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Buy Bulk Kratom Online: 5 Best Kratom Vendors In 2023

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Buy Bulk Kratom Online: 5 Best Kratom Vendors In 2023

In fact, the export of kratom to many western nations is now a big business as more and more people recognize the potential benefits offered by the plant. If you're looking to buy kratom, it's important to find a reliable source near you.

Buy Bulk Kratom Online
Buy Bulk Kratom Online

Kratom is a powerful medicinal plant that grows in South East Asia. The use of kratom dates back centuries. But in recent years, the use of these leaves has grown beyond Southeast Asia.

Buy The Best Quality Kratom From Starlight Kratom

In fact, the export of kratom to many western nations is now a big business as more and more people recognize the potential benefits offered by the plant. If you're looking to buy kratom , it's important to find a reliable source near you.

Kratom can also be used recreationally for relaxation since it induces euphoria at the right dose. Nonetheless, even with growing popularity, it has become increasingly difficult to find genuine high-quality kratom suppliers from the region. But do not worry.

We will give you practical tips in this post to help you get by.

Best Bulk Kratom Companies

One thing you can never ignore as a kratom buyer is the brand. There are many US-based kratom sellers but only a handful have that brand reputation in the market.

Buying your kratom from top brands has many benefits including the guarantee of overall quality.

Here are some of the main Kratom brands in the United States that sell bulk kratom:

  1. Starlight Kratom

Starlight prides itself as one of the most reliable kratom sellers in the US and for good reasons. First, the firm has an outstanding track record of excellence in this area.

Although it’s not really one of the oldest Kratom sellers in the US, Starlight Kratom has built a superb brand identity with a massive following of loyal customers.

The kratom sold by this vendor is sourced from vetted farms in Southeast Asia before it goes through a rigorous process of quality assurance in the US. There is also a great variety of strains available at Starlight Kratom to choose from.

You will love the prices here. Although does a lot to guarantee the quality of its kratom, it doesn’t pass these costs to the consumer. Instead, the vendor has learned to operate with low margins, something that makes it easier to deliver top-quality kratom at affordable prices.

You will also get free shipping on select orders just to add one to the savings.


  • Offers some of the most competitive prices in the business
  • There is a great variety of strains to choose from here
  • You get a 30-day refund policy, no questions asked
  • Availability of high strength strains is also guaranteed
  • Easy ordering process with quick and secure checkout
  • Fast and free shipping on selected orders
  • Great loyalty programs with regular price breaks and discounts for customers


  • Some of the kratom sold here may be too strong for first-time users
  • The customer service sometimes fails to impress
  1. Organic Kratom USA

Organic Kratom USA is considered a premium supplier of Kratom products. The seller has strong relationships with farmers in South East Asia. Its kratom is produced under high standards of quality too including third-party lab tests.

You can also buy the kratom powder in its raw form or pre-packaged capsules depending on what you need. However, one thing we loved about Organic Kratom is the fact that it allows customers to build customized blends and have them shipped in no time.

You will also get free shipping on all orders above $89. There is an incredible variety of strains available here but for some new first-time users, deciding which one to choose can be a bit hard. Nonetheless, there is always a lot of information to help you out.


  • All products sold here come with excellent packaging
  • Loads of information on the site including buying guides
  • You also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee with this vendor
  • Excellent variety of strains available


  • There are many varieties on offer, making it harder for beginners to decide what to use
  • The prices are relatively expensive compared to other vendors
  1. Kats Botanicals

If you are looking for holistic kratom products with an organic touch to them, then Kats Botanicals is the place to be.

Based in New Jersey, the company sells a remarkable variety of strains including white vein, red vein, Bali kratom, and many others.

There is also a very interesting program of regular product improvement using customer feedback. Quality assurance at the vendor is also outstanding.

With an emphasis on organic production and packaging, Kats sells some of the safest kratom products in the world.


  • Great price breaks and deals
  • A great variety of top-quality strains are available here
  • A 30-day refund policy is included
  • Special lab tests are also included in the production
  • Highly organic and safe products


  • Shipping options are severely limited
  • The varieties on offer are not that much
  1. Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom is one of the more experienced kratom vendors in the US. The company has a superb history in the market and it’s a very recognizable name brand.

Kraken also has a great variety of strains including popular names like Bali kratom, red vein, and super indo.

The quality assurance practices here are also superb. The purity of the kratom sold is second to none.

Free shipping, great prices, and a reliable customer service are also part of the deal. Nonetheless, Kraken’s website looks a bit dated. They need a bit of improvement on that end.


  • GMP compliant products
  • Great loyalty program with super discounts
  • Reliable quality assurance measures
  • Top-notch customer support services
  • Wide variety of strains available


  • Website looks a bit dated, to be honest
  • Some customers have had shipping issues
  1. Kratom Spot

Based in Irvine, CA, Kratom Spot is one of the largest, most recognizable names in the kratom space.

