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Behemoth Labz Review: Is Behemoth Labz Sarms Safe & Legit Peptides? Shocking Customer Scam Controversy!

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Behemoth Labz Review: Is Behemoth Labz Sarms Safe & Legit Peptides? Shocking Customer Scam Controversy!

Are you in search of research compounds specifically designed for laboratory use? If so, why not explore the offerings of BEHEMOTH LABZ? BEHEMOTH LABZ is an online store that specializes in a wide range of research compound products, including capsules, tablets, syringes, liquids, peptides, injectables, transdermals, and more.

Behemoth Labz
Behemoth Labz

The dynamics of the SARMs market have undergone a profound shift, resulting in notable transformations. Several factors have contributed to these changes, including the impact of the pandemic, rising shipping costs, limitations on SARMs production and export from China, increased regulatory scrutiny in the United States, closure of Eastern European laboratories, and a shift in focus by labs towards manufacturing essential medications during the pandemic.

These circumstances have left a lasting impact on the SARMs industry, with significant implications for its future. China, which previously dominated the manufacturing and export of 90% of the world's SARMs, has seen its role diminish. While attempts were made by alternative sources in countries like India, Ukraine, and Russia to fill the gap, they too faced challenges that led to their collapse.

Consequently, the supply of SARMs to the largest domestic market, the United States, has significantly decreased. It now represents a mere fraction, approximately 5%, of what it was two years ago.

If you are in search of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) and desire reliable products that deliver desired outcomes, navigating the purchasing process can be overwhelming.

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For assured excellence in research chemicals, it is imperative to connect with a reliable source. When it comes to superior SARMs, Behemoth Labz stands as the perfect choice. In this discourse, we will delve into the exceptional repute of this frontrunner in the industry, examine their array of chemical compounds, and illuminate their exceptional services.

 Behemoth Labz
Behemoth Labz

A brief introduction on Behemoth Labz

Are you in search of research compounds specifically designed for laboratory use? If so, why not explore the offerings of BEHEMOTH LABZ? BEHEMOTH LABZ is an online store that specializes in a wide range of research compound products, including capsules, tablets, syringes, liquids, peptides, injectables, transdermals, and more. These products are highly valuable for individuals engaged in laboratory research. The company's primary objective is to provide a diverse selection of research compounds at competitive prices. In this piece, you will find reviews of BEHEMOTH LABZ products, offering insights into their effectiveness and reliability.

Behemoth Labz, an established player in the market since the 1990s, has built a solid reputation for supplying top-quality research compounds and SARMs. Despite being US-based, their exceptional offerings have propelled them to become a leading global vendor, thanks to their competitive prices and uncompromising product purity.

Here are some notable aspects of Behemoth Labz that we appreciate:

  • Rigorous Third-Party Testing and Verification
  • Extensive Range of Research Chemicals
  • Swift Shipping and Excellent Customer Support
  • Wide Variety of Product Formulations
  • Plus, much more.

What sets them apart is their provision of injectable SARMs, a rarity among suppliers. Additionally, akin to PureRawz, they offer a diverse selection of forms, including tablets and liquids, catering to various preferences and requirements.

Behemoth Labz, an esteemed provider, specializes in offering top-notch products such as Peptides, Liquid Nootropics, and Injectable SARMS. Since its inception in 1990, this company has been at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality research compounds, all available at competitive prices.

Before making a purchase, we recommend reading comprehensive reviews of BEHEMOTH LABZ Sarms and BEHEMOTH LABZ Superdrol to make an informed decision. Customers have the convenience of using PayPal for their transactions with BEHEMOTH LABZ, ensuring a secure payment process.

To further enhance your experience, take advantage of the latest BEHEMOTH LABZ Discount Code, which can help reduce shipping charges. Stay updated by following the BEHEMOTH LABZ Facebook page, where you'll receive monthly BEHEMOTH LABZ Coupon Codes directly to your Facebook account.

Here are some of the popular and highly-regarded products from BEHEMOTH LABZ:

  • BEHEMOTH LABZ Ostarine
  • BEHEMOTH LABZ Superdrol
  • BEHEMOTH LABZ Halodrol

Experience the excellence offered by BEHEMOTH LABZ and embark on your research endeavors with confidence.

