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Best Google Ads Services: The Basics And The Launchpresso Model

Launchpresso is a top-rated Google Ads service specializing in Shopify platforms, offering PPC management, Google Ad administration, and effective remarketing. Their services enhance visibility and engagement, delivering successful ad campaigns at affordable rates.


Best Google Ads Services

Digital marketing is the best way to boost a business. Digital marketing offers a wide variety of opportunities for entrepreneurs. 

There are multiple options available for digital marketing. But Google ads have become the most effective among them. Google ads can improve the visibility of any product in the shortest time possible. 

But while using Google ads for marketing, it is essential to use well-researched and written ads. So, here is a complete guide for a better understanding of Google Ads and the best Google Ads management services.

Google Ads: Basics

Google Ads is widely used by people worldwide. These ads appear on various websites and Google search results.


People can publish various ads through Google Ads, like YouTube and video ads. Currently, millions of websites partner with Google Ads to display the ads. In fact, Google Ads gets about 28% of total ad revenue generated in the United States of America alone.

As mentioned, Google Ads function based on a bidding system. There are multiple bidding options available on the platform, too. They are explained in detail in the next section.

Google Ads: How Does it Work?

Google ads function based on the number of clicks that they receive. The customer has to create the ad, bid for the slot, and publish it accordingly on a website. For every click the ad receives from the website, the Google Ads platform gets a fixed amount of money as a commission. 


The above-mentioned process in which Google Ads takes part of the ad cost is called the cost-per-click process. Customers usually bid on the platform on the maximum amount they can pay for one click. 

There are three different bidding options available on Google Ads. They are as follows.

  • Cost Per Click
  • Cost Per Mile
  • Cost Per Engagement
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)

In CPC, the customer agrees to pay the platform for every click an ad receives.

Cost Per Mile (CPM)

  • In CPM, the customer agrees to pay for every thousand impressions the ad receives.

Cost Per Engagement (CPE)

  • In CPE, the customer pays the Google based on a particular action that a person performs on the ad.
  • Examples: Watching a video, signing up for a service, etc.

Google Ads: Different Types

Google Ads can be of various formats. Some common ads used as part of Google Ads are as follows.

  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Responsive Search Ads
  • App Ads
  • Performance Max Ads
  • Discovery Ads
  • YouTube Ads

Let’s discuss each of them in detail. 

Display Ads

Display ads are pretty commonly found across millions of websites, including YouTube. Mostly, display ads portray a group of images or graphics to showcase a business. 

The business owner can upload a group of media to Google Ads. The platform will handpick some of them and feature them as display ads.

Square format ads are pretty standard for display ads. People can also create HTML5 ads as part of display ads. 


Shopping Ads

Google Ads

As the name suggests, shopping ads are ads by e-commerce websites. These ads regularly appear on search engine result pages, YouTube, and other partner websites. Google uses its automatic targeting feature to pick various product catalogs that can influence the viewers.

The layout of these shopping ads is very similar to e-commerce websites. So, there is a high chance for viewers to click on them, mistaking them for the websites.

The data e-commerce businesses provide for Google Ads usually contain the following elements.

  • Product image
  • Product name
  • Description
  • URL
  • ID number

Responsive Search Ads

Ads that appear regularly on the search result page of search engines are called responsive search ads. These ads usually appear as the first three or four search results page entries. Google widely showcases such ads in its search result pages.


Responsive search ads are usually marked as sponsored just above them. This helps the search engine user distinguish between ads and other search results. A search engine’s algorithm usually picks the ads most suited to the searched keyword.

The usual components of a responsive search ad are the following.

  • Headlines or Titles
  • Display URL
  • Content or Description

App Ads

App ads are the ones that instigate viewers to download an app from a reputed app store. These ads usually appear on social platforms like YouTube. On clicking these ads, the viewer will be directly brought to the download page of a particular app.


App ads can be of the following formats.

  • Images
  • Text
  • Video
  • HTML5

Performance Max Ads

Performance max ads are special packages that complement an existing ad campaign. These ads include all kinds of advertising tools and provide a complete marketing service to the customer.

Performance max ads use AI to create high-performing marketing strategies. These ads are more convertible than traditional advertisements. Performance max ads are best to use along with a search ad campaign.

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads are the type of ads that usually appear on websites where people are looking for products or reading product reviews. These ads are a combination of display ads and shopping ads. 


One of the most common locations where discovery ads appear is YouTube. They also appear in Gmail inboxes. Google usually uses some indicators to decide which ad to show a customer. Some of these indicators are as follows.

  • Location History
  • Web activity
  • Application Activity
  • Contacts
  • Settings 

Discovery ads can be of any format, including

  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Video

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are undoubtedly one of the most popular Google Ads. Most YouTube videos play one or more ad videos before playing any video. These ads also appear at various time stamps in a YouTube video.

The viewers can sometimes skip these ads. But some YouTube ads are not skippable. The different types of YouTube ads are as follows.


Bumper Ads

  • Bumper ads are not skippable.
  • Bumper ads are usually only six seconds long.
  • The viewers are expected to watch through the bumper ads.

