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Buy Backlinks - 5 Best Sites For High Quality Links

Backlinks are links created from a low-authority website to another high-authority website through an anchor text. Backlinks are "inbound links" or "internal links." Major search engines consider backlinks as a vote of authority.


Buy Backlinks

When it comes to high traffic and authority, backlinks always comes to mind. Backlinks are considered as the backbone to create brand awareness and gain traffic. But what are backlinks? What are the types of backlinks? And what are the best sites to buy juicy Backlinks? You’ll learn all about this in today’s discussion.

In a hurry?

According to our independent test, FollowerZoid is the best option on internet to buy quality backlinks from relevant websites to your niche.

However, it is not recommended to purchase them without researching because it’s difficult to identify whether it will give you benefit or not. It’ a bit tricky, as not everyone knows where to buy SEO backlinks. Well, after tested over dozens of websites we got the 5 best where you can purchase backlinks in 2023. Before digging into it, let’s learn more about Backlinks.


What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links created from a low-authority website to another high-authority website through an anchor text. Backlinks are "inbound links" or "internal links." Major search engines consider backlinks as a vote of authority.

Note: You should always likely to get DoFollow Backlinks .

Different Types of Backlinks

Before buying backlinks, you must know their different type to understand which backlinks type suits and fulfill your SEO demands.

So, here are some common types of backlinks:

Editorial Backlinks:

In editorial backlinks, your website article or piece of content is mentioned by another person on their website. To gain editorial backlinks, create high-quality and authentic content that gives the best information among other sites related to that topic.


Guest Post Backlinks:

Guest blogging is another type of backlink in which you purchase backlinks from high-authority sites. It is most common these days.

Niche-Relevant Backlinks:

In niche-edit backlinks, you create your backlink on an article already ranked on Google pages and get traffic. The content where your site URL is published is relevant and contains the same keywords as your URL contains.

Forum and Blog Comment Backlinks:

Forum and blog comments are free methods to improve your backlinks profile. Here, you post comments on relevant forums and blogs with your website link. These comments take 4-5 days to index, which may be a slow method to gain traffic.

Link Exchange:

In a link exchange strategy, two big, high-authority brands exchange links. It benefits both sites, as there will be an increased traffic flow, and visitors will get valuable information.

Press Release Backlinks:

When you target news information or make other announcements, press release backlinks are best for it. In it, you have to publish your news on many relevant websites to spread it faster.

Something Important: You should never choose freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork or People per Hour for acquiring backlinks. According to surveys, 78% of the freelancers on such platforms selling low quality PBNs at less prices.


5 Best Websites to Buy Backlinks and Drive More Sales

Here, we have listed 5 best sites for making backlinks.

1. FollowerZoid – Our Top Pick!

Followerzoid.com is a popular platform that connects website owners with a huge network of publications. They provide a variety of backlinks that let you pick from various metrics, markets, and price ranges. Followerzoid makes the link-building process transparent and lets you choose backlinks that fit your SEO plan. Their plans to purchase backlinks starts from 5$ and goes up to 2k$ based on the nature of link you want. They have vast range of quality domains to buy backlinks from the UK, USA & Germany. Moreover, you’ll get:


  • PBN-Free Backlinks
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Monthly reports on your keywords
  • Niche edits
  • Links that are relevant to Your niche
  • Free Backlink Consultancy

Learn more about them here: https://followerzoid.com/buy-backlinks/.

2. FameSavvy.com

FameSavvy.com is a well-established platform that focuses on selling high-quality links cheaply. They have a large publication network and provide a range of link possibilities, such as contextual and homepage backlinks. FameSavvy.com is a trustworthy choice for enhancing your website's authority because it places an intense focus on quality and relevancy. They are the perfect choice for those looking to buy Edu backlinks in any category. Following are the features of FameSavvy:

  • Build high-quality backlinks that improve your site’s search engine rankings.
  • Get the best ROI on your SEO investment.
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • Build your brand, reputation, and social media reach.
  • Get more traffic, leads, and sales.


3. SocialFollowers.com.my

SEO professionals in high competition niches should try them for purchasing backlink packages. SocialFollowers aims to bring quality domains backlinks towards your blog or service sites for maintaining better position in Google searches. They have been in business since 2018 and having bundle of high DR sites to rank your websites more fastly.

Using SocialFollowers you can:

  • Rank in 3 months on your niches
  • Can get high quality SEO optimized content for your blogs
  • 24/7 Consultancy on WhatsApp
  • Get results Driven SEO strategy
  • For more information, click here .

4. Authority Builders

Popular platform Authority Builders is famous for its service of providing high-quality, niche-relevant backlinks. They focus on getting backlinks from reliable, authoritative domains to maintain a natural and requirements and provided by a team of experienced SEO professionals.


5. Wicked Fire

Wicked Fire is another online platform where digital marketers share insights and resources related to SEO, including backlink acquisition. Take care when analyzing options mentioned on the forum, just like you should in Black Hat World, as not all techniques may follow ethical SEO rules.

