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Best Joint Supplements 2022

Supplements for joint pain are an excellent solution, and unlike pain relievers, selecting a high-quality supplement with clinically proven formulas, such as Physio Flex Pro, can not only result in hugely reduced joint pain and inflammation, but also improve joint stiffness and promote joint health, mobility and flexibility.


Best Joint Supplements 2022

Article based on cdc.gov and fda.gov guidance. Buying the best joint supplement can be a quick way to aid pain, improve mobility and offer some protection and repair to joints. These best joint supplements and products can help you in a multitidue of ways. As we include the currently best rated and most scientifically backed options to help with joint pain on the market. Effectively answering What is the best joint supplement? 

Painkillers, such as paracetamol, tend to be the first choice when attempting to manage running-related persistent joint pain, and whilst these will help to reduce some discomfort, they won't improve joint function or joint health itself. This is where supplements come in. 


Supplements for joint pain are an excellent solution, and unlike pain relievers, selecting a high-quality supplement with clinically proven formulas, such as Physio Flex Pro, can not only result in hugely reduced joint pain and inflammation, but also improve joint stiffness and promote joint health, mobility and flexibility. All this means that with the right supplements, sufferers of joint pain can be back on the track in no time. 

Best Joint Supplements for mobility, arthritis and joint pain 

Here's a quick overview of the three products that performed best during our testing: 

Physio Flex Pro is highly recommended by physical therapists, TV stars, and Olympic athletes. This product delivers effective joint pain relief and works to protect cartilage and joint tissue over the long term. 


Performance Lab Flex is another quality joint pain supplement that relieves things like arthritis and inflammation issues. It is an expensive alternative to Physio Flex Pro. 

Flex Relief XL is another top-tier joint pain offering, providing users relief from the pains of routine joint wear and tear. This is an Omega 3 based product, that uses Krill oil and suits people on a budget or looking for a high dose of effective fish oil. 

So, How do Joint Supplements Work? 

Depending on their ingredients, joint supplements can work in a variety of different ways. However, the more potent and dependable options relieve pain by stimulating the repair and regeneration of connective tissues and restoring shock-absorbing fluids between joints. 

Beyond this, they also work to promote bone building cells, known as osteoblasts, inhibit bone destroying cells (osteoclasts), and suppress the enzymes that damage connective tissues. This clever combination of targeted treatments means joint supplements are able to not only substantially relieve pain and discomfort, but also assist in the maintenance of healthy, well-functioning joints, which is crucial for persons. 

What are the Benefits of Joint Supplements? 

The primary benefit of joint supplements is of course relief from chronic joint pain and inflammation. However, enhanced mobility, improved long term joint health and increased flexibility and bone strength can all also be expected as result of taking joint supplements, particularly from taking one that contains many of the ingredients that we'll discuss next. 


What are the Most Important Ingredients in Joint Supplements? 

Often, individual substances can be beneficial for some people, but of course, as they are just one ingredient, their potential effectiveness is limited. For this reason, comprehensive, multi-ingredient joint stack supplements may be even more successful. 

First, there are three important ingredients that should be included in any high-quality joint supplement. 


One of the most beneficial ingredients, glucosamine has been shown to support cells which maintain and heal cartilage. There are many tissues in the body that are key in maintaining joint health and function, and this amino sugar is an essential structural component of all of them, as well as the proteins that make up connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. 


Glucosamine is also am important component of synovial fluid, which surrounds and cushions the joints. If plenty of glucosamine is available it promotes more of this protective fluid, improving the body's ability to absorb impact. (1) 


Another particularly impressive molecule that works to hold together cartilage and improve shock absorption, as well as promoting repair and healing. This helps reduce stress on your ankles as you run. 

Glucosamine and chondroitin are a potent pairing, and a high-quality joint supplement should contain them both. They work in synergy to prevent inflammation in synovial cells, and therefore promote joint healing and joint health. (2) 


A key component that makes up both glucosamine and chondroitin, MSM is a crucial part of all connective tissue. Short for Methylsulfonylmethane, it helps to slow down the erosion of cartilage and promote regeneration instead. 


In one study in people over 50, MSM decreased inflammation of joints as well as pain and stiffness. The control group also reported an overall better quality of life. (3) 

Other Great Ingredients to Look For 

  • Curcumin: This one may sound familiar; that's because it's actually naturally occurring in turmeric. This powerful anti-inflammatory works by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and therefore relieving joint pain. 

  • Selenium: Also an anti-inflammatory, selenium has significant impacts on long term joint health, with the added bonus of aiding healthy thyroid function and promoting a strong immune system. 

  • Ginger: Having been used for many years in traditional medicine, ginger root is actually extremely effective in improving joint discomfort and preventing both tendonitis and the erosion of cartilage, both of which can occur as a result of running regularly. 

