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Best CBD Dog Treats For Optimal Wellness In 2023

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Best CBD Dog Treats For Optimal Wellness In 2023

Delicious CBD dog treats for happy, healthy pups. Natural ingredients, trusted brand. Nurture your furry friend's wellness. Order now!

CBD Dog Treats
CBD Dog Treats

CBD is growing in popularity among pet owners. According to Grand View Research, the CBD market is expected to grow 31% from 2021 to 2030. Are you ready to help your dog feel their best using CBD treats? 

You might not feel ready to give your pup CBD. Maybe you’re worried about how it will make them feel or the quality of the treats. 

We can help you assuage those fears and your dog will love the great taste of these best CBD dog treats. Read on to learn more about where to shop for the best CBD dog treats of all time.

Top Brands Of CBD Dog Treats 

  1. Holistapet - Overall Best CBD Dog Treats; Top Selling 
  2. Joy Organics - Recommended Dog Treats In The Market
  3. FabCBD - Most Popular CBD Edibles for Pets; 100% Natural

#1. HolistaPet – Overall Best CBD Dog Treats; Top Selling


Holistapet offers your dog a healthy, safe vegan option for CBD treats. They started their business in 2017 to help pets feel their best. Today, Holistapet is an industry leader in natural, safe pet wellness products. 

Ingredients and manufacturing process

You can buy three different kinds of CBD chews at Holistapet to help your furry buddy stay at their healthiest. They are all vegan and made with safe, clean ingredients in sanitary manufacturing facilities. 

All of the treats are made using natural ingredients. You can purchase the treats in three varied strengths- 150 mg for small dogs, 300 mg for medium dogs, and 600mg for large dogs. 

Of course, you can also buy the potency that makes sense. For instance, a Jack Russell terrier is a medium size dog but may need a larger potency if they are severely anxious. 

The ingredients vary slightly depending on the chews you select. For example, the Calming Soft Chews, feature L-Tryptophan which helps produce serotonin, a necessary neurotransmitter for good mood. 

The chews also feature broad-spectrum CBD, which gets you the most beneficial terpenes to provide many benefits for the animal as it interacts with their ECS. 

Chamomile is also part of the recipe, and this herb helps dogs calm down, melting away anxiety and stress.  Other helpful ingredients are choline chloride, which improves the skin, and Phosphatidylcholine, which helps dogs battle anxiety.

Next, let’s talk about the Mobility Chews.  They are made of vegan ingredients but dogs enjoy them immensely. 

Apple cider vinegar, water, tapioca flour, sunflower lecithin, pumpkin flour, mixed tocopherols, liquid smoke, glycerin, flax oil, cinnamon, boswellia, turmeric, and apple sauce are here to help your dog feel great again. And of course, broad-spectrum CBD is used to help your animal feel great!

Types of Treats and Their Benefits

Holistapet offers two great treats for dogs. They can help your dog remain calm during stressful situations or enjoy greater freedom of movement when you give them these chews. 

Let's begin with the CBD Calming Treats. These chews offer chamomile (good for alleviating agitation and anxiousness), and l-theanine (reduction of nervous tensions, and helps fight bad behavior patterns dogs display when anxious like chewing or biting). They also include hemp extract which is good for fighting inflammation and pain.

If your dog deals with anxiety due to separation, loud noises, a new family member in the house, or other stressors, these treats are a great option. 

Now, let’s discuss the CBD mobility chews. Your dog loves to be active, and when they don’t get that physical activity in, it can wreak havoc on their mental health. You probably have to spell the word “walk” because of the jumping and wagging tails that result if you don’t!  

If your dog deals with mobility issues or watches other dogs play but cannot join in, they miss out and could feel sad. So consider the chews offered at Holistapet. 

These chews get packed with good ingredients that taste great. The stars of the show are Boswellia, which is also known as Frankincense; plus turmeric. Boswellia is an aromatic that provides anti-inflammatory benefits and helps soothe the achy joints of active dogs. 

Turmeric is more than just a seasoning; it contains curcumin which offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It is perfect for fighting tension associated with joint pain.

