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Casino Utan Svensk Licens

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Casino Utan Svensk Licens

That’s where this article comes in. Here, you'll find tips on joining a safe online casino utan svensk licens, and the benefits of using one.

Casino utan Svensk Licens
Casino utan Svensk Licens

There’s been a lot of talk about Casino utan Svensk licens and Casino utan Spelpaus over the last few years. That’s because of Sweden’s 2019 Gambling Act. It introduced new, restrictive laws around sports betting and gambling in the country. 

Most of these laws are centered around responsible gambling. The government saw it fit to give people the power to self-exclude from betting and gambling through Spelpaus. It also provided casinos with strict rules to basically stop encouraging the Swedes to gamble. 

This has led to the emergence of the popularity of casino online utan Svensk licens. These are unlicensed online casinos that Swedish players can register and play with. But, how do you find a safe casino utan Svensk licens? 

That’s where this article comes in. Here, you'll find tips on joining a safe online casino utan svensk licens, and the benefits of using one. We’ll also take a close look at Spelpaus, what it is, why it was introduced, and how it works. This information should empower players to make the right decisions when choosing casino utan svensk licens. 

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What is a Casino utan Svensk licens? 

As a starting point, it’s good to know what a casinosidor utan Svensk licens actually is. At first glance, these sites seem illegal, and that no Swede should join them. But, if you want to play online casino utan spelpaus, you’ll have to look to the unlicensed options. “Ett casino utan svensk licens är ett online casino som inte har erhållit licens från den svenska Spelinspektionen. Dessa casinon följer inte de svenska spelreglerna och anses vara oreglerade i Sverige.” Sure, that's not a bad thing for a Swede, especially if you know how to select these casinos. 

Licensed curacao casino and Malta casino sites are a good place to start, for example. That aside, let’s define what makes a Casino utan Svensk licens and how the government plays a role in making this happen. We’ll also assess the differences between Swedish Casinos with a government-issued casino and those without one. 

But first, we’ll give you a brief background of online gambling in Sweden. 

A Brief History of Swedish Gambling Regulations 

Gambling and sports betting laws are not new to Swedes. In fact, there’ve been a number of regulations around gambling and sports betting in Sweden over the last few decades. 

The government passed the first gambling-related law with the Gaming Act of 1943. It made all types of privately-run gambling and betting illegal. 

In fact, the only legal games were the state-run lotteries and horse racing. 

Then, came the 1994 Lotteries Act. It allowed for privately-run lotteries and casinos. This is also when the Swedish National Gaming Board (Spelinspektionen) was established. It was through this board that new lotteries and casinos could get licenses. 

The Casino Act of 1999 allowed for the establishment of private land-based casinos in Sweden. However, only legal casinos were the government-owned online casinos. 

The latest gambling-related law to be passed was the Gambling Act 2019. Despite opening up the online casino market to private companies, it was also one of the most restrictive. That’s where spelpaus came into play. We’ll discuss what this is later in this article. 

Licensed Swedish Casinos 

As the term suggests, a licensed Swedish casino has the government’s permission to operate in the country. It'd have to apply for a license and pass all requirements, such as a sound financial standing. This casino can be any off-shore company that wants to operate in Sweden. 

With the government currently fully in control of the gambling industry, operators had to change how they operate. They had to do this in order to continue enjoying access to the vibrant gambling market in Sweden. It was also important to follow these regulations in order to avoid paying huge fines. 

Check below for some of the most notable Gambling Act of 1999 rules: 

  • Foreign casinos, in particular, had to get a valid license from the Spelinspektionen (the Swedish Gambling Authority) to operate legally in the country. 
  • There’s a limit on how much money players can wager in the casino. 
  • Casinos must set a maximum time players can spend on specific games, such as slots. 
  • There’s an 18% tax on casino revenue. 
  • Also, the restrictions on advertising and bonuses that can affect marketing efforts. Online casinos in Sweden don't have the freedom to create promotional campaigns as they want to. 
  • For casino payment, the use of a digital ID (BankID) is required. This ID is linked to your bank, so financial institutions know your gambling activities. 
  • Casinos Operators must ensure that customer funds in a separate account from operational funds. This is a way of proving that the casino is financially viable and not relying on customer deposits or won balances to “keep the lights on.” 

