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The Shambala Secret Reviews - Legit Or Fake Hype? What To Know First!

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The Shambala Secret Reviews - Legit Or Fake Hype? What To Know First!

The Shambala Secret is an online manifestation protocol promising to help you achieve your desires and needs without hassles. The creator, David Chandler, claims that the program utilizes meditation to revitalize and strengthen the subconscious mind.

The Shambala Secret
The Shambala Secret

Numerous manifestation programs are promising to transform your life. Proponents of the manifestation protocols claim that the universe can provide you with what you desire. Many people have purportedly benefitted from the manifestation programs. 

There are thousands of success stories from people who have used the manifestation strategy. Some claim they have amplified their wealth, health, and overall well-being using the power of positivity and manifestation. 

The Shambala Secret is an online manifestation program claiming to help you achieve your goals. How does it work? Is it worth the hype? Who can use the Shambala Secret? 

What is the Shambala Secret? 

Everybody desires to live a good life without worrying about finances, health, and overall well-being. Some people toil day and night while saving to create a "little heaven" on earth and live in comfort. 

The Shambala Secret is an online manifestation protocol promising to help you achieve your desires and needs without hassles. The creator, David Chandler, claims that the program utilizes meditation to revitalize and strengthen the subconscious mind. 

David Chandler states that most people cannot manifest a fine and worry-free life because of negative thinking. The meditation program is designed to erase negative thoughts, diminish pain, and improve your life. 

The Shambala Secret is advertised for anyone looking to restructure their life. It can benefit people who feel hopeless, worthless and in despair. David Chandler assures users that the program is based on science and is ideal for users of all ages. 

How Does the Shambala Secret Work? 

Millions of people live in hardship, despair, financial instability, and poor relationships, among other stresses. David Chandler claims that listening to the audio program and meditating daily can transform your life positively. 

The Shambala Secret protocol comprises several audio tracks that you should listen to for about 22 minutes daily for nine days consecutively. The manifestation protocol aims at activating your subconscious to attract positive thoughts. The audio tracks help you to erase negative thinking patterns. 

Some users of the Shambala Secret program may experience immediate results from the protocol. David Chandler claims that the nine-day meditation protocol allows you to manifest your desires and erase negativity. The Shambala Secret supposedly works in three steps: 

Erase Negative Energy – The Shambala Secret comprise 3D sounds that are therapeutic. David Chandler claims that sounds can help you connect with your soul. It supposedly removes all the negative energies blocking you from achieving your goals. The Shambala Secret can replace negative energies with positive vibes allowing you to manifest your needs easily. 

Recreate the Subconscious Conductor – The Shambala Secret contains audio that strengthens the subliminal mind allowing you to have positive thoughts. It is based on ancient Tibetan secrets that use Gamma rays to enhance the subconscious. The bell and chant sounds can aid in removing blockages and attracting wealth. 

The Shambala Secret program helps divert negative feelings, thus boosting motivation and decision-making. A positive mindset is crucial in improving your financial and overall performance. The manifestation program may lower stress levels allowing you to enjoy quality sleep for optimal health. 

The Shambala Secret promises to augment your confidence and purpose. Similarly, it can keep you aligned and energized in under nine days. 

The Science behind the Shambala Secret Program 

All ancient communities enjoyed the music. The chimes, bells, and chants were believed to heal the spiritual and physical body. Historical documents indicate that the meditation practices aimed at reprogramming the soul by altering subliminal thoughts. 

The Shambala Secret is supposedly based on science. Per the maker, David Chandler, there are specific sounds that are scientifically proven to influence the subconscious. A combination of the "Gamma wave audio sounds" and some specific ancient sounds can alter the subconscious mind directly. 

The Shambala Secret allows your brain to operate within the Gamma Brainwave Frequency, improving your focus and attention. Listening to high-quality audio for nine days retrains your thoughts' Conductor to focus on whatever you desire. 

David Chandler states that a person's attention is what creates reality. The gamma waves in the audio bind your senses together, thus boosting your attention. The program trains your brain to think you are already experiencing the life you desire. 

The 3-D sound stimulates the neural pathways in the brain. It provides the brain with the resources to recreate itself in new realities. 

How to Use the Shambala Secret Protocol 

David Chandler states that the protocol is easy to use and does not require elaborate preparation. The Shambala Secret is a 22-minute audio meditation you can listen to in the comfort of your home. The developer recommends listening to the audio track before sleeping. 

Listening to the audio tracks before sleeping aids in restructuring the subconscious and eliminating the negative energies hindering you from achieving your desires. 

The Phases of the Shambala Secret Program 

Each 22-minute long audio is divided into three phases, namely: 

Induction – David Chandler claims that the induction stage aims at helping you transit from the conscious operating system to the subconscious functioning system. It consists of audible guided meditation, immersive 3D auditory experience, and the activation of the gamma brainwaves. The developer of the Shambala Secret system states that the induction phase prepares your Conductor for new instructions. 

Subversion – The phase is 100% subliminal, and the ears will not hear guided meditation. Instead, the subconscious Conductor picks the meditation sounds and subverts the old soundtracks from your life. It also combines gamma brainwaves and 3D sounds to strengthen subconscious thoughts and thinking patterns. 

Re-Awakening – The third phase aims at bringing you out of the subliminal phase. It has short audible guided meditation to fuse the conscious and subconscious demesnes. 

Benefits of the Shambala Secret 

  • The program activates your Conductor, thus providing the users with a feeling of safety and confidence. 

  • The Shambala Secret can enhance emotional intelligence allowing you to enjoy quality and fruitful relationships. 

  • The program may aid the user in realizing their true meaning and purpose in life. 

  • It helps the users to take control of their life. 

  • The Shambala Secret can help users use past disappointments and mistakes to improve their intuition, wisdom, and insight. 

  • It can aid the users in radiating love and kindness. 


The Shambala Secret is only available via the official website only. The developer states that part of the purchase goes to a non-profit organization named Hungry for Music. The foundation donates musical instruments to the less privileged to help deserving kids to discover the power of music. 

Customers get instant access to the Shambala Secret program immediately after payment. Other bonuses include: 

The Healing Wind is a potent gamma brainwave audio to enhance the connection between the brain, mind, and soul. Additionally, the program supports spiritual and physical healing. The 11-minute audio is ideal when you feel low or overwhelmed. 

The Sleeping Ocean is a 22-minute audio comprising soothing sounds from Tibetan singing bowls and calming ocean sounds. The soundtracks harm ionizes the brainwaves allowing you to enjoy quality sleep. 

The Golden Sunrise is a 5-minute track to enhance focus and positivity. It is designed to help you start the day energized and alert. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

The Shambala Secret developer offers a 365-day money-back guarantee. David Chandler is positive that users will experience significant benefits within nine days. 


The Shambala Secret program is a manifestation program comprising various guided meditation and soundtracks. The protocol is designed to restructure the subconscious mind and eliminate negative thoughts/energies. 

Each Shambala soundtrack is 22-minute long and designed to run for nine days. Customers should listen to the Shambala Secret sounds every night before bedtime for nine consecutive days 

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