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TruthFinder Reviews (USA): Is It Legit? I Tried It For 30 Days

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TruthFinder Reviews (USA): Is It Legit? I Tried It For 30 Days

TruthFinder is considerably powerful if you’re on a mission to look for an old friend or a relative. It definitely tops the list of bags on check sites available right now online because it is user-friendly and the interface also is user-friendly and it also provides accurate information that is extracted both from private databases and public databases.


We live in a world where threats are seamless. It could be at our home, outside in public, or even at our workplace – threat is something that hovers above us and it is something that most of us in this world fear from. There are so many companies that have sprouted out of innovative ideas and the need for employment has increased rapidly. It could be employers or employees, background checks have become very necessary and almost compulsory to be accepted to a company. 

For those who do not know what a background check is – a background check is a simple process wherein a person or even a company is required to verify that that person or the company is who they are claiming to be and it provides an opportunity for another person to check that particular person's criminal record, employment history, education, and other such activities that must have occurred in the past in order to confirm their validity. 

It’s not that difficult to look for efficient background check applications, but what is difficult here is to find a service that provides you with reliable results. Of course, we cannot really rely on the data completely that is acquired from such applications, however, it is still seemingly worthwhile for investing in a good background check application That will help you don the Sherlock Holmes hat.  

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This is where we would like to introduce you to TruthFinder – it is an application that helps in plating before you all the accurate background information about a particular person of your interest. It saves you from all the web scan that seems to be very dark and ensures you to make sure that everything that the application is talking about that particular person is 100% correct. Also, TruthFinder is considered to be synonymous when it comes to background check applications and is also known to be an emerging application that is a leader in this particular industry. If you want us to say, then we are saying it – do not waste your time searching for a play store application and just download TruthFinder right away. You can read on the article to understand more about TruthFinder and then thank us later. 

A brief about TruthFinder 

Who is Finder was founded in the year 2014 in San Diego, California. And over the last couple of years, it has recorded a performance of almost tens of thousands of background checks which are credible. During performing background checks, this application TruthFinder tends to scan hundreds of millions of data records including public records and the social media network data. All of this is known to happen and we performed in just a matter of a couple of minutes. The most vital part here is that a certain part of the data that the TruthFinder looks at is either private or confidential. In simple words, it gives its customers access to data that is more than what is mentioned in the public records. 

TruthFinder not only displays accurate and relevant information from a series of reports but it also helps its customers find very hard to search arrest records, social media profiles, or any form of unknown contact details as well. 

The huge difference between other similar services and route finder is that it tends to look at private records in addition to just scanning over the public ones. Very few services offer this as a part of the background check service which makes Truth Finder much more complicated and even expensive. If you run a background check with the help of the finder, you might find yourself with additional information that is much more in-depth when compared to other background services that are available online. 

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Primary features of TruthFinder 

Buy now we all know that route finder is an application that provide much more than just normal background checks. The website is known to follow the listing of the directory is mentioned below: 

  • Family tree 

  • Background checks 

  • Public records 

  • Phone book 

  • Criminal record search 

  • People search 

  • Dark web scan 

  • Reverse phone lookup 


Let us look into each of these features in detail. 


What you will find in background checks is the most popular service. It is a primary service and TruthFinder scans all private records other than just public records – this means that you will be provided with detailed information from TruthFinder when compared to its competitors. 

However, what type of information is that? 

Please understand that the results in the report submitted by TruthFinder will not be exactly the same as mentioned below, the information highly depends on what is available out there online. Read on to know more. 

  • You will be provided with personal information like– Date of birth, age, first and last name, and contact information. 

  • You will also gain insights into location history that includes – possible neighbours, census data, current or past addresses, local demographic data, whether the mentioned addresses are commercial or residential. 

  • You will also have information about assets such as – property tax, mortgages, rental properties, sale amount, bankruptcies, loans. 

  • You will be given a list of certain online profiles such as – personal websites, blogs, new stories, social media profiles. 

  • You will get some information about the different types of relationships of the person that includes – divorce records, marriage records, business partners, possible neighbours, friends and acquaintances, relatives, anyone with whom the person has shared an address. 

  • Certain types of criminal records will also be provided such as – location of the crime and location of the arrest, what was the charge, what was the offence, the date on which the offence occurred, case number, and court name.  

  • If there is any chance that the person is a sexual offender then you will be given information such as what was the status of their sex offending case, who are the registered sex offenders. 


Understanding dark web scan 


This is a unique scan the TruthFinder application provides it checks to see if the personal information that you are looking for is actually for sale on the dark web. It helps you find out if you are on your way to become a victim when it comes to identity theft or your personal and private information has been compromised or put for sale out there. We all know how much online identity theft has gained momentum in the last couple of years and Route Finder will help you steer clear from it. 


Reverse phone lookup 


This service from TruthFinder is to find a phone number by entering it into the search field and then understanding who was the owner of the particular phone number. TruthFinder scans all the public records available of the phone number and gives you the details. It also tells you if the phone number was owned previously by some other person or not. 


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Pros of using TruthFinder 

  • Variety of search parameter 

  • Available for both iOS and android devices 

  • Unlimited background checks available 

  • Dark web scan and social media information included 

  • Reverse phone lookup included 

  • Explains clearly as to how the information can be used 

  • Multiple filter options while searching for public records 

  • It comes with a government watchlist notice 

  • Provide self monitoring options 


Cons of using TruthFinder 

  • There is no trial period 

  • Charges two dollars additionally for downloading a report 

  • It offers search database only for the people residing in US 


What is the cost of TruthFinder? 


The basic membership of Truth Finder comes at $28.05 for one month. However a two month membership will come with a discount and is priced at $23.28 per month. A separate membership plan for reverse phone lookup exists and comes at a cost of $4.99 per month. Remember that advance payment gives you an opportunity to avail discounts otherwise the price is higher. Be aware that if you plan to download any of the background check report provided by TruthFinder then it comes at a cost of $2.99. 


How do you cancel TruthFinder membership? 


You can cancel the membership by calling on the phone number 800-699-8081. You can call on this number any time and the response is quick. Or you can also cancel your membership online by clicking on the membership setting tab found on TruthFinders website. 


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Conclusion: TruthFinder 


TruthFinder is considerably powerful if you’re on a mission to look for an old friend or a relative. It definitely tops the list of bags on check sites available right now online because it is user-friendly and the interface also is user-friendly and it also provides accurate information that is extracted both from private databases and public databases. It also comes with advanced features such as reverse phone look up and dark web scan. 


On BBB, the TruthFinder company possesses a rating of a plus. There are several customers who have given the TruthFinder review of five stars. The only drawback in our eye is that TruthFinder is an application that is quite pricey but given the kind of features that it comes along with, the price does take a backseat.