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Adultfriendfinder Reviews Updated

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Adultfriendfinder Reviews Updated

Reading AdultFriendFinder reviews will help you determine if this dating site is legit. Click here to see if it works, what features it offers, and why you should be using it.


Adult Friend Finder is one of many hookup sites on the market, but it works differently than others. In fact, it shies away from convention, focusing more on convenience and speed. Online dating is becoming more popular now, and you have plenty of niche sites catering to specific preferences and interests.

Users everywhere want to find potential matches with less effort, and Adult Friend Finder (AFF) could be the best solution. Before you jump over to the site and sign up, you should read our Adult Friend Finder review first. It contains helpful information and will ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

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The First Look at Our Adult Friend Finder Review

Are you ready to jump in and see what Adult Friend Finder offers? We will look at this option compared to other popular dating services, which will help you understand more about it. Let's start with the benefits and drawbacks:


  • The best talent of any app! 
  • Easy to download the smartphone app
  • Great user interface
  • Large user base
  • Photo, video, and album uploads
  • Countless features

Benefits of Adult Friend Finder

Benefits of Adult Friend Finder
Benefits of Adult Friend Finder

No Need for a Smartphone App

AFF doesn't have a dedicated smartphone app, but that's okay. It's actually better because you'll get an exciting and unique experience without having to download anything from the iOS Apple Store or the Google Play Store. In fact, the mobile version of AdultFriendFinder is well-organized and user-friendly. Therefore, it's easy to navigate.

With the mobile version, you can find partners, communicate with other members, and watch live streams and videos.

Overall, the mobile app will help you access the features available on the website. Therefore, the platform is compatible with all major devices, so you can use it anytime and anywhere. Get ready to experience something exhilarating! You may join now!

Great User Interface

Adult Friend Finder is a dating site that was designed to make life easier for users to use and navigate. It's got the necessary features for communication and socialization without the complexities you often find.

This website lets you connect with, search, and date potential matches with ease. Likewise, AFF offers many exciting features, such as hotlines, group conversations, chat rooms, contests, and flirt features. It's the ultimate option and comes with a great user experience for all of its active users.

Large User Base

Do you want a reliable platform to find partners or love? AdultFriendFinder is the ideal option. It has a large user base, and there are tons of active users, as well. Therefore, you'll get what you crave in no time.

The platform helps you create a profile, set up your preferences, and connect with others in just a few clicks. You'll be talking to like-minded people quickly!

Though you want to find love fast, you also need someone who shares your values and interests. Trust us: Adult Friend Finder has a large and active user base, so you'll get just what you need. Whether you're into casual encounters or wish to start a relationship with the same person, it's possible here!

Photo, Video, and Album Uploads

When you think of online dating, you ultimately think of Adult Friend Finder because it's one of the most trusted and popular options out there. You know it has a wide user base, but the platform also lets you upload albums, photos, and videos to the website. Therefore, it's easy for everyone to view the content you put up.

The user interface is easy to use on AFF, as well. Therefore, you will be uploading photos, videos, and albums quickly. It only takes a few mouse clicks, and you're attracting potential matches and showing yourself in the best light.

Why would you settle for a mediocre dating experience? You can join Adult Friend Finder now and take things to the next level with ease. Check out a few people, or try to bang them all!

Countless Features

The biggest reason that AdultFriendFinder stands apart from other traditional dating sites is because of its many features. With them, you will have an interesting and effortless experience while using the platform.

Whether you're just visiting or have decided to become a standard or premium member, there's something for literally everyone on this website!

For example, an exciting feature on this site is that it can track other users' activities. Therefore, you can keep track of their preferences, likes, and everything else. However, we'll talk more about these features later in our review.


  • Filled with ads
  • Fake accounts
  • Outdated and clunky web design

Drawbacks of the Dating Site

Understanding the benefits of AFF is only part of the goal here. You need to know everything so that you can choose whether it's the right option for you. Let's take a look at the drawbacks of AdultFriendFinder:


Filled with Ads

As with other dating websites, Adult Friend Finder contains ads, and they are everywhere! They're generally annoying and might even force you to leave the site. However, we learned of a way to remove the ads, and it's surprisingly easy! You simply have to pay for a premium membership, and the annoying ads disappear. This is common for a dating service, so there's nothing to be worried about.

