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Rad-140 Sarms: Testolone SARM RAD-140 Dosage, Side Effects, Before And After Results

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Rad-140 Sarms: Testolone SARM RAD-140 Dosage, Side Effects, Before And After Results

Rad140 or Testolone is a drug by an international biopharmaceutical, Radius Health Inc, that pledges to offer potent but health-friendly solutions. 

Testolone SARM RAD-140
Testolone SARM RAD-140

RAD-140 SARMs Review

This write-up is dedicated to highlighting the overall properties, mechanism, and effects of the popular SARM, RAD-140. Besides the facts encompassing this drug, it uncovers the legit, before and after results that can influence the buying decision. 
If you wish to invest in a powerful compound that upgrades the muscle-building dynamics, keep reading to know HOW!

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What is RAD-140 Testolone?
It’s natural for bodybuilders and athletes to have that unsettling urge for a jacked-up build.  These fanatics also crave for an athletic edge and superhuman strength that stays unbeatable in-and-out competition. With all these as fitness goals, they crazily seek shortcuts that often materialize in the form of anabolic steroids.

However, as everything comes with a price, anabolic steroids come with no exception. Thankfully, the negative narrative or say, the negative image of steroids is finally excluding these drugs as their only option. 

Since the fitness community has been long witnessing the aftermaths of these illegal substances, it is now moving towards choices that team safety along with the tendency to pack on mass!

Rad140 or Testolone is one such name that is gaining more and more recognition in contemporary bodybuilding. The drug is a compound by an international biopharmaceutical, Radius Health Inc, that pledges to offer potent but health-friendly solutions. 
Interestingly, Testolone steps in with a high anabolic index. It possesses the power to produce raw mass and muscular strength without jeopardizing health at any level.

Belonging to the group of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), RAD 140 safely plays as the alternative to anabolic steroids.  If you are new to the concept of SARMs, let us explain these drugs using a few words!

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Basically, SARMs are novel anabolic agents but their presence is becoming more popular as performance-enhancement drugs with time.  According to experts, the graph of SARMs is speedily taking an upward shift. That in turn, causing an eventual decline in the demand of steroids. 
In general, people fall back on SARMs to:
    Build high quality muscles
    Cut down the fat percentage
    Improve body composition 
    Upgrade sports performance 
    Gain Herculean strength and endurance
    Promote muscle recuperation 
    Encourage recomposition 
    Sharpen cognitive functions

However, while SARMs share similar anabolic powers as steroids, the two are poles apart in character. For example, steroids are artificial hormones whereas SARMs differentiate as chemicals.

These chemicals activate androgen receptors that are only available in the muscles and bones. Steroids, on the other hand, interrupt the biological processes of vital organs that significantly multiply the likelihood of facing complications. 

So yes, SARMs are way safer as they do not alter the physiological makeup. Besides, unlike the countless negative steroid-abuse reports, there is none claiming hormonal imbalance, liver toxicity, or cancer led by SARMs.  

But regardless of the reaction and apparent safety, SARMs are research chemicals that are yet to receive FDA approval. That is, these drugs are not accessible to people for a legal purchase.  To take access to these substances, potential buyers approach illegal channels, including for RAD-140.  

Now, witnessing the everyday escalating popularity of RAD 140, experts have presented an insight pertaining to its original purpose.  According to them, the manufacturers of Testolone were keen to synthesize the drug for medicinal use rather than recreational. 

They were expectant that the therapeutic compound would make its way into the treatment plan for muscle-loss. Moreover, its qualities seem equally promising as androgen replacement therapy and in addressing medical diseases like breast cancer.  
So, Testolone hit the market with a bang in 2011! Soon enough, gym-goers found that it can provoke impressive development of mass and that too, at an incredible pace. 
The rest became history then!