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The Quality of Behemoth Labz products

In search of convenience, we opted for the preassembled bulking stack, and the results were intriguing.

Among the products available are combination pills and liquids. When we purchased the King Kong bulking stack, it appeared as a single bottle of pills.

Within each pill, a potent blend awaits:

  • 25 mg RAD-140
  • 30 mg MK-677 (although not a SARM, it aids in bulking)
  • 10 mg LGD-4033
  • 5 mg ACP-105

With a purchase, you receive 60 capsules, each encapsulating a complete SARMs stack dosage. Gone are the days of consuming numerous pills.

While the prices may initially appear steep, a closer examination reveals the true value lies within each capsule. You're investing in unparalleled convenience and remarkable dosages, making it worth every penny.

A single bottle of stacked pills provides a comprehensive SARMs cycle, eliminating the need for multiple products. Their premade stacks cover a diverse range of goals. Here are some examples:

  • bulking stack named King Kong
  • cutting stack named Super lean
  • bulking stack named Nemesis (extreme)
  • Feline stack (tailored for female SARMs users)
  • The incredible bulk (combining six SARMs in a single capsule)

This distinctive approach offers completeness and simplicity, which we highly recommend exploring. It's a convenient and effective solution worth considering for your SARMs journey.

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Let’s look at some of Behemoth Labz products

S4 Liquid Andarine:

If you are in need of the renowned and advantageous liquid research compound called Andarine, you can conveniently acquire it from the online store of BEHEMOTH LABZ. This compound holds significant popularity and offers notable benefits, making it an ideal choice for your research endeavors.


Through meticulous laboratory testing, this compound has demonstrated its effectiveness in targeting specific androgen receptors, exhibiting tissue selectivity, and minimizing the potential side effects associated with steroids. Researchers have utilized this compound to explore its positive impact on enhancing skeletal muscle mass, increasing strength, and improving bone density.

Pros and Cons:

The product is thoughtfully packaged in an air-sealed mylar bag, ensuring the integrity of the liquid and preventing any exposure or leakage. Once you place an order, you have a generous window of two days to make your purchase. To maintain its quality, it is advised to store the liquid in a cool and dry location.

Halodrol Behemoth Labz:

If you are interested in utilizing halodrol in its injectable form, you can conveniently obtain this product from the official website of BEHEMOTH LABZ.


It comprises chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol, an orally active compound with anabolic androgenic properties, along with androstenediol and other significant compounds.

Pros and Cons:

It proves to be highly beneficial for educational and research purposes, aiding in your academic endeavors. Rest assured, a 100% guarantee is provided for the products, ensuring your satisfaction. It is advised to handle it with care and avoid direct contact with the skin during use.

Do they have PCT?

One aspect that has always intrigued me is the absence of PCT supplements in the product offerings of SARMs companies. It seems that these supplements could be just as easily provided by them, given their availability.

Currently, Swiss Chems stands out as the only company we know that offers high-purity generic Nolvadex, Clomid, raloxifene, and other PCT supplements.

While Behemoth Labz may not sell these specific supplements, they do offer post-cycle stacks that can assist you in maintaining energy levels, preserving or building muscle mass, and addressing some of the effects of testosterone reduction after your SARMs cycle.

Although it may still be necessary to acquire Nolvadex or Clomid in certain cases, their PCT stacks can be effective for mild testosterone drops.

As an illustration, consider the "Post Cycle Max" stack, which consists of the following components:

  • Laxogenin capsules (a plant-based steroid)
  • Annihilate capsules (containing Arimistane, a natural aromatase inhibitor that helps prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen)
  • Cycle It capsules (comprised of NAC and other essential nutrients for post-cycle recovery)

These carefully formulated capsules are designed to support your body during the post-cycle phase and aid in maintaining optimal hormone balance.

