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5 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies – 100% Results Driven

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5 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies – 100% Results Driven

To save you from all the trouble, we have curated a list of 5 results-driven, creative, B2B and PR social media agencies. So say good bye to unpleasant surprises and check out these affordable social media marketing companies to make your business catch the eyes of everyone.

Best Social Media Marketing Agencies
Best Social Media Marketing Agencies

It’s not a surprise at all that social media marketing agencies are completely relied on by businesses everywhere. Gone were the days when traditional channels were used to market a product. Previously, the restrictions of limited budget and insufficient awareness hindered brands from collecting potential customers. Using social media perfectly for business advantage has become a serious game so far! 

A survey from Social Media Examiner found that 90% of marketers believe that social media has increased their exposure. 

So, if you are a brand or small business looking for highly effective yet cost-efficient marketing, think no more and pick the best-suited social media marketing firm for yourself. Marketing agencies for social media not only run your marketing campaigns but also conduct PPC social advertising, operate social accounts, and help you get your brand's message across the masses. 

However, finding the perfect marketing agency for social media is not a walk in the park. Millions of options are available on the Internet, and picking a trusted, reliable, and affordable marketing agency on social media is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Tons of fraudulent marketing social media agencies initially make huge promises but go quiet when the time comes to walk the talk. 

To save you from all the trouble, we have curated a list of 5 results-driven, creative, B2B and PR social media agencies. So say good bye to unpleasant surprises and check out these affordable social media marketing companies to make your business catch the eyes of everyone. 

Here's the list. 

1. Followerzoid – Award Winning Agency! 

Point score: 9/10

Followerzoid shines as the best social media marketing agency, comprising a plethora of awards for delivering services to international brand giants. With a bunch of professionals, Followerzoid is mastering in rocking your game in social industry. Followerzoid put votes of confidence in your business to make you apart from the competitors. They have been featured by numerous US journals for being the best agency to get SEO, Digital Marketing especially advertisement service for every size of business in United States.

This social media marketing agency commits to measurable, adaptable, and bespoke ideas, underlining their efficiency in creating impactful ad campaigns. 

For What Channels do they offer Services?

Followerzoid currently offers services for:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Linkedln
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

What services does FollowerZoid offer for these channels?

  • Content Creation
  • PPC management
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media Handling
  • Advertising
  • Website Optimization


Their monthly plans start from 130$. And you can opt for larger packages depending on your business niche and nature. You also get 30 days refund warranty, if you are not satisfied with the outcome you recieved. 

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2. FameSavvy

Point score: 8.5/10

If you want to increase your business reputation or build a brand in the UK, FameSavvy is your place to go. Their 4.9 rating out of 5.0 on Facebook is their golden badge of authenticity. FameSavvy clients include Aston Martins, Burberry handbags, Premier Inn, Passenger Clothing, Neptune, Very Lazy, EasyJet Holidays, and Uniqlo.

They manage social media accounts by following a content strategy while engaging with social communities that enhance business growth. 

FameSavvy helps its customers earn back the money spent on ads by rapidly scaling across different social platforms. This UK-based agency also helps small businesses produce jaw-dropping video creatives (Paid Social advertisements, Reels, and TikTok) that attract more customers and eventually increase sales. They let you viral your company news and stories to the right platform and interested audience. 

This SMM agency delivers remarkable returns on investment for businesses while safeguarding the brand's identity and consistency. Until now, FameSavvy has made approximately 1,000 videos for its clients and gathered more than a thousand clients using Facebook Advertisements in 2023. 

For What Channels does FameSavvy offer services?

They offer services for:

  • Instagram 
  • TikTok 
  • Twitter
  • Facebook 
  • Linkedln

What services does FameSavvy offer?

  • Content Creation
  • Advertising
  • Social Media Handling


The average hourly rate for FameSavvy is around 80-100$. The minimum project size is 3000$ per month based on your business. 

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3. BFM (

Point score: 8.3/10

BFM is everyone's favorite when it comes to social media marketing services. They set outcome-oriented services regarding content creation, paid social advertising, community management, influencer marketing, social strategy, and more. 

BFM is among the top social media agencies for small businesses, as it helps brands in filming, capturing, making, painting, recording, building, hatching, composing, investing, writing, and drawing out the entire content on social media. This high-quality marketing agency starts curating a social strategy by first conducting an extensive meeting regarding the audience demographic, thus finding the target audience for a campaign. 

Then, they use various brainstorming techniques to generate exceptional ideas for different social media platforms. Finally, they test, optimize, and measure their strategy before setting it in action. Being a social media marketing giant, BFM conducts monthly evaluations of follower growth and engagement metrics. This marketing agency for social media also offers its clients social management in more than 30 different languages. 


This agency has quality team members, so they cost a bit more than others. The Average hourly cost is around 250$ and goes up to 10,000$ for monthly projects. 

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Point Score: 8/10

SocialFollowers has gained unbeatable popularity in the realm of social agencies by offering one-stop marketing services at affordable rates. Starting in 2018, SocialFollowers quickly became the talk of the town among influencers.

The main goal of this social media marketing agency is to develop revolutionary and unique campaigns that spark connections. Around half of the world’s top apps that have over 1 billion downloads are currently working with SocialFollowers. 

So far, SocialFollowers has done partnerships with notable brands, including Calm, Crayola, Aston Martin, Bud Light, and many others. SocialFollowers advocates that they offer their clients services that provide actual results. Their marketing package only comprises those services that promise return on investment, proven by analytics. 

