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1XBET Promo Code: ELEVIQUE - 1XBET Bonus of 150% Up To ₹43,000

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1XBET Promo Code: ELEVIQUE - 1XBET Bonus of 150% Up To ₹43,000

Use the 1XBET Promo Code 'ELEVIQUE' today to boost your betting power with a hefty 150% welcome bonus, taking your sports and casino experience to new heights.

1XBET Promo Code
1XBET Promo Code

In the competitive landscape of online betting in India, the 1XBET Promo Code "ELEVIQUE" stands out by offering a substantial boost to new users: a 150% exclusive bonus up to ₹43,000 on their first deposit. This exclusive bonus directly translates into more betting power, allowing sports betting enthusiasts to place additional bets on popular sports like cricket, football, or horse racing. It's a straightforward benefit—use the code, get more funds to bet with, increasing your chances to win without requiring a higher minimum deposit. 

Upon signing up and entering this code, the promised maximum bonus is credited to their account after the first deposit. This efficiency ensures that bettors can immediately take advantage of enhanced odds and opportunities across 1XBET's extensive sportsbook, including live dealer games and in-play betting options. 

1XBET Offers 

Bonus Description 

Promo Code 

Sportsbook Welcome Bonus 

150% deposit bonus up to ₹43,000 


Casino Welcome Bonus 

150% deposit bonus up to ₹43,000 


This article lays out a clear, step-by-step guide on how to leverage this promo code, from initial sign-up to placing your first bet with the bonus funds. By reading on, you'll discover not only how to activate this promo but also how to make the most of it, ensuring that when you dive into the world of 1XBET, you're doing so with the best possible start. Let’s start! 

What is the  1XBET Promo Code "ELEVIQUE"? Get Up to 43,000 INR with 1XBET Promo Code "ELEVIQUE" 

When you step into the world of 1XBET with the Promo Code "ELEVIQUE", you're not just starting your betting journey; you're supercharging it. With this exclusive code, your first deposit can net you up to 43,000 INR in bonus funds. That's not just an increase; it's a significant uplift to your betting potential. 

Here's the breakdown: 

  • Without Promo Code: A standard 120% deposit bonus on your first deposit could give you up to 33,000 INR. 
  • With Promo Code "ELEVIQUE": You get a 150% deposit exclusive bonus, which can go up to 43,000 INR depending on your deposit amount. 

Offer Type 

Bonus Description 

Promo Code 

Sportsbook Welcome Bonus 

150% deposit bonus up to ₹43,000 


Casino Welcome Bonus 

150% deposit bonus up to ₹43,000 


Why is this important? 

  • More Funds, More Freedom: The extra funds mean more freedom to explore a variety of bets across 1XBET's extensive sportsbook. 
  • A Bigger Safety Net: With more in your account from the start, you've got a larger safety net for those initial bets, reducing the impact of any losing bets. 
  • Enhanced Betting Strategy: Use the additional funds to strategize better and spread your bets across different games and odds. 

Remember, "ELEVIQUE" isn't just a code; it's your ticket to a more robust beginning in your betting adventure. With up to 43,000 INR at stake, every deposit is an opportunity to go bigger and bolder. 

How to Claim Your 1XBET Bonus: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Promo Code "ELEVIQUE" 

Claiming your 1XBET bonus with the promo code "ELEVIQUE" is straightforward. Follow these simple steps, and you'll be ready to make the most of your betting experience with an impressive betting and casino bonus. 

1XBET Bonus

Step 1: Create Your Account 

  • Visit the 1XBET Website or App: Open your browser and go to the 1XBET website, or download the 1XBET app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 
  • Register: Look for a button that says "Registration" – it's usually in the top right corner. Click on it. 

Step 2: Enter Your Details 

  • Fill in the Form: You'll see a registration form. Fill in all the required fields. This will include your name, email, and other personal details. 
  • Use the Promo Code: When prompted, enter the promo code "ELEVIQUE" in the designated field. This ensures you'll receive the additional bonus. 

Step 3: Activate Your Account 

  • Verify Your Email or Phone: 1XBET will send you an email or SMS. Follow the instructions to verify your account. This step is crucial for the activation of your account. 

Step 4: Deposit Funds 

  • Log In: Once your account is set up and verified, log in. 
  • Access 'My Account': Navigate to the 'My Account' section and fill in any remaining personal information. 
  • Make Your First Deposit: Click on the 'Deposit' option and choose your preferred payment method. The minimum required deposit to activate the bonus is 200 INR. 
  • Confirm the Bonus: Make sure you opt-in to receive the bonus. There's usually a checkbox that you need to tick. 