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    • Bromelain: Newer to the scene of joint supplements, but no less effective, non-toxic bromelain is naturally occurring in pineapples and is increasingly being shown to greatly reduce pain, inflammation and swelling around joints, sometimes even more so than painkillers. 

  • Boswellia Serrata: Promotes optimal, long term joint health. Particularly good at suppressing enzymes that destroy cartilage and connective tissue over time, and working to strengthen these instead. 

  • EPA/DHA/ALA: The three main Omega-3 fatty acids, all efficient in reducing systematic inflammation and lubricating joints which promotes resilience and flexibility. 

  • Garlic: By limiting the effects of cytokines, garlic protects from damage to connective tissues from inflammation which notably reduces joint pain whilst fighting off any further damage. 

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    1. Overall Best Joint Supplement 2022: Physio Flex Pro 

    Physio Flex Pro has taken the joint pain supplement market by storm, providing some of the highest-quality pain relief and repair on the market. Only a handful of natural joint supplements are considered adequate for joint pain relief and protection, and Physio Flex Pro is one of them. 

    The ingredients are the most crucial element of any joint pain relief supplement. This is the strength of Physio Flex Pro, as it contains items like turmeric, MSM, and chondroitin. This makes the ingredients backed by clinical studies, and Physio Flex Pro a joint supplements with proven benefits. 


    You can expect the following results from taking Physio Flex Pro: 

    Reduce Inflammation 

    Inflammation is the body's response to things that cause harm, like impact, twists, and sprains. Arthritis is another common cause of inflammation. 

    Arthritis isn't caused by one single element and can have multiple driving forces behind it. The most common is an overactive immune system that attacks joints and tissues because of the aspects that seem foreign within the body. 

    Some of the most common symptoms of arthritis are swelling, stiffness, pain, and overall lack of mobility. These side effects are the most common in the morning but can happen at any time throughout the day. 


    Lubricates Joints 

    Joint lubrication is vital for avoiding friction between two joints rubbing together. Synovial fluid is required to help with the lubrication process and is created naturally within the body. This critical fluid pumps nutrients to your cartilage, creating a slick surface and allowing for more effortless joint movement. 

    Repairing and Restoring 

    The cartilage in your knees and elbows helps cushion your bones, preventing them from grinding against each other when you bend your joints. Cartilage is found throughout multiple parts of the body but can quickly deteriorate. 

    This is because cartilage lacks nerves and blood flow, meaning you aren't aware of direct injury to the cartilage, and it cannot repair itself. When cartilage begins to wear down because of arthritis or sports injury, it cannot bounce back from degeneration on its own. 


    Physio Flex Pro uses its main ingredients to repair and regenerate cartilage and tendons, leading to a much better range of motion when compared to other joint health supplements. Let's look at all the ingredients Physio Flex Pro uses to make this possible. 

    Physio Flex Pro Ingredients 

    Physio Flex Pro contains powerful ingredients that come together to relieve joint pain. The following list highlights the most critical elements of Physio Flex Pro: 

    • Turmeric: Turmeric is a spice commonly used for cooking in Indian cuisine. However, this cooking ingredient also has significant medical benefits, including reducing inflammation and relieving joint pain. Curcumin is one of the most critical elements contained in turmeric, as high concentrations are effective at treating arthritis pain. 


  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride: Glucosamine is a nutrient commonly used for joint repair. This element aids in enhancing the production of proteoglycans. As a bonus, glucosamine has also been discovered to slow down the progression of diabetes. 

  • MSM: MSM is one of the essential ingredients in any joint health supplement. This mineral is rich in sulfur and increases the flexibility of your joints. MSM is adequate for many conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and is one of the only efficient answers to symptoms of gout. If you suffer from sciatic nerve pain or carpal tunnel, MSM may provide relief from these conditions as well. Athletes looking to speed up recovery time after workouts and muscle-building regimens also rely on MSM. 

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  • Chondroitin: Chondroitin is another significant ingredient in Physio Flex Pro. This element is actually found in animal cartilage, soy, and yeast. It's essential for cognitive function while helping to reduce joint pain. 

  • What are actual users of Physio Flex Pro saying about this incredible joint supplement? The following section contains real quotes from high-profile users of Physio Flex Pro. 

    Physio Flex Pro Reviews 

    These reviews from real Physio Flex Pro users speak volumes about this product in comparison to other joint health supplements. 

    Nichole Millage, Team USA - 

    "Right from my training camps at the Paralympic facility at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) until my final tournament and now in retirement, nutrition underpins everything I do, and so a product like Physio Flex Pro can hugely help ensure that I am giving my body everything it needs to protect, repair and rebuild joint tissue." 


