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Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills – Top 4 OTC Diet Pills Available On The Market

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Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills – Top 4 OTC Diet Pills Available On The Market

Seeking the best over-the-counter pills to aid your weight-loss efforts? Then check out our comparison of various weight loss pills and find out their which one is best for your goal.

Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills
Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills

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Over-the-counter (OTC) weight loss pills are an effective way of getting rid of excess body fat, especially when combined with regular exercise. But since there are so many pills available in the drug store, picking the one that suits you well can be confusing.

When posed with this dilemma, you can look at OTC pills like PhenQ, Capsiplex Trim, PhenGold, and Phen24 as the best options on the market. So, read on to find out what makes these capsules suitable for everyday use and why you should choose them!

How We Chose the Best OTC Weight Loss Pill

Over-the-counter weight loss pills are a safe and effective way of tackling weight loss. But since each pill approaches weight loss differently, the benefits and potential results vary as well.

As such, while reviewing the aforementioned OTC weight loss pills, we used three criteria to judge how effective they are. These criteria include the following:
•    Formulation
•    Potential results
•    Dosage

The 4 Best Over-The-Counter Weight Loss Pills

PhenQ - Top Rated and Best Selling


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PhenQ is an over-the-counter weight loss pill manufactured by Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited that approaches fat reduction in five ways. Combining various naturally-sourced and vegan-friendly ingredients, the weight loss pill aims to increase fat burn rate while dampening craving pangs. Moreover, it can help boost physical and mental energy using high-grade metabolism and cognitive-supporting ingredients.

Since this precisely formulated weight loss supplement is completely free of artificially-sourced ingredients, PhenQ is free of side effects. As a result, these capsules are a risk-free way of trying out a new way to lose weight while improving your overall energy levels.


α-LACYs RESET is a patented ingredient used in PhenQ that supports the body’s metabolism while aiding its slimming efforts. Sourced from natural ingredients, this carefully-developed ingredient can improve metabolic response, which triggers natural thermogenesis for weight reduction.

Capsimax Powder
As shown in studies, Capsimax powder can help promote the natural fat-burning capabilities of the human body. PhenQ uses this digestion-friendly powder to boost its thermogenic capabilities as well, making it effective for weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate
Chromium Picolinate can help reduce cravings for sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods that one may feel while dieting, as studies have indicated.

As you may already be aware, caffeine helps you remain alert and boosts reaction time and focus. Additionally, it can increase thermogenesis to aid the fat-burning efforts of your body, a quality that PhenQ fully utilizes.

Nopal Cactus
Nopal Cactus is a fiber-rich ingredient that can help you be sated after eating less food.

L-Carnitine Fumarate
L-carnitine fumarate can help the body convert its fat stores into energy, effectively shedding excess fat while boosting your physical and mental energy. 

Other Ingredients
PhenQ uses other ingredients in its formulation to improve its weight loss effects even further. These include Innoslim (releases fat-burning hormones), B Vitamins (enhances energy production), and iodine (produces thyroid hormones).

What to Expect

•    Boosted natural fat-burning capability
•    Reduced fat accumulation
•    Suppressed cravings
•    Improved physical and mental energy
•    Improved mood


The recommended dosage is two pills a day: once with breakfast and once with lunch.

Capsiplex Trim - New and Improved

Capsiplex Trim

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Capsiplex Trim is a study-backed weight loss pill that offers great results with a 90-day course. It helps improve your energy levels and workout performance from the first day. And as you continue to take this supplement, the pangs of cravings will diminish as the course progresses.
This fat-burning weight loss pill is vegan, gluten and dairy-free, GMP-certified, and sources ingredients naturally. Its precise formulation ensures that your metabolism becomes faster, your fat stores burn rapidly, and the workouts become high-energy.
And with its 60-day money-back guarantee, the Capsiplex Trim is a risk-free way of getting started on a better physique.


Capsiplex Trim employs a patented capsaicin analog named “Capsimax” that enhances metabolic burn rate and targets body fat. Moreover, it can dampen cravings as well, helping people stay on their calorie-restricted diet.

To trigger fat burn in the body, the capsules use a patented blend of ginseng and astragalus that helps increase adiponectin levels as well. Not only does the blend, called Innoslim, reduce body fat, but it also reduces the calories absorbed after a meal.

