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Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Results, Side Effects

Gorilla Mode shows incredible promise as a pre workout supplement for gym-goers. It encompasses quality and the potential to alter your overall workout dynamics quite efficiently.

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout


This is a comprehensive, but unbiased review of the popular pre workout supplement Gorilla Mode. Our experts have appraised and evaluated its qualities with other similar brands to help you make an informed decision. 

Quick summary:  

Gorilla Mode shows incredible promise as a pre workout supplement for gym-goers. It encompasses quality and the potential to alter your overall workout dynamics quite efficiently. However, our choice boils down to CrazyNutrition Intensive PreTrain as a more promising option for novice and expert-level fitness enthusiasts. Click Here to Buy Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition  

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Review: 

Performance enhancing drug market is a fusion of pre-workouts, post-workouts, protein shakes, energy boosters, fat-burners, and more. A product with a solid standing in the PED market is Gorilla Mode, which falls under the category of pre-workouts. CLICK HERE TO VIEW INTENSIVE PRE TRAIN PRICE 

Manufactured by the US-based Gorilla Mind, Gorilla Mode works to power up your workout through its conventional powdered formula. The product comes in a whopping 11 fruity flavors, offering a variety that adds an advantage to its profile.  

These flavors range from some delectable ones like mango peach, lemon lime, and mouth-watering watermelon to some unusual ones for your taste buds like tiger’s blood, mojo mojito, and bombsicle. In short, it presents a never-ending variety to quench your thirst for something new and unusual! 

This review aims to highlight the positive and negative aspects of the Gorilla Mode pre-workout formula. It will discuss every aspect of the product for you to determine its actual potential. Contrary to its biased reviews, we will offer neutral information while assessing its ingredients and benefits through scientific evidence. 

What is Gorilla Mode Pre Workout? 

It is one of the most in-demand pre-workout supplements that focus on dynamic workouts targeting any fitness goal. It basically tunes you for the intensity of grueling workouts, so that nothing keeps you from an off-the-chart performance.  

The target audience of Gorilla Mode is not just bodybuilders or weightlifters. It is a full-fledged pre-workout approach that promises unbeatable strength and competitive aggression in and out of the field.  

The dietary supplement hydrates your muscles and promotes an uninterrupted supply of oxygen to generate the muscle fuel called ATP.  

As per its users, Gorilla Mode kicks in in a matter of minutes, and its effects do not fade quickly. This goes to its natural performance boosters like L-citruline, creatine, L-tyrosine, kanna, and malic acid in their clinically relevant strengths. 

The propriety blend of these ingredients shoots a healthy supply of oxygen-carrying blood to the muscles, which not only adds to your training capacity but also leads to massive pumps! 

Now, what’s interesting to note about Gorilla Mode is that it also contains a punch of some effective brain boosters. The presence of these cognitive enhancers indicates the significance of focus, clarity, and alertness for your training and goals.   

Key Benefits: 

  • Offers instant surge of energy 

  • Increases strength and endurance 

  • Improve concentration and attention to detail 

How to use Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout: 

Dosing Gorilla Mode is simple. Its standard dosing revolves around a scoop or two and not more. Whether to take a single scoop or two depends upon your goals and your tendency to tolerate.  

People who are kick-starting their journey with the pre-workout should start with a low concentration, say half a scoop. Once they digest the dose and do not react, this is a sign to switch to a slightly higher one. 

Mix the formula with some liquid, preferably water. You can either use a glass or a shaker though dissolving all clumps before ingestion is essential. 

Ingredient Summary:: 

A particular scoop of the pre-workout supplement delivers a set of 12 ingredients in the following concentrations: 

  1. L-Citrulline – 4500 mg: 

The non-proteinaceous amino acid is generally sourced through watermelon for supplements that work to improve cardiovascular health. Essentially, it serves as a vasodilator by increasing nitric oxide (NO), which dilates blood vessels, causing a rush of blood.  

L-Citrulline is the vasodilator in Gorilla Mode for the muscles to receive a healthy delivery of blood. Of course, blood does not come unaccompanied. But with oxygen and nutrients that support intramuscular hydration and the production of mitochondrial ATP.  

