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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After Long Breakup [Consumer Report LEAKED]

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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After Long Breakup [Consumer Report LEAKED]

The Ex Factor Guide is a relationship program to help every girl and woman in distress to get their ex-boyfriend back and how to keep them away from other girls.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After Long Breakup
How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After Long Breakup

New Delhi (India), May 15: After the breakup with their boyfriend, several women and girls started crying, putting on weight, and trying to contact him repeatedly, but no solution. So they think her boyfriend or I dumped her, and recalling her mistake makes them pull away from her boyfriend.

The Ex Factor Guide is a relationship program to help every girl and woman in distress to get their ex-boyfriend back and how to keep them away from other girls.

This guide only works for women who seriously want their ex boyfriend back in their life, not for making other girls jealous by telling their boyfriend back again. The Ex Factor Guide will teach women many things like "how to get your ex boyfriend back", "how to win your ex boyfriend", "how to attack handsome men towards them", "how to make her boyfriend happy in the relationship", "want to do after breakup" and lots more practical knowledge.

In this review article, I help each woman know how to get your ex boyfriend back after a breakup when there is no contact for over 1 month and what mistake to avoid during messaging that makes their relationship more impaired.

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Five Reason Why Your Ex Boyfriend Leave You

Need to realize why their relationship ended and what are the things that she neglected in their relationship. Does he cheat on you for another girl?

Relationships often end because of neglecting each other, slow love pace, confusion, and workload stress.

Below are the reasons which need to be worked on for how to get your ex boyfriend back again strongly:

Zero Long-Term Relationship Goal

Many breakups happen for this reason, even if they intensely love each other.

This reason can only be avoided when both of you have the same goal, like having 2 or 3 kids, wanting to switch to a new city every 5 years, putting relationships over a career, and so on.

Ask your boyfriend what he wants from you, work according to him, and enjoy a stress-free relationship.

Lost Himself In A Relationship

Every man today wants some free time to relax and calm down the stress that gathers from all day work.

The ideal relationship is where each other empower their partner and give some space in the relationship so that they individually go with friends and family member. Don't let them realize he is losing his identity in your relationship.

When men or boys feel that you are controlling their life, giving them stress, calling every few minutes, and checking their phone each time, they think that their relationship is a burden on their life and feel uncomfortable.

Girls need to know their boyfriend's boundaries and never cross them to keep a long-term happy relationship.

Learn What He Wants In Relationship

This is the most important reason for how to get your ex boyfriend back and keep him with you for a lifetime.

The best way to avoid it is to figure out why your boyfriend leaves you. Try to solve it and then drive him again towards you so he will happily enjoy life with you.

In Ex Factor Guide, there is a whole chapter on men's hero instinct which tells you about men's thoughts and relationship psychology. It explains men's desire to get "respect" over love or intercourse in a relationship. That's why many men try to search for someone else who gives respect, even has the "most beautiful girlfriend". Other men want women to care for him and always support him even if he does wrong.

Instinct is the most powerful driver of men's psychology, confused life goals and relationship goals.

The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning taught many things to remember to keep their relationship strong. He included effective phrases, requests, and texts to trigger male instinct, and it also explains to females the sense of craves in man's thoughts.

Several married women shared In Ex Factor Guide Reviews that this trick works best in solving their relationship matters which reaches till divorce.

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When Relationships Become Burden For Them

In a strong relationship, each partner lives happily, energetically, and emotionally connected. Each other knows their situation and makes them overcome jointly. Men always support emotionally, but when they feel their partner is doing it to grab his attention, they break down and feel overburdened in this relationship. That's why many men broke up and never returned after trying several times.

To avoid this situation, Ex Factor Guide will advise the girl to realize her mistake and show how much you love him by giving him surprises, helping his family, taking lunch to the office, and dressing according to his need so that he will be emotionally attached to you. In this way, your boyfriend finds these qualities in other girls but can't find them.

No Physical Interaction

Naturally, men and women want physical appearance to maintain healthy and strong relationships. But due to main reason like cheating, stress, workload, hidden secrets, and affairs can take them far away, and both of them suffers, they still love each other.

Before reaching this situation, both have to share their bad or good feelings to know their situation and react likewise. Then both worked together to overcome these crisis days, making physical interaction possible.

Mistakes To Avoid After Breakup

A breakup is a situation in which both men and women get emotional baggage, need someone's attention, and get mentally ill. Over 80% of people, after the breakup, start throwing things, praying for their death, crying most of the time, checking their message box every few minutes, and always thinking how to get your ex boyfriend back. The Ex Factor Guide explains how to deal with breakup situations and mistakes to avoid if they want their ex back again forever. Following are the mistake everyone should neglect:

Avoid Relationship Talks

Almost every couple, after a breakup, starts bargaining and negotiating with the partner to return, but it always fails. They decide their breakup emotionally, so there is no reason to reverse it, and in return, they just remind how pathetic and overburdened their relationship was.

Girls who want their ex boyfriend back must agree with his breakup decision and move on. They must know that negotiation and bargaining to live life with their terms and conditions are not workable in the long term.