These above rules encourage responsible gambling on the part of the casino and gamblers. They can be seen as quite restrictive, especially when you compare them to any other EU casino utan Svensk licens. 

Casino utan Spelpaus 

Right, now, let’s discuss Spelpaus and how it works. “Ett casino utan Spelpaus är ett casino som inte är anslutet till det svenska självavstängningssystemet Spelpaus. Det innebär att spelare inte kan använda Spelpaus för att blockera sig själva från spel på dessa casinon.” This is central to how the Swedish government regulates the industry. It’s a way of protecting players from developing gambling problems. At the same time, it helps online casinos to provide a safe environment for Swedish punters over 18 years of age. 

Casino utan Spelpaus 
Casino utan Spelpaus 

There are several rules in place for licensed online casinos in Sweden to follow. In fact, breaking these rules or not meeting the requirements can result in huge fines. So, with the Spelinspektionen keeping a close eye on them, the casinos are making sure that they are ticking all the Spelpaus boxes correctly. 

Below, we discuss what Spelpaus is and how a casino utan svensk licens and spelpaus operates in the country. With this information, you’ll understand what you’re missing out on by choosing an unlicensed Swedish casino. 

Swedish Casinos Without a License 

Now, let’s take a look at what makes a casino utan Svensk licens. This is, of course, a casino that’s not regulated by the Spelinspektionen (Swedish National Gaming Board). These are usually offshore operators. They may have an MGA casino license from Malta, for example. But it’s up to you to make sure that the casino is legit. 

That aside, casino utan svensk licens 2022 gamblers were looking to have far fewer restrictions than Swedish licensed casinos. Having a lot of choices is very important for online gamblers. This means choices when it comes to payment options, a range of games, and claiming bonuses. 

However, it also means that these casinos aren’t subject to strict regulations that are meant to protect gamblers. For example, the Spelinspektionen requires that casino license holders prove financial stability and have processes in place to prevent fraud. This ensures customer protection in case of bankruptcy or any other shady activities. 

At the same time, if you join a ​​nya casino utan svensk licens, you’ll have to exercise self-control for responsible gambling. 

Some casinos come with self-exclusion features that you can use every time you need them. But others might not. You may find yourself getting encouraged to play more because of casino utan Svensk licens bonus offers, for example. 

So, when a casino is unlicensed, it also means that it's a casino without spelpaus. As mentioned earlier, we’ll discuss spelpaus later on. This is because it plays such an important role in the restrictions that Swedish online casinos face. 

What is Spelpaus? 

The Swedish Government’s Spelinspektionen developed a system to help casino players self-exclude from online gambling called spelpaus. It came into effect with the 2019 Gambling Act. Through spelpaus , players have the ability to protect themselves from gambling addiction or problem gambling. 

So, in other words, spelpaus is a government-run casino self-exclusion system. It’s connected to all Swedish registered online casinos and sportsbooks. Thanks to the spelpaus the Swedes can pause all their online gambling activities for a certain duration. 

This duration can be 1 year and 1 month. By activating it, you’re instantly locked out of all the casinos and sportsbooks licensed under Spelinspektionen. You’re also not going to receive marketing emails from these casinos or any other type of advertising. 

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This is quite convenient for players. That’s because they don’t have to go to each casino they have an account with and activate self-exclusion with them. Remember, this process varies with casinos, but in most cases, it is quite frustrating; after all, casinos want to encourage gambling and not the opposite. 

So, with spelpaus, it’s just a few clicks of some buttons online, and you can safely take a break from gambling. Some people may just need a short break, while others need to reassess their gambling, so they need a longer break. 

Despite the many implied benefits of spelpaus for players, there’s been an increase in people looking for information about “casino utan Svensk licens Malta,” for example. That’s because there’s more freedom to play as they prefer. This can include being able to choose a high roller live casino utan svensk licens. Let’s look further into this below. 