Customer reviews and feedback

Customers enjoy the incredible ingredients and outstanding service found at Holistapet. They offer positive reviews for all three of the dog treats offered for sale. Let's take a look at each of the treats and show you: 

“This product works so well. The dogs enjoy these chewy peanut butter bites, especially when there is a lightning storm or a fireworks show. Other chews don’t work as well as these. It’s a great product at a good price.” - WS.CR, regarding the CBD Calming Chews

"I created a crate-top bed for my young pup to lay upon so he can gaze out the window. It's a little under 3 feet high, and my older dog never used it unless we had it on the ground. For these mobility chews, my older dog uses that crate-top bed and leaps that little distance. We love it, thanks!" - Lakarr204 regarding the CBD Mobility Chews.

=> Visit the website “Holistapet”

#2. Joy Organics – Recommended Dog Treats In The Market

 Joy Organics
Joy Organics

Joy Organics began as a means of developing new, clean CBD products using the best ingredients and customer care possible. 

The founder, Joy Smith, sought natural ways to feel her personal best, eventually creating her brand of CBD. 

The brand later branched out to provide the same high-quality products to furry family members that mean so much to us.

Organic and natural ingredients

The best part of being a dog owner is the support you can give your animal to watch them grow into its best self. Joy Organics is here to help you do just that. Making the best CBD dog treats was easy for Joy Organics since the company focuses on providing only top-quality products. 

Joy Organics offers a texture and flavor your animal will savor. Such treats are a breeze to digest. Such treats contain 2mg of broad-spectrum CBD in every chew, so it's easy to dose accordingly. 

The dog's treats are made with beef liver and hemp extract rich in phytocannabinoids. They are all water-soluble, so the absorption is even simpler. The CBD will get to work immediately in your dog's body. 

The CBD treats get made with premium, broad-spectrum oil. The dog chews get made with the best ingredients so your canine gets top-quality stuff, and you can feel great about what they are consuming.

The CBD treats in this jar can be served according to your pet. Plus 2mg in every chew, it's easy to know how much you give your pet. Whether you have a small or large breed, they will be easy to care for with these chews. 

Unique flavors and types of treats

Are you curious about what flavor varieties get found in the treats that make them so appealing to dogs? If our pups could talk, they would tell us that Joy Organics treats taste amazing. 

Here’s why dogs can’t get enough of these chewy, delightful treats.

Dried Brewer’s Yeast: Brewer’s yeast helps ferment beer and offers antioxidants and b-vitamins to dogs. It helps improve hair, skin, liver, and eye function. 

Beef Liver Powder: Beef liver powder is just what it sounds like and helps make the flavor appealing to dogs. It enhances the taste and smell of the treat and provides dogs the chance to enjoy flavors they love without unnatural ingredients or chemicals. 

Flaxseed oil: Flaxseed oil is another stellar ingredient. It offers dietary fiber and omega fatty acids. Flaxseed oil is a great anti-inflammatory. That also helps dogs enjoy coat health, healthy skin, and healthy digestion.

Gum Arabic is part of the ingredients here and is a thickening agent. That helps make the treats appealing and chewy for dogs. Glycerin is an ingredient and features a sweet taste but no odor or color. 

Glycerin is non-toxic and safe. Microcrystalline cellulose is another ingredient used for texture and is an emulsifier, bulking agent, and anti-caking agent. 

Every one of those ingredients are great and help bring together the Joy Organics dog treats your pet will love.

Third-party lab testing and results

The great thing about Joy Organics' natural dog treats is that they are clean and safe for your pet. The best CBD dog treats will be lab-tested for animal safety plus these dog treats are no exception. 

Please click on "Analysis" for the dog treats and read all about the test results. You will notice they tested negative for e.coli, salmonella, mold and yeast, and heavy metals. The goodies do not have residual solvents, arsenic, or lead.

=> Visit the website “Joy Organics”

#3. Fab CBD – Most Popular CBD Edibles for Pets; 100% Natural


Fab CBD prides itself on offering hand-selected ingredients. The treats are free of soy, corn, and THC. Fab CBD was founded in 2017 to create quality hemp products for people and pets who naturally want to feel good.

High-quality ingredients

It’s usually pretty simple to know when your dog isn’t feeling their best. They are family members, after all. You want everybody to feel like themselves, so supplementing with CBD can help. 

Crying or anxious dogs are heartbreaking things, but CBD can help. Fab CBD is a great place to obtain the best CBD dog treats. Their entire mission is focused on helping pet owners keep their animals healthy using natural ingredients. 

The staff members of Fab CBD are familiar with anxious pets and know that the ingredients provided will help them remain calm when it matters most. 

