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Does U-Pass Synthetic Urine Work – Full U Pass Review & Drug Test Guide

Clear Choice is the Premier drug test avoidance product company who have been around for more than 20 years.

U-Pass Synthetic Urine Work

In this U Pass review, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about using it to pass a urine drug test.

Does U Pass work? You’re going to find out in the next five minutes.

I will be comparing it to the following premium brands. So, if you want to check them out and see if they fit your needs better, you can view them here:

I’m going to cover what happens during a drug test, and how your sample is analyzed. Then you’ll understand better how a fake urine product can pass, or fail. I’ll analyze all the key U Pass characteristics, and give you full instructions for using it.

Then, I’ll finish the review by telling you how it compares to Sub Solution and Quick Luck, the two premium brands on the market.

The Steps A Urine Sample Goes Through Under Analysis

Whether you submit U Pass synthetic urine or any other type of fake urine, this is the process it will go through to determine if it’s a valid sample and whether it contains drug metabolites are not.

1.    The first stage is the temperature check. This has to happen within two minutes of you doing the sample. The sample strip on the side of the sample cup will be checked either by human or by machine if it’s an Ecup system. It has to be between 90°F 100°F to be a valid sample. If it’s not within that temperature range, then you fail the test.

2.    Validity checking is now completed. A dipstick test is done to look for nitrates and other adulterants, creatinine levels pH, specific gravity, and sometimes other markers/characteristics of human urine.

3.    If it passes the first two steps then it goes through a urinalysis. This is called an immunoassay, or more commonly you will have heard it is referred to as a panel drug test. The number of substances that have been commissioned to check for, a panel is used to see if it reacts when saturated with your sample.

4.    If the validity checks find a problem or the immunoassay throws up anomalies, or the sample tests positive for a drug, then it will be sent for a confirmation check. This is a full gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis. No fake urine will pass this analysis, but it’s unlikely that most samples will ever get to that stage anyway.

How Complex Does Fake Urine Have To Be?

Fake urine doesn’t have to be as complex as human urine, it just has to be close enough to pass the steps I’ve just explained to you.

But a good brand of fake urine that will stand up to most normal levels of scrutiny does have to have the following characteristics:

•    Must look like urine
•    Froth-like urine (contain albumin)
•    Should also smell like urine
•    Will contains urea and uric acid
•    Contain the correct balance of creatinine
•    Will be balanced for specific gravity and pH range
•    Should contain some other common chemicals
•    Must not contain biocide preservatives


The last point is important. Biocide preservatives are found in many things, including plenty of household products and beauty products.

A few years back lots of popular brands of fake urine started failing on a regular basis. Experience people online pieced it together and worked out there was a common footprint, something in all of them that was being tested for during the validity checks.

Biocide preservatives with the thing that came under suspicion. Some companies confirmed them, and others confirmed they didn’t use them. Universally, the companies who said their products didn’t use biocide-based preservatives were the ones who were not failing in increased numbers.

So, your fake urine cannot contain biocide preservatives otherwise, when scrutinized by the labs who check for them, their presence will automatically fail the sample.

U Pass Synthetic Urine Information & Characteristics

U Pass drug test urine is made by a company called Safeguard, which I must confess I’ve never heard of and don’t know of any other products they make.
But what I do know is that U Pass has the following characteristics:
•    Looks like urine
•    Is within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
•    Contains both urea and uric acid (although validity checks don’t always look for these)
•    Contains the correct amount of creatinine

Considering only costs $29.95, that’s not a bad range of tick boxes checked. It certainly covers all the basics.

One problem is it doesn’t froth like urine. The top brands contain albumin, which makes it froth in the same way as human urine does when it hits the water, or is shaken. It also doesn’t really smell like urine, although some people claim it does. To me, it certainly doesn’t and I’m not sure it would fool an experienced LabCorp employee either.

The big one though is that U Pass seems to contain biocide preservatives. They have never denied it does, and I’ve never seen anything convincing stating that it doesn’t.

