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Unlock The Referral Benefits Of Rs 300 With Slice Invite Code

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Unlock The Referral Benefits Of Rs 300 With Slice Invite Code

Join Slice by using a slice invite code of STARK195941 to get a bonus for joining of Rs 300 when using the credit card.

Slice invitation code for new user bonus

The most recent Slice invitation coupon code STARK195941 and you will receive
Rs 300 as an invitation bonus for every friend who gets the slice card. Slice also offers great deals on amazon, swiggy, as well as other shopping sites. There is a greater chance of being approved using a referral coupon when you submit an application to use the application.

Everything you should know prior to obtaining the slice card.

Before you decide if a slice card is suitable for you it is important to know two things: the slice card isn't an actual credit card. It is credit lines that are associated with NBFC and offers a consumer durable loan or a personal loan.

They give you a credit line in conjunction with NBFCs and the limit of your credit is determined by the CIBIL score and your credit history.

When you use credit cards or credit cards, the account is added to your CIBIL however, in the case of a slice card two consumer durable loans , or personal loans will be included instead of the credit card.

There's nothing to suggest that your credit score is going to be damaged if you use the slice card, however should you be willing to add two personal loans to your CIBIL profile to get the slice card, you could think about applying for the slice card.

The benefits of Slice card

  • Slice is a life-long free card with no hidden fees; it is also operated by VISA.
  • If you are nowhere in the CIBIL score spectrum, this is a best option to get started with your CIBIL history and build a better profile and apply for other credit cards in the future.
  • Slice also provides virtual cards as well as physical cards that are delivered to the address of your residence.
  •  The card can be used to make both offline and online transactions, dependent on the credit limit.
  •  You can refer friends and earn Rs 300 for each referral who completes the registration from your slice invite code and you will receive a slice credit.
  •  The referrer as well as the friend are eligible to receive the invite bonus , provided that the friend is using the slice invitation code.

How do I sign up to Slice App with referral code?

  • Download the Slice app from the Google Play Store and then click on the Join Slice button.
  • Enter your email address and at the next stage, confirm your mobile number in order to start the process.
  • The app will pull up your PAN number and verify that it's valid and then click the next. The application will compute your score on the basis of your credit history and create your credit limit to the app.
  • You will now see an option to input an Slice invitation code. You could use the slice invite code STARK195941 to increase the chance of having your application accepted.
  • Complete the KYC process by clicking your photo in the app, and then you're done signing up.