The company also has a great variety of products to choose from, including up to 30 different strains. The prices are very good with regular discounts and price breaks also on offer.

However, one thing that really sets Kratom Spot apart from many other vendors out there is the quality assurance standards.

The production, shipping, and packaging of Kratom at this vendor is done under very strict standards of quality to ensure purity and safety. Free global shipping is also offered on certain orders plus you also get superb customer support.


  • Many different strains available here
  • Customer support is quite reliable
  • 30-day full refund policy
  • Provides bulk ordering
  • Strong reputation of quality in the market


  • The return policy is a bit stringent

How to Find the Best Provider of Bulk Kratom

There are thousands of stores or vendors that sell kratom online. Not all these stores can be trusted. In fact, only a select few have that top quality product that you want.

The following are some of the key factors to consider when you begin shopping for kratom online.

  • Third-Party Tests

One of the highest marks of quality and trustworthiness when it comes to kratom is third-party testing. Third-party labs are independent quality assurance bodies that will analyze the kratom a vendor sells for its safety and quality.

If a vendor indeed has no issue with the quality of its product, they won’t have any problem with third-party tests.

As a matter of fact, most vendors with quality kratom will always welcome third-party lab tests as they help boost confidence around a product.

Conversely, sellers that don’t do third-party tests may have something to hide and as such, the reliability of their kratom may not be 100% guaranteed.

  • Quality

Quality guarantee is closely related to lab testing of course but there are also a few other factors you would probably look out for when trying to assess the quality of kratom. Lab tests will typically provide safety information and purity reports on the kratom.

But the real info comes from the user experience. Yes, different people react differently to kratom. However, if there are thousands of people out there with a positive view of a kratom product sold by a particular vendor, that could suggest that indeed the product’s quality is top-notch.

Besides, some vendors are so confident in their products that they will give you a quality assurance guarantee.

In essence, these sellers give you a full refund of your money if you don’t like the product that they ship to you. Such offers demonstrate that the vendor has full confidence in the quality of its kratom.

  • Import Contamination

As noted above, kratom is typically grown in southeast Asia so it will need to be imported into the US and Europe.

Importing kratom may seem like a very simple task but there is more to it. Certain quality guarantees need to be in place to ensure that the product is not contaminated while on transit to the US.

Well, this is why it helps to look at the track record of the importer. Besides, do not buy kratom imported anywhere else other than Southeast Asia. If someone tells you that they are growing kratom in the US, they are probably lying.

  • Bulk Prices

Buying kratom in bulk is designed to help you save money while importing top-quality products. Many sellers will of course give you huge price breaks if you buy in bulk. That’s the point of wholesale prices, right?

Nonetheless, do not focus too much on the pricing. There are some people out there who want to pay peanuts for quality kratom. That will never happen. If you want a quality product, be ready to pay reasonably for it.

This of course does not mean you should pay a fortune. But you will be better off if you avoid bulk kratom selling at unreasonably low prices.

  • Customer Feedback

The best indicator of quality for any kratom product is the kind of customer rating it has. There is one big advantage you get with customer reviews.

Remember these are experiences of real-life people who have used the products in question. They are therefore better placed to give you a real account of what to expect once you buy.

You can also get helpful information about a product when looking at reviews including things like pricing, dosage, and even deals. The best places to get genuine customer reviews will be social media and Google.

High-Quality Kratom Country Sources

The best quality Kratom in the world comes from Southeast Asia. In fact, as a golden rule, you must never buy Kratom from any other region.

The following is a list of countries that rank as some of the leading exporters of high-quality Kratom:

  • Malaysia

Malay Kratom is top grade. The sad thing, however, is the fact that growing and selling kratom is outlawed in the country.

This limits to a large extent the amount of Malay kratom available in the market. But there is quite a substantive amount available in neighboring countries including Thailand.

  • Thailand

Thailand exports a great variety of kratom, especially the high-strength varieties in the market. The kratom grown here is sold locally and internationally.

The great thing about Thailand is the fact that they have a strong kratom culture.

The green leaves have been used in the country for generations and as such, you can be sure the quality goes to the finest level possible.

  • Bali

Bali Kratom comes from Indonesia and is grown in the rainforests of the country. Because of the rich soil here and the outstanding climatic conditions, the kratom that comes from this area is top grade.

In fact, global demand for Bali Kratom is very high and is preferred overseas and by local clients.

  • Indonesia

Although Bali remains one of the best Kratom exporting regions of Indonesia, there are still other parts of the country that produce these green leaves.

The quality differs a lot from region to region. But even then, the quality of Indonesian kratom is still relatively high compared to its neighbors.

Final Words

Finding a great place to buy Kratom is never easy. But you can trust Starlight Kratom to offer you the quality you need.

As one of the leading kratom brands in the US, Starlight Kratom is known for its pure strains, excellent variety, and outstanding prices.

You will also get fast shipping and superb customer service Starlight Kratom is a member of the American Kratom Association and its products are subject to a series of third-party lab tests for extra quality.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.