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Coin Master Free Spins

Coin Master is a highly addictive and enthralling mobile game that has taken the world by storm. But as you progress in the game, you'll notice that you’ll need coins and spins as they are fundamental to your success. And let's face it; these in-game resources are expensive and don't come easily.

For this reason, we’ve put together the following article to cover some of the ways that you can get free spins and coins without burning a hole through your pocket.


Coin Master 


Moon Active 


iOS, Android, iPadOS 

Initial release date: 

December 11, 2010 

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But first, let's look at how this game works.

How To Get Free Spins and Coins in Coin Master 2023

Here are some legitimate ways that you can consider following to get free coins and spins on Coin Master.

Connect Your Coin Master Account with Facebook

Connecting your Facebook account in Coin Master can offer numerous benefits, including free spins. By linking your account to Facebook, you’ll receive daily rewards and bonuses that will definitely enhance your Coin Master experience.

And the best part? It's super easy to do! Simply follow the prompts within the game to connect your coin master account with your Facebook account.

Invite Your Friends on Facebook

Also, did you know that inviting your friends to play Coin Master can earn you free spins? By using the "Invite Friends" feature within the game, you can send invitations to play to your friends. For each friend who accepts the invitation and starts playing, you will get a certain number of free spins. At the time of writing, it was 40 free spins.

Follow Coin Master On Social Media

Speaking of social media, you can get a bunch of links that lead to free spins each day. Following Coin Master on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will give you access to information about promotions, events, and giveaways. These promotional events could be your gateway to winning free spins and coins.

Sign Up for Email Gifts

Another option that you should consider if you want free spins involves signing up for email gifts. You might get free spins every single day just by following a link on your phone. To get started, simply provide your email address, and you'll receive regular updates about the latest promotions, bonus offers, and free spin opportunities.

Watch Video Ads

Just like most mobile games, you'll be prompted to watch a short advertisement as you play the game. This is fused into the business model to get the viewers to watch ads in exchange for some coins and free spins.

Basically, all you have to do is hit the "Watch Ad" button, sit back, and watch the ad. After the ad is over, you'll receive your free coins or spins, depending on the reward.

Attending or Participating in Events

The beauty of Coin Master is that there is almost always an event happening at any given time. This means that you can get a ton of free spins. For instance, when viewing the slot machine, turn your gaze to the top right of the screen.

Any virtual buttons present underneath the menu are probably events. Tap on it and wait to see what event it pertains to. If you take advantage of such, you’ll get yourself a whole lot of coins.

Spinning the Daily Wheel

Spinning the wheel is a common feature in many mobile games, including Coin Master. It's an exciting and engaging way to earn rewards and progress in the game. Besides, spinning the wheel is an easy way to get free coins and spins daily.

What is Coin Master and How Does it Work?

Coin Master is one of the most talked about games in the mobile app world since Candy Crush and Pokemon Go. It’s a free-to-play game created by Israeli Developers Moon Active back in 2016. It's designed for single players and made available for iOS and Android platforms.

According to Udonis.Co, Coin Master had over 300 million downloads as of 2022. Other sources put it as one of the top-grossing games in the Google Play store in the US alone. Not only that, but the game has a high rating of 4.5 stars, with over 4. Million people gave it a perfect score of 5 stars.

The goal of Coin Master is to build your own Viking village by spinning the slot machine and winning coins. You can use these coins to upgrade your village or attack other players' villages.

In this game, you can join a multiplayer session with your friends or other random players. You’ll then compete against each other to see who can build the most impressive village. You can also join or create a coin master club, where you can play with members from different corners of the world.

One thing that makes Coin Master so enjoyable is its unique blend of luck and strategy. It’s virtually impossible to predict what you'll get when you spin the slot machine. This introduces an element of surprise and excitement. On the flip side, you need to be smart about how you use your coins if you want to build the strongest possible village.

Another great aspect of Coin Master is its engaging interface. The game has a playful, cartoonish style that appeals to people of all ages. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore gamer, you'll love the colorful graphics fused with captivating sound effects.

Seeing how enjoyable the game is, you’ll need to have many spins to keep playing this game. You’ll have to spin the slot machine to earn coins, which give you the power to attack other players' villages and receive rewards. The number of spins you have determines your chances of winning big rewards. So, remember to use your spins wisely.

Other Not-So-Safe Ways of Getting Free Spins

It is important to note that there are other methods of obtaining free spins in Coin Master that are not safe or ethical. Methods such as hacking the game, downloading third-party software, or using glitch exploits are considered unsafe and unethical. It's tempting for players looking to progress quickly to use such methods, but we advise you to think twice before doing so.