If your pet is dealing with aches and pains due to getting older or a chronic illness, the CBD dog treats can help. Whether it is joint pain, joint disorders, inflammation, or arthritis, these treats may be just the thing. 

Moving about is what dogs love to do, so if they are fighting aches and pains and cannot play and run like their peers, it makes them feel bad. These treats can help them jump back on their feet and feel like themselves. 

The FabCBD treats are Cool and Crunchy. They contain ingredients like passionflower, coconut oil, tapioca syrup, apples, and peanut butter. They are flavors that dogs love. 

Depending on your dog's size, you can dose accordingly. One-half of a treat or two treats each day is appropriate. If you don't know where to begin, Fab CBD has a handy dosing chart to help you and your pet make the most of the treats. 

Under 10lb- Use 1/ 2 CBD dog treat

Between 10 to 25 lb - use one whole CBD dog treat

Between 25 to 50 Lb- use 1.5 treats

Over 50 lb, use 2 treats

Different flavors and sizes of treats

The best CBD dog treats of Fab CBD are sold in one flavor, but don't worry- dogs love them. Each treat has 3mg of CBD, so you can easily dose accordingly. 

The ingredients are made of oats, peanut butter, apples, passionflower, chamomile, tapioca syrup, coconut oil, and organic hemp extract oil. 

Third-party lab testing and results

All the products found at Fab CBD are made with your dog's safety and health in mind. They are free and clear of anything harmful such as heavy metals or other contaminants. There are no psychoactive cannabinoids like THC in these treats. 

You are guaranteed clean, safe dog treats. We encourage you to check for yourself by going to the Lab Reports page on the Fab CBD site, scrolling to the CBD Dog Treats, and get a look at the report.

=> Visit the website “Fab CBD”

Why Choose CBD Dog Treats?

In a hurry? Here’s the quick answer: dogs love the taste, the ingredients used in making the treats are natural and safe, and they are affordable. That’s why owners should consider the best CBD dog treats!

Now, for more detail: 

All of the CBD treats you will read about come in mouthwatering flavors that dogs will enjoy. Meaty flavors like beef are offered to help your dog enjoy their daily treats. Some CBD treats are made to taste like peanut butter, which dogs enjoy immensely!

Next, take note that you can buy these treats in varied sizes to help your dog get the correct amount of CBD. Holistapet, for example, provides different potencies to suit small and large dogs. 

Third, you can trust the formulas of these high-quality treats. These are not human treats with added flavors to appeal to dogs, nor are they designed for cats or other small animals. 

They are made with nutrients and flavors that dogs enjoy. It’s a best practice to read all labels closely so you know that it’s made just for canines. 

CBD treats are a great “anytime” treat. Consider dogs with separation anxiety. They see you getting ready to leave your home and they begin to get antsy and perhaps cry. Oh, the heartbreak! You can ease this pain by offering a delicious CBD treat. 

Plus, the CBD works to calm your dog so it can relax until you arrive back home. They will begin to associate your leaving with a delicious treat and instead look forward to your arrival home.

Some dogs have trouble falling asleep at night. They might wish to play while the rest of the family is getting to sleep. If that sounds like your dog, a CBD treat can be an excellent way to help your pooch get his rest while the rest of his family is doing the same. Your dog will look forward to the great taste, and you will appreciate the relaxation benefits. 

If you needed a last reason to purchase a pack of the best CBD dog treats, it’s to keep your dog relaxed while on the road. Most dogs love riding in the car, but others may feel anxious. 

Vet visits are another car trip dogs hate. CBD treats can help your dog calm down when they need it. If you would like your pet to be quiet and relaxed while traveling, a CBD treat can be just the solution you need. 

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

If your furry buddy is dealing with discomfort, anxiety, or pain, CBD oil may be the ticket to helping them feel their best. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound from hemp. Your dog will not experience a psychoactive “high,” and they will enjoy all the relaxation benefits of hemp without feeling unlike themselves. 

