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Best Free QR Code Generator: Top 4 Services To Create QR Codes For Links, URL Or Website

After testing over 20 different QR code generators, we've narrowed down to 4 top services that allow for the creation of both free and dynamic QR codes, with the added benefit of code customization.


Best Free QR Code Generator

The generator's job is to make quick response codes invented by the company Denso wave. These generated codes store information, including links and attachments, redirecting scanners to the stored content.

Although primarily used for marketing, people also started to incorporate online QR codes for different purposes. Due to their popularity, many free QR code generators have begun to pop up, making it difficult to ascertain the best one, which we will help you with today.

Best QR Code Generators

#1 ViralQR.com Best user-friendly tool for generating customizable QR codes.

#2 QRcoDeal.com Provides a quick and easy QR code generation process. 


#3 QR Codes Generator A great option if you are looking for a variety of QR code types. 

Our Score: 9.5/10 

User Ratings: 9.3/10 

ViralQR is not only an optimal platform for making set of symbols but also offers the user a vast library of options for managing the symbols created. 

You can also incorporate conversion tracking and colorful quick response codes. Get acquainted with the most common purposes of ViralQR usage:

  • Target audience determining. Some companies have to employ quick response ciphers to pinpoint their core audience. Through these scans and the help of Google Analytics, a company can quickly determine its target audience and find ways to get more scans, which can greatly assist in its market growth.
  • API incorporating. Another tool that makes this one of the best quick response producers in the market is the possibility of incorporating an API, which greatly benefits automation. Without going into too much detail, this feature allows you to automate a large number of symbols generated. Generally used for production on a large scale, this tool is essential if you are looking for a volume ciphers.
  • Product promotion. This is commonly used for marketing campaigns, which require the stable set of symbols to be produced in large quantities, normally used for promoting a specific product or application.


In addition, ViralQR offers a general bulk QR code generator tool, giving you the option of bulk creation. As the name suggests, one can use this tool to produce increased quantities of custom QR code API without the need to do any prior coding over Wi-Fi.


This tool is especially useful for conducting surveys you can customize on a large scale or a nationwide consensus, redirecting the user to a Google form to fill in the appropriate information.

One of the more unique ciphers producers in the list is the option to generate static and active codes and tickets you can customize.

How this works is that using the ticket generator tool, an event organizer can design custom QR codes in the form of a single scan custom barcode over Wi-Fi which users can download freely and will be redirected to a page where all they need to do is add their contact details for verification.

Why Is ViralQR the Best Free QR Code Generator out There? 

The option to apply size adjustment to the set of symbols unlocks the possibility of applying a vector graphic, enabling the generated QR codes to be as pixelated as possible.

The personalization it offers makes this producer one of the best free code generators. You can also give your customized set of symbols a personal touch when you are creating QR codes using this generator.


It allows users to customize their codes by adding logos in the center. This is mainly used by organizations and companies looking to advise their product.

This is a helpful option for organizations planning a marketing campaign for monitoring scan statistics. Through conversion tracking, these companies can track various analytical information, which can be used to deduce multiple details.

Before investing in the paid plan for any product, it is always considered to be a safe practice to take advantage of its free version first. The developers put only some of their eggs in one basket and filled the free plan with many features as well.


If you are an organization whose primary marketing focus is QR code usage or are looking to launch a campaign centered on ciphers, then the paid plan is most definitely worth looking over.

When it comes to the best QR code generators, a feature that makes an operative producer a reputable investment is the option to create dynamic codes.

Our Score: 8.9/10 

User Ratings: 8.3/10 

QRcoDeal gives users only the most high-quality ciphers and gives it an edge over the rest because it has a straightforward sign-up process.

With its easy 3-step sign-up, you can create your own customized Quick Response code, giving you an optimal result by selecting static or dynamic codes to generate.


Another feature QRcoDeal offers is that being a dynamic code allows you to customize your Quick Response codes, offering possibilities like tracking scanning statistics or editing the content within the symbols set.


This customizability is especially useful for companies looking to market and promote their product using these set of symbols producers that require no pay. This is because the sets of symbols producers such as quick respond symbols, which provide dynamic code creation, allow you to integrate conversion tracking into these codes as well.

