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Nandrolone Review Dosage, Cycles, Side Effects, Before And After Results

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Nandrolone Review Dosage, Cycles, Side Effects, Before And After Results

From the time of its launch, the androgenic anabolic steroid Nandrolone has made the strongest noise in the bodybuilding community.


Nandrolone is one such anabolic steroid that many claim to be the rocket fuel for the muscles. It has a substantial role in making your muscle more fibrous, lean, and accentuated in appearance.

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The practice of bodybuilding may come across as a very fascinating hobby for many. It is one that necessitates time and a long-term commitment to the goals of increasing size and strength. Nonetheless, people who have followed the course or are up to it suggest otherwise!

According to them, the end results of pumping iron or pounding out the reps with extreme weight are always jaw-dropping.

However, the process itself drains out every ounce of life you have in you!

Rightly so, we all have the inclination for that buffed up, brawny build. But, only a few can pay what it takes to get you that body.

This love for tough often leads bodybuilders down a route that is both promising and dangerous. It involves the consumption of anabolic steroids that come with a strategy that favors their body-enlargement goals much more rapidly.

On the flip side, these performance boosters turn extremely dangerous for their health, with some even losing their lives consequently.

Let’s learn all here:

What is Nandrolone?

From the time of its launch, the androgenic anabolic steroid Nandrolone has made the strongest noise in the bodybuilding community.

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People deem the steroid as a powerhouse to that bigger, eye-popping bulk that generally takes months or years to adapt within our very, natural capacity.

The 19-nortestosrerone has two esters that the fitness circle is aware of:

  1. Nandrolone decanoate also known as Deca-Durabolin
  2. Nandrolone phenylpropionate Aka Durabolin

Each of these esters encompasses some medical advantages, including poor red blood count, muscle loss, bone loss, and breast cancer. Their pharmaceutical utility began by the end of the 1950s but was later discontinued in countries like the United States.

Nandrolone esters are not orally active and involve intramuscular or subcutaneous routes for administration. That means you can't take the steroid as tablets and will need expert help injecting Nandrolone into your body.

These man-made androgens are agonists of the androgen receptor, which triggers a sequence of reactions upon binding. One of these is maintaining a healthy nitrogen balance and the onset of protein synthesis to favor muscle proliferation.

It restrains the process of bone resorption and loss while encouraging its development at the same time. Overall, these processes influence muscle-building goals positively and lead to much higher athleticism and performance with increased strength and endurance.

Nandrolone has a strong anabolic profile but a low androgenic rating.

While this turns it into a potentially dangerous substance for all, it indicates a lower virilization impact in women.

As of now, Nandrolone is one of the best-selling steroids, and demand is on the rise. But let’s be clear and talk facts here. It belongs to the class of controlled drugs, which makes its consumption illegal for recreational purposes.

The steroid has side effects, some of which are extremely hazardous like high blood pressure and jaundice.

Nandrolone decanoate

Nandrolone decanoate is a prominent alkylated ester of Nandrolone that significantly contributes to physique transformation.

Essentially, it possesses excellent medical properties that are beneficial in the treatment of anemia. According to experts, it has the potential to boost hemoglobin as well as the red blood cell count. And so, it largely assists patients dealing with anemia, primarily the one that roots the symptoms of renal insufficiency.

Researchers behind nandrolone received the patent to synthesize its esters in 1960. Nandrolone decanoate, which we know as Deca Durabolin or Nandrolone caprinate, received formal authorization from the FDA in 1962.

As we evaluate its nature and properties with others, we find this ester more potent and its effects more lasting.

Nandrolone phenylpropionate

The first ester of Nandrolone, Durabolin made its way to the pharmaceutical market in 1959.

Similarly, it is an AAS with properties slightly different from Nandrolone decanoate. Accordingly, it manages conditions like breast cancer and osteoporosis through the intramuscular route in females. The consumption of durabolin was once very common, but as of now, the legal landscape has completely changed.

Nandrolone decanoate was the second ester to enter the market after Nandrolone phenylpropionate. It was the drug that captured a large market share of the latter, with the availability and consumption of phenylpropionate becoming more and more obsolete with time.

According to users, Nandrolone decanoate is easier to take and has a longer half-life than Nandrolone phenylpropionate.

However, each of these works to enhance physical aesthetics and performance while equally inflicting great dangers on your health. Because of these risks, many nations classify these as controlled drugs. So to buy Nandrolone legally, you must therefore satisfy their medical requirements and keep a prescription.

Nandrolone results

In addition to its medicinal powers, Deca has earned quite a name in the performance enhancing drug market. So much so that many recognize the steroid for its ability to assist bodybuilders and not its medical advantages.

Overall, Nandrolone before and after pictures also demonstrate the makeover people undergo by the end of its course.

Here are some Deca durabolin benefits that you can anticipate from the general course of the steroid:

  • Efficient recovery of muscle
  • Fast-paced muscle regeneration
  • Increase in size and visible engorgement
  • Substantial growth in strength and endurance
  • Bust through athletic limitations and performance

Nandrolone decanoate for bodybuilding

The properties that directly add to the muscle-building goals of users are immense. Considering its demand and popularity in fitness circuits, these benefits apparently outnumber those relating to therapeutic.

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They resort to its doses to enhance their muscular growth through a pathway that is direct and quick.

Besides muscle hypertrophy (increase in size), fitness enthusiasts like weightlifters and athletes count on Deca to promote their performance level.

Through Deca, mass gainers claim to amass over 30 lbs. in a 12-week span without extra cellular water retention. On the other hand, sportsmen claim to gain the needed athletic advantage whereas gym-goers record incredible energy surges.