Here are the top ten benefits of CBD for your dog, which you can get when you buy the best CBD dog treats:

  1. Sleep Benefits: If your doggo is finding it hard to sleep at night, a little CBD is perfect for sleeping and relaxation. Whether anxiety, illness, or pain is keeping them awake, CBD oil can help. It’s good for serotonin regulation, body relaxation, and the immune system
  2. Easing Cancerous Pains: We are not veterinarians and cannot diagnose or offer advice about dogs with cancer. We do know that research points to CBD being helpful for dogs with cancer as a means of fighting pain whether it is from cancer itself or chemotherapy treatments.
  3. Allergy Reduction: Dogs may be allergic to things in their environment, just like humans. Insects, grass, medicines, foods- all of these and more can cause an allergic reaction in dogs. CBD oil helps boost the immune system and may help reduce inflammation caused by the allergic reaction.
  4. Nausea Relief: If your dog has a sensitive tummy or is dealing with an illness making it hard to keep food down, CBD may help. CBD could help reduce nausea in dogs. 
  5. Good for the Heart: CBD helps mitigate short-term stressors such as vet visits, but can also help your pet stay healthy from heart conditions related to age, thanks to how it regulates heart rate and blood pressure. It helps with the regulation of your dog's endocannabinoid system, the system in our bodies known for keeping us in balance.
  6. Helps With Noises: Fireworks and thunderstorms are two reasons dogs become skittish and nervous. We cannot stop these events from happening, but we can help our dogs feel safe and comforted by providing CBD treats, Thunder Jackets, and a comforting pat on the head during those stressful times. CBD helps by attaching to receptors in the dog’s brain and calming them down. 
  7. Epilepsy Help: We must reiterate that we are not qualified to give health advice to your dog, but CBD oil could help with seizures in dogs. CBD offers anticonvulsant characteristics and research indicates that CBD oil may help reduce the symptoms of epilepsy and the frequency of seizures in canines.
  8. Good for the Skin: Does your dog scratch constantly? Is their skin dry? If so, deterioration and microdermabrasion of the skin may occur. CBD oil could help since it fights inflammation of the skin and reduces stress. Ensure you set up a visit with your vet as well to get the condition treated.
  9. Mitigate Joint and Arthritis Pain: Like human beings, dogs may develop deterioration and inflammation in their joints, which is highly painful. About 20% of canines in the USA are dealing with arthritis. Treats can help your dog feel like themselves again.
  10. Anxiety Fighter: Dogs can be anxious for many reasons. Loud sounds, vet visits, a new family member, a new house- you name it. Try out CBD oils for dogs to foster serotonin production, which helps your dog enjoy a stable mood. 

How CBD Works in Dogs' Bodies

The way CBD works is best understood if we talk about the endocannabinoid system of dogs. 

By understanding this, we can realize the full benefits of CBD for dogs and why you should buy the best CBD dog treats. 

The ECS, as it is known, is a signaling system all mammals have. It offers regulation and balance for the bodies of these beings. It influences other body systems so they stay healthy. 

Research indicates that the ECS is critical for the lungs, muscles, GI tract, liver, bones, and many other important body parts. 

Three major components make up the ECS. They are: 

  • Receptors
  • Enzymes
  • Endocannabinoids

Endocannabinoid receptors make up the ECS. They are cells found throughout the body and can be classified into two categories: CB1 + CB2. 

While we need more research, scientists do not yet understand the precise location of these cells within the animal's body. 

What we do know is that the CB1 receptors are associated with the central nervous system, and are part of the spinal cord and brain.  We also know that dogs have CB1 cells within salivary glands and skin. 

Meanwhile, CB2 cells are linked to the peripheral nervous system plus the dog’s immune system and are part of organs such as the liver and spleen. 

Such receptor cells can be thought of as a messenger. They send communications from the animal’s brain to the body, which offers balance and stasis. The more messages sent, the more balance and health the body enjoys. 

So, which endocannabinoids interact with our receptors? They are phytocannabinoids, which naturally occur in plants such as hemp; endocannabinoids, which are naturally made by our bodies, and synthetic cannabinoids (think delta-8, the mostly man-made cannabinoid taking the Internet by storm). 

Synthetic cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids offer the same effects as endocannabinoids, which provide the same body benefits. 

Okay, you’ve done a great job getting a primer on the ECS. Now, we can learn how CBD works with the ECS to help your dog feel better. 

CBD interacts with enzymes in the pet's body which slows the endocannabinoid breakdown which will benefit your pet. 

It helps them experience all the benefits of endocannabinoids longer. And, as a phytocannabinoid, CBD oil for dogs triggers receptors that send signals to create balance in your dog's body. 

Terpenes, which are phytochemicals of the hemp plant, are also highly beneficial. The hemp plant as a whole offers huge benefits for the ECS, which is called the "entourage effect." 

