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ANTI TAR Cigarette & Joint Tar Filter Tips Reviews - Really Work Or Waste Of Money?

Anti Tar claims that their filter tips filter out cigarette smoke while letting you enjoy the cigarette. In this review, we will see if the product really lives up to the hype.

ANTI TAR Cigarette & Joint Tar Filter

You're not going to quit smoking just because a stranger on the internet tells you to stop. So, we're going to be doing the next best thing. We'll let you know of ways you can smoke without many side effects.

Cigarette filters are not new. However, all the products you've tried so far are probably useless. Either they don't work as well as they should or work too well. If they work too well, you can't take a proper puff.

ANTI TAR Cigarette Filter Tips – Introduction
Anti Tar is a brand of cigarette filters that's plastic. Most cigarettes have cellulose-based filters that barely filter out 30% of the tar in smoke. An Anti Tar 3rd gen plastic filter can prevent nasty tar in cigarette smoke from entering your lungs.
In addition to tar, it filters out other toxic substances like nicotine as well. The real kicker is that it does all that without compromising the quality of your smoking experience. The smoke passes through the cigarette, meaning you still get that satisfaction of a good draw.

Generally, cigarettes have a huge amount of nicotine. This amount is enough to get you addicted to smoking. This addiction urges you to buy more cigarettes; thus, the companies generate more revenue. They get all that at the cost of your health.

Thus, the company's paltry attempts at creating tar filters aren't that sincere, especially since an actual filter would reduce the amount of tar and nicotine. That's why Anti Tar filters are so revolutionary.

These filters reduce the amount of tar and nicotine you inhale, making it easier for you to quit in the long run. Since tar is the compound that stains your teeth, you'll have a brighter smile. Over time, it should also reduce other side effects, like a sore throat.

Anti Tar filters are comfortable to use and prevent any backflow. Plus, your smoke tastes much better once all the tar is gone. These better-flavoured and smoother puffs enhance your experience.

Filter Design – How Does It Work?
The Anti Tar filter utilizes patented technology — a triple filter system. There are three filters in the design, these are:
●    Microporous plastic filters – the first layer of filtration, this filter takes out massive amounts of tar from the smoke.
●    Nano beads – these filter beads are made with silver ions. They sterilize and purify the smoke, so the toxins don't enter your body.
●    High-fiber cotton – the final line of defense, this cotton filter separates any toxins in the smoke that haven't been removed.
●    After the smoke passes through these three filters, it is safe for consumption. Or at least, it's safer than it was before.
As your tar and nicotine consumption decreases, you're less like to encounter health issues because of smoking. When you start to quit, you'll also notice that the filter did a great job minimizing withdrawal symptoms. Introducing this filter is a good idea when you want to stop. It sure beats the cold turkey method of curbing your addiction.


Pros & Cons

●    Filters out the tar
●    Improves bad breath
●    No more stained teeth
●    Comfortable, easy puffs
●    Flavorful smoking experience
●    Minimizes withdrawal symptoms
●    Helps quit smoking
●    Money-back guarantee

●    Doesn't completely block out the tar and nicotine

Customer Response
The customer response for the Anti Tar cigarette and joint filter tips has been very positive. Customers appreciated how the filter took out most of the tar and nicotine. Plus, they didn't have to compromise their smoking experience.

They also loved the fact that the filter helped with their smoking addiction. People noticed a reduced urge to smoke a cigarette after using the filter for a while. Plus, they also felt healthier with less bad breath.

Still, others were less happy. That's because they didn't see their smoking addiction getting any less. However, these customers hoped the company would introduce a stronger filter later.

Given the product's benefits, the filters are available at an extremely affordable price. The retail price for one bottle of the filters is $47. Each bottle contains fifty filters, and since they're multiple-use, they'll last you a month. For a $10 discount, you can get the supplement through the official website . You can use one filter for five to six smokes.

You also get two bundle offers. The first bundle is called the 3-box bundle. As the name indicates, the bundle has three bottles, costing you $87. The bundle comes with a free carrying case and ten slim-size convertors.

The second bundle is six bottles for $144. They came with two carrying cases and thirty slim sizes converters. Furthermore, both bundle offers come with free shipping for US residents.


Money-Back Guarantee
The company has the utmost faith in its filters. If you don't feel any differences, you can return the product for a full refund. That's why they offer a sixty-day refund guarantee. Just know the company will ask you to return all the bottles even if they're empty. That's why you need to hold on to everything.

That's it for our review of Anti Tar cigarette filters. These filters are phenomenal in terms of performance. They filter most tar, nicotine, and other cigarette toxins. That means you enjoy a more flavorful smoking experience with reduced health risks.

We recommend getting one of the bigger bundles because you get to save more. Plus, they come with gifts and shipping that make everything worth it. Since you still have the guarantee, you aren't even risking anything. Try it for some time and return the product for a full refund if it doesn't work.

Of course, quitting smoking is still the best option for you. You can increase your life span and protect yourself from any other problems. If you've decided, you can try to do it cold turkey. Alternatively, you can use nicotine patches to help with the energy boosts.

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