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How Casinos Outside The Spelpaus System Operate 

As a player, it’s important that you’re responsible and do what you can to protect yourself from illegitimate casinos. For players using Swedish registered casinos, there’s the Spelinspektionen and spelpaus to help you stay on track. They keep the casinos accountable and provide you with the resources you need to help you if needed. 

But for most players, this can be very restrictive. The lack of gaming choices, restricted payment options, and so on aren’t attractive to many casino gamblers. That’s why they’ll look for results around queries like “casino utan svensk licens MGA.” 

Is a casino utan svensk licens legal? 

The legal standing of unlicensed Swedish casinos is a big concern for many Swedish gamblers. When looking at the facts, it’s not illegal for you to play at an unlicensed casino. You can search for and join an overseas Pay and Play casino utan Svensk licens, for example, without worrying about breaking the law. 

So, basically, there’s no explicit law that bans residents from choosing to use unlicensed online casinos. The only downside is that you won't have the privilege of protection under Swedish gambling laws if things go wrong. 

But are there laws that these unlicensed casinos must adhere to in Sweden? Yes, there are. It’s illegal for unlicensed casinos to market their services without a Spelinspektionen license in Sweden. 

So, they can’t put up billboards or create marketing campaigns targeted at Swedish players in the country. If they are caught doing this, there’ll be repercussions which may include having your funds frozen in the casino’s account. 

So, the main thing they should do is avoid advertising to Swedish players. That way, they’re not breaking the country’s laws. 

But, you, as a player, should make sure that the casino is at least Malta or Curacao licensed. That way, you know that they’re operating legitimately and adhering to world-class regulations. 

The Pros of Playing at Casino Utan Svensk Licens and Casino Without Spelpaus 

Now that we are done with the technical part, we should find out if picking the unlicensed options over the licensed ones has any benefit. Generally, it has some advantages, but this will depend on your online gambling needs. 

Is it reliable payment options such as those you get from a Swish or Klarna casino? Or perhaps you want rewards from a promotion such as a cashback casino utan svensk licens. Whatever it might be, you’ll need to think about what you’re missing out on when you choose a licensed versus an unlicensed Swedish casino. 

For now, we’ll focus on why a player will find in all Casino Utan Svensk Licens options available to them. There are many pros to this, including bonus offers not allowed for local casinos or the ability to deposit without using your Bank ID. Let’s explore these reasons further in the following sections. 

Access to a wider range of casinos and gaming options 

The main issue with Swedish gambling laws is that they limit the number of games a player can enjoy and playtime. They also set the max number of spins for a slot game. In addition, there are also limits for max deposits and bets. 

This is in line with Spelpaus's aim for responsible gaming. But in wanting to enforce responsibility, the system basically frustrates players who desire more flexibility in their gaming. 

Naturally, game providers need to align with the restrictions the casinos have. Minimum and maximum bet amounts should be adjustable based on Swedish gaming laws. 

This includes a casino utan svensk licens NetEnt game lovers want to join, for example. As a provider of over 200 game titles, gamblers look forward to playing at casinos that offer them. 

So, if Spelpaus rules are too restrictive in terms of time, then you can try the unlicensed options. The fact that you're restricted takes away the fun. This affects the high-roller games like blackjack. 

So, playing at Casino Utan Svensk Licens opens up the doors for a lot more games to choose from. This includes enjoying a live casino utan svensk licens experience without worrying about limits to how big you can make your bets. 

Potential for more generous bonuses and promotions 

As aforementioned, Swedish gambling laws' main focus is not encouraging people to join an online casino and gamble. This means that casinos can't freely use attractive promotions such as a no deposit bonus for new players, for example. They also can't use these promotions for existing customers too. 

Another restrictive law around promotions is that Swedish casinos may only offer one welcome bonus per player under one license. So, if you have multiple casino brands operating in Sweden, and a player has an account with all of them, they are only eligible for one welcome bonus. 

Since unlicensed casinos in Sweden don't have to adhere to the regulations about promotional offers, customers can enjoy them there. There are many attractive and accessible offers that get Swedish players very excited. 

So, if you love bonuses, you should look for a casino utan svensk licens with freespins. You'll get access to a wide range of options to help kickstart your gaming if you're a new player. 