Deca Durabolin eases joint inflammation through collagen synthesis and an increased amount of bone mineralization. It enables the body to preserve more nitrogen and stimulates the process of protein synthesis. During the process, the cells utilize different enzymes, RNA, and DNA to form proteins.

Keep in mind that our muscles require a higher protein concentration after exercise to repair and regenerate. The inadequacy of this could lead to insignificant results or no outcomes at all.

Deca facilitates fast-paced recoveries day by day, allowing you to go one step closer to your size improvement goals. By the time you complete the standard 12-week cycle, you will notice visible enlargement and fully engorged deltoids.

The bulking substance also ensures dramatic strength and performance by shooting a higher degree of oxygen into training muscles. By utilizing oxygen, the muscles create ATP and stretch their performance beyond limits before the accumulation of lactic acid takes place.

In other words, it manages to delay fatigue and generate optimal results from the extension of workout volume.

Does nandrolone increase testosterone?

A derivative of testosterone, many often question and wonder if nandrolone has a role in increasing the count of testosterone.

To help you better understand this question, we will dissect the topic into:

  • A comparison between Nandrolone and testosterone
  • If Nandrolone affects the growth of endogenous testosterone

Nandrolone vs testosterone:

First and foremost, that is deca vs. testosterone; the former's efficiency in connecting to the androgen receptor is comparatively higher. The anabolic steroid is similar to testosterone in promoting growth and speedy recovery of muscle. But despite the similarities, these effects are comparatively more potent than those of testosterone.

Does Deca affect testosterone levels?

The answer to the question of whether Deca affects endogenous testosterone growth is yes. Deca negatively impairs the level of testosterone and causes a significant decline in the body. Research suggests that different strengths of the steroid can suppress the hormone by 57–70% after a 6-week course. As a result, it necessitates you to follow a PCT to bring your testosterone levels on track.

Nandrolone injection

Nandrolone requires inoculation (needle insertion) deep into your muscle preferably:

  • Buttock muscle
  • Thigh muscle

You may get access to the following Deca Durabolin strengths as oil solutions for injection:

  • 25-50 mg/ml
  • 100-200 mg/ml

In general, health care providers decide the doses and period taking certain factors into account. These include your tolerance to the drug, your reaction, and the risk-benefit ratio.

Nandrolone injection may be extremely accommodating and effective for your goals. However, the drug and its administration carry great risks and require medical proficiency to perform.

While we will discuss its side effects later in our write-up, poor injecting practices could lead to injury and sometimes, more dangerous complications like infection.

Nandrolone decanoate cycle

To best meet your therapeutic needs, your doctor will determine the dosage and duration of your Nandrolone cycle.

However, a 12-week cycle is a common choice among bodybuilders who choose to cycle Nandrolone decanoate without seeking medical advice. This duration is slightly longer than the general steroidal cycle, which experts hold the long esters responsible for it.

In rare scenarios, some prefer a course lasting slightly longer— say, 16 weeks in total.

Remember that Deca is an anabolic steroid, and like any AAS, it causes a chain of negative reactions. Hence, your body must have the "strength" to endure its extreme anabolic powers and should be at some mid- to advanced-level stage to end up safe. This indicates that you should not be a beginner with no history of steroidal exposure. If so, a low dose with a short duration will be ideal for your case.

In general, Deca promotes satisfactory gains yet some choose to stack the cycle with other androgenic anabolic steroids like:

  • Dianabol
  • Anadrol
  • Testosterone

Combining the consumption of Deca with other anabolics intensifies and accelerates its androgenic powers to the max. However, putting two steroids together also means a double risk and intensity of side effects.

Nandrolone decanoate dosage:

In general, people begin with a low steroid concentration and gradually increase it over time. However, the Nandrolone decanoate dosage remains consistent throughout the 10-12 week course.

As the ester has a long half-life, experts suggest a 400 mg dose once every week instead of every day. Users should fix a certain day to get their shots while taking medical assistance to ensure proper administration.

Nandrolone side effects:

To begin with, Deca has a vast number of side effects- some varying in intensity, while others varying in nature.

Some of these steroids include:

  • Disturbance in cholesterol levels
  • A rise in blood pressure
  • Poor desire and functioning
  • Poor nitric oxide
  • High prolactin levels
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Suppression of appetite
  • Estrogen-like complications (from high progesterone)
  • Virilization effects

To avoid these complications, experts always discourage the use of anabolic steroids and suggest their natural alternatives instead. Steroid alternatives have long been on the performance-enhancing drug market, facilitating and assisting thousands of enthusiasts every day.

These alternatives are natural, medically relevant, and completely friendly to your health. They too offer a great contribution to your muscle-building goals while keeping a close eye on your health.

One that does great justice to the muscle development and strength-enhancing effects of Nandrolone is Decaduro by CrazyBulk.

Decaduro is a quality performance booster that eliminates the need to inject harmful substances through its orally active pills. It’s a prescription-free formula that stimulates an endogenous anabolic response without messing with your biological makeup or any essential process.

With a healthy dose of valuable ingredients like wild yam, amino acids, tribulus terrestris, and panax ginseng, it:

  • Encourages natural testosterone
  • Stimulates protein synthesis
  • Retains more nitrogen
  • Builds impeccable strength
  • Ensures a high endurance
  • Increases oxygenated-rich blood
  • Assists muscle in creating ATP
  • Impressive pumps and energy flow
  • Prescription-free, legal steroid
  • Natural and oral pills with no side effects

Where to buy Nandrolone online

Nandrolone can only be purchased if you have a medical need and your doctor validates this need with a prescription.

In other cases, the practice of purchasing Nandrolone is illegal and increases the likelihood of receiving counterfeit goods.

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