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Best Place To Buy  SARMs:  How To Find The Highest Quality SARMs Sources

You’ll learn why the SARMs market is going to be changing soon, and how that could affect the quality of SARMs badly in the short and medium term. Plus, we will discuss a bit as to how things will change, and how you can get ahead of the game on where you buy your SARMs from.

Best Place To Buy  SARMs

If you have hit a plateau and are looking to use SARMs to take your body up to next level, then you need the best SARMs source to make it worthwhile.

This quick guide is going to tell you everything you need to know in the next five minutes or so. You’ll learn what the characteristics of the highest quality SARMs are, and how to spot them.

You’ll learn why the SARMs market is going to be changing soon, and how that could affect the quality of SARMs badly in the short and medium term. Plus, we will discuss a bit as to how things will change, and how you can get ahead of the game on where you buy your SARMs from.

All that, plus you’ll learn where not to buy SARMs because of the problems with quality, and also I’ll tell you the top two best SARMs company websites out there, from which you can find the absolute best SARMs for sale with the highest purity available.

Why You Need To Buy The Highest Quality SARMs
 SARMs can be really problematic to buy. The reason for that is that they aren’t licensed for sale anywhere. SARMs were originally designed for the purposes of muscle wasting illnesses, and other health problems, not for bodybuilding.

They were research chemicals that never got past that stage, some went into phase 2 trials on humans, but most haven’t for any purpose. But because the traits of those supplements showed that they could affect muscle and bone tissue, and cut fat, they were hijacked for sale to bodybuilders.

SARMs are made and still are, by labs around the world using the formulas to make them, but they are not licensed in any way. There are no standards, and you are really relying on the company selling them to you having safeguards in place.

One study of 44 SARMs Sellers readily available through Google search found that only 52% of the SARMs purchased to test actually contained SARMs. 48% didn’t contain SARMs at all, or contained different SARMs, or a mix of the supplements. That’s pretty scary stuff I’m sure you will agree.
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Why The Best SARMs On The Market Will Be Changing Soon
Another problem with buying SARMs is that the market is about to dramatically change. Forget coronavirus, this all happened before that.

In 2019 the US government put pressure on China as part of a trade deal to stop making SARMs that were being imported into the USA. This was because the USA SARMs bill to try and outlaw SARMs was being delayed so much that they wanted to get around that delay by just drying up the trade.

So China not only banned the export of SARMs, but it banned the creation of SARMs as well. So SARMs are not legally made or exported from China anymore. That ban came into effect on January 1, 2020.

But obviously, some labs are still operating illegally, and there were old stocks that are being sent from China anyway, alongside the stocks in the USA that have already been imported.


But it doesn’t take a genius to work out that by the time 2020 is over, and the coronavirus has died down, the government in China will focus more on stopping this illegal trade, and the supply of SARMs from China will dry up leaving alternative sources needed.

So for me, there are going to be big problems with purity and supply from this point on, which is why I’d recommend you find the best SARMs companies you can, and get your hands on highest quality SARMs available right now. They have long shelf lives, which means if you buy them now, you’ll probably be safe and insulated from the problems of supply for about a year.

These Are The Characteristics Of The Best SARMs Company
 If you’re looking to find the best SARMs source, then there are some traits that you will have to look out for to confirm that.

Over the past few years, I’ve been ordering SARMs, and it can be hit and miss. Sometimes of had some really bad experiences, but I have narrowed it down to a small group of companies who do genuinely batch test the SARMs they get, and they sell them at great prices with good guarantees. But to help you in case you want to look around for where to buy SARMs yourself, then these are the characteristics of the best SARMs companies out there:

1.    There will always be a purity guarantee, based on independent lab testing. It will be done on every batch of SARMs before they are sold, and it will be done by a genuinely independent lab that you can check out yourself online to verify the independence. That’s what I’ve done for the top two best SARMs sellers I’m reviewing later in this guide. Those purity reports will be available for each batch on the website, preferably on the product page you can see exactly what you are buying.


2.    The website will be high in quality. Although anyone can make a high-quality website, you will start to notice when there are problems. A good quality website will be well designed, contain plenty of accurate information, have a demonstration of expertise, proper shipping pages, moneyback guarantee texts, and multiple ways of paying that demonstrate it’s not just something that’s been set up in 10 minutes using a PayPal shopping cart.

3.    The online buzz about the company will be good. They will have been around for a year or so at least, and there will be a good positive track record from people on places like Reddit and Twitter discussing the quality of the SARMs they got from them positively.

4.    There will be a physical mailing address, and a physical return address to back up the money-back guarantee that they will have to offer to be classed as one of the best places to find SARMs for sale.

A lot of that may sound obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people are duped into buying SARMs cheaply because they are drawn to the low prices, or they are fooled by drop shippers or people who are just selling complete crap in glass bottles.