Mistakes to Avoid in Making Backlinks

Creating a good backlink profile for a new website is considered important from an SEO perspective. However, there are several common things that some SEO people need to correct when building backlinks.

Here are some common backlink mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Buying low-quality backlinks


Buying low-quality and spammy backlinks is common these days. Because they seem easy to make and fast to rank on Google's first page, but in the end, they will prove toxic for your site.

2. Buying Irrelevant backlinks

Relevancy is the key to backlinks strategy. Creating many backlinks from irrelevant websites will not provide any SEO benefit.

3. Over-Optimizing Anchor Text

Over-optimizing anchor text by repeatedly using the same keyword or phrase can raise issues with search engines and result in penalties. Keep changing your anchor text to include variations and natural language.

4. Neglecting Internal Linking

While external backlinks are essential, internal linking should be noticed. Internal links help search engines understand the structure of your website and the hierarchy of your content. Incorporate internal links strategically to improve user navigation and SEO.


5. Creating links from only specific website

Creating backlinks from a single website repeatedly will not be beneficial for you. It can even decrease your website authority in front of Google algorithms.

6. Focusing on only a single backlink strategy

It would help if you kept changing your backlinks and creating a strategy. Focus on creating new ones while keeping an eye on previously made ones. If you find any broken link, replace it.

Tools for Backlinks Analysis

Here are some tools through which you can analyze your website backlinks profile:

  • Google Analytics (to analyze traffic)
  • Google Search Console (to monitor keyword ranking, impression, and clicks)
  • Moz, Ahrefs, and Semrush (to access Domain authority and backlinks profile)
  • Heatmap (To observe user behavior on your page)


Is Purchasing Backlinks Safe?

Yes! Buying backlinks from high-authority websites is completely safe. What you have to do is to give money to other websites in turn, which they post your website link in their content. It completely comes under the white-hat SEO technique. There are no specialized bots who can check for purchased links.

You must check the website's spam score from where you buy backlinks. Do not buy links if the spam score is high.

How To Buy Quality Backlinks?

Buying backlinks is a challenging task. You have to be careful about buying quality website backlinks. Here are some points you should remember when buying a link.


  • Choose the type of backlinks that best suit your SEO goals. Some common types of backlinks are guest post links, niche-relevant links, or contextual links within existing content.
  • Backlinks should be made from websites related to your niche or industry.
  • Check the domain authority of the linking site. A higher domain authority indicates a more authoritative than a low authority site.
  • When creating backlinks, you should properly optimize your anchor text.
  • After buying backlinks, regularly monitor their performance and ensure they are active. Broken or removed links should be removed.
  • Search engine algorithms and guidelines change over time. Stay up-to-date about the latest SEO practices and algorithm updates to adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Start with a small number of backlinks to test the provider's services. Analyze the effects of these backlinks on your site's SEO before making a larger purchase.



The list of backlinks-providing sites is quite big, but here we mentioned only reputed websites. To make website selection easy for you. When making backlinks for your website, you must be cautious about them, as bad backlinks will decrease your website's ranking instead of improving it.

You must consider these points while buying backlinks:

  • Backlinks should be from high-authority and relevant sites.
  • Anchor text should be properly optimized. Avoid repeatedly using the same anchor text.
  • Must understand what type of backlink you need.
  • Website providing backlinks must have the best customer support.
  • Also, please keep checking the backlink's profile and their performance.

By following these techniques, we hope you will be safe from any Google penalties. Although buying backlinks is not recommended, you can opt them if you are new in this field and want to rank your website fast.


FAQs about Buy Backlinks in 2023

Are all backlinks the same?

All backlinks are different from each other. They vary according to their quality and relevancy. One backlink from a high-authority website is thousands of times better than a hundred low-quality websites.

Is purchasing backlinks legal?

There’s no law prohibiting purchase of good backlinks for your own websites. Infact, it’s a best practice for you if you are struggling to rank on your keywords.

Is buying 1000 backlinks good?

The number of links are not preferable over quality of links. Getting a lot of low-quality backlinks can ruin your SEO game. You can face a shadow ban from Google. So, always try to have brilliant backlink strategy for your own business.


Do Paid Backlinks good for SEO?

Paid backlinks are generally not recommended for SEO by some professionals. Sometimes, they can cause penalties from search engines due to unnatural and irrelevant links. On the flip side, quality paid guest posts with a relation Do follow can benefit as much as like an organic backlink. All you have to find out the perfect match for your business.

Is Backlinks a part of white-hat SEO?

Yes! Creating backlinks on your site is a part of white-hat SEO. White-hat SEO is a part of ethical and legitimate search engine optimization practices focusing on search engine guidelines.


How do we monitor backlink success?

To monitor the success of backlinks, you should track different website metrics, such as website traffic, keyword rankings, domain authority, and social media shares. You can use various SEO tools to track website backlinks' success.

Do Backlinks Work in 2023?

Yes! Backlinks are still working in 2023, and they will always be.

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