It's also a great opportunity to get rewarded for your loyalty as a player. Loyalty programs will see you receiving free spins, cashback, and other rewards for consistent play. This is unlikely to happen with a casino that the Spelinspektionen regulates. 

No strict transaction and betting limits 

Another big part of Spelpaus is the limitations when it comes to transactions and betting. To help encourage responsible gambling in terms of money spent, Spelpaus has rules in place for online casinos. 

Right from making your first deposit to placing a bet to making a withdrawal, there are rules that Swedish casinos must adhere to. For example, there's a requirement for casinos under Spelinspektionen to force customers to set their deposit and betting limits. 

This means that high-roller players can't deposit, bet and withdraw as much as they'd want. It sets limitations on which games they can play, too, because some live casinos require high bet amounts. 

But with unlicensed offshore casinos, that won't be an issue. Players have control over what games to play and the amount to stake. 

They can also make maximum deposits based on what the casino allows or what their preferred payment method allows. 

Speaking of payment methods, there are also restrictions to this in Sweden. Only BankdID payments are allowed. So, options such as Trustly or Zimpler, Skrill or PayPal aren't as accessible. 

In addition, players can't use credit cards or other forms of credit to pay for gambling activities. Such limitations to payment methods are why people will look for a casino utan Svensk licens Pay and Play, for example. 

Opportunity to play at casinos not restricted by Spelpaus self-exclusion 

The Spelpaus system has been mentioned several times, and for a good reason. It’s one of the biggest reasons why people will choose to play at a casino utan Svensk licens. When you activate Spelpaus on your gambling activities, you won’t be able to access any of the casinos licensed by Spelinspektionen. 

You set these restrictions and limits yourself. This is exceptional since gambling is addictive. Therefore, it gives the players control over their gambling activities. So, you might self-exclude for 12 months, for example, because you need a long rest. But if you want to enjoy gambling again before the 12-month self-ban is up, you can look to an unlicensed casino. 

Since they are outside the system, you’ll be able to search for them online and start playing. There’ll be no limitations to your bet or payments. However, you need to make sure you’re able to make payments at PayPal, Trustly, or PayNPlay casino utan svensk licens. 

The Cons of Playing at Casinos utan Svensk Licens and Casinos utan Spelpaus 

Of course, it’s also important to take note of the drawbacks of gambling outside the safety of Spelinspektionen licensed casinos. After all, the gambling rules are there for a reason. 

It’d be ideal for the regulators to allow people to make their own choices when it comes to responsible gambling. However, these rules lead to Swedish gamblers looking to casinos that aren’t licensed to operate in Sweden. 

But, when you join a nya casino utan svensk licens, you need to be cautious of the following. 

Lack of protection and regulation from the Swedish Gambling Authority 

The Gambling Act of 2019 was developed based on the need to control how casinos operate in Sweden. At the same time, the act is meant to control how much gambling Swedish residents conduct in the country. 

Any online casinos seen to be breaking these laws will be heavily fined and possibly banned from operating in Sweden. The Spelinspektionen keeps a close eye on all local casinos to make sure that they’re following the law. This includes checking which games they have on site, how much players are depositing, and so on. 

On top of that, if you discover that any of the Swedish casinos are breaking these laws, you can report them. For example, if you’ve tried to use Spelpaus to self-exclude, but a locally registered casino sends you promotional emails, you can report them. And the government will penalize them for breaking the rules. 

Risks associated with unlicensed casinos 

When it comes to problems such as fraud or unfair practices, you won’t be protected by Spelinspektionen if you’re using an unlicensed casino. There are a number of things that could happen where you might need the support of Swedish law. 

This could be the misuse of your personal details or unfair practices by the casino. Whatever it might be, it’s always good to have some sort of recourse. And so, Swedish laws might not have the jurisdiction to help you if the casinos are unlicensed in the country. 

Therefore, even if you play at a casino with a Caracau or Malta license, you should be aware that they may be able to get away with unfair practices. If the casino becomes bankrupt or isn’t able to pay out your winnings for whatever reason, there may be nothing you can do about it. 

