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5 Best Sites To Buy 500k Youtube Views (Real & Cheap)

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5 Best Sites To Buy 500k Youtube Views (Real & Cheap)

This website offers genuine views on YouTube from actual individuals who will engage with your content and share it with their friends. UseViral has been recognized as the top site for purchasing YouTube views in reputable magazines such as Forbes and HuffPost.

5 Best sites to Buy 500k Youtube Views
5 Best sites to Buy 500k Youtube Views


The best site to buy Youtube views, according to my independent test, is


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Gaining Youtube views can be challenging.

Gaining a few thousand views can take years of hard work, and it may be tempting to give up.

What is the solution to this problem?

You can buy Youtube views.

I analyzed more than 25 websites that sell YouTube views and compiled a list of the top 5 sites in this blog post.

Are you ready?

Let's get started!

Here are the 5 best sites to buy 500k Youtube views:

1. UseViral

Score: 9.5/10

You can buy real Youtube views with .

This website offers genuine views on YouTube from actual individuals who will engage with your content and share it with their friends. UseViral has been recognized as the top site for purchasing YouTube views in reputable magazines such as Forbes and HuffPost.


  • Real Youtube views
  • Active users
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • They don’t accept Bitcoin payments

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2. SidesMedia

Score: 9.3/10

The next site on my list is

This website offers real human Youtube views from active users on the platform. These users will watch and share your videos. SidesMedia has been recognized as the top platform for purchasing Youtube views in blogs such as Hollywood Gazette and Times Standard.

  • Real views on Youtube
  • Active Youtube users
  • Money-Back Guarantee

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3. Growthoid

Score: 8.9/10

The next site on my list is

Growthoid is a website offering affordable YT views with fast delivery and responsive customer support. It has been featured on various business blogs including Business Review, Jeff Bullas, Deccan Herald, and Times of Israel as the BEST SITE to Buy 1 Million Youtube Views .

On this website, you can also Buy Youtube Watch Hours .

You can also buy views from Greece , Norway and Egypt .

  • Affordable packages
  • Fast Delivery
  • Money-Back Guarantee

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4. Twesocial

Score: 7.5/10

Twesocial is a service provider for social promotion across various platforms, offering affordable and high-quality packages. It is recognized as one of the top sites for purchasing YouTube views and other social media services.

This website also offers the option to purchase Youtube Subscribers.

It is possible to purchase YouTube likes as well.

Additionally, you have the option to purchase Youtube comments.

One of the benefits of this company is its commitment to safeguarding client data on social networks. Additionally, they offer 24/7 customer support to address any delivery issues and facilitate the purchase of their promotional services.

  • We offer cost-effective packages for high-quality Youtube growth services.
  • We offer growth services and have an expert digital marketing team.
  • It is possible to buy likes for your Youtube account.

5. Followersup

Score: 6.9/10

The next site on this list offers high-quality services without the use of spam accounts or bots, ensuring that you can trust their results.

This website has been recognized by Outlook India as one of the top sites for purchasing Youtube subscribers.

They have extensive experience in digital marketing and possess a thorough understanding of the YouTube algorithm and its loopholes.

Consequently, they provide various packages for clients to choose from. If you are currently on a tight budget, you can pay just one dollar for 50 views on Youtube.

Payment options include Paypal, Apple Pay, or a credit card.

  • Effective social media marketing and trustworthy websites.
  • Purchasing packages for increasing Youtube views is a straightforward process.
  • Increase your social credibility on social media platforms.
  • It is possible that your social media engagement may not increase on this popular social media platform.

6. Managergram

Score: 7.0/10

We would be surprised if we haven't heard of the next site on our list before, as they are an established social media automation tool in the industry.

These individuals ensure that they do not utilize spam accounts or bots, ensuring that there is no risk of being banned from YouTube. They rely on legitimate social media campaigns for their automatic features, and in terms of automation, they are consistently updated with the latest trends.

  • Fast Youtube growth
  • Efficiently increase visibility for your video content.
  • Good customer service provider

This site has been featured in Outlook India magazine.

7. SlickSocials

The next website on our list is a PR service and social network provider that primarily focuses on Instagram, and it can assist you with your YouTube growth.

They offer affordable and high-quality packages to boost your videos and Instagram profile, providing assistance in increasing engagement.

It is a popular place to purchase and increase viewership on Youtube.

The cost for 1000 views is $0.99, while 50,000 views will cost $49.99. The company is committed to offering high-quality features at an affordable rate.

  • Organic views
  • Vast network
  • There is no limit to the number of services you can purchase.
  • Monetizing your Youtube channels will not be possible.

8. BoostStorm

Score: 6.8/10

BoostStorm is a versatile site that can assist with promotion on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud.