U Pass Instructions

If you want to use U Pass to pass a drug test, then these are the instructions you need to follow:

1.    Microwave the premixed urine for about 15 seconds. Shake the bottle, watch the temperature strip on the side. If it needs heating more, repeat the process. You want to get the temperature as close to 100°F as possible, but without it going above that.

2.    Activate the heatpad by shaking it gently until you start to feel heat coming from it. Then strap it to the sample with the supplied elastic band, or my recommendation is with more secure duct tape (which will also stop heat radiating away from the sample more). Always make sure that you attach the heatpad to the bottle on the opposite side of the stock on the temperature strip. If you don’t, you could get a false reading, and you will be able to effectively see the temperature strip quickly.

3.    Tuck the completed and warmed sample into your underwear. They won’t intimately search you. Put on baggy jogging bottoms, and you are good to go.

4.    Just before you go into the building, check the temperature one last time. If it’s below 90°F, then pour hot water on it. Take a cheap flask of hot water with you, and dispose of the flask. Do not take a flask in with you, as this could arouse suspicion.


5.    When you submit your sample, take the U Pass out, squeeze the bottle gently to emit the urine, and then hide the bottle again.

Top Tip When Using Any Fake Urine To Pass A Drug Test

This is not something you will see in many synthetic urine reviews , and I like to put it into mine because it’s actually crucial.

We talked about footprints and minimizing the chances of them spotting that it’s a fake sample.

Some fake urine brands come with 2 fluid ounces, and others 3 fluid ounces, in the container.

Most brands used to contain 2 fluid ounces. But, when it became obvious drug testing labs had started asking for larger sample sizes to catch people out, a lot of brands increased the size to 3 fluid ounces.

Whatever you do, don’t empty the entire contents of the bottle into the sample container. How suspicious is it going to look if your sample is exactly 3 fluid ounces?!

The Million Dollar Question: Does U Pass Work?

U Pass could definitely work to pass a drug test. It has the basics required, but it’s not the best balanced or convincing fake urine out there.

If it hits the roadblock of more advanced validity checks or the suspicion of an employee, then you could be in trouble. Also, if it’s facing an automated eCup analysis, or is being tested by one of the big labs, then it will definitely check for biocide preservatives, and you will be screwed.


It only costs $29.95 and is available from all sorts of awful outlets, including cheap U Pass synthetic urine on Amazon. Also, it’s available in smoke shops locally at vastly inflated prices.

As a last resort, it’s okay. But if you’ve got preparation time, there are far better options that will almost guarantee that you pass.

Do Not Use These Alternatives

Just as U Pass is a last resort, so you should look at Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz in the same way. They are actually better than U Pass, but still no good for anything other than a cheap pre-employment drug test where they won’t face much scrutiny.

You should completely avoid XStream, Magnum, and Urine Luck. Those are all horrendous brands that don’t even contain all of the basics to pass a drug test.

Best Options: Sub Solution & Quick Luck

Clear Choice is the Premier drug test avoidance product company who have been around for more than 20 years.

Sb Solution has been around for almost that long and has a hugely positive track record in passing drug tests. It’s complex and high quality.

The downside is that Sub Solution is a powder. You have to mix it with filtered water to use it. This is problematic if you don’t have plenty of preparation time. If you do, it’s really no issue and will save you some money.

So, Clear Choice introduced Quick Luck. It’s basically Sub Solution that’s premixed. Sub Solution costs $85 , whereas Quick Luck costs $100.


They are not cheap, but they are the most complex brands on the market. Perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity, containing 14 chemicals found in real urine.

Quick Luck and Sub Solution both look like urine, froth like it, and even smell like it completely.

They also use heat activator powder. This gets around the problem of a failing heatpad completely.

Just tap in about one-third of the powder, shake it until it dissolves, and watch the temperature rise. Tap in a little more if needed. Then tuck the sample back into your crotch area, and go in and submit it.

Both Sub Solution and Quick Luck far more suitable for passing a drug test than U Pass.

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