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Business Astrology

Doing business is a decision to make money and more so for fame and wealth creation. But not necessarily all this comes only from business. The stories of highly successful CEOs with great wealth and people who failed in the business prove it otherwise.

Vinay Bajrangi

Therefore, the moment anyone thinks of doing business, the foremost factor to check is: do you have Business Yoga: would you be successful as an employee or employer? So, this is your destiny, which you need to know before making any move. That is where business astrology helps you. But then astrology for business is not that simple also.

Understand one more important thing:

  1. Business astrology cannot make all succeed in the business. You are destined to be a business person or be in a job/profession is most important. One cannot simply, by twisting the planetary combinations, become a successful business person; else, astrologers would have been on the list of most successful business people. You can fine-tune or consolidate your destiny but cannot change it totally; that is what business astrology's role is.
  2. Being born into a business family also does not guarantee your business success. Two people born in the same family can shine or become a total failure in business. Father extremely successful in business, but the children may even spoil what the father had created and vice-versa. Not to be named, but there are stories for both types of people. Also, if that was not true, the most prominent business houses of the Yesteryears would not have vanished from the business scenario.

Business astrology helps a person know if you will be successful in business, what business you should do, when to start/expand the business, with whom to do business, location, with what resources to do business and many similar questions reading through your horoscope. For that, many combinations are responsible for/seen as responsible for business success.

You will find generalized and universally accepted norms that this planet is good for business, this Zodiac sign is good for business, and this house is seen for business. Just pause here for a moment and understand how complex this analysis is in business astrology. What combinations are seen for business and its success?

The ancient system of Vedic astrology, otherwise known as Jyotish, uncovers the deep relationship between celestial setups and business destinies. In this traditional business astrology practice, achieving success in business is often examined through certain astrological combinations referred to as "business yogas." These yogas are initially determined in the primary birth chart (D1 or Lagna chart), but their effectiveness relies on confirmation from the D-10 chart, also called the Dasmasa chart. That is where a novice and an expert of business astrology make the difference. It is not only ascendant, not the zodiac sign, and not a single house or single planet is seen if you have that Business Yoga or not.

One caution: Many combinations are seen for business, and mind you it should start with accurate birth time validating everything from D-9. People who only consider the D-1 chart for business astrology or any analysis for that matter would know that if the D-1 does not change for two hours, the D-9 can change even in 2 to 5 minutes. So, please be sure about your birth time.

Combinations seen for business

Giving all combinations seen for business in a single article is difficult. When it comes to business success, several planets hold special significance.


Among them are the majestic planets Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun. Jupiter, known as the planet of wisdom and expansion, is believed to bring forth abundant opportunities and growth. Venus, on the other hand, is associated with wealth and luxury, nurturing a prosperous and opulent environment. Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, aids in effective networking and smooth transactions.

Finally, the Sun, symbolizing power and authority, radiates a strong energy that can pave the way for influential leadership and success.

Numerous yogas contribute to forming successful business combinations (yogas) in Vedic astrology. These yogas involve the placement and relationships of planets in specific houses of the birth chart. However, the true efficacy of these yogas comes to light when validated through examination in the D-10 chart. One can read more on the technical aspects of this on business astrology.

The essentials of business Yoga encompass Dhana Yoga, a powerful connection between the rulers of the second, fifth, and eleventh houses; Lakshmi Yoga; Gaja Kesari Yoga; Jupiter positioned in a quadrant from or opposite the Moon; Bhadra Yoga; Mercury in its own sign or in exaltation position; as well as mutual aspects between Sun and Mars.

The above Yogas only give results when it get validation in the Dasamsa Chart or D-10 chart. While the D1 chart provides a broad overview of one's destiny, the D-10 chart offers a more detailed examination of professional life. It serves as a litmus test for the authenticity of business yogas identified in the primary birth chart.


As we delve into the intricacies of astrology, it is essential to emphasize the importance of cross-referencing astrological combinations identified in the Lagna or D1 chart with their reflection in the D-10 chart. This practice allows for a more comprehensive understanding of a person's astrological makeup and the potential influences on their career and professional life.

However, it is equally vital to acknowledge the existence of what can be termed "mirage-type business yogas," which refer to deceptive or illusory indications within the charts that may mislead individuals in pursuing certain business ventures or opportunities. These mirage-type business yogas can present themselves as promising configurations, but upon closer examination, they may need more substance or sustainable success than they initially seem to offer. Therefore, discernment and careful analysis are key when interpreting astrological combinations and considering their impact on one's professional endeavors.

While certain combinations may indicate a strong inclination towards business ventures in the birth chart, the mirage-type business yogas pose a significant risk. These illusory configurations might force an individual towards entrepreneurial pursuits, creating a mirage of success that, unfortunately, will never materialize. The consequences of relentlessly pursuing a phantom-like business path can be catastrophic for the individual.

Astrologically, identifying mirage-type business yogas requires a discerning eye. Certain combinations may appear promising on the surface, coaxing the individual into believing in imminent success. However, the lack of validation or support from the D-10 chart unravels the illusory nature of these yogas.

It is crucial for astrologers to not only highlight the potential for success but also to guide individuals away from mirages that might lure them into unfruitful ventures. A misinterpretation of these illusory yogas could lead to misguided decisions, financial losses, and a detrimental impact on the individual's well-being.


In the pursuit of astrological insights, practitioners must exercise a balanced approach, acknowledging both the promises and pitfalls inherent in the birth chart. Identifying the mirage-type business yogas is a protective measure, steering individuals away from the allure of unattainable success and guiding them towards more realistic and fulfilling paths.

Astrologically, spotting mirage-type business yogas isn't always straightforward. Some combinations seem like golden opportunities, convincing someone that business success is just around the corner. However, if these yogas don't get support from the D-10 chart, they're likely to be more wishful thinking than reality. Using the secrets of business astrology when the time is good makes more sense to keep the business a continuing success story. Many may, however, disagree on this. Read more on what does your business horoscope say

It's absolutely imperative to acknowledge and appreciate the complexity of decoding these astrological intricacies. It is not a task for the faint of heart or the amateur enthusiast. Instead, it requires a profound level of competence and expertise. An astrologer must possess not only a deep understanding of the principles and theories of Vedic astrology but also years of practical experience and a skilful mastery of various techniques. Only through this vast accumulation of knowledge and expertise can an astrologer accurately read and interpret these celestial formations and yogas, unravelling their hidden meanings and insights. It is through this dedicated pursuit of wisdom and mastery that the astrologer becomes a true guide, helping individuals navigate the cosmic tapestry and unlocking the secrets of their own destiny. Competency doesn't develop overnight; it evolves through decades of dedicated practice, learning, and refining one's skills. Last but not the least, identify yourself how to judge a good astrologer. If the author astrologer himself say, you judge me before depending on me, it holds good for all astrologers. Connect with my office for any specific issues calling @ +91 9278555588/9278665588.


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