    Mercury in the first house gives a lean physique. The native possesses small eyes, an expressive face, a long nose, and a high forehead.
4.    The first house is the head of the person. So, Mercury here gives a philosophical yet indecisive mind. 
5.    Afflicted Mercury in the 1st house may give depression and lack of moral values to the native. 

Mercury in 2nd house

The second house in the horoscope deals with the speech, wealth, samskara, primary education, family, and eating pattern of the native. Well-placed Mercury in the second house benefits the natives related to all these significations. 
1.    Mercury in the 2nd house gives intelligence and good education.
2.    A person with Mercury in the second house shows great family values along with riches in the family. 
3.    Mercury is a planet of communication, and here it makes the persons quite diplomatic and impressive in speech. However, if Mercury is afflicted in the 2nd house, the person may become a liar or have defects in speech. 
4.    Mercury in the 2nd house blesses the native with excellent trading and business skills. However, any affliction may cause resorting to money through illegal and illicit means. The person may also cheat others for money.
5.    They rarely face unemployment as they find one way or the other to earn money through their influential speech. They love to play with numbers, and the fields like mathematics, finance, communication, publication, and advertisement suit them the best.


Mercury in the 3rd house

In Vedic astrology, the 3rd house represents short travels, siblings, friends, neighbors, relatives, inclinations/hobbies, courage, and communication. 
1.    Mercury in the 3rd house is the best placement for it. Mercury is a karaka, and the 3rd house is a house of communication. 
2.    So, Mercury here makes the native an influential speaker, writer, and highly social person. 
3.    The person may work in the fields of astrology, publication, teaching, internet, writing, mass communication, web-designing, consultancy, public speaking, travels, etc. 
4.    Afflicted Mercury in the 3rd house may also give harshness in speech. 
5.    The native can cheat others with his manipulative speech. He faces problems in travel, and education is negatively affected. 

Mercury in the 4th house

The 4th house of the birth chart indicates mother, motherly love, emotions, domestic peace, education, vehicles, and buildings. The Moon rules this house in the natural horoscope. The Moon represents sentiments that don't go well with logical and analytical thinking. That's why Mercury in the fourth house is not a desirable position. 
1.    Mercury in the fourth house, with its benefic traits, gives intelligence, creative abilities, good education, a beautiful house and good understanding with the mother, an intellectual home environment, etc., to the native.
2.    Mercury in the 4th house also influences the 10th house of profession. The native may undertake any of the work-related options as indicated by the planet Mercury.
3.    Afflicted Mercury in the 4th house gives immoral character and deceiving tendencies to the native. 
4.    The person may be involved with other women and move to a foreign land. The home environment may remain tense and argumentative.
5.    Mercury in the 4th house gives a dwindling mind and the native hops from one job to another. He may prefer to work from home as well.

Mercury in the 5th house

The 5th house of the horoscope represents child birth, entertainment, sports, love affairs, creative skills, intelligence, higher education, and speculation business, etc. This is also the house of Purva Punya i.e., merits of the past lives. 
1.    Mercury in the 5th house gives highly impressive communication and intellectual skills to the native. The native gets a good education, high intellect, writing, and poetic expressions here. 
2.    Mercury in the 5th house in different signs gives the following career options-

3.    Fiery signs- Mathematics, Astrology, Vedic knowledge, Politics and choreography
4.    Earthy signs- Physics, Grammar, Palmistry
5.    Airy signs- Journalism, Sports, Speakers, Writers
6.    Water signs - Clerk, Linguistic person, Administration
7.    Mercury in the 5th house gives an intelligent first child possessing multi-talents.
8.    Afflicted Mercury in the fifth house gives the person a fickle, confused and indecisive mind. 

Mercury in the 6th house
The sixth house is a house of debts, diseases, daily routines, obstacles, difficulties, competition, enemies, and the valor of the native over the opponents.
1.    Mercury in the 6th house gives fame but a conflicting nature to the person. He either deals with personal conflicts or conflicts of others. The position is good for lawyers, doctors, police officers, politicians, administrative officers, and social workers, etc.
2.    Mercury in the 6th house gives a restless mind, and the native has to face mental anguish more than others. He may resort to meditation and seek spiritual knowledge from seers. 
3.    Mercury in the 6th house gives inclination towards social service. The native willingly serves lower, less fortunate, and underprivileged strata of society.
4.    Afflicted Mercury in the 6th house gives poor intellect, mental and skin-related problems, poor digestion system, and genital diseases.
5.    Mercury in the 6th house also causes breaks and obstacles in education.


Mercury in the 7th house

The seventh house is the house of marriage, spouse, and all kinds of partnerships, sexual life, daily business, and relations with life and business partners.
1.    Mercury in the 7th house makes the native a great business partner, and the person tends to think about his spouse and marriage.
2.    Mercury in the seventh house also gives an intelligent life and business partner. 
3.    The native likes people who are perceptive, knowledgeable, and humorous in nature. 
4.    If a person has Mercury in the 7th house, then the spouse of the native may be a good writer, poet, financial consultant, or may relate to other career attributes of Mercury. 
5.    Afflicted Mercury in the 7th house might cause misunderstandings and arguments in marriage and business partnerships. Moving legally should be strongly prohibited in case of fights. Read in more details regarding role of Mercury in different houses. 

