April 19, 2021
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Sunil Sihag Gora's ‘Day Turns Dark’ Is A Rollicking Romance Of Star-Crossed Lovers

Revenue generated by the book will be spent on organ donation awareness, says Gora

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Sunil Sihag Gora's ‘Day Turns Dark’ Is A Rollicking Romance Of Star-Crossed Lovers
Sunil Sihag Gora's ‘Day Turns Dark’ Is A Rollicking Romance Of Star-Crossed Lovers

Writing is a way to discover self and gather deeper moments in life. All of us have stories and these stories when shared with the world add meaning to life. A good writer aims at keeping his readers glued to the story till the end and Sunil Sihag 'GORA' succeeds doing so in his debut novel “Day Turns Dark”.

He makes the readers connect with the storyline and triggers their emotions to leave a long-lasting impact. The story is so powerful that it amazes you with the originality which we keep missing these days whether in books or in fact in movies too. If you are writing fiction and the story is not strong then the rest also fall flat.

The story spans years and is relatable. Every ingredient in the story is in appropriate quantity whether it is romance, suspense, thriller or social issues. The book is divided into two parts; the first one, a dream, rosy romance of school kids and the second one is soaked in reality, full of surprises, twists and turns that make it a coming-of-age novel. Both parts strike a chord. It has an intriguing opening but the master stroke of Sunil Sihag 'GORA' is the climax and breathtaking ending. Its ending isn't what readers want; it gives them what it needs. That is the true beauty of a skillfully crafted story of DTD.

DAY TURNS DARK is a rollicking romance of star-crossed lovers Nitin and Herleen. It explores the hopes and nightmares of the two unforgettable teenagers. Their pure and innocent mutual passion draws them irresistibly close. The story revolves around the life of Nitin, his ideologies, his righteous nature, his love and his desire to do everything right at his end. His character is especially stunning. The writer's command over Nitin never slips and as the story enters darker territory; his character acquires a deeper layer of empathy and meaning.

Harleen, having a will of her own, is quite vocal about her feelings. It's a delight to read her through a man's vision. The writer has worked really well with reading and expressing a girl's mind. Narrator and other supporting characters are also written beautifully and add curiosity to the storytelling. The conflict of Nitin is stunningly described. You feel for the character. It is all about the situations that happen to him and how he responds to them. You could feel and connect with the characters emotions. The bond between friends is the other highlight of the book because they all are always there to support each other unconditionally.

There is rawness in the story which readers would love. It is an easy read. As the story unfolds, you become anxious to know what happens next. This book is must pick for avid readers who want to experience something refreshing, amazing and breath-taking.

“Day Turns Dark” is the debut novel of Sunil Sihag 'GORA', a resident of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, who has served with the Indian Air Force for 15 years. He is a social activist and emerging novelist-cum-screenplay writer. He started "Gora Foundation Trust", an NGO that creates awareness on organ donation. He has set up five community libraries in rural areas to make books accessible to the readers. His novel ranked first in Amazon's movers and shakers category and second in the new hot release category on launch day.

"I would like to share my resolution with readers that the entire revenue generated by the book will be spent in the organ donation awareness campaign of NOTTO and GORA FOUNDATION" says Sunil Sihag Gora.

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