Where You Won’t Find The Best SARMs Source
Before I move on to telling you where you can find the best SARMs on the market, I want to tell you where you won’t find the highest quality SARMs for sale at all.
A lot of SARMs are actually sold in places like eBay and Amazon. That might surprise you, but they are listed there. Sometimes they are reported and get taken down, you will find hundreds of listings for SARMs. You have no idea who’s selling them, or where they are coming from. You should never buy SARMs from general marketplace sites.


You should also not buy SARMs from China directly. Sites like Alibaba can be a minefield. Stuffed full of bargains, but you have literally no idea who in China is selling the stuff to you, and there’s no responsibility or come back for them doing it because of the legality.
So for me, the best place to buy SARMs is always from a reputable company who are based in the USA. They will either import the SARMs, or they are made here in the USA, and they will be backed up by high-quality purity guarantees.

Best Places To Buy SARMs: My Two Go-to SARMs Companies
The best SARMs source for you may not be the best for me. It depends on the format the SARMs you want to buy (powder, capsules, suspended liquid, or injectables), and no company has all those formats for sale at any one time because of the frequent problems with supply.
Also, you might be drawn in by the different offers available, loyalty programs, lower prices for multiple purchases, things like that.

Plus, your gut feeling will come into play. You’ll feel that one website and the feedback you see about it is accurate, and you might not be so enthused about another. So personal choice on all levels comes into play here.

What follows is two detailed reviews of what I’ve found to be the highest quality SARMs for sale in the USA right now. I’ve used both of these SARMs vendors several times, and I’ve created some really potent SARMs stacks over the past couple of years that have genuinely transformed my body and delivered far higher energy levels and motivation than I could have ever dreamed of from doing natural bodybuilding.


Chemyo – Best Place To Buy SARMs In 2022
These guys have to be top of anyone’s list of the best SARMs companies out there. They’ve been around for a long time, and trade under another name that was well known,, before swapping to the current brand.

They sell an incredible range of SARMs. All the ones you would expect, and a lot of newer and lesser-known SARMs. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t go near the lesser-known ones because they are even more experimental, but they do sell all of the course SARMs like Ostarine, Cardarine, Ligandrol, and Testolone at great prices.
These are the reasons why I recommend Chemyo as a great place to buy SARMs:
•    A wide range of SARMs for sale
•    Prices are very good for raw powder and sublingual bottle formats
•    Full money-back guarantee
•    Current purity reports for every batch published on the product pages
•    Multiple payment methods including cryptocurrency
•    The more you buy the more you save
•    Free International shipping on orders over $100 In The US

Pricing is very competitive. These are Chinese SARMs, but they are high purity, making them definitely some of the highest-quality SARMs I’ve ever used. Brilliant effects, and no feeling ill or having any weird side effects.

To give you an example of pricing, let’s look at RAD-140 Testolone. Available as a liquid, you’ll get 10mg/ml-50 ml for $79.99.

So as you can see, these guys are definitely one of the best places to buy SARMs I know of. Great quality SARMs in two formats depending on how you want to consume the SARMs, and your wallet.

Plus, the SARMs they sell up are backed up by those all-important third-party lab test reports. They are definitely current and updated for each batch of SARMs they sell. You can check them out right there on the product pages, you don’t even have to search the website to find the page where they post all of the reports, they are right there where you need them.
I recently ran a stack using Chemyo SARMs. It was a bulking stack using Testolone, YK-11, and Cardarine for energy. In eight weeks I packed on 9 pounds of lean muscle, and the tone of my muscle changed dramatically. No side effects, no problems. These guys are highly recommended and my number one go-to place to buy the best SARMs on the market.
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2.    Swiss Chems
Another great place to find SARMs for sale is Swiss Chems. These guys are in the USA, don’t get fooled by the name.
They’ve been around for a couple of years and I’ve watched the company develop. They had a really dodgy website at the start, and I was amazed they sold any SARMs at all. I did take the plunge and placed an ordered way back then, and the SARMs quality was excellent.
These are the reasons why I would recommend you buy from Swiss Chems:
•    Swiss Chems sell all the major types of SARMs
•    Swiss Chems are the only company I know of who sell injectable SARMs
•    Purity is really good and backed up by lab reports
•    You can save up to 33% by paying with bitcoin

They do sometimes sell injectable SARMs. Not all the time though, and I think that’s to do with supply. Because they are imported Chinese SARMs, I think that they sometimes don’t have the high-quality SARMs in that format to sell.

But they also always sell SARMs capsules. Capsules are brilliantly convenient because they are the best way of taking the exact dose of SARMs you need without having to deal with powder or liquid.

I’d always recommend SARMs capsules for beginners. If you’re about to start your first SARMs cycle, then it’s worth paying a little bit more for the convenience of capsules because you don’t have to worry about dosing at all.

In terms of pricing, you will pay more for the convenience of capsules. As an example, you can buy Ligandrol capsules for $95.95. At that price, you will get 60 capsules, each dosed at 5 mg for a total dosage of 300 mg. As you can see, far more expensive than the liquid or raw powder, but still affordable.
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