Another thing to note is that language barriers might also be an issue for Swedish players. There are many online casinos that offer English support, for example, but not that many overseas casinos that support Swedish. So, getting help from customer support might be a problem if you don’t speak any other languages. 

No access to Spelpaus self-exclusion program 

Problem gamblers won’t be able to protect themselves with Spelpaus. This system helps to enforce responsible gambling with just the click of a button. Players can go further than just self-exclusion and also get help if they think they have a gambling problem. 

If a casino isn’t licensed to operate in Sweden, it won’t be under the Spelpaus system. This means that it’s up to the gambler to control themselves and know when to stop. It’s important to note, however, that many casinos offer self-exclusion features. So, players should use these when playing at a casino utan svensk licens. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Casino utan Svensk Licens 

It’s clear from the above that joining a casino utan svensk licens has both pros and cons. If you’re still eager to create an account and play with one, then you should continue reading. In this part of the article, we give you tips on finding a good online casino that’s not regulated in Sweden. 

We’ve already established that it’s not illegal. But this also means you should use your own discretion to make sure that the online casino is legitimate. Ask yourself questions like: What are the top considerations when looking for an unlicensed casino? And, how do you join a reputable casino utan svensk licens tax free, for example? 

Casino Reputation And Track Record 

The great thing about online casinos is that you can check for reviews. These can be reviews from an independent forum like Flashback. There, you’ll get unbiased information from ordinary players about the casinos. 

Pay particular attention to information such as payment options for Swedish players, customer support languages, and game varieties. You might be interested in an online casino utan svensk licens Trustly supports, but it might not have bad customer support. 

In addition, check if the casino or holding company has ever been involved in illegal activities (money laundering) or even bankruptcy. These are usually indicators of how legitimate and financially sound the casino is. If they have had these types of problems, has the casino cleared its name or managed to prove solvency? 

Available Games, Providers, And User Experience 

Since you’ll not only be spending time but also money at these unlicensed Sweden casinos, you need to make sure they are worth it. This process includes doing the following: 

  • Check providers: Some game developers are more popular than others. If live casino games get your pulse racing, then make sure that providers like Evolution Gaming have a presence in the unlicensed casino. However, if you love innovative skill-based games, then look for providers such as Spribe. 
  • Are your favorite games available?: This not only pertains to types of games such as slots or table games. It also includes the titles of your preferred games. So, is your favorite candy-themed slot game available, for example? Or that jackpot slot that you’ve been enjoying for many years? 
  • Assess the user experience: Navigation through the website is important for an enjoyable experience. A slow website with confusing menus should be avoided. Rather choose an unlicensed Swedish casino that understands what matters most to players, such as quick deposits and easy bets. 

Bonuses, Promotions, And Wagering Requirements 

As mentioned earlier, one of the most popular reasons why people will choose a casino utan svensk licens is access to promotions and bonuses. There are many of these available for both new and regular customers of online casinos around the world. 

Before you join an online casino utan svensk licens, check if its bonuses and promotions are the best out there. You can go after no deposit bonus offers, for example, or generous loyalty programs. 

At the end of the day, you want to make sure you get the most out of playing outside of Spelinspektionen’s strict rules. So, getting exciting freebies and rewards is obviously very attractive to casino players. 

Checking the bonuses is not enough. Take your time and read and understand the requirements. This information will let you know if you qualify for the bonus offers, how to claim them, and the wagering requirements. That way, you protect yourself and avoid surprises down the line. 

Payment Methods 

The unlicensed Swedish casino offers online casino players more flexibility in terms of payment methods. That’s because, in Sweden, you need to use your BankID to make payments. That means some people may be concerned about their bank will discover their gambling activities. 

This may be the case with a Pay N Play casino utan Svensk licens and a casino utan Svensk licens with InstantBank, for example. Both cases require you to share your banking details in order to facilitate the transactions. 

An alternative would be a new casino utan Svensk licens with Trustly. This payment method doesn’t require you to provide your bank details. A casino utan Svensk licens with Neteller is also a good option if you want to avoid sharing bank details. 