Conversion tracking allows users to monitor user engagement and QR code scans, which allows them to gauge the rate of scans per location, keeping the scan limit in mind.


Additionally, the option to create a QR code, dynamic or static, makes it possible for different variations on the generated codes to be implemented, even after the time of creation has passed.

In addition to being a active QR code generator, QRcoDeal also offers users the option to post content on multiple social media sites, which is prevalent in only the best QR code generator. This means that you can incorporate social media links onto your code so that they redirect users to the site.

QRcoDeal is a great option if you are looking for QR code generators with a quick and easy implementation process. With its user-friendly and straightforward process, generating a custom QR code of your choosing has never been easier.



Our Score: 7.8/10 

User Ratings: 8.5/10 

Although somewhat similar, the paid plan offers a couple of additional options. Including online QR code generation makes it worth taking a look at and investing in if your content generation and marketing are based more on QR code generation, making this generator a contender to be the best QR code generator in the market.

Gratis Plan

With the free version, one can redeem myriad features, including the option to generate unlimited QR codes and static QR codes. Although with its fair share of limitations, a static code also has a variety of uses to it, allowing users to gauge the quality of the non-paid set of symbols.


In addition to generating QR codes for free, the free trial offers custom free QR code design and logo design capabilities as well. This means that even if you are subscribed to the free plan, the option to market your logo and which can be a custom design for your company is still available.

Paid Plan

Although a great plan to start with, you will soon realize that your creative potential and scan limit would be limited by the features the free trial has to offer when one begins to create QR codes, and the paid plan also has the option to add customized QR code templates.


This is because, although static QR codes may allow users to generate codes to their liking, they will always be locked behind a barrier of normalcy and the inability to create unlimited scans.

This is because the static codes do not offer customization options for your QR code, nor do they offer users an option to edit the content stored in the code after it has been made.

As an owner, generating a static QR code for the menus would not be considered productive for the restaurant, and this is because static codes cannot be edited after creation. However, if the QR code were dynamic, you would be able to edit the content within the QR code, saving a huge chunk of money and time.



Our Score: 7.7/10 

User Ratings: 8.6/10 

QR code generator Pro is an advanced tool for business and media. This service enables the processes to engage trackable media campaigns to be printed. Marketers appreciate the possibility to generate branded ciphers via design in a custom way landing pages proposed in engaging target audiences (print media). No need to use the work of developers or professional designers. The service allows managers to track QR Code campaign actions by monitoring scanning activities and seeing data on the number of scans by exact date, geography, and device. It helps marketers quickly run campaigns of promotional character without the need for work of the graphic designers or professional marketers.


QR-code-generator is feature-rich to help marketers run end-to-end QR Code campaigns. Service enables marketers of this niche such possibilities:

  • To create Dynamic QR Codes that allow editing of linked URLs anytime;
  • To make the design of the symbols that attracts more scans than standard black-and-white QR Codes; capture the contact information of individuals using ciphers Lead Generation feature;
  • To create customized mobile landing pages using readymade templates;
  • To make exporting process symbols' image in a raster (PNG, JPG) and high-resolution vectors (SVG, different kinds of EPS, advanced PS, and robust PDF);
  • To trace scanning activity and export reports, and add other users to manage the account.


So, it's up to you to decide whether it is worth using or not. Our investigations showed that QR code generator Pro tends to be a reliable service.

The Basic Guide to Free QR Code Generators Usage

The ability of a code generator to have the option to be able to create dynamic QR codes is essential, especially for marketing purposes.

For a code creator to be considered the key kinds of gratis producer of ciphers, it has to have variety, and this is what the QR Codes generator offers. This QR code generator is filled with various options, from personalized sets of symbols to size adjustments.


What Is a Quick Response Code?

A considerable amount of this article covers the importance and need for an efficient gratis set of symbols producer, but this begs the question: What exactly is a QR Code?

As previously mentioned, it is a type of barcode that can be scanned through a camera using a set of symbols scanning system. This may be the literal definition, but there is a little more to it.