Black Pepper
Black pepper can improve the rate at which the body absorbs nutrients. This hastens the visible results by a significant amount, making it a highly integral part of the capsule.

L-arginine is a compound that improves the results of a workout through increased blood flow to and from the muscles. This amino acid evolves into nitric acid in the body, which amplifies insulin and growth hormone synthesis in the body.
The result is a marked increase in lean muscle, along with reduced fat mass.

Other Ingredients
Capsiplex Trim includes all the essential ingredients in its formulation as well, such as iodine, B vitamins, chromium picolinate, and caffeine. The carefully-crafted formulation targets fat loss and metabolic recovery, helping the body cut down on fat rapidly.

What to Expect

•    Boosted metabolism
•    Rapid fat burn
•    Reduced fat stores
•    Improved workout performance
•    Suppressed high-calorie food cravings


The recommended dosage for Capsiplex Trim is one serving 30 minutes before a workout. On non-workout days, the manufacturer recommends taking a capsule 30 minutes before breakfast instead.

PhenGold - Gold Standard



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Offering a natural and effective way of losing weight, PhenGold uses a multi-action formula to boost the innate fat-burning capability of your body. The max strength formula uses clinically proven ingredients and is backed by studies for its effectiveness in jumpstarting weight loss. 

This formula speeds up your metabolism to burn fat as quickly as possible and controls hunger and cravings. As a result, you may see a notable amount of fat being burned as you continue to take the supplement. 


Green Tea
The formulation of PhenGold includes green tea, which is known to increase thermogenesis. This helps the supplement burn fat and speed up the body’s metabolism.

Green Coffee
Like green tea, green coffee can help the body burn fat and boost metabolism. Additionally, it helps increase the overall energy levels of the body, enabling the user to work out without getting tired as quickly.

In a similar vein to green tea and green coffee, L-Theanine boosts metabolism and has anti-obesity effects. Moreover, it can help improve the user’s mood and focus.

In addition to burning fat, L-Tyrosine can reduce performance impairments in environmental stress, making workouts more productive.

Rhodiola Rosea
Rhodiola Rosea can reduce the symptoms of chronic weakness or fatigue while boosting the user’s focus.

DMAE is a natural mood booster, leaving the user more motivated and with reduced irritability and anxiety.

Other Ingredients
PhenGold also includes ingredients like caffeine, B vitamins, and cayenne pepper to further improve its fat-burning capabilities.

What to Expect

•    Increased weight loss
•    Easier to maintain the target weight
•    Improved mood
•    Boosted metabolism
•    Suppresses cravings


The manufacturer recommends taking three PhenGold capsules 20 minutes before breakfast or workout each morning.

Phen24 - Day and Night Formula


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The naturally-sourced and vegan-friendly Phen24 is meticulously formulated to speed up your metabolism and increase the natural rate of fat burn in your body.

This supplement is meant to be consumed twice a day to maintain your ideal body weight.

You can take this supplement for a period of three to six months, during which your body and mood may see a radical change. Phen24 keeps your energy levels high throughout the day and suppresses those pesky food cravings during the night.


L-Phenylalanine is a compound that suppresses food intake by preventing dopamine levels from increasing beyond normal levels.

As shown by studies, those who consume guarana regularly face less incidence of obesity, effectively preventing the user from gaining excessive weight.

Ashwagandha is an Indian medicinal herb that suppresses cortisol and, in turn, prevents the increase of belly fat.

Other Ingredients
Phen24 includes a variety of other natural ingredients, such as cayenne pepper, iodine, caffeine, and more. These ingredients work in tandem to burn fat and improve the user’s mood.

What to Expect

•    Increased fat burn
•    Suppressed hunger and cravings
•    Increased energy
•    Improved mood
•    Separate day and night doses


You may take one capsule of the Day version of Phen24 15 minutes before breakfast and two capsules of the Night Phen24 before dinner. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Final Verdict

As far as weight reduction goes, PhenQ stands as the best among the pills reviewed here. Created with natural ingredients that promote weight loss while boosting your energy levels and mood, the weight loss pill is completely risk-free.

That said, if PhenQ is unavailable to you for any reason, Capsiplex Trim can be a suitable alternative for women. Capsiplex Trim hyper-focuses on weight reduction, improving metabolism, boosting energy levels, and consequently, making your workouts more productive.

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