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Exclusiva: Weaving The Magic of Banarasi Sarees & Classy Ethnic Wear

Exclusiva: Weaving The Magic of Banarasi Sarees &  Classy Ethnic Wear
Exclusiva: Weaving The Magic of Banarasi Sarees & Classy Ethnic Wear -
The history of Indian sarees dates back to the Hindu mythology of Ramayana in 1000 to 300 B.C. Banarasi Sarees have been a classic of Indian traditional heritage for ages now. The origin of Banarasi silk sarees can be traced to the year 1603. Women from across the world have always been in awe of these saree’s radiant beauty, donning them beautifully at all ages. Exclusiva, one of the most prominent and trustworthy brands in the world of Indian ethnic wear e-commerce retail, has emerged as a one-stop destination for designer silk sarees.
Recently Exclusiva launched its Wedding Collection of Banarasi Sarees with its intricate weaving and designing craftsmanship. When segregated according to the design process, Exclusiva Banarasi sarees can be divided into Jangla, Tanchoi, Cutwork, Tissue, and Butidar. 
Mentioning the elegance & warmth of Banarasi sarees, Pushkar Shukla, Co-Founder, Exclusiva, said, “Pure Banarasi sarees are made from high-quality pure silk and zari threads derived from created from real gold and silver. These sarees were originally crafted exclusively for royalty. Due to multiple factors, the old generation heavy Banarasi Sarees tend to be very costly. We attempt to deliver a similar royal look and feel in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner. We ensure that our customers get the best quality fabric, a lightweight, classy saree, unique designs and a great experience. My grandparents are from Banaras. I am glad to have taken the warmth of the city, in form Banarasi Sarees, to a global platform.” 
The brand presently works with more than 1800 Banarasi artisans and gets the best silk sarees made in Varanasi to ship them across the globe. The Banarasi Sarees at Exclusiva bestow premium quality. Exclusiva works on its own design patterns and wants its esteemed customers to treasure these sarees. Exclusiva plans to launch its global stores soon and aims at further overseas expansion at a large scale.
Exclusiva, with its unique designs and great product offerings, has been awarded as “Fastest Growing Saree Brand”. “Our success is due to the hard work and involvement of one and all in the Exclusiva team - our artisans, designers, team members, vendors, and of course, our valued customers. We are always driven by a single vision of creating value for, and that has helped us grow so fast in such little time.” Says Mr. Shukla. 
The newly launched Wedding Banarasi Saree collection can be bought from

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