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The Macujo Method: Why Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo Is Essential (Complete Guide)

In this complete guide I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. I’ll explain how hair drug testing works, and what the two most famous methods for passing a hair drug test (that actually work) are.


The Macujo Method

If you’re looking to pass a hair drug test then the Macujo method is really the only way that you can do it with any degree of certainty. A key component of doing that is using old-style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. 

The problem is that the original Nexxus brand sold out years ago, and the old-style Toxin Rid shampoo you can buy now from Test Clear costs a lot of money. 

So it’s not a cheap method, but is it the only method to pass a hair drug test? 

In this complete guide I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. I’ll explain how hair drug testing works, and what the two most famous methods for passing a hair drug test (that actually work) are. 


I will tell you about the history of Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo, and give you the complete  steps of the Macujo method in detail. That way, you’ll have all the information you need to make great decision on whether it’s your best chance of passing. 

What Is The Macujo Method (And The Jerry G Method)? 

The reason you need an invasive method to pass a hair drug test is because of the complexity of the hair on your head. 

Let me just say at the start, if you are bald, they can take hair from other parts of your body. You can just use the Macujo method on any body hair, so don’t just think about it as a hair drug test method literally. 


Also, the Macujo method works with all types of hair. I have a friend who’s African-American. They have thick hair that’s been in dreadlocks for years. They still used it and they still passed a test. You just have to make sure you do it enough times and really soak the hair. 

This is the problem with avoiding getting caught from hair drug testing: 

  • Hair contains three layers 

  • The top hard layer contains thousands of overlapping scales 

    • The hard top layer (the cuticle) has to be opened up 

  • Drug toxins must be flushed out 

  • Hair shaft needs to be closed without ruining it 

  • The other part of the problem is that hair drug testing is very invasive. When you take drugs, some of the metabolites get trapped in your scalp under the follicles. As the hair grows, the metabolites grow out with it, trapped under the hard cuticle layer to form an indelible, and ongoing, record of your drug use. 

    So to open up the cuticle layer, and flush out the toxins, without damaging the hair and scalp, is why a method that uses a variety of ingredients together, rather than a single product, is the best solution. 

    Can’t I Just Use A Detox Shampoo? 


    You may well have just read about old-style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo, and how potent it is, and assume that you can use it to pass a drug test. 

    If you have really light levels of toxin exposure in your hair, say you smoke couple of joints a few weeks ago, then you may well get away with it. Aloe Toxin Rid could open up the hair and flush them out just enough. 

    But the problem is that any more than that, and there is simply no shampoo, including Toxin Rid, that is potent enough to do the job on its own. 


    So forget all of those detox shampoo products you will see online. None of them, I repeat none of them, can work on their own. And, none of them have the potency of old-style Aloe Toxin Rid to work in combo to achieve the removal of all toxins. 

    Why I Chose The Macujo Method 

    So when I faced a hair drug test, I had a choice between two methods: the Macujo method and the Jerry G method

    They both use a variety of ingredients, used in a sequence, to open up the hair shaft, flush out the toxins, and then close the shaft up again. 


    The problem with the Jerry G method is it uses ammonia-based hair bleaching/dying products to do it. 

    Many people have reported that the Jerry G method has ruined their hair, and burned the scalp, even if only doing both temporarily. For me, that meant it was a non-starter. 

    Plus, wouldn’t it arouse huge suspicion if you turn up at a drug test with freshly dyed hair, and burn scalp? 

    So, the Macujo method, which uses the far milder (but expensive) option of Aloe Toxin Rid in place of ammonia bleach products, was the better choice for me. 

    The Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo Story 


    Although “the Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo story” sounds like a bad Broadway music show, it’s actually quite an interesting product story. 

    A new shampoo was released over a decade ago called Aloe Rid shampoo, made by company called Nexxus (who are still a big shampoo maker). 

    It was billed as a strong clarifying shampoo, which had the ability to cut through industrial levels of contaminants in the hair. It worked really well at this, was perfect for people who went swimming and people in polluted urban environments. 

    But it turned out to be too good. Effective, but so powerful it caused irritation. In some cases it did burn the scalp and cause hair fragility problems. So, they discontinued it and made it milder. 


    However, people had realized it help to remove drug toxins because it was so strong. The prices charged for the old stock grew, and in the end, a bottle on eBay or Amazon was selling for several hundred dollars. 

    Let me be clear though. If you see any shampoo advertised as Nexxus Aloe Toxin Rid anywhere for sale now, it’s a fake. They don’t exist anymore and haven’t for several years. 

    Test Clear, a really reputable drug testing product company, recreated the formula a few years back. So, when you see people talking about old-style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo now, they are referring to the new Test Clear product. 


    Are Toxin Rid Shampoo Reviews Accurate? 

