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The Ten Most Wondrous Personalities Worth Knowing

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The Ten Most Wondrous Personalities Worth Knowing

Talented, passion-driven, wonder thinkers of today come from every professional background. If you happen to lack inspiration, read about those names who work hard to build a space for themselves and the world.

The ten most wondrous personalities worth knowing
The ten most wondrous personalities worth knowing

 Life would have been dull if no one tried doing what needs to be done. But ‘doing’ is not everyone’s call and to do one needs courage, a desire to make an effort and a forged will that does not break in difficult times. Grisu Media Arts put across those distinct names  that make a difference to the world through their thoughts and will is what we tried doing here with this article.

Talented, passion-driven, wonder thinkers of today come from every professional background. If you happen to lack inspiration, read about those names who work hard to build a space for themselves and the world. Meet these names that need to be remembered among the ones who stand tall to try and add a difference each day.

1. Jaya Kishori

Inner spiritual peace is a hard find in today’s fast paced world. When someone is moving towards it, there are many hurdles to surpass and that’s not easy. But when you have a spiritual guide like Jaya Kishori with you, the path can seem a little less arduous.

She is an orator and her speeches revolve around complex themes that are simple and lucid, making her understandable equally to a child of 8 and an aged individual of 80. Her achievements are noteworthy in these fields. She is well appreciated across the world and is known for her commendable efforts in trying to use discourses and seminars for spreading positivity in the community.

Jaya is also the proud recipient of the “Adarsh Yuwa Adhyatmik Guru Puruskar'' in the 6th Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad Award Ceremony along with many others.

She joined The Great Indian Writer's Award as a juror recently.  She says," it's an unique initiative being taken by Sunil Sihaag Gora Films and Grisu Media Arts to promote an author’s extraordinary efforts and phenomenal zeal for living, and seeing life differently."

2. Anshul Gupta
Anshul R. Gupta is an emerging name in the film editing world; he does not belong to a film family in Mumbai but instead comes from a middle-class family in Barhni, a small village on the India Nepal border. With the passion to achieve, he started searching for his destination on the streets of Mumbai, and then after ten years of hard work, a time came when he proved his skills in editing with a famous project like Mirzapur. Once he established his skills, he thereon signed many big projects. He was also nominated for the best editor for films in the Filmfare and ITA Awards. He is also one of the  mentors and judges in "The Great Indian Writers Award'' that is organized by Sunil Sihaag Gora Films and Grisu Media Arts, Sri Ganganagar.

3. Shreyas Bhave
‘Raiders of Surat’ is a historical journey with a dash of mystery by Shreyas Bhave and is the fifth book of the series, “The Legend of Bahirji-Naik.”
The story is narrated by a young recruit apprentice, Shashidhwaj, and revolves around Raje Shivaji’s Maratha horde deep into the enemy territory. It also tells a parallel tale of the City of Surat, full of greed and deceit where Governor Inayat Khan and his son make a play to earn copious amounts of gold. It is a wonderful mixture of adventure, drama, and has its own share of mysteries such as the Masked Master who rules Surat’s underworld and has its own version of demonetisation as well showing us that history keeps on repeating itself. It is a must read for fans of thrillers, mysteries alike as well as for the studious students of history.
Shreyas weaves many stories together and the twists and turns in the plot are where her strength lies and that is what makes the book irresistible and worth a good read. 

4. Neelam Sharma : Booxoul
Booxoul is India’s best book reviewer. Her entertainment and lifestyle blog is a place where we breathe books. Co-founded by Neelam Sharma in 2017, a voracious reader, Booxoul was a spur of the minute decision taken simply for the love of books which led her to turn this space into her professional calling.

At the highest pedestal of success today, Booxoul is not only about reviewing books (500+books reviewed so far). They do word of mouth as well as the complete publicity for the Author, striving to always remain competitive, cost friendly, and genuine to their performance.

Onto an endless journey, Booxoul realizes that they may fall, yet they know they can get back up, delivering nothing but the best results for their authors. Do follow the website:

5. Aastha Garg
She is the Founder of Tarot and Beyond with Aastha and is a Tarot Reader and Life Coach by profession. Even though she is a fashion designer by qualification, her heart is in Tarot Reading. Her motto is to heal people from within and to cure them of mental health issues. Aastha believes mental health is as essential as physical health and therefore wants people to just not breathe day in and out but also wants them to live.
According to her, Tarot helps her seek inner connections with herself as well as with her clients. At present, she holds sessions with her clients over text or Instagram. She benefits people by guiding them through their journeys of life and existence.