If you are a musician looking to expand your online presence, these individuals can assist you in growing your fanbase on both YouTube and SoundCloud. They offer packages that promise safe and authentic results, and guarantee satisfaction.

  • Quality Instagram growth services
  • One of the most reputable platforms for purchasing YouTube views.
  • It may potentially improve your rankings on YouTube.
  • Other services for different social networks have not been evaluated at this time.

9. YTMonster

Score: 6.7/10

YTMonster offers a variety of services to assist with your career, including community connections and numerous features to utilize.

To begin with these individuals, simply create an account on their website. Afterward, you can watch videos, like, subscribe, and comment on other people's videos to earn credits. These credits can then be utilized to initiate campaigns for your views.

If you are on a limited budget and willing to put in some effort, these guys are a good option for getting the views you need.

  • Affordable solutions
  • They also provide additional services on various social media platforms.
  • This is not a provider that offers growth services.

The best way to get video views for your video link like worldwide views to make more money or 500,000 youtube views to earn money and make more money for your video depends on many factors that iwll get you more money and more views for example, and the earning potential of revenue is limitless for your channel and video and audience after you buy Youtube views cheap and long after you buy Youtube views after creating high quality content to get worldwide views and more views.

What is the best site to buy Youtube views? is a reputable website where you can purchase genuine Youtube views from active users who will engage with your videos by watching, liking, and subscribing to your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying Youtube views:

Below are the frequently asked questions about purchasing YouTube views.

Where can I buy real YouTube views?

Genuine views can be obtained from platforms that offer Youtube marketing services, such as and

How to buy Youtube Views:

  • Here’s how to buy views on Youtube:
  • Please locate a website that offers this service.
  • Please select a package of views.
  • Please provide the URL for your YouTube video.
  • Please make the payment using your credit card.
  • Please be patient for the delivery of the views on your video.

Where to buy Youtube views?

Here’s where you can buy views on Youtube:


How much does it cost to buy Youtube views?

Here’s how much it costs to buy views for Youtube:

  • 100 cost $2
  • 200 cost $4
  • 500 cost $6
  • 1000 cost $8
  • 2000 cost $15
  • 5000 (5k) cost $20
  • 10000 (10k) cost $50
  • One million (1M) is priced at $2000.

There are various options available for purchasing Youtube views, ranging from 100 to 1000 or more, depending on your specific needs and goals.


Here is a buyer's guide with additional information...

Can I pay with Paypal, a Credit Card, Bitcoin, Crypto, Apple Pay, or Google Pay?

Multiple payment options are available, including Paypal, credit card, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Is it safe to buy Youtube views?

It is considered safe to buy Youtube views as it does not pose any risks to your Youtube account or channel.

Is it illegal to buy Youtube views?

Purchasing views on YouTube is not considered illegal and is a widely used social media marketing strategy that can increase the visibility and virality of your videos.

Can you legally buy YouTube views?

It is possible to legally purchase views on Youtube. Many websites offer this service within the boundaries of the law, allowing users to promote their videos through purchased views.

Where to buy legit YouTube views?

You can buy legitimate Youtube views from various websites that offer Youtube marketing services, such as and

Can I buy Youtube views cheap (for $1, $5, $10 with a free trial, or on Reddit)?

There are websites available where you can purchase YouTube views at varying prices, some as low as $1, $5, or $10, and some even offer a free trial.

Do I get instant delivery instantly, fast and quick? Or is it a slow delivery, gradual, drip feed monthly?

The delivery speed varies depending on the website you used to purchase these social media services.

What type of views is better for my Youtube videos, Youtube video and Youtube channel, real ones or fake Youtube video views?

Real ones are better.

What is the difference between Youtube subscribers that are genuine, fake, active, real, legit, permanent, safe, organic, non-drop, automatic, auto, and instant?

The variation is contingent upon the source of purchase.

Can I buy targeted Youtube views from a specific country on other social media platforms?

It is possible to purchase views targeted to specific countries such as the USA, the UK, India, Australia, and Canada.

Buying YouTube viewers from your country can produce favorable outcomes.


There are also commonly asked questions...

How do you get 1000 views on YouTube for free?

To get 1000 views on Youtube for free, follow these steps: Create high-quality videos. Share them with your friends. Promote them on blogs, at conferences, and partner with other Youtubers. These strategies will help you achieve 1k views on Youtube without any cost.

Why do views matter on YouTube?

The importance of YouTube views lies in their ability to help you expand your channel, increase your subscriber count, and engage with a larger audience.

How many hours of watch time do I need to monetize a channel on Youtube?

To qualify for monetization on YouTube, a channel must accumulate a minimum of 4000 hours of watch time. Monetization is not possible for channels with less than 4000 watch time hours.

What is the best place to buy Youtube views? is a website where you can purchase real Youtube views from genuine viewers who will watch your videos, share them with other Youtube users, and subscribe.

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