    You could say that this is an old-style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo review. But it’s not really, it’s about how it fits into the Macujo method to get it to work at its best. 

    Reviews that tell you it’s the best toxin removing shampoo are accurate. But reviews telling you it works on its own, especially if you have higher levels of drug toxins in your body, shouldn’t be trusted. 

    Toxin Rid is a great shampoo, the best of the bunch. But it doesn’t really work on its own unless you have very low levels of toxins in your hair. 


    Alternatives To Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo 

    Old-style Aloe Toxin Rid from Test Clear is expensive. So are there any alternatives you can use that are cheaper, either on their own, or as part of the Macujo method? 

    Unfortunately, there really aren’t. You can’t cut corners on this guys, you need the best to work with the Macujo method. You have to open up the cuticle layer and it has to have the potency to flush out the toxins. 

    Macujo Method Step-By-Step Instructions 

    I’ve talked a lot about the Macujo method, so drumroll please, here are the step-by-step instructions for doing it. 


    First, let’s just explain what you will need. These are the things you will need to gather together: 

    • Bottle of old-style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo 

    • Clean & Clear Pink shampoo 

  • Tide liquid detergent 

  • Good quality white vinegar 

  • Rubber gloves 

  • Clingfilm (or rubber swimming hat) 

    • Swimming goggles 

  • Warm water and a bath/sink 

  • Once you gather the ingredients, you’ll have to run through the Macujo method multiple times in the lead up to your drug test. Maybe once per day, but if you are short of time then twice per day. Each time through takes about one hour. 

    1. wet your hair and then apply vinegar to it. Be generous here. Work it right into the scalp and the roots of your hair. This is going to start to sting, but persist. This is why you need to make sure you are wearing gloves. 


    2. Without washing out the vinegar, apply a good helping of Clean & Clear Pink shampoo. Again, work it in thoroughly, and be prepared for it to sting even more. 

    3. Using a tightfitting rubber swimming cap or a lot of clingfilm, wrap your hair close to your head. Leave this in place for 45 minutes to stew. Again, this is going to sting and hurt, but persist. 

    4. Wash your hair thoroughly with plenty of warm water. 

    5. Next, apply a liberal amount of old-style Aloe Toxin Rid. A good dollop in the palm of your hand. Work it in well, and leave it for five minutes. Then, wash it out thoroughly. 


    6. Repeat step five with a second portion of old-style Aloe Toxin Rid. 

    7. Once your hair is thoroughly rinsed again, apply a small amount of Tide liquid detergent to the hair. Work it in until your hair and scalp feel squeaky to the touch. Then, rinse it out thoroughly with plenty of water. 

    An optional step after the last time you have completed running through the Macujo method, one hour before you leave to take your test, is to use Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo. 

    This second shampoo is much cheaper than Aloe Toxin Rid. It’s good enough to get rid of stray toxins that could be on your hair, or on your skin, having been transferred. You don’t want to slip up here at the last moment and fail because of transferred drug toxins. 


    Also, make sure you use a fresh comb and clothes. You don’t want cross contamination here, there’s no point in doing the hard work and then getting straight drug metabolites on your hair again. 

    How Many Times Should You Run Through The Macujo Method? 

    If you’re a regular weed smoker, or you have taken other drugs regularly, like a couple of times per week or more over the past 90 days (the maximum length back a drug test looks along the hair), then you’ll need to do the Macujo method quite a few times. 


    Once per day in the week leading up to your test is optimal. So, seven times in total. For lighter levels of toxin exposure, you can get away with a couple of times less than that. 

    Doing it twice per day is problematic though. However, let’s say you’ve got three days until your drug test. Ideally, you’ll want to run through it seven times as a regular user.  

    However, you don’t have that time. So, you do it twice per day for three days, for a total of six times. 

    Overall, then aim for seven times through the Macujo method, or as close to that as you can get. 


    With lower levels of toxins in your hair, even two or three times run through it could be enough to get all the toxins out. 

    Where To Buy Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo 

    Test Clear is the only place that you can buy the new stock of “old style” Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo from. 

    They are the guys who make it, and the only people who sell it. If you see it for sale elsewhere, then it’s a fake. It’s a simple as that. 

    So when it comes to wondering where can I buy Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo, that’s your answer. Direct from the Test Clear website in the USA. You’ll get an 8 fluid ounce bottle for your money. It will cost you $235.  


    Now, before you panic, think about the goal here. 

    You want to pass an invasive hair drug test. These are usually only administered for serious reasons like probation, custody, insurance, or a significant job. 

    So, is $235 (around $300 for all the ingredients), really that much money when it’s your only chance of actually passing an invasive hair drug test? 

    Don’t get scammed, don’t look for the old bottles. Buy it from Test Clear, and suck up that price, because it’s your absolute only chance of getting all of the drug toxins out of your hair to pass that scrutiny.