6. Mrunal Pawar
Mrunal Pawar is a Pune-based artist, is a trained Kathak dancer, a dance movement therapist, and an avid yoga practitioner/ teacher. She is on a journey of self-exploration, discovering innovative ways to give back and expand her tribe. Mrunal believes in educating people, empowering, and enabling them to make conscious choices, thus creating a humane society in which everyone is dedicated to the pathways of health and opportunity. 

She is also the Director at the Sakal Media Group, a Trustee of Pune Blind School and Nirdhar Trust. She is willing to transform communities culturally by inspiring people to open their minds to individuals living with intellectual disabilities. She wants thereby to establish a fairground for anyone who is perceived as different. Mrunal wants to instill courage, confidence, and character, in these children and to want help create a better place in the world.

SocialForAction, a one stop crowdfunding platform by Sakal Media Group, has launched its education infrastructure program – Speeding up Learning, which aims to reach maximum schools, which will be equipped with e-learning facilities, toilets, and science labs.

7. Capt. Kunal Narayan Uniyal 
Capt. Kunal Uniyal, a first-class postgraduate from Cardiff University is a sailor, an entrepreneur, a spiritualist and a celebrated writer.  Born and brought up in Dehradun, life at sea inspired Capt. Kunal came up with his first book in 2014 “Kuch Khwaab Sagar Se”. Since then, he has published 13 books in 7 languages in various genres. This includes the epic novel "Journey to the next Level" based on the battle of Mahabharata. He has received felicitation, awards and recognition in India and abroad which includes Felicitation in France, appreciation from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, First Minister of Wales and Mayor of London. Kunal, famously known as Capt Kavi is loved globally as a young and an inspiring writer. His works are primarily based on ancient Hindu texts, Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwad Gita and Sri Aurobindo Philosophy. His poetry collection "Sparrow in the Mirror" is catalogued in the British Library. He is soon coming up with the next edition of the novel as well as two poetry collections.

8. Shivangi Desai
Shivangi Desai is India’s leading health & nutrition coach. She has been bestowed with the Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist Award by Economic Times and is known as the Zumba and Strong Nation Instructor, and is even endorsed for the role of a Yogacharya and Advance Supplement Advisor. Shivangi is also among the rare Indians who are USPA B-licensed skydivers with over 65 skydiving jumps! She is the founder of the ‘Fit Bharat Mission’ and has helped thousands of people overcome lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and thyroid. She firmly believes that your body is your doctor. She teaches people how to listen to their body, connect to its wisdom, naturally reverse lifestyle disorders, and put a full stop to medicines. She is on a mission to make 10 lakh Indians fit and free from illnesses by 2025.

9.Mini Bhardwaj

Mythology, Knowledge, History, and Mystery, Mini Bhardwaj's debut novel Seeking Death has all of it!

Mini Bhardwaj's debut novel Seeking Death- A boon with a Curse is a page turner for readers. The story talks about Hindu Mythology beautifully amalgamated in context to the contemporary world. The journey of protagonist Swikirti and her attraction to his baba Ashwatthama is interestingly fascinating.
The book is a perfect combination of facts, fiction, history, knowledge, and mystery. This mythological fiction will surely change your perception of our epic Mahabharata and one of the characters Ashwatthama and will also help generate a new perspective towards him. The story catches readers’ attention right from the first page and keeps them hooked till the end.

The story also draws a comparison of Ashwatthama’s life in Dwapar Yuga and his life today in Kaliyug highlighting the major issues of the society.

10. Lata Vishwanath
Lata Vishwanath is a Bengaluru based award-winning multi-genre writer. An Electronics engineer and a material scientist, she made a foray into writing with articles, travelogues, and essays for anthologies, blogsites, and magazines. Autumn Showers, her debut work of non-fiction was published to acclaim by TERI press in 2017. Singapore Sling, her collection of fictional short stories, was inspired during her long stay in Singapore. As a promoter of Organic and Natural farming methods, renewable and clean energy resources, she is a contributor to ‘TerraGreen magazine’, a TERI publication. She is looking forward to the publishing and release of her poetry collection and a medical thriller later."