Coupon Code of nearly 20% off

To take advantage of the BEHEMOTH LABZ coupons, it is recommended to explore various online platforms that offer these exclusive deals. Numerous online portals are dedicated to providing BEHEMOTH LABZ coupons, allowing you to purchase their products at a discounted price. Moreover, these portals often offer additional discounts and special offers that can further enhance your savings. By keeping an eye on these opportunities, you can maximize the benefits of purchasing from BEHEMOTH LABZ and enjoy their products at reduced costs. Make sure to check your eligibility for any available offers and discounts to make the most of your shopping experience.

Behemoth Labz stands out for its unique offerings. Their range of multi-SARMs liquids and capsules simplifies the process of creating stacks, making it incredibly convenient and ensuring the dosages are well proportioned. The convenience and effectiveness of their products are truly remarkable.

In addition to their SARMs selection, Behemoth Labz also caters to post-cycle therapy (PCT) needs. While they don't sell Nolvadex or Clomid specifically, they offer exceptional post-cycle stacks that aid in recovery and overall rejuvenation after a cycle.

Moreover, Behemoth Labz provides a diverse range of peptides and prohormones for you to choose from, giving you even more options to explore based on your specific requirements. Their comprehensive product lineup ensures that you have access to a wide array of research compounds to support your goals.

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Moneyback guarantee, payment methods, and shipping

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Behemoth Labz prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides a money back guarantee under reasonable circumstances. If any issues arise, simply inform them within 7 days of the delivery date to initiate the process.

Although we haven't encountered any problems with them thus far, it's reassuring to know that they prioritize customer safety and satisfaction.

Flexible Payment Options:

Payment methods can sometimes pose challenges when purchasing SARMs, but Behemoth Labz offers a wide range of convenient payment options.

You have the flexibility to pay with various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Additionally, they accept credit or debit cards, as well as PayPal, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience for you.


Behemoth Labz has established a reputation for its prompt shipping services, catering to customers worldwide. They offer shipping options to nearly all locations across the globe.

When you place an order before 3pm EST, it will be shipped promptly via USPS Priority Mail, ensuring a timely delivery.

Additionally, here's some exciting news: If the total value of your order exceeds $150, you won't incur any shipping charges whatsoever! This allows you to enjoy even greater savings on your purchases.

Third Party Testing

As mentioned earlier, a reputable company is characterized by its commitment to thorough third-party verification to ensure the purity of their SARMs.

Fortunately, Behemoth Labz is renowned for its rigorous purity standards. They conduct comprehensive testing on all their products and make the results publicly available.

The purity analysis of their RAD 140, as displayed above, indicates an impressive purity level of 99.5%. This underscores their dedication to offering only the highest quality materials.

Many vendors lack third-party verification tests altogether, leaving uncertainties about the purity of their products. With Behemoth Labz, however, you can have confidence in the purity of their SARMs.

Behemoth Labz formulation is the best in the market. Try here today!

So, are Behemoth Labz legit?

Determining the legitimacy of a company involves evaluating three key factors:

  1. Efficacy and purity of the SARMs: It is important to assess whether Behemoth Labz offers SARMs that are highly effective and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure purity.
  2. Reliable product delivery: Personal experiences, as well as online communities like Reddit, provide evidence that Behemoth Labz consistently delivers orders to customers in a timely manner.
  3. Credibility of Behemoth Labz as a company: Behemoth Labz maintains an active presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where they engage with followers and receive genuine feedback. Such interactions are difficult to fabricate, indicating the company's authenticity.

Ultimately, the pivotal question revolves around the legitimacy of Behemoth Labz' SARMs and other research chemicals in terms of delivering the intended results.

Based on my personal experience, we have achieved excellent results with Behemoth Labz's SARMs for both bulking and cutting purposes. The convenience of their single stack capsule is unmatched and provides potent effects.

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For additional assurance, we highly recommend checking the purity reports. These reports, accessible under the "COA" tab on each product, demonstrate the legitimacy and up-to-date nature of the information provided.

Overall, based on the evidence and my own positive encounters, we can confidently affirm that Behemoth Labz is a legitimate company. While it is possible that some individuals may raise concerns, the available evidence strongly supports their trustworthiness at present.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.