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BeNaughty Review - Could It Be One Of The Best Casual Dating Sites?

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BeNaughty Review - Could It Be One Of The Best Casual Dating Sites?

It may seem like you'd have more choice on the big site, but you'd only have more competition. It'd be impossible to find those 10,000 local singles. That's why most people have bad experiences on casual dating sites.

BeNaughty Review
BeNaughty Review

Would you rather join a dating site with a total member pool of 500,000 and 10,000 live in your area? Or the one with 58 million people and still only 10,000 live near you? 

It may seem like you'd have more choice on the big site, but you'd only have more competition. It'd be impossible to find those 10,000 local singles. That's why most people have bad experiences on casual dating sites. 

So, we decided to create a account because we heard that the chat was smooth and the community was very active. We're ready to share what we discovered about one of the fastest-growing hookup sites.


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Let's see if the hype is real, or is that one more site where everything stays online? 

  • BeNaughty Dating Site Overview 
  • Ideal for singles seeking casual dates and hookups 
  • You can test BeNaughty by creating a free profile 
  • Modern matchmaking features (Icebreakers, Naughty Mode, Live chat rooms…) 
  • Safe Mode prevents unverified members from contacting you 
  • Women have more free features than men (e.g., free messages) 
  • It's possible to stumble upon some suspicious profiles (but reporting them solves it) 
  • Men can unlock premium features for $0.99/day during a 3-day trial 
  • Average pricing compared to other hookup sites 
  • An active and growing community with a balanced gender ratio (48% women, 52% men) 
  • Most singles with profiles on BeNaughty live in the US 

Pros & Cons



Big, active community 

Better for hookups within the US than international dating 

Balanced gender ratio 

No refunds 

Women can chat for free 

Some older users might feel overwhelmed by the modern features 

Creative 'Icebreakers' 

Some members might ghost you 

Accurate geolocation helps with local dating 

Men have to pay to unlock messages (starts at $0,39/day) 


How BeNaughty Works For Average People Seeking Hookups 

Joining this site isn't a smart move for those seeking marriage, soul mates, and fairy tale endings. It's possible to find something like that on that site, but even if it happens, it will happen after a fairy tale ending, if you know what we mean. 

BeNaughty is a hookup site. Most members live in the US, but we still got a couple of messages from women outside the US. To reply, we had to upgrade our membership, as expected, looking at all the features. 

We think it's okay to try the 3-day trial because free accounts for men are limited. Even looking at photos and videos of local girls is locked for free male users. Good casual dating sites do that to keep the community safe from creeps, so that's a good thing in the end. Yet it will probably make you invest those $2,97 to feel BeNaughty's full potential. 

Sign Up on BeNaughty 

Registering to BeNaughty takes a couple of minutes. There are no boring personality tests. All the info needed for registration is your gender (BeNaughty is LGBT-friendly), age, location, and email. Shortly after, you get a verification email. 

It's free to register, but you can't access full services before you upload a profile photo. We suggest writing a creative description because most profiles are fairly detailed for a casual dating site. 

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How to Make a Good BeNaughty Profile 

When we say the profiles are detailed, we don't mean that you'll read the life stories of hot local girls on BeNaughty. But setting up a profile and sharing some info is vital. 

Info about yourself you can share on your BeNaughty profile: 

  • Body type 
  • Hair Color 
  • Ethnicity 
  • Status 

Most US singles use profile descriptions to show matches what they're looking for. Yet scroll-stopping photos certainly help. Photos you upload must be at least 480x480 pixels but under 12 MB. You don't have to finish a profile immediately after registration. 


Member Quality Wasn't as Expected 

We test many casual dating sites and have experience with low-quality hookup platforms. We're used to getting messages from bots with profile pictures that'd make eunuchs drool. 

We didn't expect BeNaughty to be so different. Don't get us wrong, some women there were stunning. A lot of them, actually. But all of them felt real. Everyone we got in touch with (mostly women 25-40) seemed so open and relaxed. And a great sign was that no one avoided video chat. 


Is It Difficult to Find Matches On BeNaughty 

Most 600,000 members live in the US, so it's relatively easy to meet matches if you're American. 

You can search the community by age, ethnicity, location, etc. Always use the location filter. It's pointless to waste time on girls living across the country. 

To help you browse, BeNaughty allows you to sort matches by popularity, age, distance, activity, online status, etc. 