ATP allows muscles to perform more aggressively and for longer without getting jammed by the accumulation of lactic acid. Moreover, the added supply of nutrients supports the muscle regeneration process that causes muscle fiber to repair and grow.  

Now, the effects of L-Citrulline are not something we are assuming or claiming. Research too, has validated its tendency to boost athletic performance and contribute to muscle recuperation 

  1. Creatine monohydrate – 2500 mg: 

Creatine is more like a value addition in Gorilla Mode that is extensively backed by meticulous research. As per experts, the agent can push the margins of sports performance, while contributing to your muscle growth and strength.  

International Society of Sports Nutrition claims that the chemical compound is more like an alternative to those harsh anabolic steroids. This is because it has a safety profile that is friendly to your health 

  1. GlycerPump- 1500 mg: 

It is a rich source of glycerol that helps hyper-hydrate the muscles. The process improves your endurance and keeps you focused on your workouts for a longer period of time. Moreover, the constituent supplies additional liquid to the muscles, causing water retention within the muscles and not under the skin. This gives the muscles a bigger, puffed-up look, contrary to that swollen appearance 

  1. Malic acid- 1500 mg: 

Malic acid is a promising inclusion in Gorilla Mode at a very healthy-friendly dose. The alpha-hydroxy acid promises to give you an athletic advantage by improving your overall mental and physical performance. As per evidence, it contributes to the making of the rocket fuel for muscles, ATP. It blunts the effects of fatigue and, in conjunction with creatine monohydrate, induces the secretion of growth hormones 

  1. Betaine anhydrous- 1250 mg: 

Gorilla Mode delivers dietary betaine as an extra punch to the naturally- producing ones. Basically, the substance benefits several areas of your health such as liver performance, production of carnitine, and cellular reproduction. However, its presence in the pre-workout is for the studies that have substantiated its performance enhancing effects in strength-trained individuals. The compound further helps with muscle hypertrophy, body composition, and bench press potential 

  1. L-Tyrosine- 750 mg: 

The non-essential amino acid has a reputation for stimulating metabolic pathways in bodybuilders and athletes. And as per anecdotal findings, it helps with muscle building as well as weight loss. So in essence, it has a body recomposition effect that naturally attracts fitness enthusiasts. 

 However, L-Tyrosine does not serve that purpose here. It is a part of Gorilla Mode as a stress buster, focus enhancer, or simply, a smart drug! 

  1. Agmatine sulfate- 500 mg: 

There are many advantages that follow agmatine for its tendency to enhance Gorilla mode nitric oxide (NO). Essentially, it helps to fight off depression, nerve pain, inflammation, fatigue, and more.  

As per experts, agmatine gets its performance enhancing powers through its tendency to influence pain receptors 

  1. Kanna- 250 mg: 

Kanna slips into the composition to unleash its tranquillizing effects that cope with stress and enhance your mood more efficiently. It’s a plant extract that works to push past mental blockages so you can increase your dedication level by 100% 

  1. Caffeine anhydrous- 175 mg: 

Gorilla mode pre workout caffeine is the natural stimulant that activates your brain and body through higher energy, focus, alertness, and sports performance. Unlike most pre-workouts, Gorilla Mode comes in a healthy and balanced dose. So the chances of a reaction or body high are low here 

  1. N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate- 175 mg: 

It is a type of phenethylamine that works as a natural stimulant in the body. Now, research is still needed to prove the effects of dimethylamine. Nonetheless, its effects are both surprising and promising for users. As per observations, it helps with increased attention, weight loss, athleticism, muscle growth, and more 

  1. Bioperine- 5 mg: 

Bioperine, a product of black pepper, gets into many dietary formulas to boost their bioavailability. The high strength of bioperine in Gorilla Mode supports optimal absorption of all of its ingredients 

  1. Huperzine A- 200 mcg: 

The acetylcholinesterase inhibitor serves as a smart drug in Gorilla Mode that works to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine. Essentially, we need the key neurotransmitter for a sharp memory, clarity, and attention for our day-to-day tasks, including workouts. And so, averting its breakdown can positively influence these cognitive areas  

So these are the ingredients that make Gorilla Mode, a powerful pre workout tool. As you can notice, the healthy doses of its ingredients focus not just on your physical capacity to perform but your mental as well. This is a comprehensive approach that is sure to power up your workouts. 