Step 5: Receive Your Bonus 

  • Check Your Balance: After your deposit, the bonus funds should automatically appear in your account. With "ELEVIQUE", you get up to a 150% deposit bonus, which can be as much as 43,000 INR, depending on your deposit amount. 

Step 6: Start Betting 

  • Browse Betting Markets: Explore the sportsbook and find the games or matches you're interested in. 
  • Place Your Bets: Use your deposited funds and bonus to place your bets. Remember, the bonus comes with wagering requirements, so read the terms and conditions carefully. 

Step 7: Fulfill Wagering Requirements 

  • Understand the Requirements: To withdraw your maximum bonus ammount, you'll need to meet the wagering requirements. For a 100% bonus, you must wager the bonus amount 5 times in accumulator bets. For a bonus percentage of 110% or higher, it's 10 times. 
  • Accumulator Bets: These are bets that combine multiple selections. Make sure each selection meets the minimum odds as stated in the bonus terms. 

Step 8: Withdraw Your Winnings 

  • Meet the Terms: Once you've met all the wagering requirements, you can withdraw your winnings. 
  • Choose Withdrawal Method: Go to 'My Account', click on 'Withdraw Funds', and select your preferred method. 

By following these detailed steps, you'll be well on your way to enjoying your 1XBET bonus with the promo code "ELEVIQUE". Happy betting, and may your wagers be wise and fruitful! 

Important: While this guide gives you a clear path to claiming your bonus, it's crucial to understand all the rules that apply. Make sure to read the full terms and conditions of the 1XBET bonus on their official website to ensure you comply with all requirements and maximize your betting experience. You can find the complete terms at 1XBET Bonus Terms  

Can the Promo Code ELEVIQUE Be Used By Existing 1XBET Customers? 

If you're already enjoying the 1XBET India platform with an active account, you might notice the buzz around the new "ELEVIQUE" promo code. It's important to note, the "ELEVIQUE" promo code is exclusively for new sign-ups and cannot be used by existing account holders. However, 1XBET India doesn't leave its existing members out in the cold. The site is rich with ongoing promotions designed to reward your continued patronage. 

Make it a habit to check the 'Promotions' section on the 1XBET website frequently. Here, you'll discover a treasure trove of exclusive bonuses, cashback offers, and risk-free bets. These promotions are continuously updated to keep your betting experience fresh and exciting. Moreover, 1XBET India is known for treating its loyal customers with personalized offers. So, keep a close watch on your email inbox; you might find exclusive deals waiting just for you, ensuring that your loyalty to 1XBET India is recognized and rewarded. 

Are There No-Deposit Promo Codes and Bonuses at 1XBET India? 

Are you on the hunt for a bonus that doesn't require a deposit at 1XBET India? The allure of such offers is undeniable, providing a chance to bet without the initial financial commitment.  

While the "ELEVIQUE" promo code is designed for boosting your first deposit, 1XBET India does occasionally roll out no-deposit bonuses. These special promotions are often part of limited-time offers or exclusive events, so it's crucial to stay updated.  

Why 1XBET: A Premier Sports Betting Experience 


In the bustling world of online betting, 1XBET emerges as a formidable contender, especially for the Indian market. It's a platform that not only promises variety and excitement but also upholds the essentials of legality and safety.  

Operating under the jurisdiction of the Curacao eGaming Authority, 1XBET ensures a secure betting environment with state-of-the-art SSL encryption to safeguard user data. This commitment to security makes it a trusted name in the industry, although it's worth noting that its services are not available in Indian states where online betting faces restrictions. 

For Indian bettors, the convenience of financial transactions is paramount. 1XBET excels in this regard by offering an impressive array of payment options. With over 100 different methods to choose from, including instant UPI transactions and a selection of 25 cryptocurrencies, the platform caters to virtually every preference. eWallets are particularly recommended for their ease of use, speed, and the absence of additional fees, making them a go-to choice for many users. 

The platform's user-friendly nature is another feather in its cap. Both the website and mobile app are designed with the user in mind, providing a seamless and intuitive betting experience that accommodates novices and seasoned bettors alike. The accessibility of the platform is a significant draw, ensuring that everyone can navigate the betting world with ease. 

1XBET's sportsbook is nothing short of impressive, boasting the title of the largest in India. It offers over 120 different betting markets, ensuring that there's something for every sports enthusiast. Whether you're a cricket aficionado or a football fan, the diversity of markets means your betting options are virtually limitless. 

