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FunwithFeet Review: What You Need To Know

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FunwithFeet Review: What You Need To Know

Read our review on FunwithFeet. Learn how to sell feet pics. See how you can earn thousands by selling your feet pics quickly & safely.

FunwithFeet Review
FunwithFeet Review

Selling foot pics and videos should be a rewarding experience – both emotionally and financially. Many sellers report a boost in confidence and income. But with countless platforms used to sell foot pics – from OnlyFans and Instagram to foot pic websites like FeetFinder and Feet Lovers Only – it can feel daunting to choose the right outlet for your content.

We’re here to help! In this comprehensive guide, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the newest and fastest-growing foot pic marketplaces anywhere on the Internet – Fun with Feet. As the name suggests, this platform delivers a positive, fun experience for both buyers and sellers while also offering ample money-making opportunities.

So, if you’re ready to get your toes wet (pun intended) and explore the expanding foot pic industry, start by learning what makes Fun with Feet one of the best platforms for both new and experienced buyers and sellers.

About Fun with Feet


Fun with Feet is relatively new to the foot pic industry. This foot pic marketplace launched in early 2021 as the new kid on the block. One among many websites dedicated to buying and selling feet pics, Fun with Feet was determined to make a name for itself in the industry as a safe, secure, and content-rich space for professionals.

Since day one, Fun with Feet’s primary focus has been to connect legitimate buyers with talented content creators who share a love of feet and artistic expression. From professionals buying foot content for their businesses or website to foot fetishists looking to fulfill a specific fantasy, buyers, and sellers from all walks of life are welcome here (pun intended).

Fun with Feet also strives to provide a user-friendly experience. This is primarily achieved by the platform’s easy-to-navigate categories and collections. All of the foot content on Fun with Feet is organized into specific niches, with each seller posting collections of their work. Collections can include things like a photo album of sexy footwear pics or a foot massage video. Sellers are also encouraged to add tags and keywords to their content. This makes it simple for buyers to search and find exactly what they’re looking for – ultimately saving time, money, and the hassle of scouring thousands of foot pics before finding the perfect one.

To make things even more convenient, Fun with Feet clearly displays the most popular categories and trending topics on its homepage. New sellers are also featured under the “Recently Joined” section so buyers never miss out on new content and beginners gain much-needed exposure.

Fun with Feet for Sellers

Whether you’re currently selling foot pics on other platforms and simply need a change or you’re a newbie just starting out, Fun with Feet is a great creative outlet for your work. But before you go through the registration process and pay the small listing fee, check out what it takes to get started as a seller on this dedicated marketplace.

The Registration Process

First things first – let’s get you registered! Simply visit FunwithFeet.com and click on the “Sell Now” button.

Once you do, you’ll be directed to the registration page. Here, you can enter your personal information. Fun with Feet requires all sellers to choose a display name (which doesn’t have to be and probably shouldn’t be your legal name), your age, gender, ethnicity, and country of origin.


You’ll also be asked to write a short bio and upload a profile picture. The photo you choose doesn’t need to include your face. In fact, it could simply be one of your favorite or most popular feet pics. It can also include your favorite shoes, toned legs, or other body parts. Just keep in mind that Fun with Feet doesn’t allow nudity so make sure all of your important parts are covered!

The “About You” section is your time to shine. It’s the most personal part of your sales page and is a great way to attract buyers looking to fulfill a particular fantasy or fetish. Share some interesting details about yourself like your hobbies, likes and dislikes, and fetishes (if you have any). Avoid sharing anything too personal though, like your full legal name, location, or contact information. The more fun, creative, and engaging your bio, the more likely buyers are to engage with you and make a purchase.

The last step in this registration process is to enter your email address and create a password. You’ll need this information to log into your Fun with Feet account and access your page, notifications, and earnings, so be sure it’s something you’ll remember.

After entering all of your information and hitting “Continue”, you’ll be prompted to choose a subscription plan. One great feature of Fun with Feet is that their subscription fees are low plus sellers get to keep 100% of their sales. So, outside of this small fee, you won’t encounter any other fees or charges when listing and selling your content on this platform.

