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Paws & Pups Most Calming Dog Bed For Small Or Large, Puppies & Older Dogs

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Paws & Pups Most Calming Dog Bed For Small Or Large, Puppies & Older Dogs

Whether you’ve got a small or large puppy or senior dog, all pups need a calming place to sleep, according to the American Kennel Club, dogs sleep almost just as long as we do, so if your pup is snuggling in your bed at night, it might mean that your pup needs its own bed.

Paws & Pups Most Calming Dog Bed For Small Or Large, Puppies & Older Dogs
Paws & Pups Most Calming Dog Bed For Small Or Large, Puppies & Older Dogs

Having a good dog bed can also improve your pups quality of life, especially the older they get, as they develop age-related health problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and general joint health, which a good bed can definitely help with.

With puppies with separation anxiety, or even hyperactivity, a bed can help calm them & reduce stressful experiences, the bed we’re reviewing today has the added benefit of soothing puppies, we’re talking about Paws & Pup’s Calming Dog Bed™.

With so many options to choose from, we asked pet owners, vets & other experts what they thought about Paw & Pup’s Calming Dog Bed, and this review will cover our findings.

What to look for in a dog bed entirely depends on what size, age, and even type of dog you have, as you’ll see in our review, the Paws & Pup dog bed covers most of your dogs' needs.

What Makes Paws & Pups Calming Dog Bed The Best Dog Bed

We’ve covered your dog's basic physiological needs for a bed, but what’s in it for you?

It appears that what dog bed you choose isn’t often so clear, because you want a product that works for your dog, but also works for you, this is one thing Paws & Pups has covered.

The dog bed is non-toxic & hypoallergenic, meaning if you have allergies you’ve worked hard to avoid, they won’t be coming back with this dog bed.

This is one of the most common issues we’ve seen while looking online, as many people go great lengths to buy/adopt hypoallergenic pets, only to find out their dog bed has been causing their immune systems to flare up.

The Paws & Pup Calming Dog Bed is made from vegan fur, to simulate the calming sensation of them cozying up to their mothers fur.

This can be a great tool for younger pups who experience separation anxiety & emotional stress, especially if you’re outside of the home, they have somewhere where they know they can feel warm and cozy.

The Paws & Pup Calming Dog Bed comes with a bolstered rim that hugs your dog, giving them an additional sense of security & warmth.

Better sleep for your dog means less muscle tension, better relaxation & recovery, the lack of which can cause health & mood issues over time.

The Best Best Calming Dog Bed For Puppies & Small Dogs - Buy Paws & Pup’s Calming Dog Bed™

The Paws & Pup Calming Dog Bed is great for puppies for many reasons, most reviews on their site claim that puppies and even cats absolutely pass out in these beds, and there might be some science behind why.

We asked an expert at the local VCA and they told us that smaller dogs have an easier time falling asleep in these beds because they’re extremely soft, which soothes them, reminding them of their parents' warmth. This claim seems to be backed by hundreds of reviews calling them the most calming dog bed ever.


Best Calming Dog Bed For Large & Old Dogs - Buy Paws & Pup’s Calming Dog Bed™

The Paws & Pup calming bed is also a great option for large and old dogs, this is expressed a lot in their reviews as well, however, when we personally purchased this dog bed to test, we realized why.

The Calming Dog Bed is made from extremely high quality fibers, that even though I bought the small size, my large dog & cat ended up liking this bed, I assume because it’s soft, funnily enough, while looking through Paws & Pup’s reviews, I found multiple images showing the same issue.

This calming dog bed comes in XL too, which can fit large dogs too (refer to chart below).


Additionally, I personally appreciated that this dog bed was machine washable, which was a huge upgrade from my previous dog bed that was not machine washable.

This is a major quality of life issue for me as a dog owner, as well as for my dog, because dog beds that aren’t machine washable can start to smell and become grimey, and are extremely difficult to clean, however, the Paws & Pup Calming Dog Bed was easy to clean, keeping it fresh for my pups, and stress free for me.


Ratings & Reviews, Why Trust Us?

We rate the Paws & Pup Calming Dog Bed as a very high quality pick for a dog bed for pups of all sizes. Besides asking a few vets, and looking through their reviews, then actually ordering and testing the product ourselves, we noted the high quality build, and visible contentment of our pups.

Buy The Best Calming Dog Bed For Puppies & Small Dogs - Buy Paws & Pup’s Calming Dog Bed™


Can the Paws & Pup Calming Bed really soothe pups with separation anxiety?

This seems to be the case, and upon consulting with a vet, they claimed that this could indeed work because the faux fur mimics your puppies parents warmth, which can have a calming effect on them.

Personally, this seemed to work for my pup, who mostly sleeps in our bed, but it’s been spending half as many nights on the bed or couch, and more in their Paws & Pup Calming bed.

Is the Paws & Pup Calming Bed Machine Washable?

Yes, the Paws & Pup calming bed is machine washable and easy to clean, not only does their site claim this, but we’ve tested the product ourselves and noted that it was machine washable with cold water and mild detergent, then tumbled on low heat.

What size dog bed should I buy?

The Paws & Pup calming bed comes starting size XS to XL, ranging from about 20” (50 cm) to 39” (100 cm), which is big enough for a puppy as small as a chihuahua, and the large dog bed being large enough to hold a golden retriever and more.

Our small dog bed was small enough for our puppy & cat, the large one was large enough for the golden retriever.


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