Mercury in the 8th house
In Astrology, the eighth house represents sudden events, surgeries, longevity, and death. This house shows the money of others, the wealth of spouse, and inheritance. This house shows property from the in-laws. This house also helps to know whether any fear and emotions drive the person.
1.    Mercury in the 8th house makes the native influential in speech. The person has good longevity, wealth, inherits property, and has spiritual inclinations.
2.    Mercury in the 8th house gives deep thinking and serious analytical powers to the native. This is an excellent placement for becoming an Astrologer.  
3.    Afflicted Mercury in the 8th house may make the native deceive others and has secret or hidden sexual desires. 
4.    Afflicted Mercury in the 8th house may affect the longevity of the native. He has to suffer from mental disorders, skin, and other problems, especially in the genitals.  
5.    Mercury in 8th gives success in the field of taxation, financial consulting, insurance, and research.


Mercury in the 9th house
In Astrology, the 9th house is a house of fortune, long travels, religion, higher education, spiritual inclination, righteousness, and second marriage, etc.
1.    Mercury in the 9th house gives sharp intellect to the person. He gains spiritual knowledge and grasps abstract concepts easily. They often indulge in conversations related to education, travel, culture, and social trends.
2.    Mercury in the 9th house may make the person a spiritual speaker or a head in any religious organization. The professions like lecturer, foreign diplomat, spiritual leader, or dignitary are suitable for him.
3.    Mercury in the 9th house also makes the person travel abroad for education and business purpose. The person shares a good relationship with the father and Guru/teachers.
4.    Mercury in the 9th house, if afflicted, can make the native atheist and fickle-minded. He shares bitter relations with the father. 
5.    Restlessness and desire to do multiple tasks simultaneously can be seen in the native, which adds to imperfection and failure in every task he undertakes.

Mercury in the 10th house
The 10th house is a house of profession, social reputation, image, political concerns, and ambitions of the native. It reflects the kind of profession a person will indulge in. 
1.    Mercury in the 10th house gives a career related to the significations of Mercury as explained above. More inclinations towards the activities involving intellect, speaking and writing skills are seen. 
2.    There may be multiple fields of a career as well. The person is well versant in many life skills.  
3.    If Mercury in the 10th house happens to fall in its exaltation, it creates Bhadra raj yoga here bringing all round success to the person. 
4.    Afflicted Mercury in the 10th house gives instability in the career, and the natives spoil their career due to negligence and careless attitude.
5.    Mercury in the 10th house makes the native travel a lot, mostly for his profession. 


Mercury in the 11th house
The 11th house in the horoscope indicates fulfillment of desires, all types of gains, whether materialistic or spiritual and windfall gains. It also shows the social circle of the native. 
1.    With Planet Mercury in the 11th house, the native adopts the traits of his friends and people in the social circle. They love to socialize and are always eager to learn. 
2.    Mercury in the 11th house makes the person excel in careers related to IT and Science. The person becomes popular, prosperous, happy, and a successful business person. 
3.    Mercury in the 11th house gives learning of scriptures and Astrology. The opposite gender likes the person.
4.    Afflicted Mercury in the 11th house makes the native impractical and uses his intelligence to deceive others for his own selfish reasons.
5.    Retrograde Mercury in the 11th house gives spiritual inclinations and causes a sense of detachment from worldly desires in the native. 

Mercury in the 12th house
The 12th house represents the end of everything. It is the house of expenses, losses, hidden enemies, mysterious places, salvation, subconscious mind, foreign settlement, etc. This house deals with higher realms of life. 
Mercury in the 12th house makes the native search for the truth of life. The native can establish subconscious connections with supernatural powers here.
Mercury in the 12th house makes the person highly imaginative, and they have excellent communication skills and choose their words wisely. 
Afflicted Mercury in the 12th house may give insanity and defects in speech. The person may be sent to imprisonment or get hospitalized for committing a crime or for mental imbalance. 
Mercury in the 12th house gives higher learning in deep subjects like occult, religion, and spirituality.

How to improve Mercury
How to improve mercury in birth chart can be a natural question in mind after reading the above article. For this, first of all one should check the actual placement of Mercury in horoscope. The best remedy to improve weak Mercury can be: chant Budh Mantra, pray to Lord Ganesha, meditate and control your speech. These remedies for Mercury can either help you or at least will not do any harm. Many times you are told to donate for Mercury, wear emerald, feed animals, wear green cloths and many generalized remedies like this. But just understand one thing: may be Mercury is already weak/debilitated and you start donating for Mercury. So, you are pushing it further away from you. Or your Mercury is already exalted and you wear Emerald. What good it will do if Mercury is already in good position. You wear gemstones for weak planets and strong/exalted ones. If you are feeling any traits as explained in this article, consult an astrologer, ask him the exact position of Mercury and then follow the right remedy to improve Mercury. 

Just think that you get power, right career, and right people in your life but if any of the above traits bother you, can you become successful in life. Learn the role of Sun in different houses to make best use of authority you get and role of Moon in different houses to apply your mind in the righteous manner. Learn to take corrective actions in time rather than rushing to the astrologer desperately looking for rituals and remedies. Any specific issues, call my office on +91 9278665588/9278555588. 

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