This social media marketing agency takes pride in exceeding expectations, amplifying businesses to their greatest potential, and curating memorable campaigns. Although SocialFollowers gained popularity due to influencer marketing endeavors, it also offers its clients other key services, such as creative content, performance marketing, strategy building, and making the content go viral. 


SocialFollowers cost around 150-200$ hourly. 

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Point Score: 7.8/10

ItsMediaWorld is an affordable marketing agency that comprises expertise in app marketing and digital marketing. It has previously partnered with brands like Pfizer, eBay, Reddit, and Google. It provides different services, like campaign design and concept, localization, CRO and SEO, web development, digital transformation, email marketing, and video production. 

It offers services of social media management, while also catering to mobile applications. They balance organic and paid social media strategies while investigating what kind of posts will generate optimal outcomes for the clients. 

This social media marketing agency offers holistic services, from brand design and storytelling to the production of video content and copywriting. They test and evaluate diverse cross-channel assets to discover which ones form better connections with the target population. ItsMediaWorld uses advanced engagement metrics to ensure that everything is cohesive and resonates well with the business's strategy. So, if you want to make your small or medium business popular among everyone, contact ItsMediaWorld to avail versatile services. 


The average hourly price is 225$ with minimum project size of 2000$. 

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What is the right social media marketing agency for you?

We recommend you hire Followerzoid as your social media partner. Because they build authentic relationships between your business and customers. They supercharge your digital campaigns uniquely to boost your ROI. Followerzoid works on an oveall strategy by identifying your target audience, bringing the right influencers for you, manage your content quality, executes perfect campaigns and reports on everything.

Famesavvy could also be the perfect match for B2B brands looking to enhance their already existing campaigns. 

What makes a top social media agency?

Among a lot of marketing agencies it’s not an easy task to differentiate a good one from numerous bad ones. To make your work easier, we have listed some characteristics of a social media marketing agency that make it included among the market giants. 

  • Case Studies

Top-tier social media agencies for small businesses comprise loads of successful case studies in their portfolio. 

2. Average Client Retention

All major social media marketing agencies in the market have formed long-lasting clients. This shows that their quality work and loyalty towards their clients have made them hang around and not leave.

  • Communication

All the best marketing agencies for social media have set up a communication infrastructure, to make sure that their clients don't feel neglected or ignored. They timely respond to your queries and keep you in the loop as well. 

  • Time, Energy, and Effort

A high-reaching marketing agency exceeds expectations to win its clients. They provide their clients with innovative and fresh ideas so they can form a unique and exclusive voice and personality for their brand.

How do you hire the best social media agency?

All businesses should carefully consider all options before hiring first-rate social media marketing agencies. Following are the steps through which a brand goes through while hiring one of the best social media agencies. 

  1. Initially, a brand must define its objectives and goals to determine what type of marketing expertise will be right for the brand. 
  2. Then, the brand should also determine its budget to streamline its options.
  3. Then comes the process of shortlisting and researching agencies. You can conduct an extensive search online, or you can simply choose among the 5 best social media marketing agencies that we listed to save you time and effort. 
  4. While eyeballing a marketing agency for social media, you must evaluate their portfolio and assess their services and expertise. 
  5. Then comes the significant stage of communication. Openly discuss with the concerned social media marketing agency about what kind of approach and strategy they have planned for your brand. Also, inquire if they have key performance indicators in place and if their reporting process is transparent. 
  6. You can also ask the concerned agency to provide you with references from current or past clients to showcase their reputation. 
  7. After assessing all these factors, have a detailed discussion regarding terms and conditions, including deliverables, timelines, and pricing. 
  8. Begin with a trial period and monitor the agency's performance on a smaller assignment before handing them out more work. 
  9. Continoulsy review the performance of your social media marketing agency and stay updated in case any changes are made to the implemented strategy.

SMM Agencies FAQ's

We explained some frequently asked questions of Google searches. 

  • What does a social media agency do?

Thanks you asked. A lot of businesses don't have enough time and quality expertise to run their marketing internally, and Social Media agencies do it for them. It helps a brand to find its key consumers to fulfill clearly defined objectives. A marketing agency for social media operates the social accounts of a business, does social listening, and advertises on social platforms as well. 

  • How much should I pay for social media marketing?

The costs for social media marketing vary from company to company and service to service. The measurement of the scale of competition in a concerned niche, the frequency of content that a brand makes, and the amount of social media platforms being used are also included in it. However, small businesses pay around $500-$ 10,000 to social media marketing agencies for the services. 

  • Is hiring a social media agency worth it?

Hell, yes. Hiring a perfect social media agency highly benefits a business more than anything. An authentic agency provides brand recognition, gets the brand's message across the masses, offers customer service, promotes its content, and directs traffic toward its blog or website. 

  • What are 4p's of social media marketing?

The four Ps of social media marketing are product, price, place, and promotion. Marketers consider these as a key factor for skyrocketing any new product in the market. 

  • How much does SMM cost per month?

Although the price of social media marketing varies depending on a few key aspects, the monthly charges of acquiring social media marketing services range around $500-$5000. 


With the proliferation of social media, it has become crucial for every small or large business to show their presence on the social media platforms. However, not all businesses have the expertise to market their brands and direct traffic towards their accounts. That is why social media marketing agencies provide their services in the market to help brands interact and engage with their target audience. Brands can choose from their variety of services by keeping in mind their particular requirements. These were the five best social media marketing agencies who have considerable experience under their belt in providing quality services and keeping their client satisfied. 


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