Fun with Feet’s seller membership plan unlocks countless features and tools that will catapult your foot pic business including the ability to chat with buyers, accept custom orders, complete interview questions that help clients get to know you better, and constantly update your collections with fresh new content. Remember, the more diverse your inventory is and the more active you are on the site, the more likely you are to attract buyers and even land a few repeat customers.

The most popular seller package is $9.99 for three months of access to the site. If you plan to invest more time and energy into your foot pic business, you may want to consider the six-month package for $14.99, which ultimately saves you $5.00.


Select a package and then enter your first and last name plus the country where you live. Fun with Feet never shares this information with anyone and it will never be revealed on your sales page, so sellers can remain completely anonymous while pursuing their dreams of foot pic stardom.

Once you click the “Proceed to Payment” button, you’ll be given a few options for completing your purchase. Fun with Feet uses Card Billing for its subscription services and accepts all major credit and debit cards.


After completing your purchase, the final total will be displayed in Euros and your account will be active and ready to use! Fun with Feet encourages all first-time sellers to upload at least 3 collections after first launching their sales page but more is always better.

Navigating Your Dashboard

Once your payment is approved, you’ll be automatically redirected to your Fun with Feet dashboard.


Here, you can set your profile picture and start uploading content into different collections by clicking on “Create Collections” in the upper right corner of the screen. Fun with Feet encourages new members to upload at least 3 collections to start but strongly recommends you upload as many as possibly. Just keep in mind, quality over quantity. The pictures and videos you upload should be high-resolution and a reflection of the time and attention you put into creating them.

The sidebar navigation menu also lets you access important pages including your profile, earnings, inbox, and other settings. Under the “About Me” tab you’ll see your username displayed at the top and options for linking your social media accounts and adding more personal information to help entice and attract buyers.

The “Earnings” section shows you exactly how much money you have in your Fun with Feet wallet including your available and pending balance. You can also request a withdrawal from this page and keep track of all your recent transactions.


The “Settings” tab lets you update your email address and password.

You can also view and respond to client messages and requests using the “Inbox” tab.

Fun with Feet for Buyers


It takes both sellers and buyers to make the foot pic industry run. While there are plenty of active sellers on Fun with Feet, there are also eager buyers in the market for all types of foot content. If this describes you, read our guide to signing up on the site as a buyer.

Searching and Browsing Foot Content

Getting started on Fun with Feet as a buyer is simple and similar to registering as a seller. But even before you register and pay to access the website’s features like unlocking hidden collections, messaging sellers directly, and downloading content, you can browse different pages and categories to get a sneak peek at the type of content Fun with Feet sellers post.

Simply click on “Browse and Buy Sexy Feet Pics & Videos” on the main page and you’ll see the following – a list of popular sellers, plus a search bar that allows you to browse by category or keyword.


You can also click on the “Filters” button to help sort and organize the content according to your preferences. Select different categories, ethnicities, and genders to help narrow down your search.

Creating a Buyer Account

Once you find a seller or collection you’re interested in, simply click “Unlock Collection”. This will bring you to the sign-up page for buyers. Simply create a display name, enter your email address and password, and confirm that you’re 18 years of age before clicking “Sign up & Continue”. If you’re currently registered as a seller on Fun with Feet, you can browse and purchase feet pics using your current login information.


Once you’re officially logged in as a buyer and are prepared to make a purchase, all the content in the specific collection you’re interested in will be visible. You can now choose a payment method or choose to store a credit card on file and download all of your favorite foot content easily and safely. You can also use your dashboard to message sellers directly with any questions or custom order requests.

How to Make Money on Fun with Feet

Setting your rates on Fun with Feet is fairly easy, considering sellers keep 100% of their sales. The price you list your content for is the amount of money deposited into your Fun with Feet account. Active users on the site sell an average of 6 collections per month. This includes pictures and videos. Most collections are priced between $10 and $30, depending on the type of content, the category, and the seller’s popularity. At the higher end of this pay scale, you could earn up to $180 per month.

After someone downloads your collection, the money is automatically deposited into your personal Fun with Feet wallet. From there, you can request a transfer into your bank account. Fun with Feet requires a $50 minimum for all withdrawals and transfers. Once you make a request, your funds are available within a few business days.