Fake Profiles

The AdultFriendFinder site has had many issues with scammers and fake profiles in the past. However, the owners have put forth the effort to increase security and safety for the users.

For example, the registration process now requires users to input an email address. This will help to identify fake accounts or scammers and prevent them from gaining access.

Likewise, AFF tracks ISP information, which helps to locate all the users and deter fraudulent activity. When fake members are identified, they're quickly removed from the website and banned.

However, we will say that there's the threat of you speaking to a scammer; it's high on such sites like these, and Adult Friend Finder is no different. Therefore, you should always be cautious when using the dating website and the site's features.

Outdated and Clunky Web Design

Though the AdultFriendFinder site offers many features, it doesn't have a very modern web design. In fact, it appears to have been created in the 1990s and never touched again.

The outdated design could be a turn-off for users and might lead them to seek other options. Therefore, we think it would be wise if AFF updated its web design to a fresh and current style. This would attract new users and help it retain the ones it has.

Is Adult Friend Finder Legit? Does It Really Work?

 Adult Friend Finder
Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is an online dating platform that's well-known for finding friends and partners. It was created in 1996, so it's one of the oldest dating sites out there. However, most people want to know if the adult dating site is a good one. Our Adult Friend Finder review will look at everything. You'll know what's great and bad, whether you're searching for a long-term partner or something more casual.

We recommend reading other Adult Friend Finder reviews from trusted sources. These can help you learn as much as you can!

Overall, AdultFriendFinder is a one-stop shop for online dating needs. It provides many services, such as live member webcams, finding partners locally, and group conversations.

Are you ready to create your free account today? It's easy!

Compared to other dating services, Adult Friend Finder maintains its authenticity. FriendFinder Networks created this and many other entertainment and dating platforms. When you go to the website, you'll see a large banner that announces AFF is the world's largest adult community. There's no judgment here!

There is no app available from Google Play or Apple, but you can use it from your mobile device. You simply visit the website from the browser of your choice. Many members choose to add it to the home screen of their phones so that they can do everything with one click.

This website is a highly popular destination for individuals worldwide. They all have the same objective of wanting to find friends or lovers. However, it's different from other sites because it accommodates unusual preferences and desires. The site gets about 55 million visitors every single month!

Get lucky today on AFF!

Are you a straight man who wants online fun with a woman? Adult Friend Finder is an excellent option because it's honest and straightforward about its goals. It isn't just for single people, either. You might find partnered or married individuals, but some might choose to lie about their relationship statuses. Regardless, the website is open and truthful about what it offers, so there's no room for confusion.

Overall, the website promises to cater to everyone. It offers a great outlet for people who wish to distract themselves after a breakup or express themselves in ways they can't in their personal lives. There are tons of activities you can enjoy in your own home, even if you don't wish to meet people in person. Compared to bars and real-life scenarios, there's a large selection of people available on AdultFriendFinder!

Learning all these good things about AFF is great, but you still have a burning question in the back of your mind. Is the site legitimate? We've looked into every possible aspect of the website, and the rest of this Adult Friend Finder review will tell you everything you need to know!

In fact, this AdultFriendFinder review offers a more detailed analysis of the site, such as its pricing, membership packages, and characteristics. Likewise, we'll evaluate user experiences and provide a fresh perspective on whether or not you should use Adult Friend Finder. Is it a valuable investment for you? Read on to learn more!

If you're ready, visit Adult Friend Finder now and begin dating other members!

Getting Started on the AdultFriendFinder Website - The Signup Process

AdultFriendFinder Website
AdultFriendFinder Website

Before heading to the AFF website to sign up and log in, you must know one thing: Dating apps are only as strong as their user bases. With that said, Adult Friend Finder members have the confidence needed. Though the site does appear outdated, you will likely forget about that once you start chatting with others who share your same interests.

Other dating sites have profiles without pictures, which often get ignored or receive few, if any, responses. In fact, some might even be banned from the platform if they refuse to upload a photo. However, that doesn't happen with this site.

If you wish to sign up with, you will enter basic details about yourself, such as your email address, area code, gender, birth date, and what you hope to find in a partner. You'll also need a strong password.

Those with partners can provide their information, and then you can write a brief description of yourself and what you hope to find here. Once you do all that, you'll get your confirmation email. Click on that to complete this registration process. It's painless and quick!