RAD 140 Dosage:
In most cases, the powers of Testolone are enough to complement a bulking cycle. But it is also common for some to stack the substance for added and more potent effects. 
Of course, as the drug is under the research phase, no authorities have presented details regarding its dose. However, professionals from the bodybuilding society claim that its ideal concentration is 10 mg. These individuals further suggest that the drug generates optimum results in an 8 weeks cycle. Thereby, one must not continue the use unless directed otherwise.
Now there are several combinations that brilliantly pair with rad 140 . For example:
Stack 1:
It is a trio of three effective drugs namely Testolone, MK-677 and S23. Testolone is highly favorable for muscle-engorgement whereas MK-677 has a stronger grip at preventing muscle loss. S23 in contrast, recreates the effects of anabolic hormone testosterone and hence, supports strength levels and fat loss.
In conjunction with each other, the three performance-enhancing substances deliver a plethora of versatile results. Ideally, the cycle continues for an 8 week span with 10mg, 30mg, and 10mg dosages in that order.
Interestingly, individuals that have followed this stacking pattern claim to add on 22 lbs by the end of cycle. 
Stack 2:
This one too, promises to switch on that big beast mode through the extraordinary qualities of its components! Essentially, the combo includes Testolone and Ligandrol that you may know as LGD-4033. With this duo in action, the former takes charge of packing on bulk. The other, Ligandrol serves as a fat burner most of the time. Together as an amalgamation, the two promise higher strength levels, faster muscle recovery, and sleeves full of lean mass!
The duration of this cycle is comparatively shorter, lasting for 6 weeks in total. Likewise, the recommended dosage of Testolone remains 10mg and so the dosage of Ligandrol. 
Besides, as we discuss the strength of RAD 140 , we will learn that LGD-4033 shares parallel value in this regard. Yet, experts believe that the mix is more favorable for those who have freshly embarked on their bodybuilding journey!

RAD-140 Results

Now there are several factors that contribute to the fitness goals rather than the exclusive use of performance-enhancing substances. As we know, the most obvious of all is keeping up with a planned diet and consistency towards workouts. 
Checking these factors increases the percentage of gaining 7-11 lbs of fat-free mass by the end of cycle. Thankfully, RAD-140 brilliantly imitates the steroid-like effects without inflicting any chemical or hormone that can impair the health. 

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Throughout the cycle, users are likely to experience the following changes or say, improvements:
    Intense growth of lean muscle:
Grueling workouts cause microscopic tears in the tissues of muscles. To repair and duplicate these tissues through cytokinesis, muscles need a higher supply of protein. Testolone boosts protein synthesis that ignites the production of this key macronutrient. Protein then eases the recovery process, allowing the generation of more cells and tissues to fill in tear-related gaps. Consequently, all of that steps towards bigger and better growth of muscle mass
    Upgrade the level of energy, strength, and endurance:
 The compound enhances metabolism, causing a major improvement in the way our body metabolizes energy. As the body begins to stock more energy, you can perform those rigorous workouts without any crash. It further cuts down the recovery timings, so that you can increase the volume along with the quality of workouts
    Boosts fat burning for a bigger, leaner frame:
RAD-140 kick-starts recomposition for the body to build muscles while losing excess amounts of fat. This is one of the reasons why many prefer its broad-spectrum nature against other SARMs. By revving up the pace of metabolism and stimulating the production of muscles, it puts the body into a state where there is no choice but to give up on excess fat! 
    Keeps muscles from unexpected loss:
Building muscles is one complex task but what’s more than a challenge is preserving these gains from unnecessary loss. Testolone promotes fat loss however, that does not change the way it processes your muscles. Research suggests that apart from bulking and cutting, its wide-ranging effects shield the muscles from possible waste. All these qualities make RAD 140 one of a kind

RAD 140 Before and After 
Overall, RAD 140 has been reaping praises from the fitness community that literally depends on such substances for massive transformations. Interestingly, many enthusiasts have claimed that the drug perfectly balances the bulking and cutting in the body.
Rightly so, it is a substance that slaps on size without allowing fats to curtain your hard-earned mass. As per feedbacks, it does not leave you waiting for that change for longer. The effects are rapid, and very much accommodating to almost every fitness goal set by enthusiasts. 
Some users also believe that RAD 140 results are useful in breaking plateaus encompassing muscle building and fat loss. Few opinions indicated that the drug acts as the ideal substitute for weak doses of testosterone. All in all, people swear to observe incredible results in almost every area including strength and muscle recuperation. 

Wrapping up
At present, no user has reported any Rad 140 side effects that could raise the safety alarm. Though, there may be mild changes like nausea or perhaps an upset stomach at the start. Till then, some await formal approval from FDA, others are reaping the most from this holistic approach to turning big!



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