The amount of money you make selling foot content on Fun with Feet depends on a variety of factors, with plenty of opportunities to earn. Things to consider include

  • The type of content you post
  • How often you’re active on the site
  • How well you engage and interact with potential customers
  • How quickly you respond to private messages and notifications
  • Whether or not you accept custom orders
  • The quality of content you post
  • How diverse and expansive your collections are

As with most foot pic platforms, the effort you put into your sales page and reputation will reflect in the number of sales you make and buyers you attract.

Pros and Cons of Fun with Feet for Sellers

As you weigh your options for the best foot pic platforms to invest your time and money in, consider these pros and cons of Fun with Feet for sellers.


You Get to Keep 100% of Your Sales

One of the greatest appeals of Fun with Feet is that sellers get to keep every penny of their sales. The platform doesn’t keep a percentage as a commission or charge any fees outside of your monthly package. This makes it easier than ever to price your collections and set your budget. You can also keep your foot content prices affordable and competitive while still earning a decent income.

Inexpensive, Non-Recurring Subscription Fees

Some foot pic platforms charge recurring subscription fees with no warning or have exorbitant prices that make it difficult to make money. Not Fun with Feet! These fees are not only affordable ($9.99 for three months or $14.99 for six months) and don’t renew without your approval.

Built-In Promotion for New Sellers

One of the biggest challenges for new foot pic sellers is gaining traction and attention while securing new buyers. This is often achieved through self-promotion on other outlets like social media. Fun with Feet gives new users and active sellers a little promotional boost by showcasing them on the homepage. New sellers are listed under the “Recently Joined” section, while the most popular categories and collections are updated regularly.

The Website is User-Friendly

Unlike other foot pic platforms that can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, Fun with Feet’s design is professional and streamlined. It’s simple to search and find various foot pic categories or search for a certain seller, which means your biggest fans will have no problem finding you and purchasing your content. Fun with Feet also makes it easy for sellers to conveniently upload their foot pics and videos into organized categories and collections, creating a professional sales page that attracts legitimate buyers.

Secure and Fast Payment Options

Fun with Feet goes to great lengths to protect your privacy, security, and money. Using a secure payment platform and allowing buyers to use all major credit cards, sellers can enjoy fast, secure payments. All of your funds are safely deposited into your Fun with Feet wallet until your balance is $50 or greater. At this point, you can request to have your money transferred into an associated bank account where you can withdraw it and spend it any way you see fit. Most transfers are completed within 48 and 72 hours.


Periodic Website Glitches

A few sellers reported seeing notifications for messages in their inboxes but being unable to access them. Slow loading times could be attributed to sellers trying to upload files and images that are too big. Stick to medium-sized, high-resolution images that don’t bog down your sales page.

Requires a Subscription Fee to Use Most Features

Although this is one downside to using Fun with Feet, subscription fees are a necessary evil on all foot pic platforms. While many websites advertise being “free to register”, if you want to access any of the necessary tools and features for building your profile and connecting with buyers, you’ll need to upgrade your account. Luckily, Fun with Feet’s rates are reasonable compared to others.

Pros and Cons of Fun with Feet for Buyers

As a buyer, you don’t want to send your money to just any foot pic website. You want a platform that’s secure, reliable, and full of rich, quality content. If you’re considering using Fun with Feet for your next purchase, check out these pros and cons before closing the deal.


Easy and Affordable to Browse and Search Foot Content

Browsing foot content on Fun with Feet is easy and affordable. All you have to do is sign up and create a username and password and choose a subscription plan. Once you’re logged in, you can browse countless pages of high-quality foot pics and videos, interact with sellers, and purchase and download the collections you like most. You can also send direct messages to your favorite sellers to place custom orders, chat, or negotiate pricing.

Safe and Secure Payment System

Speaking of payment, Fun with Feet uses a safe and secure payment system known as Card Billing for all of its transactions. Buyers can use a major credit card to make purchases, which are often protected by their own safeguards. You can also refer any payment issues to the Fun with Feet customer service team for assistance.

