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 Role Of Jupiter In Our Life

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 Role Of Jupiter In Our Life

Jupiter is the most evident or pratyaksha God in the horoscope. Jupiter is called the Jeeva or soul of a person in Astrology. Jupiter relates with soul searching or aatm- manthan of a native, which makes it the most important planet of the horoscope.

Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi
Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

First of all, one should understand no planet is good or bad; no planet gives automated/predefined results. So, one should try to understand the reasons behind any planetary position allotted in the original horoscope. You get all planetary positions as a result of your past life deeds. In my opinion, one should care more about negative planets and try to understand how to mitigate their harmful impact of the same in the present life. This is the basic Theory of Karma. The same rule applies to Jupiter as well. If you have mishandled/abused some particular traits/significations of Jupiter in your previous life/s, you are bound to get a bad Jupiter in your birth chart/horoscope. Now understand the role of Jupiter.

The role of Jupiter is mainly positive in our life, provided we know how to use it. Jupiter is considered as Guru (Teacher) of all Devta planets, Sun, Moon, and Mars. Jupiter is a planet of blessings, optimism, success, and generosity, provided it is well placed in your horoscope. But a negative Jupiter can make a person overspending, lazy, loving luxury, disobedient and over-confident. 

Jupiter is the most evident or pratyaksha God in the horoscope. Jupiter is called the Jeeva or soul of a person in Astrology. Jupiter relates with soul searching or aatm- manthan of a native, which makes it the most important planet of the horoscope. Jupiter is an important planet because apart from owning two houses and getting exalted and debilitated in different zodiac signs, it has been considered a karaka of the five houses in a horoscope. It simply means that Jupiter influences ten houses out of the total 12 houses of a birth chart. This speaks about how important the placement of Jupiter in a birth chart is for a person. 

It be new but interesting to know that in the Vedic era when children were sent to Gurukul as early as at the age of 5-6 years. The rishi or the teacher used to analyze the position of Jupiter in the child’s kundli to decide their intellectual levels. Placement of Jupiter was the main criterion to allot the class or level of learning.  
 How to know Jupiter is bad or good
Ask yourself to understand if your Jupiter is good or bad in your horoscope. You check traits in you, and you would know if your Jupiter is bad or good in birth chart/horoscope. An astrologer can also tell you if Jupiter is bad or good in a horoscope. But you can also get an idea if you have a good or bad Jupiter in birth chart. Assess your own self considering the below traits:
1.    Are you generous? Do your ideas convert into positive results and profits? 
2.    Do you perform your religious duties? 
3.    Is it your nature to help others?
4.    Can you judge your partial and impartial nature towards others and vice-versa? 
5.    Do you have the capabilities to hold friendships/relationships? 
6.    Are you able to reconcile with your life partner and others in different relationships? 
7.    Your association and relationship with elder brothers, grand/great father. Bad Jupiter indicates you will not have a good score here. 
8.    The philosophical angle, logical and arguing capabilities a person has.
9.    Good Jupiter means the person will have good communication or oratory skills. 
10.    Good Jupiter means the person has the capability to please the audience
11.    How your body parts are mainly thighs and knees.  
12.    Good Jupiter in horoscope shows the proficiency in learning and literature.
13.    What kind of a house do you have or what number of new houses one will construct (mind you, it is different from buying a house which Mars depicts). 
14.    The “mantra siddhi” of a person or how well a person can recite a mantra
15.    A good Jupiter shows whether a person can remain strong or not in difficult situations
16.    One’s temperament and gentleness to deal with different situations in life. Bad Jupiter makes a person inadaptive/vulnerable to difficult situations. 
17.    Good or bad Jupiter shows the person will have a tendency to remain happy or sad in life and face miseries in the lifetime.
18.    All divine and Vedic topics are concerned with Jupiter
19.    One’s proximity to Lord Shiva is seen through Jupiter and not through the Moon, which Lord Shiva holds on His head. 

Now come to the most prevalent topic floating around – the role of Jupiter in different houses. Jupiter in different houses shows different tendencies/characteristics in a person. But again, the final results depend on how we use the placement of Jupiter in different houses in birth chart. Understand, in brief, the role of Jupiter in various houses in a birth chart.  

Effects of Jupiter in different houses
Jupiter in different houses gives different characteristics to a person. One can read much details of effects of Jupiter in different houses on the link given and a brief about effects of Jupiter in different houses as below: 

Jupiter in 1st house
1.    Jupiter in the 1st house or Ascendant mainly shows the general health and personality of the native. It is the prime house that decides the further placement of various signs and planets in the birth chart. 
2.    Jupiter is a planet of expansion, and Jupiter in the first house makes the native explore more through travelling or reading.
3.    Jupiter in 1st house in birth chart makes the native extremely knowledgeable and wise. These attributes make the native self-reliant. 
4.    Jupiter in 1st house gives person higher inclinations for learning, religion, and spirituality.
5.    Jupiter in the 1st house/ascendant gives a heavier body, clear complexion, oval face with large eyes, high forehead, and skimpy hair in the middle age. 

Jupiter in 2nd house
1.    The 2nd house is a house of wealth. So, Jupiter in 2nd house shows birth in an affluent family. 
2.    The person with Jupiter in 2nd house remains financially secure with greater influence and authority in the society throughout the lifetime. 
3.    Jupiter in 2nd house in birth chart gives an impressive and sweet voice here as the 2nd house also stands for speech. 
4.    An afflicted Jupiter in 2nd house may turn the native into spendthrift, but financial security remains. 