In fact, the concise and quick signup process is one of the noteworthy features of Adult Friend Finder. You can easily complete everything in five minutes or so. Plus, the platform lets everyone register for free, regardless of their gender, location, and age.

Like the other affiliated websites of the FriendFinder Network, this app requires you to verify your email once you've completed the registration process. When you join, you'll be asked to provide general information about yourself by answering some basic questions.

Signing up for Adult Friend Finder requires you to specify your sexual orientation and the orientation of those you wish to meet. You're asked for that during the signup or login process, but it's not limiting. In fact, you can choose multiple orientations if that's your preference. Don't be shy; it will help you find appropriate matches!

When you're on the Adult Friend Finder site, you'll create a username that serves as the primary identification method. No one will know your real name unless you tell them or use it in the username.

Once you've finished the registration process, the app takes you to a page to see the latest activity of the active users on AFF. You can then begin searching for potential partners.

We recommend reaching out to potential matches as soon as you've finished registering. There are tons of ways to find them, and many people start by checking to see who's currently online. You'll head to the "search" area and choose "online now" to go that route.

Those with a complimentary account will have more limitations when they communicate. You'll have to upgrade to a premium membership if you wish to send unlimited messages.

Regardless, you can start an instant messaging chat or message them when you find someone interesting.

The AFF site has one notable benefit: individuals can often search for you, and that's highly advantageous. To put it more simply, it's effortless to find a partner on this platform, even if you lack basic social skills!

Are you ready to join the millions of other people looking for their dream partners? Join Adult Friend Finder today!

Best Features of the AdultFriendFinder Website

Best Features of the AdultFriendFinder Website
Best Features of the AdultFriendFinder Website

AdultFriendFinder has many features, which we touched upon earlier. Now, it's time to go in-depth to learn everything you can about them! Let's get started!


With the online dating platform, you'll have many unique features, and one of them is the option to send other members virtual gifts. It's a paid function, but you can easily add a personal touch to all of your interactions with possible partners. In fact, it could be an excellent way to break the ice.

However, you should definitely be careful when using this feature. It's fun to show affection and interest, but you shouldn't waste your points if you're not truly interested in the person receiving the gift.

Ultimately, when you send gifts, you'll increase your chances of finding partners. It could be just what you need to show you are serious!


The AdultFriendFinder homepage features a community tab. This allows you to access the blogs for free. Anyone can create the articles, which are often updated with new adult stories and the like.

Reading blogs can help you feel like you belong and will ensure you build connections with others. If you're a Gold member, you'll be able to create your own blog posts and can comment on other member's blogs. This will assist you in getting noticed!

You don't have to create posts relating to adult topics. However, that's the basis for the app, so it will definitely help you boost user engagement levels if you do!

Chat Rooms

The blog is a great place to start when you're trying to immerse yourself in the distinct culture of AdultFriendFinder. However, the chat rooms will take you to the next level. This platform offers many public chat rooms that are dedicated to dating and relevant topics.

For example, you can engage in chats about your desires and ask questions. Many people will make new friends because they both share similar interests. Who knows?! You could find a date, too!

Those with a free membership can enjoy the chat rooms, but you cannot create your own group and invite others to join without a Gold membership. Regardless of your subscription level, there are no guidelines or restrictions you must follow, so everything is up for grabs!


Contests are run and chosen by the creators of Adult Friend Finder. Likewise, it changes them periodically to keep things fresh and interesting. Recently, we noticed the "play with your food" contest, and we'll discuss it in more detail to help you understand how things work.

This contest often involves submissions of photographs. Members take pictures of themselves doing some type of erotic food play scene. Confident members will love this feature, and it can be good to help shy folks break out of their shells.

In fact, it could be a fun way to explore your creative side, and you could win great prizes. For example, this contest offered a year's worth of membership for free to the first-place member. That's definitely something to crave!

Compatibility Functions

We've conducted a thorough review of AdultFriendFinder, and it's clear that it offers something unique compared to other online dating apps. The compatibility function is great because it lets you compare potential partners based on their desires and preferences. You'll find someone who exactly matches your criteria! This is crucial in the digital age because it's often hard to make meaningful connections with others.

Live Video Sessions

AdultFriendFinder offers an exciting feature to users. You can watch live videos from fellow members who broadcast publicly! It's a very unique chance to see what other people are up to, and most of the members want to take advantage of this option.