Don't fall for the popularity filter. It shows members who spend time chatting online instead of hooking up. Sort matches by distance instead. 

Making the first move is easy. However, we noticed that girls who'd returned a "like" in the "Hot Or Not" game were more flirty than those we tried to reach using Icebreakers. 

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BeNaughty website
BeNaughty website

Making Contact 

Women love BeNaughty. It's free for them. They can make contacts with local guys even with free profiles. Men, on the other hand, have to be paid members to chat. With a free BeNaughty membership, men can send Icebreakers and winks and play Hot Or Not. 

After upgrading, chat features unlock. It becomes possible to exchange: 

  • Texts 
  • Voice messages 
  • Photos 
  • Videos 
  • And, of course, live video chat. 

You may feel like you need the Icebreakers to start conversations, but we noticed that personalized messages work better. Who knows, maybe the girls we tried to contact have already seen all 50+ Icebreakers. 

Top Features On BeNaughty 

BeNaughty Safety & Security are Above the Industry Standards 

We hope you never registered for any dating platform with poor safety features. It doesn't have to be that someone will steal your identity if you have a profile on some terrible hookup site. But if the site does not invest in safety, they probably don't invest in other areas. That means you probably won't find anyone on a bad dating site. 

So it's nice to see a casual platform for singles in the USA that puts safety first. BeNaughty follows all the safety standards and, in some, stands next to the most famous dating apps in the world. 

These are some of the BeNaughty safety features: 

  • Reporting and blocking 
  • Private messages to the support team or call them 
  • Credit card verification 
  • Profile verification process 
  • Photos are reviewed before uploading 

BeNaughty App 

⇒ Click Here to try BeNaughty App for FREE!!  

BeNaughty app is available for Androids, but iOS users still have to enter the platform through the browsers on their iPhones. We tested the mobile version on iOS and loved that the developers cared enough to make the site responsive. That probably makes iPhone users happy with BeNuahty. 

Yet, in this case, Android wins. We've tried a lot of hookup apps. A lot. And they are usually a poor copy of their websites. They keep the design, but all the features get messed up. 

BeNaughty seemingly has a great development team because the app runs smoothly and has all the features (including matchmaking games and chat). It's even possible to register through the app, and it takes a couple of minutes, the same as on a desktop. The verification process stays the same. 

Customer Support 

We're used to not getting replies from dating platforms. Yet we expected more from BeNaghty, a seemingly high-quality hookup site. 

It wasn't difficult to find their contact info. You can send an email to [email protected]. Or call directly at 0800 102 6573. 

You can also reach the BeNaughty team through the contact form on the site. After you select what bothers you, you'll get some suggested answers. Those seemed very helpful, but we still sent an email. We asked them if there was auto-renewal on the premium subscription to test their honesty. 

We were so surprised when they replied in less than 24 hours. They were honest and said that if we didn't cancel the subscription on time, it'd be auto-renewed, and they reminded us that they don't do refunds. 

Safe Mode 

On top of their professional support team, BeNaughty adds two layers of Safe Mode. 

Basic Safe Mode is free. If you keep it on, suspicious profiles won't be able to contact you. 

Full Safety is a premium feature, but it's worth it because it allows only verified members to visit your profile. 

Flirtcast - Send the Same Message to Many Singles 

Flirtcast is a feature meant to save time by enabling you to send the same message to more than one user at a time. It may help you get some quick and easy wins, but we used it as a secret weapon for sending the proven icebreaker to dozens of hot local girls. 

Satisfaction Policy 

The satisfaction Policy on BeNaughty is a bit below the industry standards. We guess they can allow it to themselves because they're sure to keep their promise. They promise everyone with a premium account to get at least one hookup on BeNaughty in less than 3 months. 

Those who don't - get a free 3-day trial. 

BeNaughty Pricing Makes Sense 

Everyone knows that in online dating, you get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, you can expect nothing in return, at least if you're a man. Women who join BeNaughty get all premium features for free forever. Men can try their luck as free members or start with a 3-day trial for $0.99. Prices of other subscription packages and everything they include are below. 



Unlimited Photos 

Unlimited Messages 

Who's Viewed you 

Enhanced Search 

View detailed profiles 


Video chat 


1 Week 









1 Month 









3 Months 









Note that all subscriptions on BeNaughty are self-renewal. That means you must cancel your membership on time if you don't want to pay for another month or 3 of premium features. 