The welcome bonus is a standout feature, particularly when bolstered by the exclusive promo code "ELEVIQUE". This code not only unlocks the standard welcome offer but enhances it significantly, providing newcomers with a 150% bonus, which can go up to 43,000 INR, depending on your deposit amount. It's a warm welcome that's hard to overlook and sets the tone for a rewarding betting journey. 

Live betting is another area where 1XBET shines. The platform's live betting features are robust, offering multi-live and streaming options that bring the excitement of the game directly to your screen. The ability to bet in real-time, as the action unfolds, adds a thrilling dimension to the betting experience. 

However, no platform is without its drawbacks. Some users have reported experiencing slower withdrawal times, which can be a point of frustration for bettors eager to enjoy their winnings. While this is an area that could see improvement, it's a small hiccup in an otherwise smooth-running operation. 

In conclusion, 1XBET stands as a top-tier choice for Indian bettors. Its commitment to legality, variety of payment options, user-friendly interface, expansive betting markets, generous welcome bonus, and dynamic live betting capabilities make it a platform worth considering. While it's advisable to be mindful of the withdrawal times, the overall offerings of 1XBET make it a compelling option for anyone looking to engage in online betting with confidence and ease. 


Wrapping up, 1XBET shines as a top pick for Indian bettors. It's a safe, legal platform with plenty of payment methods, making it a breeze for anyone to start betting. The "ELEVIQUE" promo code sweetens the deal, padding your wallet with up to 43,000 INR, boosting your betting game from the get-go. 

The sportsbook's vast market range caters to all, from IPL enthusiasts to global football fans, with live betting to ramp up the excitement. Remember, "ELEVIQUE" isn't just a code—it's your ticket to a richer, more exciting betting journey. Ready to bet? 1XBET's waiting to kickstart your winning story. 


What is the promo code for 1XBET? 

The current promo code for 1XBET is "ELEVIQUE". This code is designed to enhance your initial betting experience by offering you a substantial bonus on your first deposit. When you register and use this promo code, you can receive a 150% bonus, potentially adding up to 43,000 INR to your betting funds, depending on the amount you deposit. 

How can I get a promo code? 

You can get a promo code for 1XBET by searching for the latest offers online, visiting betting forums, or checking the promotions section on the 1XBET website. Promo codes are also often distributed through affiliate sites, sports news platforms, or directly from 1XBET via email to registered users as part of special promotions and events. 

How do I use a 1XBET coupon code? 

To use a 1XBET coupon code, simply enter the code "ELEVIQUE" in the promo code field when you sign up for a new account. You'll find this field in the registration form, which is part of the sign-up process on the 1XBET website or mobile app. Once you've entered the code and completed your registration, make your first deposit to activate the bonus. The additional funds will then be credited to your account, ready for you to use on your bets. 

Does 1xBet offer a casino welcome bonus? 

Yes, 1xBet also offers a casino welcome bonus for new players interested in casino games. This bonus can be used to play a variety of slot games and other casino favorites, giving new users a fantastic start in the casino section. Be sure to check the terms and conditions for the casino bonus, as they differ from the sports betting promotions. 

Can I get a sports bonus without making a deposit? 

From time to time, 1xBet may offer a sports bonus that doesn't require a minimum deposit. These offers are usually available for a limited time and may include free bets or risk-free wagers. Keep an eye on the promotions page and your email notifications for any no-deposit sports bonus announcements. 

Is withdrawal from 1XBET safe? 

Yes, withdrawing your funds from 1XBET is safe. The platform uses advanced security measures, like SSL encryption, to protect your financial transactions. Although some users have reported slower withdrawal times, the process itself is secure, and you can choose from a variety of withdrawal methods to access your winnings. 

Can I withdraw my bonus on 1XBET? 

You can withdraw your bonus on 1XBET, but first, you need to meet the wagering requirements set by the platform. These requirements typically involve placing a certain number of bets or wagering a specific amount of money before the bonus funds become eligible for withdrawal. Be sure to read the bonus terms and conditions to understand the exact requirements for your bonus. 

How do I activate my 1XBET bonus? 

To activate your 1XBET bonus, you should first ensure that you've entered the promo code "ELEVIQUE" during the registration process. After signing up, make your first deposit, and opt-in for the bonus if required. The bonus funds should then be automatically credited to your account. Keep in mind that you'll need to fulfill the wagering requirements before you can withdraw the bonus funds. 


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