The feature is only available to those who are online. Therefore, you have to log into your account and see who else is online. When you browse the site, you'll discover that there is tons of content to enjoy. Whether you prefer serious relationships or casual dating, Adult Friend Finder will have something for you!

Advanced Search

If you're searching for an online dating platform with an advanced search feature, this is the one to pick. AdultFriendFinder is one of the best in the dating industry, and you'll get a unique filter to help you find matches.

Overall, the advanced search feature here is designed in a way to help you find partners by giving you specific options. It's possible to search based on location, age, physical attributes, interests, and more.

Likewise, AdultFriendFinder regularly updates the search algorithm to keep it ahead of the competition. Therefore, you'll be able to find casual and long-term partners with ease!

Are the Profiles Real on the Adult Friend Finder App?

is adult friend finder a scam
is adult friend finder a scam

If you wish to find a genuine profile, you'll want to focus on the gold member users. These people have paid at least $20 for a premium subscription.

You can tell the difference between a free member and a gold member by checking for the gold member icon found next to the profile name.

Reddit users have claimed that they rarely like to meet with guys on the website unless they have that gold membership. This symbolizes credibility and authenticity on the online dating site and serves as the "seal of approval." Likewise, you can tell the difference between fake and real profiles by checking the photos and profile information.

Legitimate profiles might not be complete, but you do want a filled-out one that contains the necessary information. Some Adult Friend Finder reviews are negative, claiming that users never found what they wanted, so they believe it's fraudulent. In fact, the individuals reported that they'd registered and paid for the gold membership without making progress.

Effort and patience are required when you try to connect with others on the site. Sending a casual greeting to someone doesn't guarantee they'll respond.

You can improve your profile by adding information and uploading quality photos and videos.

Is the Adult Friend Finder App Really Free?

AdultFriendFinder does offer a free registration option, which is typical of many adult dating sites. However, free members have fewer options. You'll be allowed to complete the profile, which is time-consuming. Likewise, you can navigate the website. However, you can't send emails or messages to others, create videos, or engage in any other activities.

Likewise, you'll have restricted search capabilities. While you can do some things for free, you won't get the full benefits.

Here are a few things you could do with your free AFF account:

  • Like videos and photos uploaded by others
  • Create a "hotlist" of favorited profiles
  • Join groups
  • Comment on photos
  • Watch videos on the AFF homepage
  • Use search filters

You absolutely cannot initiate discussions with other users on a free account. Therefore, you'll probably want to get a paid subscription early in the game.

Pricing Options for Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder is a dating and social networking platform for users to express themselves and have fun. You will create a profile, share content, and talk to others. However, the site is frequently updated with new content, and there are tons of free features to help you along.

If you want to spend money and get the additional perks, you'll pay these prices:

  • Monthly Subscription Fee - $39.95/month
  • Three-month Subscription Fee - $26.95 ($80.85 quarterly)
  • Annual Subscription - $19.95/month ($239.40/year)

Differences Between Free Membership and Gold Membership on Adult Friend Finder

is adult friend finder real
is adult friend finder real

AFF offers various features, such as exchanging virtual gifts, viewing profiles, sending/receiving emails, and joining group chats. However, it's wise to upgrade to the Gold membership. You'll have more access to the content and better functionality.

If you're not ready to spend money, you can do fun things as a free member. You'll use the points system to access paid items. This means you'll have to use the site frequently and accumulate enough points to enjoy exclusive profiles, see live member webcams, and participate in the contests. Likewise, you may earn points when tipping others' photos and videos.

Once you pay for a membership, your profile gets priority and is displayed at the top of AFF's search results page. Plus, you'll enjoy high-quality videos that are only available as low-quality resolutions in the free section. However, you might be required to pay additional fees, as well.

Overall, users claim that becoming a member has many benefits. For example, you'll have a better chance of meeting people. It's also easy to see who has paid, and this leads to more credibility. You may not have to deal with as many fake profiles.

Ultimately, the free version lets you create your basic profile and view the profiles of other users. However, you can't communicate with them unless you pay. Still, you'll be able to read blogs, join groups, create hotlists, and much more.

There's one more thing to enjoy about this hookup site. Whether you're using the free version or not, you'll likely see blurred photos. These are NSFW (Not Safe for Work) pictures available to those with a Gold membership.

Typically, having a premium membership instead of a free membership will make women more interested in talking to you. It shows that you're dedicated and ready for action. Still, we ultimately recommend testing the free version before you upgrade to see if this website is ideal for you.