Factors To Consider When Choosing CBD Dog Treats

CBD concentration and dosage

The concentration and dosage of your dog's CBD treats matter greatly, as the size of your dog makes a difference. 

You would not give a 3 mg treat to a teacup chihuahua and nor would you give a 1 mg treat to Great Dane or another large breed in hopes it would work for them. 

While CBD is not toxic and will not harm your dog in large quantities, giving the correct dosage in the form of appropriately sized treatment matters. 

Check over the mg of CBD in every treat before you buy and ensure it is appropriate for your dog. Don't forget you can always cut treats in half to better suit your pet.

Ingredients and sourcing

Your dog deserves safe, quality treats made from genuine ingredients. Your dog also deserves pure and clean CBD. Finally it would help if you select companies that source their ingredients from safe, ethical sources. 

All of the brands on our list use quality ingredients from great sources. These treats are made with real food ingredients and no chemicals or synthetic additives. Moreover, they are all made in the USA and tested for quality and safety.

Brand reputation and transparency

You love your dog, and so do all the companies on our list! The brand reputation should matter immensely to dog owners. Research any brand with care to see that they test out all their CBD treats for dogs before putting them up for sale. 

Also, review for lab tests posted on the company website. Ask if you can't find answers on the company website over email or call them on the phone. 

Check and see that the reps are willing to answer any questions you may have- it demonstrates transparency. Finally, be sure to read customer reviews of the brand on sites like Trustpilot to see that the company has a good track record.

FAQs Related To The CBD Dog Treats 

Q1: Are CBD dog treats safe for my pet?

Yes! Our CBD dog treats on our list are safe and effective for dogs of all breeds and ages. If you choose to shop anywhere else, please do some research first before buying. 

You'll want to check the ingredients of the treats and see that they are natural, ensure the cbd dog treats have lab reports indicating no contaminants, and see that the treats get made with pure, safe CBD that contains no THC save for trace amounts. CBD treats get loved by dogs everywhere.

Q2: How much CBD should I give to my dog?

That will depend on the size of your dog and the severity of their condition. Generally speaking, the rule is 1-5 mg CBD for each 10 lb of body weight. 

Potencies could vary by each CBD item, so please read the labels closely to see how much CBD may get offered. 

Most pet owners give their dogs CBD no more than twice per day. Talk to your pet's veterinarian to determine a good dose for their needs. 

Q3: Can CBD dog treats help with anxiety in dogs?

Yes. The best CBD dog treats are excellent for helping canines fight off anxiety. Whether your dog is afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks, other dogs, or family members or needs to calm down after a busy day, CBD treats are a great way to do this. 

CBD interacts with the dog's endocannabinoid system, sending signals to the body and keeping it in balance. Simply stated, CBD helps your canine stay balanced and relaxed, so use it next time you need to be at the vet or anywhere else your dog feels stressed.

Q4: Can CBD dog treats help with pain management?

Yes. Veterinarians and pet owners alike have learned that CBD dog treats are beneficial in many ways for dogs. CBD treats are a stellar way for canines to fight inflammation associated with arthritis or injury. 

They also promote calmness that prevents dogs from hurting themselves while angry or upset. We also learned that CBD is good for seizures, so if your dog is dealing with epilepsy, consider speaking to your vet to learn how CBD can help.

Q5: How long does it take for CBD dog treats to take effect?

CBD dog treats won't take long to begin working. Many dog owners notice the effects taking place about 30 to 45 minutes after they are given to the animal. Oils are another great way to help your pet achieve results, as they do tend to work faster. 

However, edible treats for dogs are usually a better choice since they can be used as a way to make your dog happier, they are easy to dose and measure, and they come in flavors that dogs enjoy.

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Concluding On The Best CBD Dog Treats In 2023

We hope you have enjoyed this discussion of the best CBD treats for dogs. Holistapet’s CBD dog treats, whether you choose the Mobility or the Calm Chews, are the best choices. They contain natural ingredients but still taste amazing. Flavors like peanut butter and ingredients like flaxseed are very appealing to dogs. 

The Calm chews are great because they offer l-theanine and chamomile to help fight stress. The Mobility chews are great because they have hemp and turmeric, which are naturally good at reducing the pain associated with inflamed joints. 

In all, the best CBD dog treats are not hard to find. You've got the best list here, with three incredible choices. Each of these treats are natural, safe, and you know dogs love them. If you want a happy and calm pup, get any of these incredible treats.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.