Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022

Iron Lady Community Announces Scholarships For Single Mothers On Mothers’ Day

Iron Lady is the No.1 leadership platform for women supporting women in implementing business war techniques. 

Iron Lady Community announces scholarships for single mothers on Mothers’ Day
Iron Lady Community announces scholarships for single mothers on Mothers’ Day

Iron Lady is run by some of the Top Global Leaders like Rajesh Bhat, Suvarna Hegde, Simon Newman, Chitra Talwar and Sridhar Sambandam. 
Thousands of women have reached Leadership Positions across the world through intense programs and the Women Leaders platform run by Alumni of Iron Lady. 
Through Programs like 100 Board Members, Leadership Essentials and Teen Leaders Programs, Iron Lady has supported more than 45,000 in the last 5 years through intense Programs. 

Iron Lady has taken the goal of enabling at least a Million Women to reach the TOP. 
Iron Lady Community is run by Community Volunteers, consisting of women leaders who have already overcome some of the toughest challenges through Business War Techniques. Many have reached TOP positions in top Global MNCs. Many have gone on to build huge businesses. 

On the mothers’ Day, Iron Lady Community members came forward to announce scholarships for deserving women – to avail scholarships for the Leadership Programs conducted by Iron Lady. Through these scholarships, women can aim to go through Programs that enable them to deal with the toughest of challenges in the corporates as well as their homes. 

To begin with, 100 scholarships have been announced – that will be disbursed over the next 6 months. 

Speaking to the media on this occasion, Co-founder and COO of Iron Lady, Suvarna Hegde, said, “I am delighted see so many women from the community who have reached the TOP already – come forward to support others in need. I thank them for the generous offer to support others.”

President of the Community, Sajita Thomas, said, “In our community, women stand for each other as warriors enabling each other in scaling professional heights and also supporting to live a meaningful life. I boldly quote “at Iron Lady, behind every successful woman, there is yet another powerful woman”. This scholarship program perfectly aligns with our vision of supporting one million at the top” More power to us!!

Ex-president and Chairperson of Advisory Committee of Iron Lady Community, Pushpalatha M S, said “Newer times pose newer challenges and they require newer solutions. Today's world demands that women play a key role in shaping the future of families, Organisations, our society and the world in general. 
Iron Lady prepares women like me by giving the required confidence, skills and tools to be the change the world so urgently and desperately needs !!
On the occasion of Mother’s day we are happy to announce that we are supporting 100 deserving women to take up IronLady Leadership program which has transformed thousands of women across the globe. 

This initiative is 'By Women, For Women'

Based on the demand and need, more scholarships could be raised as well.