Features of the Paid Membership

Here are the features you can enjoy with a paid membership:

  • Low prices
  • Send gifts
  • Watch live streams from other paid members
  • View complete profiles from paying members
  • Read and send messages while using the other chat and messaging features
  • Add unlimited numbers of non-paying and paying members as your friends

Features of the Free Account

Before you pay money, you might want to use the free membership option to get a feel for Adult Friend Finder. You'll see these features:

  • Create your account
  • Like photos and videos
  • User search filters
  • Join groups and read blogs
  • Watch videos on the AFF's homepage

Is Adult Friend Finder Safe?

does adult friend finder work
does adult friend finder work

Are you curious about the customer support, security, and privacy on AdultFriendFinder? It's important to note that this platform did experience a large data breach in the past. It happened in 2016, and it caused worry among the users because millions of profiles had been made public and compromised. Understandably, it was a huge concern.

However, AdultFriendFinder has now taken better measures to ensure security for its website after the massive data breach. In fact, GoDaddy's web certificate protects the site, and the transactions conducted on AFF are supported by the 256-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption protection. Therefore, it's much harder for hackers to gain access to profiles.

Additionally, Adult Friend Finder has put in significant efforts to ensure the security and safety of your personal information. To accomplish this, the website stores all personal data securely at a special data center located in California, which is in the United States.

Likewise, new users are required to authenticate their profiles with an email address. This protects you from fraudulent activities. Accounts will also show a certified ID, which helps you distinguish between untrustworthy and legitimate users. However, this isn't automatic and comes from paid membership.

If you still have questions, it's wise to read the terms and conditions found on the AFF website. In fact, we encourage you to do this and view the privacy policy. These documents tell you exactly how the site will collect and use your data. You'll have access to that information when you register, and it's wise to go through them instead of simply clicking the checkbox and moving on.

Overall, your personal information isn't shared with third-party entities unless you explicitly grant your consent.

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FAQs About the Adult Friend Finder App

How Does AFF Work?

AdultFriendFinder is the entity that facilitates connections between members and offers an advanced matchmaking tool. In fact, the site is a platform for people to find long-term and casual dating partners. You can easily browse through profiles and choose matches based on your preferences and needs.

Are There Fake Users on the AdultFriendFinder App?

Though AFF does take steps to find and ban fake members and scammers, it can't weed all of them out. Therefore, you should be cautious when talking to someone online. There is an ID certification option, which will help you communicate solely with genuine people.

How Does Adult Friend Finder Compare to Other Dating Sites?

Based on various Adult Friend Finder reviews, AFF is considered the best online dating website. In fact, claimed it was the best adult dating site in 2012. In 2010, it received recognition as being the dating program of the year by XBIZ.

Is Adult Friend Finder Safe?

There are no consequences of using AFF to find adult friends, and the website is secure. In fact, the server used for transactions comes from, and it offers SSL encryption, which will protect your personal information. Likewise, the data cannot be breached or leaked, though there have been security issues in the past.

Is the AFF App Free?

It is possible to use AdultFriendFinder for free, and there are many features available. However, most people say that you can't truly enjoy the website without purchasing the Gold membership.

Final Thoughts - Is Adult Friend Finder Legit and Safe?

Our Adult Friend Finder review is coming to an end. Hopefully, we have answered these questions: Can AFF lead to dates? Is it effective?

Initially, we had no luck when we tried AdultFriendFinder. The website had more male members than female ones. However, we soon realized we hadn't put in the effort to start conversations and meet people.

Similar to other hookup sites, Adult Friend Finder requires effort on your part to get the best dating experience, regardless of how naughty you are. When we updated the profile, answered prompts, and added photos, we personalized our account. After those changes, we started getting messages from real women!

As we communicated with various people, they all seemed approachable, enthusiastic about having fun, and sincere. If you're willing to take the time to establish rapport with them, it won't take long to schedule a meetup!

While waiting for someone to respond to your messages, you can explore the videos and blogs, participating in the entire community on AFF. This was what we did. In fact, we interacted with others, arranged meetings, and chose to become active members in the space. Soon, we were lucky and organized meetups with many users.

Overall, we feel that AFF offers an opportunity if you're willing to work for it. Essentially, it's an interactive dating website where users can explore their desires on and off the screen!

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