    Damian Villa, Team USA - 

    "As an Elite Taekwondo Athlete who trains 4+ hours a day, my joints and cartilage take quite the pounding from all of the movement and kicking Taekwondo requires, especially my knees! 

    A fantastic supplement like Physio Flex Pro helps me by giving me the nutrients and protection my joints need to be able to perform with maximum effort and zero pain." 

    Julie K, USA 

    "I have tried many over-the-counter supplements such as OsteoBiflex and Tumeric. Although these supplements provided relief, my knee pain always seemed to come and go. 

    I always had to wear a knee wrap or knee brace when I went for a run outside. Since I started taking Physio Flex Pro, my knee pain has basically gone away." 


    The makers of Physio Flex Pro are so confident in their formula that if you're not satisfied with your results, you can take advantage of their 60-day money-back guarantee. Find out what Physio Flex can do for your joint pain by heading to their official website and placing an order. 

    2. Best Joint Supplement - Runner Up: Performance Lab Flex 

    Performance Lab Flex supports healthy and allows you to reach peak physical performance. Active lifestyles often lead to joint injury, no matter how healthy we are or how much we prepare. 

    Performance Lab Flex is specifically designed for athletes and highly active people who suffer joint pain from injury or overuse. The joints are also lubricated and nourished, leading to fewer chances of damage in the future. 


    The recipe used to create Performance Lab Flex is vegan-friendly, making it safe for any diet. Users of Performance Lab Flex commonly report the following results: 

    • Long-lasting pain relief 

  • More comfortable range of motion 

  • Stronger joints 

  • Better shock absorption 

  • The benefits are a direct result of the potent formula used to create Performance Lab Flex. Ingredients include the following blends: 

    Performance Lab Flex Ingredients 

    • Advanced Botanical Stack ApresFlex Boswelia Serrata and Curcuwin Curcumin for flexibility and inflammation 

  • Glucosamine Sulfate used to build connective tissue and regenerate cartilage 

  • Phytodroitin to maintain healthy joint lubrication 

  • OptiMSM to maintain collagen levels 

    • NutriGenesis Strontium stimulates the production of protective elements for cartilage and bones 


    Performance Lab Flex is safe to take and is incredibly well-reviewed. We consider it a close second to Physio Flex Pro only because it's optimized for one particular demographic, and Physio Flex Pro is effective for all ages. Individuals of any age can enjoy Performance Lab Flex, although it caters more to bodybuilders and athletes. 

    If you're into weightlifting, body-building, or sports like running, give Performance Lab Flex a shot by ordering on the official website. 

    3. Best Fish Oil Supplement: Flex Relief XL 

    Flex Relief XL is an impressive joint supplement for anyone with nagging joint pain associated with injury or arthritis. If you're looking for results in the following categories: 


    • Increased mobility 

  • Pain relief 

  • Joint lubrication 

  • Inflammation reduction 

  • Flex Relief XL caters to all of the above. This product comes in a combination pack as Flex Relief Oil and Flex Relief Gummies. 

    Flex Relief XL includes the following ingredients 

    • Krill Oil 

  • Black Pepper 

  • The krill oil is fantastic for inflammation, providing natural pain relief and decreasing swelling. This is an alternative to fish oil and is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids you can find, meaning it has additional health benefits aside from joint pain relief. 

    Turmeric and curcumin are both used for anti-inflammatory purposes and contain additional bonuses. The turmeric found in this supplement may also promote a healthy digestive system and help mood stabilization. 


    Black pepper increases the bioavailability of curcumin and turmeric, allowing you to obtain maximum benefits from these ingredients. This is done through digestive enzymes released because of the warmth of the pepper. These enzymes help break the curcumin down, making it easier for your body to absorb it. 

    Flex Relief XL is an excellent product for those seeking relief from joint pain associated with inflammation and aging. The krill oil content and turmeric make it a powerful solution for anyone dealing with the effects of aging. Head over to the Flex Relief XL website and place your order today. 

    What's the best joint supplement overall? 

    If you're a person experiencing joint pain or inflammation, joint supplements may well be an excellent choice for you. In order to get the most out of your supplements, it's a good idea to opt for one with natural ingredients, and look out for key ingredients such as glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin. 


    Physio Flex Pro ticks both of these boxes; in fact, it contains all three of the ingredients that we identified as the most important, and the first five of the additional effective ingredients. All of that, and for an excellent price! 

    Created by specialists in physiotherapy and orthopaedic surgeons, its formula has been specifically designed to meet the needs of athletes at every level who want to reduce the risk of injury as well as speed up recovery. It has no serious side effects or long term risks, and has been purposefully designed for easy digestion. 

    Are there any side effects? 

    Joint supplements tend to be safe, particularly those with natural ingredients, such as Physio Flex Pro. However, it's important to always check with your doctor, particularly if you have any concerns. 


    Find out more about Physio Flex Pro, here


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