In-stream Ads

  • In-stream ads are usually played before, after, or between a YouTube video.
  • By default, in-stream ads are skippable after about four or five seconds.
  • It is also possible to make in-stream ads not skippable.

Out-stream Ads

  • Instead of YouTube, out-stream ads usually play on Google Ad partners.
  • There is no maximum length prescribed for out-stream ads.

Google Ads: Tips and Techniques 

Here are some tips and techniques to create effective Google Ads.

1. Creating a catchy headline: 

A headline first catches the viewers' attention. So, making the headline as impressive and catchy as possible is essential. In Google Ads, several ad types can include up to 15 headlines.


Adding as many headlines as possible in your Google ad is advisable. The Google algorithm will pick a suitable headline from them and highlight it accordingly.

2. Carrying out A/B testing

Testing is crucial to check the quality of an ad. Creating new variations can improve an ad. The creator should experiment with an ad's format, media, etc.

3. Availing the Google Ads Management Services 

Google Ads Management Services is given by reputed agencies that specialize in providing Google ad services. They are experts in the field and will be highly helpful in creating successful ad campaigns. 

But while choosing a service, looking out for scammers is essential. Choosing trustworthy options with tons of positive feedback is advisable. 


The following section concisely lists the top Google Ads service Providers to make things convenient for you. You will also get a detailed review of the best service on the list.

Best Google Ads Services Providers: Top Picks

Here are our top picks for the best Google Ads Services Providers.

2. PPC Boost

3. SmartSites

4. Disruptive Advertising

5. Open Moves

6. Loud Mouth Media

Launchpresso - Best Google Ads Services Provider

Launchpresso is an established Google Ads service provider that is active online. They are an expert team of digital marketers. Although the Launchpresso team contains highly qualified and skilled digital marketers, they have focused all their attention on the Shopify platform.


So, Launchpresso primarily offers Google Ads services for the Shopify platform. They extend their services to businesses present on Shopify and make them highly engaging and successful. 

Launchpresso: Services

Launchpresso mainly offers two categories of services. They are as follows.

  1. Paid Traffic – PPC
  2. Social Media Marketing

Paid Traffic – PPC

Under the paid traffic category, Launchpresso deals with pay-per-click advertisements. The PPC ads from Launchpresso ensure maximum and instant engagement for the businesses in focus. 

Under this category, the company also provides various SEO techniques, including keyword insertion, to help businesses perform well. Rather than simply doing keyword stuffing, Launchpresso uses mindful tactics to increase customer engagement. 


The highlight of the PPC service from Launchpresso is that the company offers flexible packages for customers. That is, the customers can even avail of the help of Launchpresso to take over a half-done campaign. 

Launchpresso: What They Have to Offer

As mentioned, Launchpresso has a wide variety of services under two categories. Some of the most commonly availed services from Launchpresso are the following.

  1. PPC Management Solutions
  2. Google Ad Administration
  3. Remarketing
  4. PPC Audits

Launchpresso's remarketing services are top-rated among the client community. They use various retargeting tools and services to freshen up existing campaigns. 

Launchpresso ensures the service of well-qualified PPC managers to carry out account audits with the highest precision possible.


Launchpresso: Features

Here are some of the best features of Launchpresso PPC service.

  • Effective monitoring
  • Mindful keyword selection
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion tracking
  • Ad content creation
  • Keyword discovery
  • Ad submission
  • Call tracking
  • Effective cost management
  • Existing campaign modification
  • Affordable research
  • Landing page enhancement
  • Deliverables

Launchpresso: Get In Touch

It is extremely easy to contact the Launchpresso team to get hold of any of their services. The company maintains a dedicated YouTube channel and website for corresponding with clients. The customers only have to go to the Launchpresso website to find a contact form for them.

The customer only has to fill out the contact form available on the home page of the Launchpresso website. Upon submitting the form, the customers are connected to the Launchpresso customer care team. They will contact the customers promptly and take care of the rest of the appointment. 


Final Word

Google Ads improve visibility, brand recognition, and business sales. Considering the high effectiveness of Google Ads, businesses worldwide partner with them to promote their products and services. As there is no fixed price for the platform, chances are high for scammers to scam businesses. This is why partnering with reputed agencies like Launchpresso for Google Ads campaigns is essential. Launchpresso delivers effective ad campaigns at the most affordable price rates. 


1. Should I hire someone to manage my Google Ads?

It is advisable to hire someone to manage your Google Ads. A professional can save significant time and effort for the customer. Google Ads services employ skilled professionals who carry out successful ad campaigns.


2. How much does it cost to get a Google Ads expert?

It can cost at least $75 to get a Google Ads expert. The prices can vary quite significantly based on the type of ad that you have chosen. Reputed agencies like Launchpresso provide high-quality services at highly affordable rates.

3. Why Google Ads is needed?

Google Ads is needed because it helps promote a business. It allows people to spot their favorite products online and makes purchasing them easy.

4. Is Google Ads free to use?

Google Ads is not free to use. The user has to pay a price for subscribing to any packages on the platform. The rates on the platform vary significantly. The basic price of an ad can be about $1 per click.


5. Is Google Ad services a good idea?

Google Ad services are a good idea. Because it boosts businesses. These services offer the help of experts to struggling businesses.