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Best Meme Coins For 2023: Comparing Dogecoin With Caged Beasts & Big Eyes Coin

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Best Meme Coins For 2023: Comparing Dogecoin With Caged Beasts & Big Eyes Coin

Dogecoin introduces utility into the world of meme coins with LibDogecoin v.0.21. BIG and Caged Beasts follow through with exciting rewards and projects in their pipeline. Read more about how meme coins are progressing towards utility.

Caged Beasts
Caged Beasts

Meme coins with utility exist. If you are looking for one, we’ve listed three.

Meme coins had a great bull run in 2021, making early inventors millionaires in a matter of days and months. But this was fueled by hype and speculation. At the end of the day, these coins had no real purpose.

Fast forward to 2023, and meme tokens took a U-turn toward utility, with the meme godfather Dogecoin at the forefront. It has announced key developments with the release of LibDogecoin v.0.21, which sets up the infrastructure for businesses and products to integrate easily with Dogecoin. So did Big Eyes Coin - a cat meme that raised over 45 million in presales with a mission to save oceans.

The trend of utility is catching fire, and the latest meme coin entrant, Caged Beasts, is our next candidate for the 2023 bull run and is all set for its website launch in another 15 days with the core aim of raising charity for animals.

Read how and why meme coins are the best strategic investments for the year 2023 and why you should invest before the next bull run starts this year.

More Than A Meme Coin: Evolution of Dogecoin

So why invest in Dogecoin?

The popular meme coin has recently seen updates aimed at making it simpler for businesses and products to work with it. One key update is the release of LibDogecoin v.0.21, which makes integration with Dogecoin easier for businesses. In addition, the primary developer of Dogecoin has introduced a range of improvements to the blockchain to make it simpler for new projects to be developed.

However, it's crucial to remember that Dogecoin doesn't have any physical, real-world use, meaning its value is based solely on market speculation (which we are counting on! ). Despite this, a growing number of businesses have started accepting Dogecoin as a payment method. The coin continues to be popular among individual investors due to its affordability compared to Bitcoin and Elon Musk’s constant validation. The journey of Dogecoin is far from over.

Now let’s talk about the only cat in the dog world!

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin: Meme Giant in the Making

Big Eyes Coin is an ERC 20 token that is closing in on 50 million in presales, which is scheduled to conclude on June 3rd. Why is it attractive, and why should you invest?

Big Eyes Coin has made a splash in the meme coin world, rolling out exciting updates every day since its launch! From mega bonuses to loot boxes to NFTS, the cat was on a roll to make its community rich, and the community reciprocated in kindness, offering relentless loyalty.

One good reason to invest now is BIG is offering a unique presale offer reverting back to the stage 3 price of $0.00017. Meaning you can own 5833 BIG tokens with 1 USDT. This has got the cat community on a buying frenzy, raising millions in a few days after the offer announcement. Big Eyes Coin has unique and dreamy ambitions - the token is also rolling out a P2E casino with over 4000 games. Investments in cats usually go well. Start with BIG today.

Caged Beasts

Caged Beasts: The Roaring Powerhouse

Caged Beasts (BEASTS) stands out among these options as a distinctive initiative with an alluring story and ground-breaking idea. In Caged Beasts, the metaphor of caged liquidity is first introduced, signifying locked-up wealth expanding over time, like animals kept in captivity developing into stronger and more advanced beings. Caged Beasts intends to develop a platform that promotes community, networking, and communication in addition to its metaphorical world-building.

Presale projects arguably offer some of the best returns (Look at Big Eyes Coin). If you buy in early, you may be in with a chance of winning if the coin takes off after launch. BEASTS will debut later this year with a thrilling presale. This coin has a ton of promise thanks to an intriguing future, an extensive NFT collection, and a strong community attitude. Join their email list here if you plan to participate in the Caged Beasts (BEASTS) presale.


Meme coins were once purely based on market speculation and hype. Now they are exploring new avenues where it is possible to be the most hyped coin with remarkable utilities. Dogecoin’s latest developments into becoming a utility meme coin and the efforts of the latest entrants like Big Eyes Coin and Caged Beasts shed light on the transformation of these meme coins into something of value!

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