Easy-to-Use Categories and Collections

Don’t get bogged down by endless pages of foot content that doesn’t meet your needs or fulfill your desires. On Fun with Feet, it’s simple to find exactly what you’re looking for. Search using specific keywords, categories, or collections. Whether you’re a professional or business owner looking for artistic photos or a foot lover with a kink or fetish, you can easily search and find the kind of content you want and need, at affordable prices.

Professional and Beautiful Sellers

Buyers on Fun with Feet don’t have to worry about getting scammed. All sellers are verified and carry themselves as professionals. Unlike some other niche or kink sites that focus primarily on shock value, Fun with Feet supports a variety of sellers from both the professional and fetish industries. High-quality content and high-resolution images are strongly encouraged as are professional and polite interactions between sellers and their clients.


Lack of Response from Sellers

Some buyers reported sending messages to sellers and never getting a response. Whether you sent a custom order request or just wanted to chat, website glitches could be the cause of these unanswered notifications. More active sellers are often more responsive, whereas sellers that only post periodically may overlook these notifications. The best approach for buyers is to focus on active and responsive sellers that post consistently.

Fun with Feet Reviews from Real Customers


One of the best ways to determine if a product or service is right for you is to read reviews from real customers. Below you’ll find both positive and negative reviews from real buyers and sellers on Fun with Feet.

Positive Seller Reviews

A great site for beginners like me who knew nothing about selling foot pictures at first. Before long, I was posting multiple pics a day, chatting with customers, and even taking custom orders.

I love the fact that FunwithFeet lets you keep 100% of your money and only charges a small listing fee to keep your sales page running. The site itself is super easy to navigate and is well-organized.

This is the easiest platform for selling feet pics and videos! The registration process only took me a few minutes and my account was active immediately so I could start posting and making money.

Negative Seller Reviews

It would be a great website except for the fact that I can't access any of my messages.

I feel like I am not getting recognized as much as I would like.

The site is okay, just having trouble reaching legitimate buyers even after buying a membership.

Positive Buyer Reviews

Fun with Feet has the hottest models with the most beautiful and diverse photo collections. I’ve never been disappointed with a purchase.

Quality pics and videos from legit and verified sellers. What more do you need?

I don’t know what I love more, the sexy content or the educational blog. I’ve learned so much about foot fetishes since joining this site.

Negative Buyer Reviews

I tried to message a few sellers directly with no response, but this could be their issue and have nothing to do with the site itself so I’m gonna keep trying.

The website can be a little slow loading sometimes.

I’ve run into a few technical glitches along the way, but nothing major.

Fun with Feet Customer Service

Customer service is a huge part of any successful online business – including selling feet pics. Knowing the platform you use has a knowledgeable and responsive customer support team means getting answers to your questions quickly and resolving any issues with minimal disruption in sales or service.

Fun with Feet has an easy-to-use customer support page where both buyers and sellers can send a message detailing their questions or concerns. Simply click on “Contact Us”, then enter your name, email address, and what you need help with. The more details you include the better.

We sent a message to Fun with Feet’s support team asking for help uploading images and received a response within 24 hours. The team member was polite, and helpful, and provided thorough instructions on how to rectify the issue. If all inquiries on Fun with Feet are handled swiftly, buyers and sellers should enjoy uninterrupted service and access to the website.

Fun with Feet vs. Competitor Platforms

With so many foot pic platforms to choose from, sometimes, it takes a direct comparison to really see who stands out as the best. Here’s how Fun with Feet stacks up against its competitors in some of the most important areas.

Website Layout and Functionality

In today’s digital world, instant gratification and results are a must. Some foot pic websites are clunky, disorganized, and slow. Although Fun with Feet may experience minor glitches with messaging and notifications, some of these are likely attributed to inactive or abandoned accounts. Photo collections and videos are easy to find and download.

Overall, the website has a warm, neutral color palette and minimalist design which adds to its appeal and professionalism. Other websites like FeetFinder use childlike colors and an abundance of categories that may confuse or overwhelm users. Feetfiy is overrun with pop-ups and banners that make it difficult to even scroll the page without interruption. All of these hurdles can deter visitors looking for a simpler website design and, ultimately, cost you sales and negatively impact website traffic.