QR codes hold a lot of importance in marketing and advertising. Without getting into too many intricacies, ciphers are responsible for creating codes that can be worked on and can offer many customizability options when you create a code of this type.


In addition to this, many supply chains have also incorporated the use of online QR codes to introduce product tracking.

What Is a QR Code Maker?

The overall concept behind the QR code maker, also known as the QR code generator, is pretty self-explanatory. By definition, this is a tool with the primary purpose of creating an online QR code containing the information you wish the code would redirect a user to. These colorful QR codes will often be seen to be personalized according to the nature of that code.

Some codes used for marketing a company's product or service as part of a possible marketing campaign have the company logo in the middle, a tool provided by many QR code generators for corporate use.


Quick response ciphers producers are not only used by companies and organizations for marketing and advertising purposes but used for other, more creative purposes as well. Some people use it to share their personalized playlists and music files.

Not just for personal use, but many smartphones have also adopted QR code technology in their menus. Android technology, for one, now allows other phones to scan QR codes for print on their phones to access local area networks. It is great for security, as it protects a network's password.

This is because others can connect to the Wi-Fi network without needing to share any password.


What Are the Main Principles of the QR Codes Usage?

There are many uses the QR codes have, which is why it is considered a staple for marketing and advertising. In addition, there are other uses for the QR code as well, making them a viable option for various situations. As discussed earlier, the concept of producer of ciphers and customized QR codes, in general, started to gain traction, and many free QR codes created started to pop up. Due to this, it became increasingly easier for companies and individuals to determine the dominant gratis quick response ciphers producer generator for them.


One such use, and something very relevant to the current trends, is in the eCommerce industry. Many companies and vendors are incorporating QR codes into their eCommerce websites so that consumers can receive a digital copy of the catalog or their product receipt as well.

What Types of QR Codes Are There?

If we talk about what types of digital ciphers exist, here we can distinguish the main six^

Due to the popularity and efficiency of QR codes in many business and industrial sectors, many different types of QR codes have been introduced as they began to emerge, each with a different purpose.


The google maps application makes location sharing easier as well. This Google map integration involves storing the map location on a static and dynamic QR code and sharing the code with whoever you want, making the Google maps application much more convenient and quick.

In addition to that, the vCard QR code is a rather unique but welcoming addition to the QR code library of different types. These types of QR codes are the ones that act as online business cards for advertising your company or networking.

And did you know that codes can differ not only by their intended purpose or technical characteristics, they are even visually created differently. Here’s the list of ciphers:


  • Ciphers of Model 1 and Model 2. The largest kind of graphic code (73*73 modules). It’s a common kind of code that you usually notice everywhere. By the way, it is used by tha majority of the worldwide companies (Facebook and Goohgle, for instance)
  • Micro type. It has an orientation-detecting design pattern and this type can be printed in a much smaller space, then the previous. Note, that the largest version of it has the size of 17*17 modules.
  • mRQR type. In case the narrow space is needed to be typed in, such kind can be used. Its visual elongated shape allows the code in any space. By the way, despite this form, this type can store no more information than its previous versions.
  • SQRC. This one has the restriction concerning reading. In can be easily used to keep their secret or private data (some internal information of the company, for instance). The appearance is the same as of the first type listed above.
  • Frame. It has a canvas area that can be used rather flexibly. Sime letters and pictures can be placed inside it and it won’t influence the work of this type. Such kind is commonly used while promoting those who own logo.


Static vs Dynamic QR Code Generator. The Difference of Them

Although QR codes have a lot of uses, they come with different purposes. The primary classifications of the QR code are either static or dynamic QR codes.

Although similar, they both have the purpose of being scanned by a QR code scanner to redirect the user to the desired web page.

However, they are considered to be distinct from each other regarding functionality. The major difference between these two types of QR codes is that the static codes are uneditable once they are generated, which means that once a static code is created, the content contained within them cannot be changed in any way.


However, when it comes to dynamic QR codes, the content within the codes can easily be changed even after the QR code has been generated. For this reason, dynamic codes are a more favorable option.