Gorilla Mode Customer Reviews: 

Its sale is fueled by word of mouth and rave reviews on customer portals like Gorilla Mode pre workout reddit. Since its launch, people have warmly welcomed the pre-workout and have extensively expressed their contentment. 

Not only users, but also critics and competitors, are praising the nutritional recipe. As per market analysis, it enjoys a good market share and counts as one of the top products in demand. 

Overall, gym-goers find Gorilla Mode a great tool to boost the volume of their training. Its potential to enhance focus, physical energy, pumps, and muscular endurance are other qualities that receive equal admiration. 

On top of all, buyers appreciate the variety in flavors and tastes that come from its manufacturers. 

Gorilla Mode Side Effects: 

Considering its positive aspects, it is natural to wonder is Gorilla Mode pre workout safe? 

As stimulants like caffeine have a fair amount of involvement, we cannot exclude the possibility of side effects. However, these complications will not be intense, and you can pretty much avoid them by beginning with a low dose. 

Yes, begin with a half-scoop and observe the reaction to the serving. If you do not notice any unusual signs; you can safely move to a full-scoop or two for optimum effects.  

Moreover, avoid any other stimulant in the form of a supplement, energy drink, or medicine besides. This will increase its power and put you at a higher risk of side effects. 

Where to buy Gorilla Mode pre workout: 

Gorilla Mode is only available through the official website of Gorilla Mind and not through any retailer or third-party. The brand reserves the selling right to regulate its price that is subject to increase through some middle-men.  

A single jar of the pre-workout contains a total of 40 scoops with every scoop supplying 15.425g of formula. This is a stock that can last for a month or so as its usage depends upon your workout quantity.  

The jar costs you around $50 that you can easily work around your budget. Besides, you can further save a ton by going for the 3-tub deal.  

Alternative Pre Workout supplement: 

In our opinion, the pre-workout that can outclass its quality and efficacy is CrazyNutrition Pre-Workout Formula. It is fast, it is potent, and it is all about boosting your training outcomes! 


We now have a better understanding of the hype surrounding Gorilla Mode. This includes in-depth knowledge about its ingredients, mechanism, and value it serves to the table.  

Essentially, every bit of information we chose to add to our write-up is not self-proclaimed. There is enough scientific evidence validating its overall effects, especially its ingredients.  

Rest assured, it is not some ordinary pre workout loaded with stimulants but a premeditated strategy that simplifies any dilemma revolving around performance barriers.  

So yes, Gorilla Mind is a quality addition to the category of pre-workout supplements. It is doing great justice to the buyers’ expectations and is here to stay! 


Q1- Gorilla Mode pre workout amazon? 

You can only buy Gorilla Mode preworkout through its official website and not from any retailer, including Amazon. This is done to ensure pure quality and regulated prices around the world. 

Q2- Gorilla Mode pre workout gnc? 

Likewise, Gorilla Mode pre-workout is not available at GNC but on the official Gorilla Mind website. 

Q3- Is Gorilla Mode a strong pre-workout? 

It is a powerful performance booster that equally favors your cognitive functions through smart drugs like L-tyrosine and Huperzine A. That is, Gorilla Mode is not just about higher physical strength and competitive aggression, it is about better focus and dedication too.  

Q4- Is Gorilla Mode healthy? 

Gorilla Mode encompasses a set of natural performance boosters in healthy doses. While it does have stimulants like caffeine, the manufacturers promise a limited dose to ensure tolerance.  

Q5- Is Gorilla Mode pre workout FDA approved? 

The manufacturing of Gorilla Mode occurs in FDA-compliant settings.  

Q6- Does Gorilla Mode pre workout have DMAA in it? 

No, but includes ingredients of equal value and quality.  

Q7- What does Gorilla Mode do? 

It focuses on boosting the concentration of nitric oxide so that the muscles receive an uninterrupted supply of oxygenated blood. Gorilla Mode supports you reach athletic heights by upgrading your muscular energy, endurance, and focus.  

Q8- What is so great about Gorilla Mode? 

Gorilla Mode is distinctive because it is a two-in-one strategy that equally focuses on physical and mental performance. Yes, unlike the standard pre workout supplements, its broad-spectrum effects also help you get the desired cognitive boost.  

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