Customer Service and Support

Fun with Feet’s contact form is relatively basic and similar to many other platforms. The biggest difference is, their customer service team is much more responsive and helpful. Many websites take several days to respond – if at all! And many send generic answers to customer questions and inquiries that don’t really offer useful or specific solutions. Fun with Feet’s support staff is knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. Responses are swift and from a real team member – not a robot or AI. The only thing better would be a live chat feature, but with such prompt responses, this really isn’t necessary.

Fees and Commissions

Fun with Feet lets sellers keep 100% of their sales. This is a huge benefit and one of the biggest differences between this website and competitors like FeetFinder or even OnlyFans, which is another major outlet for foot content. Both of these platforms keep 20% of every sale. That’s a huge chunk of your earnings that adds up over time. It also forces sellers to raise their rates which can turn away customers shopping on a budget. Sellers are entitled to all the money made off their sexy foot content and Fun with Feet respects this.

The subscription fees for listing items on the site are also affordable, with two options to choose from. If one price doesn’t suit you, simply switch to a less expensive plan that works within your budget. You’re also in control of whether or not you want to renew your Fun with Feet subscription, with no pressure or strings attached.

Earning Potential

Fun with Feet has plenty of ways for sellers to earn money and capitalize on their following. For starters, you can design your gorgeous sales page any way you want by uploading new collections, teasers, videos, and more as often as you like. You also have the ability to chat directly with potential buyers. Using the website’s chat feature, you can accept custom orders, negotiate pricing, and get to know your clients on a more personal level, which often turns them into repeat customers.

Because you set your rates and keep 100% of all your sales, your earning potential on Fun with Feet is endless. Once you choose a subscription plan during the registration process, you never have to worry about making another payment until it expires. Not to mention, the website’s homepage highlights active sellers under popular categories and collections, plus new sellers. Other websites often randomize their homepage results with no real formula, which means landing yourself a spot is completely by chance. And when you’re investing your time and energy into creating high-quality foot content, the last thing you want to do is leave your success to chance.

Security and Safety

Both buyers and sellers on Fun with Feet can have peace of mind knowing the platform uses a safe and secure billing system and verifies all users. Some other foot pic websites like Feetify require sellers to choose their own. While this works for some people, it also leaves them vulnerable to scams without any recourse. At Fun with Feet, you can contact the customer service team with any issues and they’ll work hard to find a solution that works for both parties.

Fun with Feet never shares your information either and makes it easy for sellers to remain anonymous. Some foot pic platforms encourage sellers to show their faces or bodies, which not everyone is comfortable with. If you want a website where you can still make money without revealing your identity, Fun with Feet’s layout and features give you the support you need to succeed.

Advice from a Sex Therapist and Expert

Are you hesitant to launch your foot pic career because you’re concerned the industry might soon take a dive? According to sex therapist, Dr. Melissa Cook, you have nothing to worry about!

“Foot fetishes are here to stay,” Dr. Cook explains. “The world is becoming increasingly accepting of different fetishes, kinks, and sexual preferences. Now more than ever, you can find just about anything your kinky little heart desires online – including foot pics and videos!”

Dr. Cook goes on to say, “Foot fetishes are actually among the most common and widely recognized. If anything, foot pics and videos are becoming racier and more taboo, not let. So if you’re thinking about selling foot content online, now’s the time.”

When asked about her thoughts on Fun with Feet, she had this to say.

“I love the overall look and layout of the site. The neutral color palette, categories, and collections give it a professional feel which is different from other foot pic platforms that focus more on sex appeal and shock value. Fun with Feet makes it easy for beginners to break into the industry or experienced sellers to upgrade their current sales strategy and take a new, more modern approach.”

Explore the Lucrative Possibilities of Fun with Feet

Fun with Feet is a professional, reliable, and user-friendly foot pic platform for both buyers and sellers. With secure transactions and easy-to-use tools and features, buyers get what they’re looking for and sellers keep 100% of the earnings made from their sexy foot content. Registration is easy and sellers get much-needed exposure on the platform’s homepage. Whether you’re new to selling foot content online, a more experienced seller, or a buyer on the hunt for something specific, Fun with Feet has it all!



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