Reliable Customer Support 

Then, of course, you need to ensure that the unlicensed Swedish casino you join has good customer support. This includes them having your preferred language or a language you’re comfortable with. Good communication is important for quick resolution of the issues you may have. 

Also, how quickly the customer support team responds to your queries is just as important. Obviously, the sooner customer service responds, the better. But this may also depend on which contact method you choose or which is available. Most casinos will have email, social media DMS, phone, and live chat options available. 

Check if their customer support is available 24/7 or for limited hours. A casino with customer support that’s only available during business hours may leave you without assistance for hours. Even worse, you might not get help for days if they don’t work on weekends. 

Tips for Playing Responsibly at Casinos Without a Swedish License and Casinos Outside Spelpaus 

Playing at a casino without a Swedish license opens up the doors for you to unlimited game selections, payment options, and betting strategies. But, it also demands some level of self-discipline to bet responsibly. After all, the Swedish government won't bail you out in case of a problem. 

To help you start, here are a few tips on how to gamble responsibly without the protection of Spelpaus. 

Set Personal Limits 

Decide how much you're going to stake in casinos per week or per month. That way, you can safely include your favorite pastime in your budget. It's important that this amount is money you're willing to lose. Don't borrow money or use your life savings for activities such as gambling. 

As an added barrier, also decide how much you're willing to lose in a single casino gaming session. This usually serves as an indication for you to stop because continuing is likely to get you in trouble. 

In addition, to help you "stay ahead," also put a limit on playing time. You can give yourself a few hours of play during the weekend or an hour per day, for example. 

Be Aware of The Risks and Remain Vigilant 

Obviously, not every casino utan svensk licens is safe. Do your research about any casino you want to join and what independent forums are saying about it. This is one of the most reliable ways to make sure it's legit. 

Also, if their bonuses are too enticing or unreal, you should be cautious. Pay attention to the terms and conditions, wagering requirements, and so on to make sure that you'll get your money's worth if you claim a bonus. 

At the same time, ensure that you'll be able to get the protection you need if things go wrong. So, even if the Swedish laws can't protect you, are there any other recourses available from international gaming boards? 

Look for Alternative Self-exclusion or Support Resources for Responsible Gambling 

As mentioned earlier, most reputable casinos will have self-exclusion resources available for customers. But find out what other alternatives are available for players. These can be apps you can install on your phone or laptop to limit time spent on casino sites. 

Also, find out if there are gambling addiction resources in your community. Even though you're playing at an unlicensed Swedish casino, you can still use locally available resources for problem gambling. 

Keep Track of Your Gambling Habits and Seek Help if Needed 

Take note of how much time and money you're spending on gambling. Though gambling should just be for fun, you should also check if you're betting more than you're winning. 

In addition, once you start needing to borrow money to pay for your online casino games, then it should ring alarm bells in your head. Never wager using cash from your credit card. 

After all, it is an advance that you must pay later with interest, which doesn't make sense. 

Borrowing or losing control of your finances to feed your gambling habit is usually an indication of a problem. Being aware of this is the first step toward getting assistance. Do some research; you can look at various local/national resources for guidance. 


There’s no denying that playing at a good casino utan svensk licens can be fun and exciting. That’s because they don’t have to adhere to the strict Spelinspektionen rules. Players can choose their preferred payment methods, betting limits, and maximum deposit amounts. 

However, the spelpaus system helps to stem problem gambling. With the click of a button, you can self-exclude from all casinos with a Swedish casino license. It also forces players to set limits on deposits and time spent in the casinos. 

But, some casino players don't like these strict gambling restrictions. That’s why they’ll look for reputable and internationally licensed online casinos without a Swedish license. By playing at casinos outside Spelpaus, you have access to thousands of games, quality live casino experiences, and more. 

However, players need to be aware that when playing at a casino utan Svensk licens they don’t have the protection of Swedish gambling laws. So you need to use your own discretion to avoid illegitimate casinos. 

All-in-all, doing your research goes a long way in making an informed decision about gambling at a casino with or without a Swedish license. You should always prioritize responsible gambling practices so that you have an enjoyable experience. 


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