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How To Read Kundli Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

Astrology, an ancient wonder, gives valuable insights about the future. However, some people might doubt the usefulness of astrology. It is for two reasons- first, they don't agree with how planetary movements affect our lives on the Earth despite how brilliantly our ancient scholars have demonstrated it, and secondly, they have yet to reach the right astrologer!

Vinay Bajrangi

In most of the cases, the second reason predominates! Also, I strongly dislike it when people talk about: best astrologer in India: best astrologer near me. No one is the best astrologer, and if the astrologer is good, you will reach him somehow. Of course, it depends on your wisdom also reaching a good astrologer. You need an astrologer by design and not by default, and if the astrologer is good, will be good for all regions/countries.

The common notion that prevails in astrological studies is to focus entirely on the Lagna chart or D-1 chart. The predictive theme mostly revolves around the Dasha and transit, emphasising the Lagna chart. However, it should not be so! It is precisely where we differentiate between an astrologer and a master astrologer.

Here's a crucial question: Is this traditional method, primarily based on the main birth chart (Lagna chart), really the most reliable technique for an effective horoscope reading? The clear answer is no. Even if predictions are mainly based on the Parashari principles, depending solely on the Lagna chart can create gaps between predictions and accurate predictions.

A caution: Without the correct birth time, it is not at all advisable to go for any astrological guidance. The d-1 (Lagna) chart changes in 2 hours, but the D-9 (Navamsa) soul of the horoscope may change every 2 to 3 minutes. Even one minute error can make all analysis flawed. Many consider only the D-1 chart, which is not correct. One should not depend on any astrological analysis/predictions if you don't have your accurate birth details because even if some of the predictions come true, it will be a fluke like an arrow in the dark. Later, when predictions go wrong, astrologers have an excuse that you did not give an accurate birth time, and the blame game starts. But it does not help you as it is your life decision. Please read https://www.vinaybajrangi.com/time-rectification.php

Why astrologers make mistakes

One wonders why astrologers make mistakes, why astrologers give different predictions when the rule of Vedic astrology are the same. To understand why astrologers make mistakes and how can astrological predictions go wrong: you need to find the right astrologer and more so how he reads your kundli. How to read Kundli is entirely different from making/seeing a kundli. Many people who connect with me ask for their Kundli. I surely give them their Kundli but with a clear rider: read it only for reference but do not draw any conclusions from it as many things are seen in tandem before any analysis or Kundli predictions. Most commonly, people start interpreting about Dasha/Transits etc, but this is not correct.

Just looking at the main birth chart isn't enough to predict things accurately in astrology. This is one common reason: why astrologers make mistake: why will astrological predictions fail. A good astrologer needs to study divisional charts that give us a most detailed overview of different aspects of life. Studying divisional charts along with the Lagna chart elevates the accuracy of predictions. This dual-layered examination becomes imperative for establishing a high degree of certainty regarding the timing and manifestation of an event.

It's like a microscopic view of an event you wish to know about!

These charts can decipher various things like your personality, wealth, education, career, family, children, health, foreign-related matters etc. The divisional charts can go as deep as defining what will happen to you in the next few hours. So, studying different divisional charts is a scientific approach to getting detailed and precise information about different parts of your life.


For example, if you want to know about your career, the main birth chart gives a general outlook. It might say what your job could be and where you might do well. But it's still general information. A divisional chart, like D-10, gets specific about your career. It helps pinpoint exactly what profession or career would suit you the best. And when can you expect changes in your career like transfer, promotion, loss of a job, getting a new job, challenges at work etc? I avoid giving more details about what Divisional chart is seen for what aspect in birth chart to avoid people concluding how to read

Kundli/birth chart.

But yes, one can read how deep Vedic astrology can go at full life reading from birth chart . You may also find online reports/year/years-bound predictions, but those can only be auto-generated and not the correct way: how to read Kundli.

Significance of divisional charts in horoscope

charts are something at least many good astrologers consider. But, some intricate situations require more involvement at the spiritual level. Astrology and spirituality go together. After all, the birth chart shows all our past karmic debts and influences. Some recurring events in life take our attention to karmic influences like frequent early deaths or no birth of children in some families. These events are things that need extra expertise to be handled. The past life readings and the placement of nodes, i.e. Rahu-Ketu in the birth chart, are further analysed to understand strict karmic bondages.


In these complex instances, the integration of varied techniques such as Bhrigu, Ravana, several South Indian Nadis, Ashtavargas, Chakra, and Prashana, among others, becomes not just beneficial but imperative. Only through this inclusive approach can astrologers predict with a heightened confidence level, weaving together the intricate threads of cosmic influence.

I am not discouraging anyone from giving astrological predictions but encouraging a person to find a good astrologer using their own skills to judge a good astrologer. It is crucial to acknowledge that mastery of these diverse techniques isn't accomplished overnight. It demands a profound understanding of the intricacies of each methodology but also entails years of hands-on experience. Unfortunately, in the field, there are instances where some astrologers, without attaining mastery in even one technique—a process that may span close to two decades—prematurely engage in predictions.

At many places, you find a battery of astrologers, and you get connected sometimes to one and, next time, to some other astrologer. The consequences are inaccuracies and deficiencies in their assessments, highlighting the risk of delivering predictions without a solid foundation. This results in non-belief in astrology, whereas the true problem lies in half-baked prediction techniques and maintaining the right ethics of Vedic astrology. Therefore, know how to judge if an astrologer is good . And as an astrologer if I am saying this, please take it seriously to ensure that in your case, astrologers do not make mistake/ astrological predictions do not fail.

Astrology is an intricate subject that needs a lot of patience and mastery of different techniques to make accurate predictions. Astrologers need to use different tools and keep learning. This mix of tools and ongoing learning is the ultimate secret of precise predictions.


Astrologers must extend their expertise beyond the confines of a single chart to the potential held in Divisional charts. Astrology is a lifelong learning journey. The true essence of accurate predictions lies not only in decoding the birth chart, Dasha and transit but also in acknowledging the limitless depth of astrological wisdom that spans various techniques and methodologies.

In conclusion, astrological precision necessitates going beyond the limitations of the Lagna chart. Embracing Divisional charts and incorporating a diverse range of astrological methodologies is paramount for accurate predictions. This holistic approach validates the information from the Lagna chart and enhances the astrologer's ability to handle complex queries and difficult situations. Astrology, at its core, is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. Astrologers need to keep learning and mastering different techniques to read the stars well. Becoming a master in astrology isn't just a professional endeavor but a personal mission to understand the secrets of the stars accurately and share that knowledge with others. Any specific issues, connect with me on https://www.vinaybajrangi.com/ or call my office at +91 9278555588/9278665588. My best wishes.

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