We noticed some negative reviews about BeNaughty in which people complained that their cards got charged even though they've stopped using the site. We're sorry for those people. Still, it's not the platform's fault. Everything is on the checkout page. The problem is that some people don't read, so they get surprised by processes standard in many industries. 

Compared to other casual dating sites, BeNaughty's prices are average. It's not one of those high-end sites that cost hundreds every month. And it certainly isn't one of those free sites flooded by fake profiles. 

Free Subscription Options Are Great for Women 

As mentioned, women get all premium features for free. Men have to show that they're men and become premium members if they want to have any real chances for local hookups. 

With a free subscription, men can only search and filter potential matches. They also can send 5 free messages, but we don't think that'd be enough for anyone to seduce the level of women we found on BeNaughty. 

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Our suggestion is to start as a free user, use a search feature to check out the area, and if you like what you see, upgrade to premium. 

The List of Premium Subscription and Upgrade Options on BeNaughty 

BeNaughty is clever for offering different premium features to men and women. Of course, some are universal. 

Those are: 

  • Icebreakers - 50+ prewritten messages to help you start conversations 
  • Live Chat Rooms - ideal for meeting numerous people in a short time (private chat is also available) 
  • Naughty Mode - lets naughty users easily find each other 
  • Hot or Not Game - the easiest way to find matches on BeNaughty 
  • Who's Viewed You - see who checked your profile 
  • Video Chat 

Then features reserved for women: 

  • Chataholic - be seen by 5 times more members 
  • Extra Security - full https encryption, incognito browsing, auto history cleaning 
  • Premium Dater - Chataholic + Extra Security 
  • Premium BeNaughty features for men: 
  • Ad-free 
  • Unlimited messaging 
  • Enhanced search options 
  • 'Who's near me' - for quick local hookups 
  • Reverse search - see who's into someone like them 
  • Zoom all photos 
  • Virtual Gifts - make your matches feel special 

From the list of features, it's clear that the people behind BeNaughty understand their members. They know that women insist on using 100% safe casual dating apps. So they've developed features to help women relax. 

To help men find those women, they have special male features that help them get hookups quickly. 

Free BeNaughty vs. Premium 

We mentioned that women can use premium features for free. Yet there are still add-ons to boost the experience of looking for local men. So even though women can find guys for free, they don't hesitate to invest in the best upgrade options. 

For men, it's a no-brainer. If they stick to their free profiles, they won't be able to do much. Yet, after upgrading, BeNaughty becomes a hookup machine. 

Is BeNaughty Worth Joining and Paying For? 

We can't say if this platform will be worthy for you as an individual. We're all different. Yet, if you're looking for a dating app that lets you find local US hookups with relative ease - BeNaughty might become your favorite digital wingman. 

BeNaughty Is A Legit Hookup Site for US Singles 

We didn't expect to love this app this much because it seemed like just another hookup platform. But if you go premium, the world opens in front of you. Actually, it's more like the US opens in front of you because most members live in the USA. That makes BeNaughty great for local adventures. 

BeNaughty Alternatives 






Focused on 

Local hookups 

Serious dating 



Casual dating 

Free app 





Community size 


40 million 

1.8 million 

75 million 


Free for women. $28.80/month for men 



Free for women. $24.49/month 


$10/month. $20/month if you are 30+ 

BeNaughty vs Tinder 

Tinder has a much bigger community and offers more free features. But BeNaughty makes it easier to get local hookups in some areas of the US, especially in big cities, because Tinder is overflooded, so it's hard to stand out. 

BeNaughty vs AdultFriendFinder 

AdultFriendFinder also has a bigger community than BeNaughty, but there are many fake profiles and bots, so we don't know how realistic those numbers are. And having millions of members doesn't mean much if they're scattered around the globe. The only similarity between those sites is that they're focused on casual dating. 

Review Conclusion 

After spending a lot of time on BeNaughty and testing it from every angle, we can confirm that it's a safe dating site. Not only that, but it's one of the most effective platforms because they don't promote themselves globally, meaning that almost all their members live in the USA. And it's much easier to arrange hookups with singles living near you than those 3 countries away. 

Still, if you're a man, don't expect to get a lot of action unless you're ready to invest a couple of bucks into your premium subscription. 

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.