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Tom N Toms Coffee Partners With Kana Labs To Explore Token Utility & Marketing Opportunities

Tom N Toms has a huge presence in the South Korean market and with the latest crypto boom, the firm is partnering with Kana Labs to explore the utility of its tokens.

Kana Labs

London/Korea - June 19, 2023. Tom N Toms Coffee, a multinational coffee chain based in South Korea is partnering with Kana Labs, a DeFi cross-chain super app to explore token utility and marketing opportunities. Tom N Toms is renowned for their Korean speciality coffee on both sides of the Pacific and the team is now adopting to latest trends in the market. With cryptocurrencies gaining more recognition as a valid form of payment and many retail chains across the world have adopted crypto payment options and Tom N Toms has become the first coffee company to lead the blockchain business in Korea.  

Users of Tom N Toms Coffee’s official app MyTOM can now make payments for their purchases using TomTom coin and other cryptocurrencies directly from their app. Furthermore, Tom N Toms Coffee has a dedicated metaverse team focusing on creating content by implementing games, simulators, and camera filters through AR/VR. They have also conducted various events and marketing activities with an aim to create a virtual world in the metaverse named “TOMS World” so that people around the world can experience their store operations without restrictions of location or time, thereby generating profits and providing opportunities to open franchises in the real world. 

Also, users who possess both TomTom coin and the MyTOM app can access unique additional functionalities from their mobile app such as staking, token swaps and an option to purchase artists' art pieces and NFTs which are presented in GalleryTom. Having decided to use the TomTom coin as the official currency for any and all activities in the TOMS world, Tom N Toms Coffee is now looking to expand into GameFi and Metaverse activities and explore the utility of its tokens to generate more revenue.  

Kana Labs is a DeFi super app with multi-chain capabilities featuring true on-chain cross-chain transaction and smart wallet solutions. Kana Labs aims to simplify DeFI for all users both new and experienced and also works to simplify the onboarding process to bring in the next billion users from Web2 to Web3 space. The DeFi specialist is currently looking to expand into the GameFI market and is working aggressively to capture its share in the Korean GameFi and NFT market space. In their partnership with Kana Labs and Tom N Toms coffee chain will be working together in various marketing ventures and helping explore more utilities for TomTom coin as both firms move forward with their growth plans for the South Korean market region.  

About Kana Labs:  

Kana Labs is renowned for its DeFi product suite which aims to simplify the onboarding process and user experience for both new and existing users. Their retail suite allows users to make swaps, stake and invest via curated yield generation vaults across multiple chains (EVM & Non-EVM) inside a single platform. They also offer a Web3 middleware SDK toolkit which helps developers deploy their dApps across multiple chains almost instantly without having to learn about each blockchain individually. The Web3 Middleware is a pioneer in cross-chain technology connecting both EVM & Non-EVM chains under one roof.  

About Tom N Toms:  

Tom N Toms Coffee is a multinational coffee chain based in South Korea and is one of the top 3 coffee brands in the country. Tom N Toms started as a small coffee house in Seoul and has grown into an international brand label with over 400 branches in 9 different countries today. They have been active in the market for more than two decades and are well-known in the market for their single-origin coffee and black-only blend coffee around the world. They also operate various cafe outlets where their customers can buy several other speciality items such as their unique blend of smoothies, tea, pretzels and bread.

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