Jupiter in 3rd house
1.    The 3rd house depicts communication, short travel, siblings, friends, relatives, hobbies, or self-expression. 
2.    Jupiter in 3rd house gives interest in acquiring knowledge and travelling. 
3.    The person with Jupiter in 3rd house feels contended while reading/travelling and shares excellent relations with siblings, relatives, and neighbors.
4.    A strong Jupiter in 3rd house gives excellent command of language and communication, and the natives are generally successful writers, publishers, media persons, journalists, or involved in travel and tourism.
5.    The people with Jupiter in 3rd house have a great memory and intuitive powers. 

Jupiter in 4th house
1.    The 4th house is a house of mother, nourishment, education, house, and domestic peace. 
2.    Jupiter in 4th house gives good results related to all the above significations.
3.    The person with Jupiter in 4th flourishes in the homeland only and has several large immovable properties. 

Jupiter in 5th house
1.    The 5th house represents intelligence, creativity, sports, Purva Punya, children, and love relations. It also shows the wealth of someone’s father.
2.    Jupiter in 5th house brings great fortunes, higher creativity, good education, wisdom, and intelligence to the native. 
3.    People with Jupiter in 5th enjoy the bliss of progeny and children. The children are generally virtuous and liked by all. 
4.    The person having Jupiter in 5th house may have love affairs.

Jupiter in 6th house
1.    The 6th house is a house of debts, diseases, service, underprivileged, servants, subordinates, and enemies. 
2.    Jupiter in 6th house is not considered good but gives abundance in health, job, and service. 
3.    An afflicted Jupiter in the 6th house may give clashes at work place.  
4.    The person with Jupiter in 6th house believes in social service and good healing capabilities. 

Jupiter in 7th house
1.    The 7th house represents marriage, spouse and all kinds of business or legal partnerships. 
2.    Jupiter in the 7th house gives a wealthy, wise, noble, and religious life or business partner. 
3.    An afflicted Jupiter in 7th house may make the spouse suffer from obesity, arrogance, and lethargy.
4.    Jupiter in 7th house gives eloquence in speech, and the native achieves success in foreign lands. 

Jupiter in 8th house
1.    The 8th house is a house of hidden things like occult, taxes, insurance, research, sudden events, longevity, and death. It also shows the joint wealth with the partner and inheritance.
2.    Jupiter in 8th house gives good results in significations mentioned above, but if afflicted, can make the native over passionate about sexual activities. 
3.    The person having Jupiter in 8th may work in the field of finance, tax, accounting, insurance, or is a great occult master.
4.    The person with Jupiter in the 8th house is lucky to get wealth through the spouse or inheritance. 

Jupiter in 9th house
1.    The 9th house is a house of religion, higher learning, cultural knowledge, and long travels. 
2.    Jupiter in the 9th house gives greater inclinations for all the significations mentioned above. The native may even settle abroad.
3.    An afflicted Jupiter in 9th house may create obstacles in learning and spiritual pursuits. 
4.    The person having Jupiter in the 7th house keeps learning throughout life and tastes success at an early age. 

Jupiter in 10th house
1.    The 10th house represents career, profession, reputation, political concerns, self-image, and ambitions in life. 
2.    Jupiter in the 10th house gives success, higher wisdom, and fame. 
3.    The person having Jupiter in 10th house may work in the field of education, spirituality, religion, consultancy, or travels. 
4.    The father gains an influential place in the native’s life with his support throughout the native’s life.

Jupiter in 11th house
1.    The 11th house signifies gains, fulfillment of desires, and social networking. Jupiter here gives positive results in all these pursuits. The native is blessed with a huge social network and noble friends. 
2.    The person with Jupiter in the 11th house generally moves into the spiritual and intellectual circle of people. 
3.    Jupiter in the 11th house gives good financial benefits and recognition, but any afflictions may cause distractions in studies.

Jupiter in 12th house
1.    The 12th house is a house of losses, expenses, hidden pursuits, solitude, spirituality, subconscious mind, isolated places, one’s fears, and insecurities.
2.    Jupiter in the 12th house may give saintly tendencies, and the native performs higher spiritual practices. 
3.    The person having Jupiter in the 12th house may also work in some hospital, jail, asylum, or rehab center. 

Jupiter is best in which house
Having read effect of Jupiter in different houses, it you want to know which is the best house for Jupiter to be in, then you have to decide yourself. Jupiter in best in a house if you know which house plays what role at the different stage of your life. Take a small example: Can you enjoy Jupiter’s signification of 12th house (spirituality, isolation or saintly tendencies) in your middle age. Your middle age is for all mundane / enjoy cherish marital bliss and other relationships. So the questions: Jupiter is good/best in which house needs to be decided by you only. 

So one should understand no planet is good or bad. No horoscope is good or bad. We should know reasons why we are allotted any planetary position in our horoscope and try to follow the Theory of Karma than later resorting to performing mindless rituals and remedies. Believe to learn and focus more on finding out reasons. Use astrology as a guide and not a cage for rituals and remedies. 

We should know role of different planets in different houses and how to mend our Karmas to take benefits of all planetary position. Any specific query, connect with my office on +91 9278555588/9278665588.