For one, it goes against the terms of service and violates the rights of the game developers. It can also compromise the security of your device and put your personal information at risk. Lastly, it takes away the sense of accomplishment and fairness that is meant to be part of the game experience.

There are coin master generators which are basically websites or software that claim to provide free spins and coins. However, you should know that the use of these generators is unethical and potentially unsafe.

The consequences of using such methods to obtain free spins in Coin Master can be severe. You may face account suspension or termination, and your progress may be reset. In addition, using these methods may put your device at risk of malware and viruses, which can harm your device and compromise your personal information.

It's important to remember that cheating and unethical practices go against the spirit of the game and can harm the overall gaming community. So, it's best to avoid these methods and play the game fairly as intended by the developer.

Coin Master Game Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the best Coin Master game tips and tricks that you should consider if you want to enhance your overall gaming experience.

Complete Card Sets

Card sets are one of the most important elements of Coin Master. Completing a set allows you to earn rewards and potentially advance to the next level. Try to collect as many cards as possible to increase your chances of completing a set. You can trade cards with friends to help you complete your collection.

Use Your Spins Wisely

Each spin of the slot machine costs coins, so it's important to use your spins wisely. You should aim to save your spins for when you need them most. It would be best if you only use them when you have a good chance of earning a reward. Also, it's a good idea to spin the machine multiple times in a row, as this increases your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Coin Master offers various bonuses that you can take advantage of to increase your earnings. These bonuses include daily spins, rewards for inviting friends, and bonuses for completing card sets. Make sure to claim these bonuses regularly to help you progress in the game.

Raid and Attack Other Players

One of the ways to earn coins in Coin Master is by raiding and attacking other players. When you raid a player, you have a chance to steal some of their coins. Similarly, when you attack a player, you can destroy their village and take some of their coins. Make sure to choose your targets wisely, as attacking the wrong player can result in losing your coins.

Protect Your Village

Protecting your village is also an important part of Coin Master. You can do this by upgrading your village buildings and using shields. Upgrading your village buildings makes them more difficult for other players to destroy, and shields protect your village from attacks. Try to balance your upgrades and shield usage to maximize your protection.

In the game, you can activate "Ghost Mode" as a way to protect your village from being attacked by other players. When Ghost Mode is activated, your village will not be visible to other players, and they will not be able to attack it.

However, you will also not be able to attack other players' villages while in Ghost Mode. To activate Ghost Mode, you will need to go to the game's settings and turn on the feature. Note that activating Ghost Mode may also prevent you from receiving coins or other rewards in the game.

Join a Coin Master Group

Groups, just like most smartphone games, are designed to help you progress in the game. You can trade cards with other players, ask for help with completing sets, and share tips and tricks. Joining a group also allows you to participate in events and contests, which can earn you additional rewards.

Remember to Grab Your Daily Bonuses
As a Coin Master player, taking advantage of daily bonuses is important as they can help boost your coin collection and progress in the game. Here's a tip: make sure to log in to the game every day to claim your daily bonus.

This can include coin rewards, spins, or even extra cards. These bonuses can add up over time and significantly boost your overall coin collection. So, set a reminder or make it a habit to check in daily to claim your bonuses and maximize your coin-earning potential in the game.

Take Advantage of Events

Playing Coin Master effectively requires strategy and a good understanding of the game mechanics. And a solid strategy that could come in handy when playing is taking advantage of events. These events often offer players the opportunity to earn special rewards, such as bonus spins or increased loot drops.

By keeping an eye on the in-game calendar and taking part in events when they occur, you can boost your progress and acquire valuable resources more quickly. Participating in events can provide a more engaging and enjoyable experience as you work towards event-specific goals and compete with other players.

But beware; some events may have time limits or require certain criteria to be met. For this reason, be sure to read the event details carefully and plan your gameplay accordingly.


There are plenty of ways to legitimately get free coins and spins in one of the world’s most popular mobile games, Coin Master. These methods include watching ads, linking your Facebook account, inviting friends to play the game on your Facebook account, and following Coin Master on social media.

Although there are other ways of generating free spins and coins, we advise that you refrain from them as they have serious consequences, which could lead to your account suspension or data breaches. These methods include using online Coin Master generators and exploiting glitches in the game through other online websites.

With that said, Coin Master is still a highly enjoyable game. We’ve outlined some of the tips we believe will enhance your gaming experience. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and build your own Viking village.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.