The Best QR Code Generator: How To Choose the Best Solution

When choosing the best QR generator, there are more than a few factors one might consider. One quality all reputable QR code generators possess is allowing users to create dynamic QR codes. There is no rule in the choice. It is enough to focus on the goals you are pursuing. For example, there are many well designed codes for use in advertising. They should be visible and recognizable to customers. There are those who have to revenge themselves with the maximum amount of useful information and give it out when reading. Of course, this type does not have to be used for advertising companies, it will be superfluous there. 


The fact that dynamic codes can be edited even after generating the Quick Response code makes them favorable options for various uses, including designing restaurant menus or catalogs. 

Let us highlight the main criteria for selection in a separate list:

  • Consider the purpose
  • Consider different design options
  • Note the capacity of the code
  • ease of use processes

The world of technology has something to offer you, formulate the right query and use codes for your benefit. 


How Do You Generate a Quick Response Code?

As a rule, no special additional knowledge is needed for these purposes. Developers of such technologies claim that it is quite a simple process. But is it true? Let’s find out.


Generating a QR code is fairly simple, depending on the code generator you are using to do so. All you have to do is input the information you desire to share and contain within the QR code.

After that, you must paste that URL onto the appropriate place and specify where you want to post the content, which will generate the Quick Response code accordingly. The ability of a code generator to have the option to be able to create dynamic QR codes is essential, especially for marketing purposes.

For a code creator to be considered the best free QR code generator, it has to have variety, and this is what the QR Codes generator offers. This QR code generator is filled with various options, from custom QR codes to size adjustments.


How To Scan a QR Code?

Using QR codes does not require any specific knowledge, and the overall process is very simple. There are many types of QR codes, all with different purposes, including ones used to sign in to a Wi-Fi network or QR codes used by restaurants to view their menu.

Although the nature of QR codes may be drastically distinctive, the scanning process is more or less the same.

All you have to do is first check if your phone is compatible with scanning QR codes. The way to determine that is simple: open the camera app and scan the QR code.


If a pop-up appears, displaying the information of what the QR code contains, your phone is indeed compatible. That’s all it took to make the process. You don’t need some extra knowledge for it.

Are There Any Truly Gratis Ciphers?

With such an abundance of QR code generators on the market, the probability that a free code generator might have a hidden paywall can also increase. However, there are several completely free code generators and to the point.

What Is the Best Free QR Generator? 

The world of modern technology offers many generators in this niche. Of course, before you choose the one that suits you for use, you will encounter a situation where the search engine gives out dozens of these. Before you stop your choice of this or an innovative service, you can look for feedback from people who have already encountered these. Such reviews can often provide much useful information. 


Since we are already in our article, it is acceptable to express our preferences. And it concerns ViralQR. Our team tested this service and realized that it has some advantages in comparison with competitors. For instance:

  • Usability. It is about the top and easy process when we speak of this service usage. No hitches or technical problems. Understandable usage. 
  • Instant results. You don’t need to wait long. The generation actions will be completed in a few minutes. 
  • Reliability. As we noticed, this particular service has multiple feedback from loyal users. So, it shows the real picture of it. 

This is just your decision on what to use for these purposes. You can listen to us, or you can choose any other service. 


There is no one best free QR generator which can be determined. This is because there are many different uses for high quality QR codes, and the varying situations are also contributing factors to this.

What Is the Safest Generator for Creating Quick Response Codes?

QR codes are a pretty safe and reliable technology because of how they are generated, and the content they contain is also visible to the user.

However, not every generator can be considered safe to use. This is because some code generators might break the content placed in them, and each of these generators has a selection to add a different QR code type.


Some of the safest QR code generators include but are not limited to generators like ViralQR, which provides users with a reliable and secure way to employ QR codes for their use.


It is the era of digitization, and amidst all the technological advancements which have made our lives easier comes the invention of the free Quick Response code generator, easily available on platforms such as Google Play.

So many services of this type are still not perfect. Because it takes a lot of professional effort to get things right. The main thing to pay attention to is the fact that the service works with your direction. Only then there will be a qualitative result. 


Such technology is still the subject of many research fields and is yet to show its true potential. With the implementation of QR codes in so many different aspects of technology, including augmented reality, the sky is the limit of what the QR code can achieve.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.