Girls should provide extra space and little time for their boyfriends to think in a peaceful state. Through this, he can recall happy moments with you and feel your importance. Instead of contacting it repeatedly, pull your boyfriend far from you.

Apologize For Your Mistake

After an extended no contact from your boyfriend, that means you have done something wrong, so apologize for the event that occurred because of you and accept his breakup decision. In this way, your boyfriend feels superior and can think for you again.

Don't force your boyfriend to think for you by sending messages continually. Try to make him feel you can live without him and never hurt yourself. Gradually, you can achieve respect in your ex boyfriend's eyes.

After messaging an apology and accepting his decision to break up, go completely out of contact for a specific period until your boyfriend wants. This way, he admits you are completely changed and will soon contact you.

Don’t Become Best Friend

Adequate tip for girls by Ex Factor Guide Guru. If they want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back after a long seeing at your friend's party or nearby you, don't try to become over-smart to gather his attention. Never become his best friend because he gets a chance to feel his importance and constantly blurs you in front of his friends.

Try to say "no" to your ex boyfriend if he offers your friendship. Message him that I am not his friend, or else I am his ex-girlfriend. Become strong, and don't try to show your emotion; give time to your ex to think about you again.

Don’t ever get in a relationship that uses only your body to satisfy his need. Always believe that you can find a better life partner than him.

Overcome Fear That Ex Forget You

The Ex Factor Guide provides girls with a full man's psychology that they feel more love than you when far from women, and every time they want to contact you but their "ego" don't let them do it.

Use this concept as an advantage and learn how to get your ex boyfriend back quickly without messaging or contacting him for an instant period.

Just send a message about how you are or want you are doing now. Keep the message line short because men love those girls who talk less.

The LESS they talk, the MORE your mind will remember you. Follow these instructions carefully in order to get your ex boyfriend fast.

Make Him Miss You

The latest method how to get your ex boyfriend back in your life again is a missing concept.

Go strictly out of contact for a few days. Don't beg for forgiveness or start bombing text messages. Let him alone for some days, and he will start missing you and feels your importance in his life. Disturbing him frequently makes his mind realize his decision is right, and they won't want this toxic relationship again.

Stay Silence On Social Media

After the breakup first and most important suggestion is to delete all your social media accounts because it never allows you to come up from breakup. You always get emotionally upset and cannot boost personal growth when your ex-boyfriend puts pictures on his profile.

Moreover, don't try to post sad feelings about your breakup on your profile because this realizes your boyfriend that you miss him and allows other girls to make up with him. Keep silent and MOVE ON in your life. No one cares for you; they just laugh at your condition and make fun of it.

Additionally, try to get offline every time. He will slowly start gathering information about you. On the other hand, girls should look at their ex boyfriend's profile unofficially, which helps them know what their ex boyfriend wants, which I can't entertain him. I shall change it according to him then he will contact me and ask for a date.

Leave your boyfriend out of contact from social media and messaging. In this way, when they don't find you online, they naturally think about you and ask your friends.

Forget Previous Lost

Several males and females, after breakups, think about what they lost and what mistakes they made. The best technique for how to get your ex boyfriend back is to forget what they have lost previously and think about the future.

Overhealing breakup situations, men and women discover that they will never get into those relationships in which they both just think about themselves, their personal life goals, and their individual future career.

As per the law of attraction theory, if you are still recalling your previous mistake that you are not wrong will eventually fail to attack your ex back again. It is advised to forget the previous loss and start a new relationship with your old boyfriend, but don't repeat the same mistake this time.

Many studies on how to get your ex boyfriend back confirm that a new relationship after the breakup is considerably stronger, more energetic, romantic, and more caring than the previous one.

Become Selfish

After separation, don't follow the rules your boyfriend made for you. Now it's your time to live as you want, not as a couple.

Now time to build up your physical appearance. Go gym, chill out with friends, play games, and go for a city walk or tour. These will refresh your mind and allow you to forget previous toxic relationships that allow you to change according to him.

Doing this allows you to find someone who accepts your qualities rather than asking to change them.

Many divorces and breakups happen because men don't find any space as their wives or girlfriend rely too much on them and aren't ready for it now.

Clean Up Misunderstanding

After a long time of no contact, sometimes girls get a clear indication of why their boyfriend left them. They can solve them by understanding each one's side and getting together.

Whereas sometimes girls know the reason, it is tough for them to change, which makes sense. If the change is authentic, then nice; otherwise, they MOVE ON from this relationship.

Date Other People

The most popular mistake girls make to get their ex-boyfriend is to go on a date with their cousins or friend to make their ex-boyfriends jealous. The Ex Factor Guide confirms that this is none of the popular mistakes in getting your ex boyfriend back, which will take them more away from their life.

Fix your breakup

Girls who don't want to get back into a toxic relationship with their ex boyfriend. Still, their boyfriend is messaging them, so it’s right.

Males are more sensitive about their things and don't want to lose something they already have for something new. Keeping your man happy in the relationship will result in lifetime partners.

For further information Read Ex Factor Guide.



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